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Planning Your life with Astrology

Do you have a life plan? Astrology can be used as a personal development tool. Although every part of the astrological chart is important, key pieces can help you figure out your life plan. Once you have these key pieces, you can discover your life purpose and meaning.

You will also have a map that will guide you along your journey. It will help you stay on the same path as the main one as you go. Your life plan will help you to create a solid foundation.

Plan Strategy Target Aim Success ConceptA solid plan for your life that is tailored to you means creating your future. Your life plan will determine the line of least resistance on your life path or, at the very least, your way forward. It all will align with your goals and help you achieve fulfilment.

Astrological charts are unique maps that can map your life and track the changes over time. The natal chart represents the astrological pattern of your life that is often called a birth chart. It is the first chart that we use to begin planning our lives. Other charts, such as the progressed and solar, are variations on the natal chart and can be used to link to it as we move through our lives over time and daily.

These charts represent our present and future life path and can be used as news feed updates to determine our progress and plan our lives. The natal chart summarises your life’s parameters over the coming years. The progressed chart shows your journey at specific points in your life time-line. Solar and transits help define your yearly and daily focus and how your life and its changes are progressing.

Many key components make up the picture of how we plan our lives. Each component is essential in understanding the overall picture and how it will help plan your life.

You want to achieve your goals, especially the most important ones. If you are looking for ways to create a life that expresses your soul purpose and other elements of your astrology chart to help you live a fulfilled life, then this article is for you.

Horoscope Factors and Your Life Plan


The Sun represents your inner core values and sense of self. This is one’s uniqueness, vitality and self-identity. On a higher spiral turn, the light and life connect us to the universe and our identity with them.

As the Sun is the creator of all life, it represents our primary source of inspiration and direction for living our lives. It is the source of our souls and personalities.

The Earth is located 180 degrees from the Sun; the earth forms the Sun’s life force. It is the symbol of one’s service to humanity in this world. It is essential for greater personal fulfilment. It is essential to understand where you can make a difference to society and the whole group in your life plan. This is indicated by the earth’s area and any other aspects. Try looking at the chart position of the planets and houses. This will give you additional insight and support about what your worldly path looks like. Further insight is obtained by looking at the ascendant, the Moon and the position of the North and South node concerning the earth

The Sun and Earth opposite each other is the key to connecting and expressing your creativity. This axis allows for the development and consolidation of a greater self-identity. It attunes you with the humanitarian or service aspect of your nature. It also identifies you as a person and your place in a group with a strong identity. It also reveals how to manifest your practical life through the service and assistance you render others.

The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant each have something to offer if they are viewed as a combination in your chart. A more wholesome expression will be more fulfilled. It’s also more powerful. Service to humanity combines personality, soul, and spiritual identity. The qualities in one’s life are always revealing and defining.

The Moon represents your soul purpose and security in this world. Your instinctual/intuitional/subconscious needs are related to a deep sense of security and roots.

The symbolism of nurturing and virtue in the soul and its contribution to the advancement of social and humanitarian values around the globe is the natal Moon at a higher level (see table of planetary correspondences). The person’s life experience and evolving soul determines where it is located in the chart. Its position in the chart corresponds with its phase. Each stage of life brings out the essence of the Moon’s spiritual aspects of love and wisdom.

The Moon’s progression brings new life and rebirth to the soul at crucial times. This is denoted, for example, by crossing over the central axis lines, the ASC/DC or the MC/IC. To a lesser extent, when it enters a new zone of life represented by each house and any prominent features, it makes that all further support its natal place and vice versa.

The Moon’s Nodes refer to the North-South nodal axis, or the dragons head and tail, which are directional skills. The Moon strongly influences the direction.

The Moon’s nodal axis indicates the direction of your soul purpose. The nodes look like the two ends of a triangle, with the Moon as the apex. The integration of the nodes provides direction and meaning, which allows for the next steps forward and helps to clarify the life path. This releases emotions and nurtures the soul, which the triangle symbolises esoterically. When we find direction, our feelings are elevated, and our security needs are met naturally.

You should note the nodes’ signs and the signs of their natural planetary rulers (i.e., the dispositors of the nodes). This will help you determine where to focus for direction. Draw a triangle between your lunar position and nodal direction in each house. Also, note any key aspects and connections. This will help you to determine how to best navigate and make decisions.

Your Birth Chart Ascendant

The ascendant is a crucial point in the chart. The ascendant represents another form of self-identity, namely, personality. The persona filters the soul and spiritual parts of one’s nature and gives an outlet for the individuality and sense of self (i.e., the Sun) concerning expression in the physical world with others, nature, and life in general. Ascendance could be translated as dawning or something that is rising.

Therefore, the ascendant is the most east point of the birth chart. It is represented by the rising sign, its natural ruler (wherever it appears in the chart), and any planets conjunct (8 degrees) to the ascendant. The progressed ascendant represents the overlay of energies, changes and people we choose to incorporate and personify as we move through our lives.

The ascendant is often denoting personality characteristics or presenting yourself to others. However, its intrinsic meaning, which drives the individual personality, is closer to an inner drive and purpose that we strive to fulfil and express. It becomes manifested due to the effort and initiative put into developing these inner strengths and natural qualities of the self and desire flowing from within you. These qualities emerge through personality as an interface. These traits serve as a channel for communication between your inner being and the outside world.

Your birth chart ascendant is a key. It is essential to a life plan when appropriate expression and further striving for personal fulfilment can be initiated and realised. The ascendant is a self-identity, but it’s more closely connected to a personality maturity and communication that reveals our uniqueness and natural drives.

Notify the ascendant if any planets are conjunct it. Also, note the spiritual rulers of the soul and their positions in the ascendant chart. They will help you determine what is most important.

fortune-teller-smallThe Part of Fortune represents the fortune due as part of your karma. Its location in your birth chart is calculated using the Sun, Moon, and the natural planetary ruler of the sign above it in the chart. It shows us how to prosper in material and spiritual wealth.

The MC is the highest point on the chart. It denotes the cusp for the 10th house. It’s the Sun at noon at its highest point in terms of celestial movements and nature. It symbolises a person’s reputation throughout their life, which their professional accomplishments and lifetime work can denote. It is a symbol of high points in the soul’s accomplishments. Avocations can lead to a career or calling. Incorporating the MC into your life plan will help you align with the successes and experiences that relate to those areas of life.


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