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Newsletter April 2016

Hello friends,

Managing stress seems to have become part of our human condition in modern times however when certain planets associate it can mean even greater levels of stress are on the rise so it’s imperative to learn the best way to decompress problematic situations and more importantly relationships especially if they happen to be sliding off the rails.

The key aspect now that seems to be an aggravating many people and will continue to do so over the next couple of months is transiting Mars associating with transiting Saturn. I’ve always maintained as have many other experts in different fields such as medicine, that releasing stress is best done through physical exercise but also through activities that allow you to express yourself creatively. And during these couple of months most of you will find those suppressed feelings of anger and frustration coming to the surface. 

To exacerbate the situation, the next few days will see the abrupt conjunction of transiting Sun with Uranus. This will mean that tensions arise from left of field, and from those you least expect. The stress under these circumstances will  be a surprise and can strike with devastating fury.

So what’s the secret of actually eliminating stress-forget about managing it? And how is it that some people seem to not only manage their stress levels well but thrive on complicated and even threatening situations? Take stunt people who work in movies and one daredevil that comes to mind is Tom Cruise. He recently hung on to the wing of a plane as part of a scene. How many of us would be able to do that without dying of a heart attack? And there are of course the Wall Street traders who put in hundred hour work weeks. It must be doing terrible damage to their health yet to all intents and purposes they seem to enjoy the thrill of living on the edge and making millions of dollars even if it means risking their longevity and relationships.

Now not all of us have that level of stress but even low levels of anxiety and pressure can compound over time so it’s essential to learn how to de-fuse those intense feelings. Apart from exercise are there any other methods by which you can release the problems you’re experiencing in life and regain composure and peace of mind? After all what’s the point of having money and power if you have no equanimity?

I remember the story of a great yoga master who used to hold Saturday meditations in one of the busiest cities in India. One morning as he sat down to commence the class with about fifteen or twenty of his key students, he surprisingly got them to get up and follow him. He explained that they were going to do a slightly different form of meditation that day. He hastily ushered them to the dusty, bustling local market for two or three hours which would stress out even the most composed human. After returning, with most of his students falling apart at the seams the obvious question was – what was that all about? He calmly explained to them that there’s no point isolating yourself and living in a bubble, sensitizing your nervous system by disconnecting from anything and everything that may happen to cause you distress. On the contrary he explained, you should live your life in the midst of the greatest stress while at the same time maintaining inner harmony.

Exercise and going to the gym is obviously the most popular method of dealing with stress and anxiety. And there’s no doubt that it works and is a great use in helping with the secretion of positive hormones to lift not only your physical well-being but your mental and emotional outlook. This gives you greater resilience to the stresses that arise in life. But if for some reason that’s not your bag, here are a couple of techniques which may help you.

1.    Deep and regulated breathing on a daily basis. The left and right nostrils have a mysterious connection to the solar and lunar energies and are also connect directly with the left and right hemispheres of the brain. By regulating your breath and doing repeated deep and controlled breathing with total awareness, positive chemical changes can take place within the body giving you greater resistance to stress, anxiety and other psychological disorders such as depression.
2.    Deeply analyzing your past and observing what has happened when problems have arisen is key. How those problems were solved? Studying that will give you an interesting insight into the fact that those things which cause the most stress, the problems you’re trying to solve intellectually, are often not solved by you but by some other force of nature, a person or circumstance. For this reason leaving a problem alone for a while sometimes is the best possible way of finding a solution. This requires patience for those of you who are impulsive this is going to require quite a degree of self-control and discipline.

So this month, simply try relaxing even if the situation around you is creating havoc in your life. Remain like the eye of the storm, or the depths of the ocean during surface wave turbulence. The center of your being is peaceful irrespective of what’s going on around you. Take two or three deep breaths and smile.

Till next month, regards,

Your astrologer