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Scorpio Love Horoscope

SCORPIOL1As a native of Scorpio you are probably well aware of your sexuality, even well before puberty, but may not have understood what this was. You have a sense of boy–girl relationships because sexuality, sensuality and transformation are the key words of your star sign.

Once you arrived at puberty and discovered the meaning of this energy, it was as if a torrential flood of passion, love, lust and intensity had been unleashed. I only hope you’ve learned to direct this energy well because you are by far the most complex lover of the zodiac.

Scorpios can either be sensually intimate or cold and unapproachable. It’s important for you to use sexuality as the transformative power to help you grow spiritually. You have an instinctive urge to explore this part of life and nature.

You like to keep matters of sex, love and relationships secretive. But, with the person you love you can be extremely demonstrative and affectionate. You need someone who can match the intensity of your love and overt nature. You’re extreme once you give your heart to someone and the one thing you detest more than anything is being with someone who is insipid, half-hearted and shallow. You can’t understand how others can’t feel the depths of love as you do. You must understand that you are in a unique position and that you are the exception rather than the rule.

Due to this, you may not always find it easy in your search for that special soulmate. You have to exercise patience and will probably have to go through many relationships until the first one of this special calibre comes your way. Scorpio is not only faithful but is prepared to die for their love. This again reflects the depth and intensity of your passion.

Once the opportunity to engage yourself in a meaningful relationship presents itself, you become extremely attached to that person. They become the object of worship and most of your activities become centred on them. You want to love them, nourish them, support them and you may even want to direct their lives. This can be the beginning of problems for you because your love can sometimes be seen as irrational and overwhelming. Be gentle and move slowly once you meet your soulmate. Don’t rush things. Slowly bring them around to your way of love.

There is an extreme side to your nature that is exhibited when you feel moody or a little depressed. You can withdraw like a tortoise withdrawing into its shell. When you’re angry or disappointed with someone, your means of punishing them is your silence. A wall of ice is how some would describe your tactics of disengaging in this situation. You must learn to speak about how you feel, especially if you’re upset, as this will not only lessen your internal burden but also foster a better communication with your spouse or lover.

The signs of Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn are the better signs of compatibility and these individuals will understand your varied and sometimes difficult ways. Your opposite star sign Taurus will act as a balance in many areas but may at times be just as inflexible as yourself. You will feel satisfied in relationships with any of the people born under these star signs.

Scorpio men and women make some of the best homemakers and family life is important to them. You and your partner will spend a lot of time creating and nurturing each other and your children. Scorpio is naturally inclined to protect the people they love. There are few star signs that possess as much tenacity as you in doing whatever it takes to provide a safe haven for your family. Against great odds you will create a wonderful home life for those under your care.

Overall Scorpio has a strong principle-based approach to love and relationships and, if you’re able to manage some of the deeper and extreme sides of your personality, you should be able to enjoy a fulfilling life of love and passion for many years to come.

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