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Pisces Horoscope

The Pisces horoscope is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, the final frontier on the stage of personal and spiritual evolution. It is sign of the Zodiac described as a mutable water element.

If you’ve ever been fishing and caught a big one, you’ll know just how difficult it is to get the fish off the hook. These creatures can be quite slippery and hard to deal with. Pisces is also elusive and hard to understand, just like its totem, the fish. The mind of Pisces is deep and often they are not easily understood due to their deep spiritual nature.  

According to astrology the signs of the zodiac represent the evolutionary stages of Man. Commencing with Aries and finishing with your own star sign of Pisces. Astrologers therefore believe that the Pisces horoscope is somehow is the most spiritually advanced of the signs.

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A Pisces horoscope indicates one with a motivation in life which is driven to give, to serve and to love and therefore this Universal and unconditional love infuses most of your actions. You can’t help but offer assistance to anyone who is suffering and your heart goes out to him or her. You selflessly give your time and energy to anyone who needs your help. This seems to be the core characteristic of your Pisces personality.  

Your friends regard you as an oasis in the desert of life when troubles befall them and they know that they can rely upon you to turn to. Even if you’re not able to help them solve the problem, you’re never too busy to make yourself available to at least console them in their time of need.

You are an extremely sensitive individual and when it comes to making decisions your conclusions often settle around whether or not you are going to hurt others in the process. This is one of your key lessons in life and you must therefore balance the needs of others with your own personal needs. Try not to become the victim of your own caring and compassionate nature.  

Pisces are extraordinarily psychic and often your hunches are dead right. But you must also remember that using your God given intellectual powers is necessary to balance your deeper intuitive abilities. If you are impulsive and live your life wholly and solely on your dreams and intuitions, your practical aspects of your life will tend to suffer.  

On the other hand this wonderful esoteric and spiritual gift can be used to help others and choosing a career in healing or psychic counselling is not uncommon amongst people born under your star sign. Such is the case with one having a Pisces horoscope.

You instinctively realise that there is a spiritual thread permeating all things and you often live in another dimension, seeing and feeling what others never even bat an eyelid over. You’re able to tap into the Universal awareness and therefore use this creatively in such things as art, music and other creative pursuits. Try to develop this expression as you can touch the hearts and souls of many people by doing so.

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The Pisces horoscope is also one which reveals it is an emotional sign and although you give a lot, you also need to be nurtured and loved as well. Try to surround yourself with people who have something to give and who are not always on the take. Like a sponge you tend to absorb the negativity around you, and this will ultimately cause you poor health and disappointment in your relationships.  

You have an idealistic view of the world and unfortunately it’s not in keeping with what you believe life should be like. Try to accept the world and the people in it as it is. Primarily you are a person of wisdom, self-knowledge and intuitive understanding. You bring your compassionate gifts to the world and many people will benefit by their association with you.  

You must learn to become more secure in yourself whilst at the same time bringing satisfaction and creating bounds with the world around you. Those who are fortunate enough to be a part of your life should learn to treat you with equal sensitivity and love. In fact, you must realise you deserve the same as you give so therefore never be afraid of demanding your just desserts.

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