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Scorpio as a friend

Scorpios enjoy a good level of friendship and usually have a very diverse range of acquaintances which they need to stimulate their intellectual and emotional interests.

For some people, having a Scorpio friend may be a little too intense. You are the sort of person that cuts straight to the chase, diving deeply into a person’s character and emotional needs. In the first instance, this can be rather threatening to them but you like to know exactly where you stand with others and once you deem them to be worthy of your friendship, would do anything to support them and make sure that they’re looked after.

As a Scorpio friend you are generous, hospitable and can be a lot of fun to be around. In fact, it’s probably not a well known fact that although Scorpio is rather intense and serious, they do have the capacity to make others laugh and can draw on their own past experiences, embellishing the details to bring a great deal of joy and laughter to their associates.

With a Scorpio friend you can rest assured your secrets are safe. In fact, Scorpio probably has a lot of secrets of his or her own, so they understand the value of maintaining confidentiality with anything that you might have to share with them. Furthermore, Scorpio is an excellent psychologist and, if your secret rests on some problem you may be experiencing, they are the best of the signs to get some deep insights into how you can solve these problems/protect these secrets.

Scorpio is not interested in one off light-hearted friendships or acquaintances. You’ll prefer to deepen your connection with someone, especially if you feel as though you’re compatible with them and this I liken to the concept of Japanese business relationships – in for the long haul!

Scorpios generally need to surround themselves with people who are themselves interesting and have achieved something or experienced something that makes them interesting to be around. Scorpios are never attracted to dull personalities so if you fail to raise the level of interest of a Scorpio in your conversation with them, it means that you need to go back to the drawing board to overhaul your character and bring something of value to the friendship. Otherwise it’s a no go for Scorpio.

For those of you reading this wanting to know how to best develop your friendship with a Scorpio, you need to challenge them with outdoor activities, competitive sports or at least topics of interest that may be new to them. Introduce them to new friends, take them out to unusual places that may have a cultural or intellectual difference and you’ll win their hearts. They also enjoy culture to a large extent and musical or cabaret shows, rock or even opera concerts would be appealing to them.

Scorpios are extraordinarily loyal and dedicated in their friendships and proactive in making them work. If you feel that others are not repaying the high calibre of energy that you’re putting into a relationship with them, then you’ll quickly withdraw and redirect those energies elsewhere.

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