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Simple planetary remedies for Good Luck

Are you born lucky or is there something you can do to improve your chances for good luck, romance and general fortune? Astrology and other psychic practices usually only ‘predict’ what will happen and often only vaguely, as if you are simply a puppet on a string. What if there was a way to avert the difficulties and misfortunes that come to all of us and you were able to enhance your luck and destiny?

Well, secret astrological principles actually do exist and can be used effectively in all areas of your life thereby empowering you. In our new column, astrologer and face reader Dadhichi will be sharing many of these ancient yet simple and effective ritual technologies with you. Many clients often complain of debt and excessive expenses which continually outstrip their incomes. Apart from the usual advice of exercising more frugality and control over their credit cards there are some useful esoteric remedies which can assist in this respect. This week will look at how to improve your finances, and general fortunes also.

Over and above from the spiritual benefits of charitable work and making donations to community projects, specifically offering your services and a small amount of your resources on a Thursday to charitable institutions, the planet Jupiter will be activated to improve your own financial circumstances. Making an offering of articles which are yellow or planting of yellow-flower plants may also help. This is due to the fact that that Thursday and the colour yellow are strongly linked to the beneficent the Jupiter. Some eastern astrologers are also of the opinion that keeping your money in a leather wallet or purse may inhibit the inflow of wealth. Try using different materials to carry your money around.

Finally, those of you who are suffering from low income or heavy debts which are causing new concern, may try soaking a handful of whole green mung beans overnight and feeding pigeons and other small birds. There are some other very novel ideas relating to how you can increase your wealth and finances including the planting of a Tulsi. Plant. This is none other than the basil herb which, if watered daily results in good luck for you and your family. Apparently the vibrations of this plant tend to have a positive effect on your environment and have the power to attract money. Feng Shui also says similar things about different objects, plants and colors to heighten your luck in your life.

By Dadhichi Toth