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Starlight Report

On the day you were born, you not only gained the magic of your horoscope, you also gained the myths and meanings of a sky full of stars. Not all the stars, just those that formed links to your natal planets via what is called parans. By considering the star parans in your life you will be encountering a whole new view of your astrological profile.

Each star has a unique and wonderful pattern of visibility for any given place on earth. Some stars will be visible for a period in the night, yet later in the year they will fail to appear and be lost to the view of stargazers. Others will also rise or set at night, but instead of disappearing from view altogether, they will lose touch with the horizon and spend the whole night being visible in the starry sky. Yet both these sorts of stars will eventually return to rising or setting during the night, with each individual star doing so on a particular date of the year.

However, there is also another set of stars that do not partake of this dance and are always visible, and never sink beneath the horizon, spending every night circling around the pole. To the Egyptians the stars were deities and so these annual star patterns had strong religious significance. The never setting circumpolar stars were considered to be the Immortals for these are the deities that never died, the

stars that never set. But the stars that rose or set during the course of the year were the deities who moved between the world of humans and the world of the Immortals, or the Underworld, the place the stars journeyed when they disappeared from view. These were the deities who communed with humans, the deities who were approachable and open to prayer.

Such stars would, according to their unique rhythm, reappear at set calendar dates. If they reappeared from the Underworld, they would rise just before, or with, the rising sun and be called the Heliacal Rising Star. This star was considered the ruling deity for a period of time until the next star in the annual cycle re-emerged from the Underworld. Or, if the star came back from the realm of the Immortals and once again touched the earth, they would appear to set just before, or with, the rising sun and be called the Heliacal Setting Star.

This star can also be considered the ruling deity for a period of time until the next star in the cycle appears to descend from the Immortal realm. So important were these times of the return of a star that the Egyptians based their religious calendar around such events and built temples designed to capture the returning star’s light onto the altar of the deity. Thus, there will be at least two stars that rule the period of time and place in which you were born. One star will be the most recent to have returned from the Underworld and the other would have returned from the realm of the Immortals. Both stars have significance for you. Occasionally more than one star can return on the same day so some people will have more than one Heliacal Rising Star or more than one Heliacal Setting Star. These stars, and their meanings, are guiding principles in your life.

Your Starlight Report finds all the fixed star relationships in your birth chart and then clearly, in detail explains them by looking at your early life, mid-life and later years to forecast what your life path is likely to be. You’ll be fascinated at its accuracy and the way it relates these facets of your karma to the patterns in the heavens at the moment you were born.

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