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Pisces Love Horoscope

What does Pisces Love Horoscope mean?

PISCESYou have an unconditional and non-judgemental approach to relationships, which on the one hand is excellent because you instinctively understand the joy of giving; however, this could make you a pushover and create a situation in which you are the one always doing the giving and possibly not receiving as much as you should.

Your dreams of love and your idealism about relationships began at an early stage in your life and this habit of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses and believing that everyone is perfect, could lead to you becoming disillusioned when you learn the truth about human beings.

You have a desire to give so much of yourself that you become oblivious to the truth of the relationship you are in. They say love is blind but you must do your best to see people for who they are and not for what you believe them to be. Once this occurs you’ll be ready to move to a new level in your relationships and not only enjoy the process of giving but graciously receive the love of equal value from someone you have in your life.

In your desire to receive the love you are prone to smothering others and possessing them. You must allow them time and space to develop their own interests and this will ultimately benefit both of you.

You are a creative individual and therefore romance to you is an expression of this creativity. You’re constantly trying to keep your love alive by finding new ways to make it interesting, by expressing your feelings and keeping the flames of passion burning brightly. To you, passion is not something that diminishes with age but should keep developing as a consequence of your interest in the person you love.

You’re a sentimental character and cry at the drop of a hat. You’re able to sense when your partner has a problem and exhibit such compassion and tenderness that you often feel their pain more than they do!

One of your most amazing skills is that of your intuitive power. You know exactly how your partner feels and therefore unasked are able to offer advice, give them a loving look or simply touch them in a way that makes them feel supported and loved. This also can be unnerving for your soulmate because you know when they are lying or trying to pull the wool over your eyes. You can see straight through them and know exactly the truth of any situation.

Some Pisceans tend to seek love almost blindly and are never quite satisfied with the people they meet. For them, the grass is always greener on the other side and they are never able to settle down to a satisfactory and stable romantic situation. The ideal lover that has been lodged in their brain for many years is never matched by any of the people they meet. If you happen to be one of these Pisceans, try to appreciate your partner for who they are rather than what you want them to be.

Sexuality is important to Pisces and you need someone who will offer you the same measure of passion, love and tenderness in return. Physical love and intimacy is part and parcel of your personality and you give of yourself 100 percent. You would like to think that your partner or spouse would do the same.

The part of the zodiac that rules your sexuality is the sign of Libra and the planet Venus. You couldn’t get much more sensual and romantic than by having these signs and planets ruling this aspect of your life. Moreover, Pisces finds its greatest comfort in the sign of Pisces. You are able to love and offer sexual satisfaction to your partner in great measure. I only hope that this will be reciprocated.

You mustn’t become a victim of love. In your desire to provide too much too soon, you may find yourself lacking and if marriage is something you choose to enter into, just remember that love is a long-term commitment. Unconditional love should be a two-way street so study your partners carefully and have no doubt before tying the knot of love. Romance for Pisces should be reciprocal.

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