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Scorpio Horoscope

Your Scorpio Horoscope…

It’s not easy being a Scorpio, especially when you find yourself confronted by others asking ‘What star sign are you?’ and then having to almost mutter it under your breath for fear they are going to run away, or somehow become defensive the moment you mention you happen to be … yes .. a Scorpio!

Scorpio certainly has been misunderstood and it’s unfortunate, because not all crazy people are born under that sign! Nonetheless, a bad reputation has developed over many hundreds of years and you’ll often find yourself disproving this once others get to know you a little better.

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You were born when the Sun was moving through the eighth sign of the zodiac, that is, Scorpio, which refers to the most hidden, secretive and complex part of the heavens. Is it any wonder you have such a deep and intricate personality?

People do find it hard to understand you but once they get a taste for your Scorpio character they realise that your passion for life (not just sex, mind you) is absolutely second to none. You are committed to everything you do and this ranges from the work you perform to the relationships you choose. There are no half-measures for you and, in being so demanding of yourself and others, eventually you realise that not everyone can deal with you as easily as you would expect.

You live hard, you live fast, and life for you is a challenge. You believe in Darwin’s law of survival of the fittest. Often you lack the sensitivity to realise that not everyone is a leader or conqueror and that in fact most are followers. You’ll need to be more accommodating of others on your life journey.

You push yourself to the limits in every department of life and you need to constantly feel as if you are achieving something. This is probably why, as I said earlier, people are taken aback when you say you are a Scorpio. You truly are an exemplary figure in that you give 100 per cent of yourself to whatever you believe in. You demand the same of others.

One historic fact about Scorpio isn’t at all untrue, and that relates to your sexual and magnetic quality. Scorpio is the sexual sign of the zodiac and you flaunt this wherever you go. Whether you are a male or female you know you possess an intangible quality that tends to attract anyone and everyone to you. Often, little do they know that this is very much like a moth being drawn to the flame. You know exactly how to entice others to do your bidding.

Your magnetic power is your greatest strength and you convey this through your eyes. People often comment on just how deep and bewitching your eyes are. You certainly know how to express your thoughts through them, which is why you don’t necessarily have to speak to communicate. Others will always know what you are feeling simply by a look or, God forbid, a stare. If you are unhappy or angry, those laser eyes of yours can ‘kill’.

You have no fear of the obstacles in life, believing that this is what strengthens a person and helps them transform into something newer and better. You are a formidable competitor because of this strength and you thrive on challenges. There aren’t too many occasions when you don’t win. You’re obsessive in everything you do, ,especially in love, so this often makes you possessive and jealous. This is one trait you need to work on improving if you are to enjoy your relationships more fully.

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Some people see you as a ruthless character, someone who is not easily satisfied no matter how hard they try. Some of the tougher Scorpio-born individuals are even vengeful and destructive if others don’t live up to their expectations, or happen to cross them. I hope you have these destructive qualities under control.

You have the desire to help others and your successes are shared around with friends and family because you like them to be part of your journey and to be well looked after.

Many Scorpios reach the top of the tree in life and are one of a rare breed that never gives in. You probably know what I mean by that because you have the power of endurance, patience and intuitive power that allows you to achieve your goals through thick or thin.

Scorpio is also rare in that it has three totems that rule it—the scorpion, the grey lizard and the phoenix. The scorpion represents the lower and destructive aspects of your star sign. The grey lizard affects those types who are inwardly reclusive and not yet developed, whereas the phoenix fully represents the self-actualised scorpion who rises to the pinnacle of human achievement.

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