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Religion on Earth – an Alien View

refractionHey planet earth! How is religion working for you I ask, imagining myself as an alien looking down on Earth from a distance some light years away and wondering “What the hell are these Earthlings doing? I ask this question as I repeatedly see the same old global, issues recurring not just year after year but century after century and think to myself that if religion and its leaders were under the same scrutiny as publicly listed companies, they would be deregistered and thrown out on their sorry little backsides yesterday.

I opened the newspaper this week to the story of Israel and Gaza, to a conflict between Jews who worship the Torah and Moslems who worship the Koran to find hundreds being slaughtered in the name of peace and their religions. What a load of BS. Who are they kidding? I see suicide bombers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa on a daily basis driving their bomb laden vehicles into schoolyards, police precincts, shopping malls and other public places mutilating thousands if not millions over the years in the name of their peaceful and loving God. Well God forbid! Is it any wonder I like millions of others are turning to atheism and non-religious, freethinking protocols to base their lives upon. How can anyone of religious persuasion look me in the eye and tell me with a straight face that their religion works? It doesn’t. And to argue their case they would say religion does a lot of good… for the poor for example. Well atheists and nonreligious people are just as capable of helping the poor and they do! There are plenty of organisations which are not under the guise of religion and do good for those less fortunate. Take science, the development of medicine and other life saving technologies, produced by many atheists. In fact one must ask whether those less fortunate are being made even more unfortunate looking at the billions and trillions of dollars stowed away in bank accounts under the name of the Lord.

Donations in the billions are funnelled into Vatican accounts and one huuuuge donation which comes to mind is that of the US$50 million given by a South American government to Mother Teresa in the 1980’s specifically earmarked for the poor and underprivileged. This donation was directly transferred to the Vatican bank. Surprise, surprise. Not really, just a plain downright disgrace is what it is. And especially after visiting the Manila-based Mother Teresa institution for the severely handicapped and disabled I found not one piece of medical apparatus available for these poor unfortunate children. This is over thirty years later mind you!! What happened to the money, the ‘donation’? Of course the US$50 million is still sitting in the Vatican account funding a few more golden chalices and bullet proof vehicles for pompous popes to pounce around the global stage in their strange looking hats and mediaeval garb pretending to be doing something other than feeding their own egos and outdated tribal Middle Eastern philosophies.

Enough! I’m sorry folks, but when I see it the underprivileged being downtrodden, political leaders forming alliances with Christian lobbyists obviously based upon backroom deals to give these religious cults more social and political leverage, I have to weep especially when I see one armed children, blind kids and 14-year-old mothers slinging babies around street corners and intersection stoplights for a few measly cents. Most of them are Christian by the way and obviously not recipients of any type of social welfare system these massive religious conglomerates ought have in place given the money in their holy coffers was donated largely by these sub classes themselves. That’s right, I turned away from established religion many, many years ago even though I was raised a staunch Roman Catholic. I was reared in part by my rosary toting grandmother who chanted so many Hail Marys that the metal beads had worn down to the chain obviously fearful of the consequences of her destination in the afterlife if she didn’t conduct her daily 3 to 4 hour ritual. Deep within herself she was driven by fear.

I say reclaim the churches, the money in the Vatican banks, the stockpiles of gold in the temples in India, and set up social funds to hand back money and property to the rightful owners- that is, the people, you and I and everyone else who throughout the previous centuries suffered through fear of eternal hellfire, who paid indulgences in the early days of the church, believing they had purchased their way back into the light of God and to sit on His right-hand side. On the other side of the ‘war’, Muslims with their fabricated story of heaven and eternal salvation and the dozens of virgins waiting to f** them hard and pleasurably for the mass slayings and their own suicide. Think about this deeply, consider the deeply disturbing ramifications of this mentality, mass education and twisted spin which is considered TRUTH. Children who are yet to develop any level of reasoning are indoctrinated into this philosophy at the ear;iest age. Apart from these direct religious atrocities as I call them, and practices which must see millions of aliens on other planets sitting back at their Friday night cinema watching, laughing, there’s no doubt that even some of the more secular atrocities such as the downing of the Malaysian airlines craft with over 290 civilian deaths including 80 children even if not by religious fanatics, would no doubt have been perpetrated by some visiting their churches and temples on a weekly if not daily basis claiming “God is on our side!” as did George Bush and many other notable leaders in history beforew they had their millions of millions trudge off to the slaughter.

These people claim to believe in a supreme being but have absolutely no regard for their fellow man and would mercilessly extinguish the lives of innocents under this gross pretence. With a dismal situation we human beings find ourselves in by hiding behind this farce of religion and spirituality, of so-called goodness. Look in any direction and you will clearly see the travesty, the tragedy and exact opposite of what these religions propose as being the daily norm for most people. I, like the aliens watching must surely dread where we as a race are headed. Worried about endangered species? I’d be listing homo sapiens as number one on that list and in large part to the role religion has and continues to play in the affairs of our misguided race. Beam me up Scottie! As quickly as possible please.

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