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Soul mates, who are they?

Did you know your Soul mates, who are they?….

Have you ever had that feeling of missing something in your life that you just can’t point your finger on? A dull, nagging feeling of emptiness that no one and nothing has filled – yet. Up until you meet your soul mate, that is, and everything falls neatly into place.

A soul mate is someone, not necessarily of the opposite sex, to whom you have a very intimate and profound connection on every level of your being. You can sit together for hours without saying a word and walk away with the most insightful conversation you’ve both had.

You usually meet your soul mate at the right time. The time when you are ready to open yourself, when you are finally comfortable to reveal everything about you and expect no judgment, only love and understanding, just as you embrace every single part of your soul mate without resentment but rather love and respect. A soul mate is someone who completes and complements you, uplifting your spirit and invigorating your soul.

You walk through life together, aspiring for the same goals drawing from the same motivations and desires. You think on the same wavelength but you also have your own particular nuances and differences which are appreciated rather than criticized.

The true meaning of soul mates is when you are absolutely comfortable with someone, when you can bare your soul without judgment, when you find that bond that ties every loose end of your life. It doesn’t even have to be a physical connection, just that feeling that your soul is happy, content, whole.

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