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Solar Eclipse in Cancer June 21, 2020: Feelings on the Boil

NEW Beginning, NEW Feelings, NEW INTERACTIONS BEGIN on June 21 WITH THE STUNNING New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Cancer


How coincidental that many are referring to the current social circumstances as the ‘new normal’. The ‘new normal’ and this solar eclipse coincide. Many people are so frustrated with feelings now reaching boiling point. How we feel and interact with each other is certainly changing now. With Mars and Neptune involved it’s not necessarily for the better.

If you’re looking at these transits purely from the material perspective you’ll miss the deeper point and lesson of the eclipse. What this solar eclipse is telling you is that the way you express your feelings sets the trend for how you will be treated. Karma is a critical aspect of any eclipse as the eclipses always take place on the karmic/nodal axis.

Whenever an eclipse takes place awareness and a new level of perception are needed. Cultivating a harmonious state of understanding in your discussions, activities and relationships spiritualizes those things. Once this happens there’s no concern whether your views or someone else’s are the same or different.

Respect becomes the communication bridge.

This eclipse points to it being one of insightful perception. Cancer being a water sign is extremely intuitive. It’s also a sign of nurturing and transforming yourself. This is primarily done through caring for others. It has to do with new ways of expressing your love and of relating better to others through that love. Remember, love is a verb! The solar eclipse in Cancer signals a new me and a new you!


There are challenging aspects of Mars and Neptune during this eclipse. The changes we wish to make in ourselves shouldn’t be foisted on others. There’s an aggressive component to the Mars energy. Feelings boil over. The fact that Mars has recently passed over Neptune shows its impotence. Neptune is dreamy, otherworldly whereas Mars is an action planet, impulsive. It wants things, and it wants them now!


Given the Mars-Neptune connection, perhaps the more appropriate word should be ‘collision’. A challenging aspect from these two planets to eclipses is never desirable. It represents an intensification of ideals versus ideals. It shows the division between blue and red, left and right, black and white and so on. You might call this a ‘binary eclipse’.


This also describes the social unrest we’ve seen in the United States and other Western countries recently. In the political or mundane/social and cultural world, Mars and Moon’s contact relate to the anger of the masses. The feeling planet being aggravated by Mars shows that reason may be conspicuously absent.


Cancer is a movable sign. The solar eclipse here offers a way out by inviting you to embrace the notion of stabilising emotions rather than expressing them irrationally. Greater tolerance and understanding of others irrespective of their colour or creed underpins the energy. It demands a change of outlook. There’s no necessity to accept or reject any person. Use what life is throwing at you intuitively as a stepping stone to the higher gateways of inner development, peace and unity.


Maintaining presence of mind develops deeper insight into the fluctuating karmic patterns of life.


It endows you with the ability to stabilize your awareness in the midst of changing life conditions, even catastrophic ones such as we’ve been experiencing.

Astrologer’s Overview

Some fascinating facts about the June 21, 2020 Solar Eclipse

June 21 2020 Solar Eclipse

This solar eclipse takes place in a Cardinal sign and therefore all the Cardinal signs will feel its impact very strongly. The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. As Jupiter and Pluto are also currently retrograde in the movable sign of Capricorn immense energies are building to a crescendo. Mercury, Venus and Saturn also are dancing to the retrograde tune.

The hard aspect of Mars to this eclipse can be explosive. It’s during this cycle that self-containment and presence of mind are absolutely necessary.

Taking full control of yourself helps avert disputes and breakups which will be caused by impulsive words, choices and behaviour. The same applies to politicians. They must also exercise greater control during and after the eclipse.

What happens for the rest of 2020 and beyond, rests upon many astrological factors. This eclipse and where it stands in your horoscope can be very revealing for the current and general trends of the year. If it affects your rising or Sun sign you’ll feel the effects upon your physical self, your appearance and ways in which you can become more popular. For the Cardinal signs mentioned above, this will be the case. If it occurs in the seventh house it relates to business partnerships, marital status and changes in your most significant relationships and so on and so forth.

Did you know?

Solar eclipses are seen to have an impact, particularly on the head of state of those countries, the governments, ministers; also top personalities and celebrities. The influence of an eclipse may not be felt immediately, however, if a solar eclipse, the ramifications can last for as many years as is equivalent to the hours of the duration of the eclipse.

The actual effect of the eclipse is best studied from subsequent lunations and transits of the faster moving inner planets to sensitive points. These are determined through the horoscope drawn for the precise time of the eclipse.

Early founding astrologers made the following observations in terms of when those events can be expected:

  • Eclipses falling near the eastern horizon manifest within 4 months
  • Eclipses falling at the Midheaven or apex of the horoscope ie directly above the locality should give their affects between six and eight months after the eclipse and
  • If the eclipse happens to fall near the western horizon the effects will not be felt until from anywhere between 8 to 12 months after the eclipse.
  • This eclipse falls on the date of the solar ingress into Cancer. The ingress is of the four cardinal sign transits which represent the seasons of the year.
  • The eclipse falls very near the polestar which is around 28° of Gemini. The Chinese considered this specific Star to be ‘the great honourable Lord of the heavens ‘. It’s fascinating that just as the Chinese nation is making its move to dominate the world, this important eclipse should be taking place. The star is said to give spiritual powers to the bearer who will be highly respected.

It’s not an easy thing to determine the eclipse effects because for too long astrologers have generalised that an eclipse is a foreboding omen without taking into consideration the aspects, fixed stars and other celestial factors that modulate the energies and frequencies of an eclipse.

More research is necessary to study the very influences of the eclipses but one thing is for certain-historically at least it seems that these solar eclipses do tend to have an impact not only on the general public but on individuals as well.

Remedial Hints for the Solar Eclipse in Cancer for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Did you know that there are remedial measures in astrology and that they can be used to neutralize the influence of negative planetary forces on you? This isn’t for everyone but for those of you interested enough to learn these mysteries handed down to me by my mentors – let me introduce you to some Tantric hints.

ancient tradition of understanding how to work in harmony with the forces of nature and destiny. Turn this phase of stagnation or “bad luck” into good fortune. The eclipse is a perfect time to channel lucky energies to improve your life.

Observe regular fasting on the day of your choice. Depending on which day you choose, the planet ruling that day will be brought under your submission.

  • SUNDAY is ruled by the Sun  ☀ and helps remove disease, improve health and vitality and gives long life.
  • MONDAY is ruled by the Moon 🌙 and fasting on this day will bring your emotions and domestic situations under control.
  • TUESDAY is ruled by Mars ♂ and gives you strength, courage and the ability to win over adversaries.
  • WEDNESDAY is ruled by Mercury ☿ and is an excellent day to improve your intellect, study habits and strengthen your nervous system.
  • THURSDAY is ruled by Jupiter ♃ with fasting on this day uplifting your spiritual vision, giving you deeper insight into yourself. It is generally a luck amplifier.
  • FRIDAY is ruled by Venus ♀ and bringing this planet under control through fasting promises happiness and satisfaction in love and social activities.
  • SATURDAY is ruled by Saturn ♄ and fasting on this day enhances your professional opportunities and skills.

This exercise is one of the keys to turning your luck around, especially around eclipse time.

How this eclipse will affect you and the world?

This solar eclipse will affect your Zodiac star sign in a unique way. This eclipse takes place and is visible across the Asian region. The penumbral shadow gives you a preview of which countries are likely to start feeling the impact of an eclipse. Even now we see the tension is mounting on the India-China border. The eclipse will cut across the Asian region and what impact this area over the coming months and years. Here are some of the other countries that may be affected –

  • The Republic of China chart Pluto is at 27° Gemini 45 minutes. The North node will make a conjunction to this point shortly translating the light of the eclipse to it.
  • North Korea’s -Uranus
  • India independence chart-Mars
  • Midheaven of Kuwait
  • Ascendant of Nigeria
  • Mali Republic-Mars
  • United States chart-Venus
  • The penumbral shadow falls smack bang on Taipei

June 21 2020 Solar Eclipse Map

Mars and Neptune are in close square to this solar eclipse on June 21.

It’s going to bring feelings to the boil, individually and societally.

Now, check this out: The eclipse takes place in the upper part of the Republic of China Chart near the fixed star, The Pole Star. The Chinese had high regard for this star as “the great honourable Lord of the Heavens”.

This eclipse is also an unusual one and is referred to as a Ring of Fire Eclipse. This means that the Moon is at its apogee and a ring will appear around the Sun at the peak of the eclipse. That ring of fire also hints at the militant quality of the eclipse coupled with Mars, the planet of war.

It gives pursuit of aims, and with positive planets, discreetly so. This eclipse, however, casts a shadow of doubt on their integrity. That doubt is already in full swing. Is it a coincidence that China and North Korea, are both in battle mode on the Indian and South Korean borders respectively?

  • Is it a coincidence the eclipse shadow will cut right across Asia, visible in India, China, parts of Africa and Korea ( as well as Australia )?
  • Is it a coincidence the eclipse takes place in the zone of leadership in the China Republic declaration chart?

These sorts of eclipses herald the death or overthrow of leaders in the nations affected by the eclipse, especially if the penumbral shadow is visible in that country, which it will be.

The Sun is the King, so to speak. As such, this eclipse is ominous. Could there be an overthrow of incumbent power or reclamation of the Taipei leadership? Could there possibly be war as Mars as involved? 

On a personal note, this eclipse will affect all of us in different ways. Depending on your Zodiac star sign, the eclipse will take place in one or other of the houses of the Zodiac. There are 12 houses or sectors which make up to 360° circle of the Zodiac.

Take this opportunity to meditate and contemplate under the eclipse. The ancient astrologers believe that the power radiating from an eclipse accelerates your spiritual evolution if you tune with it.

In a nutshell, here are the spheres of life in which this Solar Eclipse all will impact each of the star signs. Further down take a look at the more detailed reading for how this eclipse will radically transform your life!

SNAPSHOT: 12 Zodiac Horoscope Forecast under the Solar Eclipse

Making changes at home are ideal now and this solar eclipse gives you the opportunity and support of family members who also want to help you improve your shared living space.

Exploring new means of communication, marketing and branding will help put you back on the map. If you’ve been out of circulation it’s time to re-emerge from your cocoon and spread your wings.

You have some brilliant insights into increasing cash flow, earning a better hourly rate and doing work that fits your creative urge. Job interviews swing your way.

You impress others now with a resolution to improve your presentation, self-esteem and persuasive skills. Others take notice of you under this solar eclipse so meetings and negotiations are positive.

You are reassessing your recent past and can see exactly how your decisions are impacting your current and future circumstances. Big changes are afoot and you are confident about the coming months.

A greater push to create a new circle of friends and worthwhile connections see you making efforts socially. New friends will be supportive as they will be on your wavelength.

The solar eclipse influences your work and brings with it fresh new opportunities. You’re able to use your influence to make changes in your professional environment.

New forms of learning intrigue you and this could involve a whole new level of understanding. Travelling is also on the cards and will bring you in touch with new cultures and interesting people.

Banking, finance and how you share your money with others will be a focus under this new Moon. Setting up a new bank account and investment portfolio is worthwhile.

Relationships and more importantly, intimate ones, will be subject to a whole new makeover. You are committed to improving your love life and feel much better emotionally.

Current work conditions give you a new lease of life in terms of creative input. You have more of a say in your role. Connecting with co-workers who have a similar goal enhances career.

Exploring romance, creativity and love life are the hallmarks of this solar eclipse for you. You are attractive to the opposite sex and want to make the most of any existing relationships you have.


More detailed reading for each of the 12-star signs and how the total solar eclipse in Cancer will affect you?

advanced divider


How will this eclipse affect you?

Your family affairs will be under the spotlight as this total solar eclipse radically alters everything in this Department of your life. This should be a transformative cycle as Mars also joins the eclipse and pushes you into balancing the needs of your relatives with your own personal wants and desires.

Educational pursuits will also come under closer scrutiny and if you’ve been studying something recently you may decide that this is not exactly for you. You want to resonate with what you are doing now and peace of mind will take on greater importance. You realize that life is so short and that there’s no use beating around the bush.

Some Rams have been stuck in a rut and want to do something meaningful in your life. This is an opportunity to seek out study courses or degrees which are going to help you earn more cash but to make you feel as if you now have some purposeful meaning in what you do.

The North node may also cast a shadow on some of your personal belongings such as house, car and other valuable items. You could be reevaluating what things really are of value in your life now.


How will this eclipse affect you?

How you communicate with people is vitally important in determining the success of your future and as this total solar eclipse takes place in your sphere of communications you’ll find your interest in this area keenly growing. You will start to connect the dots and understand how speech and language have an incredible influence on others.

You’ll want to study patterns of language, neurolinguistics, and the psychology of how you can better get on with others. Part of this investigation will trigger your interest in travel and if you’ve been leading a sedentary life for some time that’s all about to change.

Travel is not only physical but mental and in your case, you will find a common meeting point where the two converge. Getting out and about, meeting new people and particularly those who are of like mind and can exchange ideas will be spotlighted in the coming year or so. With Jupiter’s transit also expanding your intellectual horizons this is going to be extraordinarily powerful period and one in which you will learn many new lessons in life that you can apply practically.

Your relationship with siblings (if you have any) will also come to the fore and previous problems must now be addressed or it could be another 18 to 20 years before those issues are resolved.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Sometimes success is unconsciously feared so whatever has been holding you back from attaining your financial goals can be worked through over the next few months and beyond. Karmic forces will be unleashed during this solar eclipse. It brings your attention to issues of money, value and expanding those opportunities for you to do better and the live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

Now is the time to take hold of those dreams. Bring them down to practical reality and go for what it is that you want irrespective of what others think or feel. In other words, this is a time of courage. You’ve been slowly been building up these resources to make the necessary changes.

Family matters may be under a cloud for the time being as you work through what you need give those in your close-knit circle the sort of life they want. But fear may surround you as well and your courage is what’s going to carry you through. If you look back 18 to 20 years ago you will find similar circumstances and planetary influences were affecting you and in fact, this period now will be one in which you can resolve some of those previous karmic obstacles.

As this cycle progresses you will find yourself earning more money and this is because of your changing thought patterns. As long as you bring your focused will to bear on these desires you’ll be successful.


How will this eclipse affect you?

You want to stand out during and following this current important total solar eclipse which takes place in your Sun sign. This pattern of behaviour and your personality type is now changing. This, of course, requires adaptation by you and those you live and work with. Initially, you’ll test the water to see whether, for example a new hairstyle, garments or even your words have greater value. How will people react? Well, Cancer, you’ll never really know unless you try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This is most definitely a period of experimentation with your relationships (Uranus trines the eclipse) and more importantly how you view yourself. It is self-image that matters the most and how we project that onto the world. This is what happens when the eclipse and the karmic forces of nature bear upon your Sun sign.

Over the next few months, the North node will continue to transit your Sun sign of Gemini ( the preceding sign to yours ). This  results in many radical changes in your life and relationships as a result of carefully analysing your past actions will.

You will be keenly interested in stepping outside the norm of your relationships as well. Your tastes in terms of people will be shifting and you may even surprise yourself with your choice of partners and friends during this upcoming period.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Those things in life we fear are the things we must deal with and eradicate. Under this total solar eclipse, you’ll have to address some of those fears and incidences or circumstances that have weighed heavily upon you throughout your past life. Going back into history is sometimes painful and as the karmic forces of nature impact upon your 12th house of hidden secrets, spirituality and self-analysis, you’ll gradually work through this creating the momentum you need to have a life which is burden free.

Guilt and shame are two of the worst emotions we can feel and if you’ve been weighed down by these feelings over the years you’ll finally have a breakthrough. With the eclipse transiting this essential part of your horoscope you will be able to expand your insight and take to meditation and yoga and other self-analytical practices which will bring you to a point in your life where finally peace and satisfaction prevail. But you need to make the effort and put aside the time, and more importantly cast off your judgement and prejudice.

If you’ve had preconceived ideas about all this new age airy-fairy stuff you need to suspend your suspicion and see what happens if you do look deeply into yourself with a view to becoming a more integrated person. This seems to be the focal point of the next year or so. Charity and working with those less privileged may be keys to unraveling some of these inner mysteries.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Many of you born under the sign of Virgo will be experiencing a significant shift relating to friendships over the next few months and all due to this very powerful solar eclipse taking place in your 11th house of friendships and social activities. New acquaintances emerge in a whole new circle of influence can be expected.

You have to re-evaluate what defines a friendship and some of you will have found your long-held friendships dissolving before your very eyes. In some cases, you may not even have any idea why this is happening but you’re questioning the motives of anyone and everyone now, including your family.

This sounds like a period of mistrust, fear and dissatisfaction but believe me you can only clear the decks of useless individuals in your life by dealing with these issues fairly and squarely. You mustn’t allow others to take advantage of you and you will certainly be seen to be a little harder, more ruthless in your dealings with others generally, but this is going to spare you considerable suffering in the future.

Part of this process relates to your understanding that self-esteem and self-worth are determined by the type of people you allow into your life. You are making a statement now and will not accept anything less than what you believe you deserve. This is going to shake up your life somewhat and it could even shock those who are closest to you especially when they come under your scrutiny and they don’t live up to the new standards that you are setting for yourself.

With Mars also influencing the eclipse and being in your relationships zone this area of your life will be challenged. You’ll learn lots of economising with your feelings and words. This is a period where you’ll be more reactive and impulsive.


How will this eclipse affect you?

You have an extraordinary spiritual and material shift about to culminate with your relationship planet Mars influencing this important total solar eclipse. The eclipse takes place in your career sector, the most powerful 10th house of your horoscope. How you deal with these energies is up to you but with a little planning and diligent, hard work you’ll achieve something extraordinary over the coming months.

These karmic forces indicate that you’ve already worked consistently hard for some years now and have been waiting patiently for the results. Not that it’s the results you are focused on, but good work, expertise and a refining of your skills which will slowly result in a better reputation with additional income.

This 10th house of your horoscope has to do with the development of your ego. The Moon, the ruler of this house is an integral part of the eclipse. It indicates the importance of this event on your professional activities. New beginnings are seen resulting from a solar eclipse as this celestial event only takes place during the new Moon. It also refers to the development of your character. Having the influence of the shadowy karmic forces on you at this time shows you’ll become more serious about what you want in life.

Your enquiring nature is at the heart of your personality. Some idea may have to be mothballed for a while as you become more attentive to practical and material necessities. If brings your concentration to bear upon what has to be done. You’ll come out the other end with a completely new and improved lifestyle and persona.


How will this eclipse affect you?

This solar eclipse takes place in the Sun sign of Cancer in your ninth house with Mars squaring it. This challenges your beliefs. It brings with it the promise of your past karma with effort. The actions of your past will now meet the promise of your present and future life. Those fruits, depending on those actions, whether good or bad, will be reaped by you now.

You will take an interest in expanding your mind, taking on new forms of education and learning and this doesn’t necessarily mean a university or college degrees but a keen interest in topics which you feel a resonance with. So take this as a period of great learning and expansion.

Foreign affairs, travel and perhaps even moving offshore may be of importance to you at this time. This could be because of your desire to expand so much that you feel a little stifled by the same old environment and cultural interests you’ve had over the years. This may also have to do with Saturn which has been transiting your zone of self-fulfilment and personal happiness.

You are working at overcoming self-limitations. This eclipse is going to help lessen the resistance you’ve been feeling in your life. It’s only through rising above the concept of self-limitation that an expansion of self takes place. You’re passionate about this spiritual adventure and will do so with a sense of discovery and self-improvement.


How will this eclipse affect you?

A huge transformation is about to take place under this total solar eclipse which occurs in your eighth house of rebirth. With Jupiter also transiting your finance sector for the next few months this is going to be an extremely important period of development. Depending on how you handle the elimination of those things that are unnecessary in your life, your financial growth will more or less be accelerated.

This is also a period where you must learn to let go of those habits which are holding you back. Part of this transformative process is to release those habits. With most habits being ingrained, letting go of habit associations will be a big challenge for you. For example, if you’re having a difficult time, reaching for a cigarette or a drink may become a natural reaction and association. By cultivating a keener awareness of those behaviours you’ll break the back of them. You will move through lifeless burdened by these hindrances.

Sexuality is also under the influence of this sector. This powerful Cancer eclipse will bring with its acceleration and amplification of your sexual desires. If this has been a sore point for you, dealing with matters of intimacy it will almost certainly be high on your agenda.

The problem you may have is that you’ll be obstructed by some other person. This is the second half of this equation you must solve. They may not be ready for change, transformation and the necessary process of elimination that goes with growth. You are. This means you may be both out of step with each other. That requires a lot more emotional hard work on yours and their part.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Relationships are going to be of prime importance and the institution of marriage itself will come under the spotlight for those of you born under the sign of the goat. The karmic forces released under this total solar eclipse will force you to re-evaluate your view of this institution and whether or not it suits you-married or not. Those of you currently in relationships will be thinking about alternatives.

You’re trying to get your marriage or your long-term commitments more in line with who you are and what you want in life. For many years you’ve been adapting yourself to the accepted idea of ‘marriage and commitment’ which has been culturally foisted upon you. It’s a period of independent thought. You finally break free of your past and those pre-conditioned mental habits that have been superimposed on you by others.

With Uranus, transiting the fifth house as well, you have excellent opportunities for lifting the quality of your work in these coming months. Approaching work relationships with the spirit of free thought, enquiry and creativity will help solidify those relationships. This ensures your future will be built on a better foundation of collaboration. What you and your associates desire is being determined by this eclipse. Work on more innovative attitudes, that aren’t constrained by your past habits.

As the eclipse takes place in your seventh house it’s all about negotiation and dealing with what others also want. The coming months will almost certainly be a period of adaptation. With the correct perspective, expect a greater luck in your relationships. This comes by accepting that change is inevitable.


How will this eclipse affect you?

This eclipse will impact your working life and the way you manage your day-to-day activities. This is going to be particularly notable in terms of how you and your co-workers agree. Your desire will be to collaborate more easily with a view to increasing profits and further professional opportunities.

Health matters which have been swept under the rug will no longer be able to be ignored and so this is a wake-up call that you need to pay more attention to those things that are impacting you adversely and also can help you turn the corner in terms of your well-being.

You’ll be looking at changing your philosophy of work and although others may look down upon you for this you know in your heart of hearts that it’s time for a big change. Those who have been taking advantage of you will sense the change and may not like what they see because there’s nothing in it for them any longer.

Changes will also be noticed in your domestic environment. Family members have had some measure of emotional control over your feelings lessen their grip now. It’s time to celebrate by making those changes in your life. You know are going to create a difference.


How will this eclipse affect you?

This total solar eclipse will radically shift your awareness and how you think. It gives you a greater understanding of your love life and how to best communicate with your romantic partners. It focuses you on exactly what it is you want to make you happy.

You may have been stuck in a cycle where you’re the one doing all the giving with the other person expecting you to dance to their tune. This is going to stop shortly. You’ll feel empowered by your own self-determination. You’ll be laying down new rules of engagement and those who aren’t prepared to get with the program better get moving pretty quickly. Where is

If you’ve been a little apprehensive about taking risks in life now you’ll be thinking differently. You won’t want to miss vital opportunities that require you to dig deeper for that ‘gambling’ instinct. Something big may pay off. This may be related to love or it may affect you financially. You want some assurance that you can improve your finances. But gambling is never an assurance so tread carefully.

Children also take on greater importance in your life whether yours or not. If you don’t have kids, some of you at childbearing age will now be considering having them. You’ll also be looking at the ramifications on your lifestyle if you choose this path.

For others who are currently parents, there may be some challenges now as you try to reconnect or deal with issues that have been long-standing. In any case, you can cement your relationship and come out the other end with a better understanding of both ways.

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