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Prophecies of the Hopi Indians

Introduction to Prophecies of the Hopi Indians

The Prophecies of the Hopi Indians and How They Affect Our Lives Today

The Hopi have long believed that they play a crucial role in human survival. These powerful people communicate with the unseen forces that keep nature in balance. This simple pattern can change the world to red and shake. Those who try to prevent them from doing so will suffer the consequences. This is a detailed analysis of Hopi prophecies and their impact on our lives.

The third world will end with the collapse of the First and Second Worlds. This prophecy was made long ago but had only recently gained recognition. Hopi prophecies have been fulfilled in many other cultures. Some believe the earth will be covered in ice for three days, while others believe a blue star will destroy the planet. In any case, the white man will restore the Fire Clay tablet, which is the symbol of the Third World.

The Hopi prophecies are very specific. The Great Creator will plan to destroy the earth after destruction. The only survivors will be brothers and sisters who will survive and establish a new way of life. While the prophecies seem a bit scary and uncertain, most people don’t value Hopi wisdom. Waiting for the end may be a waste of time.

According to Hopi prophecies, a white brother will join the Hopi in bringing the Great Purification. In turn, the True White Brother will be a helper and bring Purification Day into the world. They will all make the world a better environment for “younger brother”.

The Hopi Blue Star

The Hopi Blue Star is a reoccurring symbol of the star Sirius. This symbol is associated with the future. The Blue Star is also related to the Hopi “Wuwuchim” ceremony and is sung during the Hopi New Year. The Hopi believe this star will return to earth but have not experienced it. The Blue Star Kachina, a blue-eyed kachina from the Blue Star constellation, will perform in the plaza during this ceremony.

We live in an age of global catastrophe as humans. The Hopi believe in a “mission of hope.” In their mythology, the ancient manuscripts contain a series of predictions that will shape human destiny. Navajo shamans have access to these ancient manuscripts. The ancient texts were thought to be the work of a former race of white people. It is the shamans of the Hopi who have these words.

The Elders began to watch the west coast for a peaceful attempt to bring the world to peace. They heard about the League of Nations in San Francisco and wrote to Woodrow Wilson asking him to include the Indians. The United States Supreme Court had already ruled that reservations were separate nations and protected by the United States. This letter was not received. The League of Nations did not include the Hopi community.

What are the prophecies about the Hopi Indians? Find out more…?

“The Fourth World will soon end, and the Fifth World is about to begin. These Signs have been fulfilled for many years, and very few are left. All elders know this.

“This is the First Sign”: We were told about the coming of white-skinned men like Pahana but not living like Pahana — men that took land not theirs and struck their enemies with thunder. (Guns)

“This is the Second Sign: We will soon see spinning wheels filled with voices in our lands. (Covered wagons)

“This is the third sign: A strange beast, such as a buffalo, but with long horns and great lengths, will rule the land in large numbers. (Longhorn cattle)

“This is the Fourth Sign: Snakes of Iron will cross the land. (Railroad tracks)

“This is the Fifth Sign: A giant spider’s web will cross the land. (Power and telephone lines).

“This is the Sixth Sign. The land will be crossed with rivers of stones that create pictures in the sun. Concrete roads and their mirage-producing results.

“This is the Seventh Sign. You will hear the sea turning black and many living creatures dying as a result. (Oil spills)

“This is the Eighth sign: Many youths will wear their hair long just like our people. They will join the tribal nations to learn our ways of wisdom and how they can help others. (Hippies)

“And this is also the Ninth and Final Sign: You will hear about a dwelling-place high above the earth that will fall with a loud crash. It will appear like a blue star. The ceremonies of the Hopi people cease very soon.

Signs of great destruction

These are the Signs of great destruction: The world will rock to and from. People from other countries will be able to defeat the white man, those who have the first light of wisdom. Many columns of smoke will rise from the same places where the white man made his mark in the deserts near here. The Hopi will provide safety for those who live and stay there. There will be plenty to rebuild. Pahana will soon return, and very soon. He will bring the dawn of the Fifth World with him. His wisdom will be planted in our hearts. Already, the seeds are being sown. These will smoothen the path to the Emergence into The Fifth World.

[From many sources, chiefly The Hopi Survival Kit (by Thomas E. Mails and Chief Dan Evehema) “The time will arrive when from the earth there will be a mystic cloud that will dilute all people’s minds and hearts. The Great Laws of the Creator will be lost in the minds of all people, and their guidelines of wisdom will fail.

Children will become out of control and not obey their leaders. Immorality will thrive, and there will be a competitive war for greed. We will see a misty halo around the celestial bodies near the end. It will appear four times around the sun to warn us that reform is necessary.

Peace will not come unless man-made weapons are not used to strike first. “So, the time will come when late springs will be experienced, and early frosts will be observed. This will mark the return of the Ice Age.

We believe that militarism was born out of injustice, poverty, and ignorance when absolute governments fail to listen to the grievances of minorities. When they don’t have any other options, the people resort to violence and demonstrations to make their voices heard. How can we solve the problems when the world leaders and people act like fools? We will once again quote the prophecy from our Elders. We hope you find it interesting. It has been going on for a while.

According to prophecy, the day will come when those in high places will be hunted. This will become out of control. Hunting will grow in strength and spread. This could even lead to famine on our soil. This will bring us to the Biblical Armageddon version (the Hopi version is very similar). The final decisive battle between evil and good. This will take place under the leadership of one God or Chief.

According to the prophets, we will speak one language. A girl and a man will then start a new life. This will occur in Hopiland in the village Oraibi, where the new life plan in accordance with the cycle and pattern of religion will be drawn. The wicked will also be dealt with here. They will be executed and they will cease speaking. This will not happen, and there will be total destruction by the actions of nature or man.

This is a terrifying prophecy that will not be supported. “It is in the Hopi prophecies the Navajo might help us in a case such as this. The Paiute Tribe and the Bahannas may also be of assistance. We are not sure that the U.S. Government would easily give up our sovereignty.

“There are two water snakes at each pole, one with a warrior sitting on the warrior’s head and tail. These water serpents are commanded by nature to warn us through her activities that the time is running out and we need to correct our ways. These warnings are for warriors to ignore. They will release the serpents and rise, and everything will end. “We are very concerned about the climate. It seems impossible to predict the weather from day to day accurately.

However, we know that certain seeds need to be planted when they are due because of our time markers. Recent springs have seen us resist planting due to the cold and late snow. Perhaps our prophecy, which says that we will plant one day wearing gloves (finger sacks), clearing snow from our feet before planting, is true. For harvesting corn, the summers will be shorter. It is impossible to predict the outcome. The question is: Will this happen all over the globe?

It would depend on where you live. Things will change in regions with different climates. The Arctic could become tropical, while the low land could become a land covered in ice. If we, the people, demand that our leaders do something to stop the environmental damage, this could be avoided. “If future generations discover that we didn’t do enough to preserve the good things, they may throw us out of our homes and into the streets. We will cause this suffering.

lack of peace

A lack of peace within our spiritual selves could lead to revolution. The True White Brother could find that we have abandoned the sacred instructions. He will whip us with no mercy. Let us look at the future through the eyes of our prophets. The Great Purification was a story that Hopi was told to tell about. They stated that the industrialized world would face certain difficulties along the way. This would be just before Humankind becomes again highly civilized. We will then become more careless, leading to our own destruction.

The changing times will make people uncomfortable and force them to adapt to new ways of living. “Industrialized countries will be less concerned about extracting more resources from the earth. Soon natural resources will run out. There will be fuel shortages and industrial machinery will stop working. Machinery used for harvesting, planting and transport will cease to be useful. Farm produce will disappear from supermarket shelves. Farmers and others who grow their own produce will not be able to sell their products. All these things are guaranteed to last forever.

Money will be worthless. Despite all his intelligence and technology, the damage will be irreparable even for the white man. “We will witness extraordinary events in Nature, Earth, and humans.” Modern man regards old wisdom and knowledge as dead, useless, and not respected. Modern man is dependent on the money system for his food and not on Mother Earth. The prophecy says that Mother Earth will conceal her food when this happens because she believes ancient food is not good enough for us. Modern man will attempt to rectify the mistakes created by his inventions when all food is gone. He will attempt to find a way to heal the wound. However, this won’t be possible once we reach the point where there is no return.

Through their vital connection with the forces of balance, the Hopi are crucial to the survival and well-being of the human race. It is clear that the world will turn against those who hinder the Hopi. This prophecy refers to the Biblical version that may yet come true. The prophecy continues to state that the hectic lives of ordinary people will cause them concern and frustration. They will protest the hypocrisy of world leaders and bloodthirsty policies. All people around the globe will unite to fight for peace in the world.

They will see that their leaders are failing. High ranking officials will be treated like animals and may even be targeted for terrorism. Leaders will then retaliate by hunting down each other. This will lead to a broader spread of the disease. It will spread all over the globe. Our land could be the scene of revolution. “The west will send great forces to liberate the land. They will fall from the sky like rain. They will not be redeemed. We cannot climb on top of the house to keep an eye. They will shake us with their ears like bad children.

This will be the decisive battle between evil and good. This battle will purify the hearts of all people and heal Mother Earth from any illness. The wicked will also be defeated. The Great Creator will use nature to accomplish the task if this does not happen. It could lead to total destruction of any kind. To start a new life, only brother and sister will be able to survive. It is both frightening and uncertain. It may not be of any value to most people. “Eventually, a gourd made of ashes would be created. If dropped from the sky, it would boil the oceans and then burn the land, making nothing to grow for many years. A Hopi would use this sign to alert the world to the imminent third and final event soon.

“The Great Day of Purification is described as a Mystery Egg, in which forces of the Sun and Swastika culminate in either total rebirth, or destruction. We don’t know which. And you have the option to choose between war or natural disaster. The level of inequality between the nations and the balance of nature will determine the severity of violence. To survive in this crisis, rich and poor will have to fight for survival.

Traditional Hopi accept the reality of violence as a given. However, man can reduce violence by changing his attitude towards nature and other people. It is important to preserve ancient, spiritually-based communities like the Hopi and not to force them to give up their wisdom and protect the natural resources.

“The man-made system that is now destroying Hopi is deeply involved with similar violations around the globe. The natural order can reverse the devastating events predicted by the prophecies. If those who can thrive on that system, its money, and its laws can stop the destruction of the Hopi, then many might be able to live through the Day of Purification and enter a new age of peaceful living. The Hopi’s way of life will be lost if no one is left to carry it on. “The Great Spirit, the Great Creator, has punished humanity for their inability to live peacefully with each other through conflicts resulting from the new ways.

There was always a small group that survived all this to preserve the original ways of living. This small group consists of people who follow the laws of God and keep the spiritual path open. We are not yet out of the circle, according to our knowledge. “Now, we enter the testing period that only the Great Creator can confirm. Hopi have been eagerly awaiting the alignment of the planets that the star watchers so graciously informed us. The predicted behaviour of the people will accurately reflect the behaviour of people in 1990. As the end draws near, we will soon see a veil of mist surrounding the heavenly bodies.

It will be visible four times around the sun to warn us that reform is necessary. “Ambitious minds will decline, while people with good hearts who live in harmony and love the earth will increase until it is free from evil. The Hopi believe that this will happen and the earth will blossom again if it is true. The spiritual door is always open. Join the righteous.

The Horny Toad Woman promised Massau’u that she would be there for him in times of need. She also said she had a metal helmet. Massau’u will lead the Hopi once they have followed their life-style. But not before. He is the First and He will be the Last.


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