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November 2012 newsletter

The meaning of the word friendship has changed dramatically over the years and has come to mean something very different from what it used to. I was only looking at my Facebook page the other day pondering the hundreds of so-called “friends” that I have and started seriously questioning what this means. I send friendly messages to dozens of people who never reply. Huh? What? Is that a friend? And weeks, no, months later still no reply!

In the old days, the word friend had some pretty serious values connected to it eg, loyalty, consideration, sensitivity and respect which are now conspicuously absent when we use the word. So now, that the idea of friendship ( not for everyone but for many )  has more to do with how many “people” you happen to have on your golden list for everyone else to see. It’s more a A game of one-upmanship. Forget about the fact that you probably haven’t even spoken to or messaged 90% of these faceless images and when you do they don’t bother to respond anyhow. So what’s the point?

This insensitivity to the concept of and devaluation of friendship may just have something to do with the fact that the population on our planet is exploding and of course once you see an increase in the supply of any commodity its value naturally goes down. There are just too many people according to this theory so therefore human worth is reduced to virtually nothing. Politicians and ruthless dictators in certain parts of the world also evidently subscribe to this philosophy which is why they have no problem exterminating minority groups and others who get in their way. Human life is becoming worthless.

Just recently we saw the devastating effects of hurricane Sandy on the east coast of the US just as that country was heading to the Presidential elections. I’m not sure if any of you have the same spin as me on what actually happened but that was a brief visit to the “war zone” by the US President Obama ( for a moment ), and then back to business as usual, pushing forward with the elections even though millions of people were still wading knee-high in water, without power, fuel and even food. The dead were still warm. Clearly, the elections are more important than the people who they are designed to be serving. Once again the human being has become a disposable commodity.

When I look at issues like this, progressive concepts that challenge our minds, I like to look at how this is reflected astrologically. If we take the natural Zodiac with the sign of Aries at its commencement we note that the sign of Aquarius and its ruler Uranus naturally rule friendships, group activities and Venus the planet of love and sociability must also have something to say about this. Now, if we look at a at the current square aspect between the transformative planet Pluto and Uranus, ( Pluto Ur [] Pl ) we see exactly that challenge to the whole idea of friendships and what may be happening to the whole process of befriending others in this 21st century. It is completely remaking our view of friendship and the value of the Earth citizen generally.

Please note that Jupiter and Venus currently have a very strong favourable aspect to each other and this usually relates to the quality of excessively expressing oneself in an open way which is precisely what is happening on Internet sites such as Facebook. Everyone is profusely, effusively, and almost feverishly trying to accumulate as many names on their list as if this proves their worthiness as a friend. We all know it doesn’t. Friendship has nothing to do with this and I have to say it appears that the true, deeper meaning is being totally lost in the stampede of desire-for- popularity-above-all-else. Friendship at any cost is now the name of the game. This aspect of Venus and Jupiter is not a long-standing one, not as pronounced as the Uranus-Pluto connection, which we see will continue in the coming few years and will no doubt radically transform the whole notion of friendship.

The effect Pluto isn’t always good even though it is a transformative planet by nature. Busting a big ugly boil is therapeutic but it’s not nice is it? In fact, it can be rather insidious and subversive to say the least. This is why there are also concerns about friendship on social networking sites relating to personal information and privacy which are now becoming more and more prevalent. Friendship infused with paranoia and fear. And let’s not forgets the anonymous bullying which happens when the digital Neanderthals assume pseudo profiles to conduct their intimidation from behind their virtual masks of anonymity.

I hope this is not a taste of more insidious things to come, although it probably is, because to my way of thinking who needs enemies when you have “friends” like this. It’s imperative that we maintain as high a standard as possible and that sometimes means posturing, taking a stand. By taking a stand I mean that we should ensure our own value is maintained and that we don’t accept disrespect in any way shape or form as an emerging standard. I for one will be shortly deleting so-called “friends” who haven’t even as much courtesy to respond with a respectful poke! I say poke ‘em in the eyes! You’re not a friend of mine.

More next month. –