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Saturn and Resistence

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SaturnActually, when you look at it, most of our problems, the difficulties and the hardships that we confront in life are to a large extent caused by one thing – and that is resistance. The resistance to what is. It seems to be at the heart of our problems, most of our difficulties and as the Buddha said “our suffering”.

Resistance?  What exactly is that resistance? Saturn is the planet that relates to our resistance, our tests, our challenges, our obstacles and whichever part of the zodiac Saturn is found is at the time of our birth points specifically those areas in life which we tend to resist. These are the  areas in which we need to let go, to flow. As an example, I had some surgery done just two or three weeks ago and it has been very painful and the dentist is still concerned as to why I still have pain, so for me, in this immediate moment dealing with pain; just getting into the moment by moment experience of that pain and not really resisting it, just letting it be, is the focus. I am exploring where it arises and observing also how that resistance to what we call pain is really what makes the pain a lot worse than what it actually is; and that goes for emotional pain, the pain of relationships, and any pain for that matter.

So today’s insight, if you want to call it that, or today’s meditation for you is basically non-resistance. Don’t resist this moment; simply get into this moment, savour this moment. What do I mean by that? Not thinking about the last moment, or the next, and just resting here and now. Try it. If it’s difficult, use your breath to help relax and flow with this moment. That way you can transcend the limitations of the planet Saturn, that energy which is challenging you.

I remember, it must have been 1999, my third trip to India and I met a wonderful Astrologer guru by the name of Agni Sharma and he spoke to me of Saturn. He had an interesting twist, an insight into Saturn’s function. He said something to the affect that where Saturn tempts you, where it challenges you, if you can overcome that temptation, or resistance, Saturn will no longer hinder but will bless and serve you in an incredibly mysterious way.

So give it a go and simply sit, just now, stop everything for a minute, close your eyes and experience this moment, not with your head but with your heart. Feel the air, your posture, your breath, the sensations, even the thoughts (you can still feel them, you can observe them), just allow everything to just be as it is for a moment and tap into that inner space of your Self – that space of peace where you no longer resist. Just really relax and enjoy your life. Don’t resist!

– Dadhichi Toth,