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No soulmate in sight? Then marry yourself!

No soulmate in sight? Then marry yourself!…

GOOD-KARMA-REINCA-PICMost women who they reach their mid-30s start to focus on family issues and with their biological clocks ticking away having children is uppermost in their minds. But what happens when a woman hits the I-am-running-out-of-time syndrome? Well, one woman found a novel solution and that was to bypass all the dating, online searching and wishful thinking for finding a soulmate and went ahead and married herself!

Grace Gelder 31-year-old single woman who had been without a relationship for 6 years decided to empower herself by arranging her own wedding without a husband and tied the knot with herself. She claims that just because she couldn’t find a man didn’t mean she should be deprived of what almost every woman dreams of is a natural course of life and that is to get married. After proposing to herself in a park one evening she purchased a wedding ring, address and arranged for all her friends and her sister to be part of the special occasion.

Apparently the guests really enjoyed the event at which she conducted the ceremony in the usual way by taking vows, and placing the ring on her finger. Some people might think this is rather egotistical but at least grace has taken the initiative to empower herself and live her life on her own terms. Unfortunately, the downside of this most unconventional story is that the wedding is not recognised by the law or the church.


Dadhichi Toth


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