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Newsletter February 2014 : The Astrology of Love by Dadhichi Toth

loveThe human body is simply a saline solution with electrical impulses flowing through it which makes its sort of a large organic battery. This creates an electromagnetic field, what some in the esoteric and spiritual communities would refer to as an aura.

Love between two people is really not much different to magnets attracting or repelling each other, depending on which poles of the magnet are placed next to each other. Naturally if the positive and positive or negative and negative poles are brought together they instantly repel whereas the positive and negative poles attract.

Astrology, and in particular the ancient Vedic system of astrology, has long held belief based upon observation and practical application but love and romance that’s very much in the same way as to magnets optics referred to above.

Through an understanding of the electromagnetic energies and patterns planetary patterns at the time you were born, we can explain which star signs are most likely to attract or repel. This understanding leads to a great deal of insight into love and relationships. One mustn’t forget also that the basic chemistry of attraction may be there however timing is also an essential ingredient in predicting if one is destined to meet that soulmate.

The search for love, acceptance and nurturing is universal. Irrespective of your race, creed or colour the search for the perfect mate is an inbuilt and basic drive. Perhaps this has something to do with the requirement to propagate and project one’s own sense of identity into children because we have the assurance that our memory, our genes and aspects of our personality will continue long after we are gone.

For Aries and Libra, there’s been a very powerful opposition pattern between Mars and Uranus in the recent past and there may have been some unexpected twists and turns in your love life. This may have caused you to react strongly but this is not the way to attract the right person or to keep the partner you already have. You will need to calm yourself down and speak calmly if you are to get your relationship back on track or if single, to relax and not lunge at relationships. You mustn’t be overly needy at this time.

For those of you born under the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, karmic moments have made their presence felt recently. What this means is that your understanding of relationships will take on karmic proportions. Scorpio, Saturn is moving through your Sun sign and influencing your personal view of all your relationships so this may not have been easy period now. The karmic influences on your Sun sign Taurus indicate a much more solemn and intense focus. You will be taking your responsibilities much more seriously as well.

Gemini, you may be feeling the passion of Mars as he transits through your zone of romance. This makes you amorous, impulsive and of course very passionate physically. You mustn’t let this dictate the terms of your relationship as you may miss some of the more meaningful aspects of love and romance-namely the emotional, mental and spiritual components.

Sagittarius, this same Mars is located and remains in your zone of friendship and social activities for some time to come. You have excellent opportunities to forge new relationships during this period and as Mars is one of your karmic rulers there could be some important connections that will be made during this coming trend.

Capricorn, Pluto and Venus in close proximity in your 12th sign shows you will also be experiencing a very intense emotional rollercoaster ride during this cycle. Jupiter’s retrogression in your 7th house of marriage and significant relationships, it’s important not to allow mind games and power plays to undermine the basic strength of your relationship. Becoming too needy or demanding too much of your partner will be something that can cause ongoing conflict.

For those of you born under the sign of Cancer, the planet Jupiter expands your feelings of love but be careful not to also expand your waistline. The largest planet is notorious for weight gain. Nevertheless you should also be careful not to be excessive in the way you give your love and affection. You will also be experiencing the same opposition aspect as Capricorn with Pluto creating an intensification of your feelings making you prone to jealousy, possessiveness and disputes financially.

Aquarius, the Sun now transiting through your Sun sign elevates your physical energies and your mental astuteness. This is the start of a new solar cycle and also influences your relationships. With Venus in the 11th house in connection with Pluto, your sexual needs may also be strong and you should find and adequate outlet to these energies if your partner is not accommodating you.  

Leo, the Sun moves through the 7th house of Aquarius this month and this activates many natural and instinctive desires for love and romance. You are mentally critical with Mars in your 3rd sector now and this shows communication to be the spotlight of your relationships. The fire and brimstone of Mars means you need to be careful that others don’t misinterpret your passion as a form of control or arrogance.

Pisces, Mercury creates confusion now in your relationships. Identify clearly what it is you want in love. Virgo this Mercury is in your 7th house of marriage and partnerships in the company of Neptune. Both signs of Virgo and Pisces need an elevation of ideals to the spiritual platform. You both need to see beyond the physical and material associations connected with relationships. By the same token you mustn’t raise your expectations too high as you may want more from the other person than they are capable of giving.

Trying to find your soulmate is not an easy task. Ask anyone. Ask yourself. Look back over your past and consider the many relationships you’ve had and why they didn’t work or why some did work, if only for a little while. For some of you a relationship lasted years, maybe even decades, and that relationship also came to an end. You’ll realise that even if you find someone who is your soulmate, relationships are designed karmically to fulfil certain spiritual needs and obligations for both parties for a certain length of time. Understanding that relationships never end, they simply change is also a great way to deal the situation if your love life does come to an end. What may be happening is that the lessons you both were meant to learn from each other have now moved into a different states and hopefully you can maintain a cordial relationship, if not immediately, down the track to perhaps fulfil another level of karmic connection between you.

Single people often complain to meet that they are unable to meet the right person to attract someone or are tired of the endless one night stands. What can I do they plead? I suggest that finding one’s soulmate begins with making friends with yourself. Having a deep and unbiased view of your mental, emotional and behavioural patterns can certainly go a long way to assisting you in eradicating those flaws that others may be repelled by. The suggestion I often make it to take a video of yourself while you are engaged in the company of others – either with friends or family members. Press record and simply let the video reflect the moment. Later, quietly replay video. Observe your unconscious habits, those nuances of character you are not aware of. These small reflections of your personality may be precisely what is turning people off. Gradually eradicating personal habits which others find irritating will ultimately help you present your best self to the world. 

Concluding, I’d like to say that we are now almost ready to launch Version 2 of soulconnector.com. A new look site will offer you an incredible opportunity to seek out your soulmates, life partners and lovers of like mind and spirit. Using tried and tested and systems of astrology along with sophisticated psychological questionnaires we hope to offer you an unparalleled service in finding and keeping a soulmate.

For those of you who are interested in pre-registering, we will alert you as soon as our site is up and running and that should be within the next 3 to 4 weeks. Please e-mail us to advise you shortly.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Best wishes,

Your astrologer,

Dadhichi Toth



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