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Planetary Karmic Insights explained…

How will multiple retrograde planets affect you now?

Hi there, this is a quick note to let you know that there are some powerful planetary transits going on right now. You can feel a kind of acceleration taking place, a quickening of science and spirit. But unfortunately, polarisation is also taking place and you see it everywhere: in ideologies, news, politics, education, philosophy and the social sciences. The great division intensifies however, it’s important you don’t get sucked in. To do that you must empower yourself and be clear on who you are and what you want in your life. There’s absolutely no point to all the astrological jargon if you can’t actually use it to do anything practical about your problems.

Every year you read about blood moons, planetary alignments and lunar and solar eclipses with all the grand predictions that amazing things are going to happen and yet, right now…

You probably feel as if you’re still wading through the same BS without any light in sight. You don’t have to really.

Take for example retrograde Mercury, which most people know about. The same blanket predictions are given for everyone when in fact, retrograde Mercury is an excellent transit for some.

I have something special to share with you..

You could call it an amazing secret but it’s really all about understanding the language of the stars and how to use those vibrations to your advantage. This wisdom was handed down to me via Vedic astrology initiations throughout my 23-year discipline and study. Part of this relates to dealing with retrograde planets. And especially now when, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Mercury are all retrograde. That can mess with you for sure. Such a large number of retrograde planets covers a large chunk of the zodiac, meaning: you’re more than likely experiencing the full impact of this in your life at this very moment! How’s it working for you?

Did you know that there are in fact remedial measures that can be used to neutralize the influence of these powerful retrograde forces on you? 

This isn’t for everyone but for those of you interested enough to learn these mysteries handed down to me by my mentors – let me introduce you to something new. I’m fortunate to have been initiated into the extraordinary study of astrology and Tantra which is the ancient tradition of understanding how to work in harmony with the forces of nature and destiny. I’m more than happy to work with and share with you how to turn this phase of stagnation or even “bad luck” completely around.

It’s not rocket science, but rather, esoteric in nature and the results can be quite uncanny. Learning the enigmatic language of the planets, their seed syllables, sounds, mantras and ritual technologies is the key to counteracting these powerful forces and have been well-guarded by astrological savants for centuries. No more. This sacred information should be shared with everyone who is sincere enough to want to learn about.

First big hint: your BREATH. 

Pay attention to it. Observe the exchange of breath from one nostril to the other every two hours or so. These two hourly changeovers correspond to the signs of the zodiac rising on the horizon in approximately the same time intervals.

This balancing of your left and right nostrils relates directly to the left and right hemispheres of your brain. By simply observing your breath and listening to its sound, focus on these planetary signals. You’ll align yourself perfectly with the greater celestial environment.

This is exercise is the first key to living your life intuitively.

Contact me here if you’d like some direct guidance on this. I’ll work with you as I have with thousands and thousands of others before you to bring balance back into your life.

Email me here if you’d like to know more.

Best wishes,

Dadhichi Toth


Dadhichi Toth