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Aries 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast


Aries 2021 Overview

After months of things seemingly going backwards, your ruler, Mars is now moving into direct motion. You have a lot more confidence as the New Year starts. Your physical energy and drive are notable. You have a new lease on life. The other reason for this is its powerful transit through your Sun sign.

Pluto continues transiting your 10th house of profession indicating immense changes taking place in your career. This has been going on for some time and intensifies especially after April 28 when it moves into its retrograde motion. A transformation is likely to take place throughout the year leading you to take radical steps professionally.

In particular, the earlier part of the year should be a prominent one with the Sun and Mercury also joining Pluto on 5th and 15th of January respectively. This indicates further opportunities in your career with the likelihood of some sort of promotion or at least new doors opening for you. Some of these changes may be profound but also unanticipated due to the effect of Uranus in your 2nd house of finance.

For many, these changes come on the heels of generational and cultural/social changes that have been happening throughout the past year or so. As an example, the economic downturn due to COVID was something that was not in the control of the average person. More changes like this can be expected globally. It’s imperative for you to have a buffer to handle the ups and downs of life. Some of these events are not within your ability to change.

Luck and Jupiter’s 11th house transit

You’re lucky this year and this is because of the transit of Jupiter in your 11th house of friendships and life fulfilment. With this planet in a square aspect to Uranus, unexpected changes in your fortunes should be planned for. New directions in your social life and also sudden moves by business friends or business associates will astound you. This may also have consequences in your professional arena as Jupiter the 11th house has to do with the profits you earn from business and the efforts you make in your work generally.

Lunar eclipses on May 26 and November 19 take place in Sagittarius and Taurus respectively. The first one relates to your learning, your higher mind and spiritual endeavours. The 2nd one later in the year is more concerned with finance and your earning capacity. These two periods are very important and will punctuate 2021 in a big way.

A solar eclipse occurs on June 10 in Gemini. This eclipse will redefine your identity and has a great deal to say about your intellectual pursuits. It’s also a notable astrological event which impacts your relationships. This is because communication is the cornerstone of any great relationship. Another solar eclipse takes place right at the tail end of the year on December for stop again this occurs in the sign of Sagittarius. This sector relates to your partner’s communication style. By setting the pace earlier in the year, you get the good karma of your spouse or partner following suit.

In May a significant transit of Jupiter occurs. It moves to your 12th house. This is a very important transit that will last approximately one year. It focuses your attention on much more serious matters and your lifelong spiritual goals. It has a marked impact on your philanthropic and charitable nature. You will be drawn to helping others.

Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter makes a retrograde station on June 21 and this empowers your luck planet. See more on the segment on karma luck and spirituality further below. You will realise that you’ve possibly attached to much importance to your own self-development and spiritual methodology. The retrograde planet continues till October 18 and then moves into its direct motion. During the retrograde cycle, you may wish to reconnect with friends and loved ones and give them a little more time and attention.

Saturn has a fresh start in 2021 by transiting through its comfortable sign of Aquarius in your 11th house. This is the commencement of a 2 ½ year cycle and along with Jupiter, promises some very important developments in your social life. The 11th house also has to do with siblings, especially elder siblings if you have one. There may be some notable events taking place in that person’s life and you will need to be part of that. Reconnecting in establishing your deeper bonds of affection are on the cards.

Jupiter, Saturn also has some important retrograde and forward transits this year. On May 23, it moves into retrograde motion further strengthening its hold on your sibling relationships, social networking and other important desires you may have. The 11th house is also the house of desire. There may be some setbacks, unexpected obstacles and challenges to getting these relationships and desires back on track. Fortunately, these transits don’t last forever and October 11, Saturn also moves back into its normal motion bringing some resolution to these issues.

Your ruling planet Mars makes some important transit across your 4th house and 7th house throughout this year. The 4th house is your domestic sphere and also your internal happiness. Your 7th house is your marital affairs, those most important and heartfelt relationships. With Mars transiting these areas on April 23 and September 15 respectively, expect these points of the year to be quite significant. Personal affairs will drive you more than anything else at these times.

As the year closes, Saturn will bring with it a greater sense of responsibility, especially regarding your value system and money affairs. Your finances will be challenged by the square aspect of Saturn to Uranus. Although it may appear that this is a much more serious cycle, you’ll be happy to approach it with a can-do attitude. With greater responsibility, come better opportunities as well. If you prove to others that you’re up to the task and can do it with a progressive attitude, these challenging celestial events will work in your favour.

Communication and Working to Find New Methods to Solve Old ProblemsRomance and friendship

Friendship is high on your agenda this year with Jupiter transiting your 11th house. You should make hay while the Sun shines. It will pass out of the 11 that into the lower-key 12th house of your horoscope on May 14. Thereafter you’ll be getting down to the serious business of deeper self-reflection, hidden relationship problems and even matters of intimacy.

The 12th house is not often regarded as a sexual house, in the Hindu Vedic astrological system, the 12th house is particularly notable for its impact on sexuality. Generally, any sort of relationships such as marriage or de facto partnerships will come under some influence throughout this transit.

Venus enters a positive relationship phase when it enters your 11th house on February 2. This is a perfect time to spend time with friends and those you consider your social ‘tribe ‘. With the connection to Saturn on February 6, there may be a build-up of suppressed energy. You must communicate with your loved one to avoid any long-term negative ramifications.

Communication and greater personal appeal

Communicative Mercury makes a lovely connection with Venus on February 13 opening the way for a new dialogue with your loved one. Venus is your principal planet of love in that it rules your 7th house. A greater appeal can be expected through the conjunction of Sun and Venus on March 26. You will appear bright and sexually seductive to others. Mercury again makes contact with Venus on April 26 and on May 29. This could be a continuation of discussions that are necessary to smooth over any relationship troubles that you’re having.

If you’re single you must be careful not to overstep the bounds of good taste stop that’s when Mars and Venus move into the square aspect on February 20. Maintain your reputation and if your instincts tell you to stay away from someone, do so.

Venus transiting through your 12th house on February 25 and making important conjunction too idealistic Neptune on March 14 means that this period and the feelings you experience, should be balanced judiciously with some reason. It’s easy to get carried away and believe that someone is far more beautiful than they really are. You could come crashing back down to earth.

This transit of Venus to your 12th house of privacy and spirituality indicates a more low-key period for your relationships and during the interval of February 25 and March 22. It’s an ideal time to remain out of the spotlight and to gather your energies, speak intimately with your partner and reconfirm your goals together. If some of you are single, this is an ideal time to travel and enjoy an intimate moment or two with your loved one away from your usual stomping ground.

Greater confidence in good looks

On March 22, Venus transiting your Sun sign is an excellent bolster to your self-confidence and good looks. You feel and look great and others will take notice of you. You must be careful not to become too self-obsessed as Venus makes a square to Pluto on April 12. The square to Pluto along with the conjunction to Uranus makes you flighty, desirous of new and exciting people. You may be unpredictable in your action and the people you attract might be just as unpredictable. Be careful to make rational assessments of others.

Venus again squares Neptune on May 28. Although you may smooth over some problems and feel that your relationships are becoming more concrete and stable, you’re still wearing rose coloured glasses. You may not want to see the problems that are there. Simply glossing over deeper emotional issues is really just kicking the can down the road. Address whatever issues need to be looked at.

Venus transits transit your fourth house of domestic affairs on June 2. This is a significant transit converging all your energies on family affairs and bringing to the fore issues of long-term relationships with relatives, especially on the maternal side. Try to maintain some fun at home as being overly serious could bring the overall mood of your family down. It’s important the reciprocate joy and affection otherwise you lose the spontaneity that is necessary to keep the relationship alive and happy.

Around the same time take care not to speak about things that you know are going to irritate others when Mars transits your fifth house of love affairs. It opposes Saturn in your 11th house of friendships on July 1. You may not agree with everything others say but that doesn’t mean you have to steamroll them when they don’t have the same opinions as you. You may also feel frustrated for the time being. You may want to take a relationship further feel stonewalled.

Love in the workplace

Venus transits your sixth house of health on July 30 indicating problems with the well-being of a partner or maybe even the well-being of the relationship itself. This could be a time when you need to offer selfless service to the one you love without too much thought of expectation and return. You may also end up doing some work together and this will also test your endurance as a couple. For those of you that are single meeting, someone in your workplace or through work-related activities is a possibility.

New love opportunities arise around August 3 when Venus trines Uranus. You want something exciting and out of the ordinary. At the same time be careful to remind yourself that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Impulsive actions result in adverse consequences. Fortunately, you are able to revive your love and find someone worthwhile. If you’re single, when Venus transits your seventh house of August 16, you also experience some new opportunity in your love life. For those established in a relationship, this could take your Love to the next level.

There are some very important ‘intimacy‘ transits forming, especially later in the year. Venus transits your 8th house of September 11, the Sun on October 23, Mars, the planet of sexuality on October 31 and Mercury, the final transit on November 6. All these periods have to do with deeper connections and commitment to the one you love.
Understanding and accepting your sexuality are keys to deepening your love. These cycles are likely to be full of deeper emotional and sexual opportunities which can be used to regenerate your relationship. It seems as if the last part of the year is really going to take off intimately speaking.

Career and finance

Uranus continues to teach you major lessons about finance and doing business. Your income is under the jurisdiction now of this unpredictable planet. Uranus is making its way through your 2nd house and will continue in this area for some time.

Mars makes contact with Uranus on January 7 and this makes you somewhat unreliable, if not explosive over money matters. You must keep a level head even if things seem to be spiralling out of control in the early part of the year. And Uranus undergoes its retrograde transition after August 20 and this will continue till the end of the year. This means that you may have to retrace your steps and rectify some of the decisions you’ve made on financial matters.

Venus is welcome in your 2nd house and its transit takes place on April 15. Mercury is a clever twist to the Venus influence on April 19. These are lucky transits which can enhance your earning capacity. It also gives you a quick turnover if you happen to be running an independent business. This is also an aesthetic influence of what you do will be pampered with artistic and creative input on your part.

The drive to earn

The Sun transits your second house of income on May 21. You are driven to earn more money but must be careful to think things through very carefully. This is because Mercury squares Neptune on May 23. This makes you more likely to overlook the obvious. It’s a deceptive aspect see must be extremely cautious when negotiating with others, dealing with money and generally making decisions when your mind is not clear and in full possession of the facts. You might be impatient as things are moving as quickly as you would like.

June and July will be exciting months because you will be somewhat speculative in your handling of money matters. Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury all transit this area between June 11 and July 28. These months are particularly important for researching what areas you can invest your money in. The stock-market, annuities, bonds or even new business enterprises will be carefully looked at.

Squaring off debts will be important after July 22 when Venus transits your 6th house. Mars enters on July 30 with Mercury and the Sun following suit on August 12 and August 23 respectively. The sixth house also relates to your work activities. You will be driven to work really hard with Mars transiting this area of your horoscope.

You need to reason your schedules out more carefully and to see how they are impacting upon your personal life and this can be done on September 10 when Mercury also transits the same position. Venus transiting your sixth house of September 20 cautions you to be careful with your expenditures as debts may mount considerably.

You can expect an improved state of affairs with your business partnerships in the latter part of the year. They are likely to take place with the simultaneous transit of Venus and Mars into your seventh house. That will take place between August 16 and September 15 respectively.

Avoid hasty business decisions

It’s unwise to make hasty decisions during this period however as Mercury is opposite Uranus on August 20. It is also in the same position on November 14. During this cycle any sort of communication, letter writing or contractual opportunities need to be monitored carefully. Think twice before sending notices or complaints and impulsive or angry state of mind. Take care of tax matters especially when the Sun moves through your eighth house on October 23.

You can expect some brilliant opportunities for professional success and promotion in the last couple of months of 2021. Venus moves to your 10th house on November 5 with Mercury and the Sun adding weight to this forecast in mid-December. All good things come for those that wait.

Karma luck and spirituality

Some of your most important lessons this year, centre on clearing up your past. Resolving issues that have plagued you for years can clean your life slate. These effects are accentuated around May 14 when Jupiter enters your 12th house of spiritual insight. This is accentuated around June 21 when Jupiter moves into its retrograde cycle. Some spiritual epiphany may occur at this time due.

Your insights will be enhanced by the degree to which you’re able to remain alone and in contact with the inner messages you receive. It’s not a well-known principle, but the 12th house also relates to changes in residence or travels. Jupiter at this time could bring you an opportunity to travel to meet with someone who reveals a deeper and more spiritual dimension of your life. This may be a guru or mentor of sorts.

Well-being is connected to the people that you associate with

The North node or karma point transits your 3rd house of communication this year. Your well-being is connected to the people that you associate with. It’s about developing your own style of thinking and expression. The 3rd house is about your mind. It’s also about the desires you foster. Knowing what desires will help in which will hinder you in your search for happiness, is critical.

Saturn transits your 11th house of life fulfilment. It indicates that you’re be going through a period of a challenge with friends. Life may also be obstructive in giving you what you want immediately. You are experiencing the results of some poor decisions in your past. This is particularly connected to the type of company that you’ve had. This means that the belief systems and self-awareness level of some friends have not helped you.

Saturn will indeed transit through this sector of your horoscope for at least 2 ½ years. If you’re up to the challenge of stepping away from unhealthy relationships, your karma and spiritual development will skyrocket.

Symbols and Celebrations of Motherhood

Symbols & Celebrations of Motherhood

That time of year has come when we celebrate motherhood, honouring the role mothers play in our lives and in the human story, and the qualities associated with motherhood. It’s a time to celebrate the feminine principle and recognize the unique biological role of the mother and how this connects with our cultural conception of femininity. The mother plays a unique physiological role in nurturing a child during pregnancy, and this nurturing role and uniquely close bond naturally tends to play out beyond the birth of the child and through their infancy. The bond between a mother and child is the stuff of legends.

Mother’s Day Special HERE

While the modern Mother’s Day holiday can be traced back to anti-war activists in the late 19th century USA, motherhood and its associated qualities have been celebrated across cultures throughout recorded history. This year, Americans are estimated to spend $25 billion over the Mother’s Day celebration. While capitalism may enjoy this phenomenon, it did not create it as the role of this holiday in our culture traces back far deeper into our history. It reveals something of our deeper nature that we feel a collective desire to show gratitude and reverence for mothers, motherhood and those associated nurturing qualities.

The qualities associated with motherhood and femininity include compassion, unconditional love, empathy and a desire to nurture and protect. These are not only qualities of mothers but aspects of ourselves that we express and experience in our personal relationships and life generally. We can also see these principles in action at different conceptual levels. For instance, we see the nurturing aspect of a community towards its members. For this reason, cultures throughout history have abstracted out the principles associated with motherhood and femininity. They have encapsulated them in deities or symbols which can then be used to explore and discuss the ideas, to educate and guide spiritual development.

There is a rich cultural tradition of associating femininity with water. The physical properties and behaviour of water can be seen to symbolically mirror the accepting, receptive and total embrace of the mother. Along with many traditional reasons for this connection, modern science even indicates to us that the ocean may be a mother to all life on earth and that our own evolutionary heritage comes from ocean life. This fits nicely with the existing symbolic framework and only serves to strengthen and enrich it.

This symbolic connection is an important one in the astrological tradition, where the Moon is associated with water and the feminine principle. The water sign of Cancer is seen to strongly embody the nurturing qualities of motherhood. We look at water and the qualities associated with femininity when symbolically breaking down a chart to form our interpretation. In the same way, we look at the other elements and the qualities associated with the masculine principle, such as assertiveness and intellect.

yin and yangThe purpose of making a symbolic distinction between the archetypes of masculine and feminine is not to assign one to men and the other to women. Instead, the two principles are seen as a duality, two halves of a whole which contrast and balance one another. This is the Yin and Yang of Taoism. Every individual embodies within themselves and their actions the qualities that both of these principles symbolise. We express some degree of balance between the two in every conceivable context. Examples of that are between thought and emotion, intellect and imagination, assertion and submission, resistance and acceptance, boundaries and openness.

The masculine and feminine principles are not just symbolic categories relating to people, but qualities that permeate nature. The feminine, for example, is a symbolic thread that we can follow through a range of diverse territory, from fluid dynamics, gravity and magnetism, to human emotion and compassion. By recognising these archetypal structures and ideas within ourselves and also in nature we can use this symbolic language to apply these principles we discover in nature, to ourselves. We are able to apply insights about how things find balance in nature to our own personal development and behaviour. The many cultural and religious symbols of these principles exist not only to acknowledge their existence but also to help orient us towards manifesting them in a healthy and balanced way. Ultimately, everything is about balance. Water is essential to our survival, but with too much of it, we can drown.

cup pagan Christianity symbol

In paganism, the rich symbolism of water is encapsulated in the image of the Cup. A cup can be seen to resemble a womb, and so the cup was used to represent fertility, gestation and intuition, among other qualities associated with the feminine in pagan cultures. This symbolic thread continued, though somewhat evolved into Christianity as the chalice holding the blood of Christ. Some branches of Christianity also deify the feminine and motherly principles in their reverence for Mother Mary, the mother of Christ. From another cultural vantage point, this may take the form of reverence for the goddess Sophia. She is more commonly represented in modern times as Gaia or Mother Earth. Our beautiful planet and the life it has cultivated is a mother that we all share, and should all have reverence for.

A day like Mother’s Day invites us to focus on love, to give attention to these aspects of life and show our gratitude to the women in our lives who embody them. Mother’s Day invites us above all to be loving and remember the nurturing and healing power that sharing our love with others has both for others and for ourselves. Mother’s Day reminds us to value our family bonds and to put into words every once in a while that love and respect which can easily go unspoken.

Happy Mother’s Day!  
Authored by: Ed Harrison Email address: [email protected]   Edited by:  Dadhichi Toth  Email address: [email protected] To book a personal astrology consultation click HERE  

Astrological Gift Guide for Christmas


<bstyle=”font-size: small;”>Astrology is the perfect way of choosing a gift for your friends and loved ones. By knowing the astrological signature of someone you can safely select a gift in keeping with their character. Below is a general guide which may just help you select a unique gift at a time when it is often difficult to figure out. If your question is “What should I buy them this year”, read on……


Characteristics: Adventurous Independent, dominant, passionate, energetic, wild and playful

Hints and Notes: Should be a fun gift that could make their mind busy and curious. Not too practical or organizational though

  • FEMALE: new kitchen gadget. Jewellery, perfume, designer clothes, Red color or fabric is energizing for them
  • MALE: A sports ticket for his favorite team or gear for the sport of their choice. A new gadget like a GPS unit , a new phone or pad.  Something silver and shiny


Characteristics: Cool, calm, financial, earthy and conservative

Hints and Notes: Thrifty but have a fine taste for something luxurious. Stimulate their senses! They would love that! Sensual, Luxurious, elegant, quality!

  • FEMALE : Necklace, diamond, a basket of gourmet foods or delicacies, wallets, chocolates, gift certificates, tapestry, cashmere, all expense paid salon or spa
  • MALE: wallet, expensive perfumes, nature trip, book of their favourite author, add something to their collection since they love collectables


Characteristics: Intellectual, adventurous, friendly, always wants something new, easily tired of old habits.

Hints and Notes: Loves gadgets. Need mental stimulation or something exciting which is novel or they’ve never tried before.  Loves to explore and craves unique items.  Wants to feel loved so.. its time to get touchy and romantic

  • FEMALE:  travel accessories, all expense paid yoga class, puzzle jewellery, latest gadgets
  • MALE: travel accessories, a camera because they travel a lot, latest gadgets


Characteristics: Sentimental, Emotional, Family oriented.

Hints and Notes: Tasteful and elegant is what they love. Comfort and convenience are pre-requisites. They enjoy being pampered  so treat them like a royalty.  Give them something personal and thoughtful

  • FEMALE : silverware, paintings, scarves, wine, or a personalized photo album you’ve created with those people or pets that are close to their hearts.
  • MALE : wine, painting, fragrances, anything personalized, a new couch or an elegant reclining chair, a quirky / personalized mug.


Characteristics: Charismatic, positive thinking, Love expensive things, artistic , loves  to be with people.

Hints and Notes: Enjoys creating and performing. Artistic, creative in grandeur, extravagant and dramatic themes is what they love. Likes to gamble

  • FEMALE : tickets to a concert, holiday at a luxury resort, out of town adventure, gift certificates, attention grabbing accessories,
  • MALE: tickets to a concert, designer pens or watches or shoes, printed ( loud )shirt, leather bag


Characteristics: Simple, quiet, reserved, purist things attracts them, industrious, neat, well organized, creative and sensitive

Hints and Notes: Remember the keywords : Simple Elegant, Clean and Classy

  • FEMALE: Personal organizer, laptop, practical gift cheques, new cleaning device, scented toiletries, organic food stuff, jewellery box, a do it yourself diary,
  • MALE: organizer, ipad or laptop, leather 2013 diary, tool kit, a practical appliance they need, a non-fiction book.


Characteristics: Friendly, Artistic, Sociable, Happy go lucky, Lovable.

Hints and Notes: Fun, exciting, surprisingly sweet and intriguing stuff

  • FEMALE: a new notebook or diary with a stylish, elegant cover, art tools like new set of oil paints, gift cheque to their favourite spa or parlor, a paid yoga lesson, subtle scent perfume, graceful jewellery, interior design book for house and home,
  • MALE: elegant and artistic silver bookmark, metal statues, artefacts, leather bags, a concert ticket, a new camera, intriguing and artistic book, designer clothes.


Characteristics: Emotional, Strong, Passionate, Magnetic, Adventurous and sexual

Hints and Notes: Loves mystery and secrecy. Loves intimacy and sex. Nothing would be a greater gift than to make them feel loved and cherished. Anything to do with water is a big hint.

  • FEMALE : black and lace underwear, scarves, hats, sunglasses, 2013 forecast book, antique jewellery, a cosmopolitan fashion dress or accessory, violet colored items, latest gadgets, gift certificate to a spa.
  • MALE: leather accessories, perfume with intense musk or spice scent, informative books, mysterious or antique items, royal violet couch, novel gadget, his favourite TV series dvd collection, a new flat screen TV


Characteristics: Wanderer, Traveller, Generous, Intellectual, Impulsive, Athletic

Hints and Notes: Loves adventures and travelling. Craves intellectual stuff.  Enjoys a good laugh

  • FEMALE:  travel bags, all expense paid adventure holiday, yoga class, waterproof bag, gifts associated with their pets.
  • MALE: Swiss army knife, gym membership, adventure trip to exotic lactations, philosophy book, atlas, waterproof bag or watch,


Characteristics: Shy, Quiet, Loyal, Patient, Moves slowly, Ambitious, Discipline, Dedicated, Organized

Hints and Notes:  Unique and heartfelt items. Make the date simple and sweet. Naturally made goods attract them

  • FEMALE: family heirloom, attractive crockery, cutlery/silverware, mugs, napkins and place mats. Silk fabrics, comfortable clothing or pyjamas,
  • MALE: antiques books, leather belts or wallet, luxurious watch, leather laptop or ipad case


Characteristics: Visionaries, Radical thinking, Trendsetter

Hints and Notes: Technologies or gadgets, novelties and antiques, unique items that are kind of eccentric. Loves to learn more about everything.

  • FEMALE: reading with an astrologer, latest gadget, unique jacket, bag or shoes, personalized necklace,
  • MALE: latest gadget, a DVD collection of their favourite series or actor/actress,


Characteristics: Dream and Emotional

Hints and Notes: Make them feel that they are worthy! Appreciate a Pisces with your sincere words expressions.

  • FEMALE : water sports accessories, swimwear, sunglasses, perfumes, cameras and watches. Anything sentimental or nostalgic will win their hearts
  • MALE: Club membership, movie passes, interesting novels, documentaries on history and unusual topics, philosophy and psychic articles or artifacts, antiques.



Meditation according to your star sign



Too often we become caught up in ideologies, dogmas and religions of all sorts. Through astrology however we can see the different qualities exhibited in the characters of the zodiac. Spirituality is predominantly governed by the 9th house and Sagittarius which indicates religion, the higher mind and even ones mentors and gurus. The 12th house or Pisces is the hidden house of the zodiac and along with the 8th house or Scorpio, indicate transformative processes which take place away from the public eye. These are the mysterious houses of the zodiac, the spiritual houses and the ones which take us away from this material world either through death (8th house), which is not of our choice, or the 12th house, which is the house of withdrawal and therefore a choice to “die” to the material world as in the case of monks and nuns who enter monasteries to focus their attention purely on spirituality. Additionally, initiation into spiritual life by a mental or guru is shown by the 5th house. This shows the type of prayer, mantra or other ritual technologies that may assist a person along the path of spiritual enlightenment.

By becoming caught up in the ideology and not looking to ourselves to see what the line of least resistance is in our spiritual development, our path in life, we make the mistake of superimposing concepts on human processes that are just not all compatible with those dogmas. Rather than freeing us spiritually, we experience tension within, the friction of doing something which just doesn’t feel right according to our own inner dictates.

361816_7515-150x150Finding the line of least resistance is the job of the astrologer when trying to help clients discern what sort of meditation is best for them. Armed with the knowledge of the Sun sign, the lunar sign, the rising sign, the 8th, 9th and 12th houses from each of these and other intricate astrological aspects and calculations, we can see what the past life was, what the karmic lapses were leading to transmigration and rebirth in this life.  What the natural predisposition is towards self-understanding and how that can best be facilitated is diametrically opposite to the intransigent dogmas of traditional religion. With the guidance of an astrologer, the seeker takes a left-hand turn in the direction of that line of least resistance which can speedily take him into that zone which reveals his/her True Self.

The following 12 astrological assessments is a brief overview of the natural inclination of each of us to spirituality and meditation based upon the 9th house of the horoscope.


The 9th house of the horoscope regulates one spiritual journey and in this case Sagittarius rules your meditation and higher development. Sagittarius is an outgoing sign and this therefore means that sitting down cross-legged for hours on end contemplating your inner chakras is not going to work particularly well for you. Aries as well Sagittarius are fire signs and you therefore need action, mobility and a sense of physical achievement. Yoga, sports and other physical and competitive activities are perfect to help extinguish the excess fire element within you.  Once you are able to eliminate this aggressive and often overwhelming energy and power, your mind will become stilled and you will then not only be in a position to perform traditional meditation but may even find the physical action of sport and competitive interaction meditation itself.

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You are a stable the zodiac sign and therefore traditional forms of meditation may be useful for you. Those born under the sign of the bull enjoy natural environments and therefore parks, the seaside, wildlife, fauna and flora are excellent environments for you to still your mind and make contact with your higher self. Gardening is often a natural meditation for Taureans. But accepting change is a difficult part of your life and probably one of your biggest lessons, so learning to adapt, breathing deeply when change is forced upon you is also a way for you to go with the flow as they say. You have excellent powers of focus and this is ideal for any sort of meditation where you need to spend lengthy periods in a secluded environment. Capricorn is your 9th house at also shows that more conservative forms of religious activity will suit some of you. By releasing th efear of change your mind will natuaraly become more settled and peaceful thereby making meditation much easier for you.

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Being born under the air sign of Gemini means that you are very curious about many things mentally but at the same time restless. The 9th house of your horoscope shows Aquarius as being the predominant force affecting your spiritual development. As this is an unconventional star sign and one which has revolutionary connotations, traditional forms of religion may not suit you. Your meditation will be primarily of an intellectual calibre, one in which you want to understand the nature of reality and where you fit in the scheme of things. Intellectual discrimination with a focus on the real versus the unreal is an excellent form of meditation because it engages your mind and keeps it focused on one thing, something that is difficult for the typical Gemini to do particularly in the early part of life. Deep breathing is also a way to calm this restlessness and will bring with it one pointedness at which time you’ll be able to do a more traditional form of meditation.

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Selfless service and rendering assistance to those who are in need is an excellent form of meditation for those of you born under the water sign of Cancer. The reason being, your 9th house of spiritual activity is ruled by Pisces which is the sign of self-sacrifice. When you are helping others and nurturing them which is also one of the traits of your Sun sign, if it absorbed as if in another space. The notion that one must be sitting cross-legged staring at one’s third eye to be in meditation is incorrect. Your ability to help others will help reduce your sense of ego over time and unlike the typical Cancer in its lower stage of evolution, attachment to the people you love will slowly melt away leaving with it the pure brilliance of selfless love, which is the goal of all meditation.

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Leo is ruled by the Sun which is the heart of the solar system, the engine room of what happens astrologically. The Sun is also related to one’s vitality, the atomic nature and the physical heart. Activity of all sorts, sport and motion which allows you to slip into the “zone” is what turns you on spiritually. As with Aries, which is your 9th house of higher spiritual aspirations, physical activity gives you a sense of burning away the dross or negativity which causes you anger, frustration and a feeling of being stuck in life. You need to be free of this and act independently so to you spirituality / meditation is a form of inner adventure. You like to be admired but in the more evolved Leo born native the shining state of self-awareness which will be achieved by your physical activities will be also very attractive to others but in a way which will act as a sort of beacon light for those who are lost. Your leadership qualities and your ability to share your inner experiences are also a form of meditation in that you lead others to the same higher states of self-awareness.

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On a spiritual note, Taurus which is your 9th house ruling your higher spiritual activities and meditation is the dominant theme for you in this respect. Taurus is a fixed sign, earthy in nature which means concern for the future and your financial stability may constantly distract you from the deeper more substantial work of clearing away those personality traits holding you back from evolving and becoming self-actualised. Virgo is notorious for being critical and therefore, for meditation to take root those born under the sign of the Virgin need to shine the light of criticism on themselves. This process will remove those personality traits and inner karmic obstructions holding you back from realising your highest potential. As Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo, intellectual insight and meditations relating to discriminative and philosophical objectives will suit you well.

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Gemini rules your 9th house of higher spiritual activities and in some ways is an obstruction to you focusing your attention clearly on what spiritual technique will yield the best results. This is also borne out in your Sun sign of Libra which is to a large extent one of the most indecisive in the Zodiac. You can always see two sides of the equation and in spiritual matters that will become an obstacle as the path to self-realisation requires a complete surrender of one’s identification with the world of matter. This doesn’t mean you need to leave the world, become a monk and eliminate anything in fact from your life, rather to disassociate and not identify with things of this world and the circumstances that tend to throw you around emotionally. Finding balance through deep breathing and yoga will be a distinct advantage to you and will bring an inner calm which will then allow you to sit for deeper meditation which will reveal amazing insights in time.

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Learning the art of contentment and being happy with what you have seems easy enough to say, however for you it is rather difficult. You have a complex mind interwoven with as complex an emotional nature. Until you are able to fully experience the dark, and come to terms with that part of your nature, thereby releasing it, you will not be able to truly experience the Light nor the contentment that comes from letting go of desire. For Scorpio, having the mutable water sign of Cancer as the 9th house of your horoscope indicates the feminine aspects as well as the procreative ones will play an important role in your spiritual development. The connection between sexuality and love or perhaps more to the point, the disconnection of these two things will be one of the most important keys to your spiritual emancipation. Extinguishing desire forcibly is not advised for you. You should exhaust these desires gently and with love, as an innocent spectator, so that your meditation and spiritual activities will be unburdened by those deeper inner forces which at times can be emotionally turbulent.

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As the 9th house of any horoscope rules spiritual development and the higher mind, with Sagittarius ruling the natural 9th house of the zodiac, there is a natural affinity between those of you born under the sign of the Centaur and spiritual evolution. The 9th house of the horoscope also has to do with past Karma and the previous incarnation. You see life and for that matter meditation and spiritual development as an adventure and if it’s not fun you may not be interested. This doesn’t mean there are no traditional religious people in the Sagittarius camp. The essential ingredient is a sense of fun and exploration. And this extends to culture and religious doctrines. Sagittarius loves compare religions and to extract the best out of all of them to create something unique to them and their own personalities. Openness and generosity which are ruled by Jupiter, the governor of Sagittarius, means that you have a natural sensitivity and ability to develop your meditation. You are already highly evolved so sitting quietly and meditating particularly on the quality of space – conscious space that is, will liberate you from the shackles of endless transmigration and rebirth.

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Those born under Capricorn need lot of pragmatic and practical proof to change their religious or spiritual beliefs or to even commence treading this path. The Earth sign of Taurus regulates your spiritual development and like your Sun sign, also Earth, means that it’s pretty hard for you not to keep your feet firmly planted on this material Earth. But once you establish a sense of security materially, there is nothing stopping you from investigating the deeper spiritual realms within man. With Taurus ruling your 9th house, whose governor is pleasure-loving and artistic Venus, losing yourself in culture, art and music will be your primary meditation. Define the beauty in life, to capture that and emulated will in itself be meditation enough. Once the connection is drawn between the activity of letting go and the sublime states a human being can attain through artistic creativity, that process will then be easily transposed to everything else you do. You will then be in meditation all the time.

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You have an innate sense of breaking the bounds of the known and moving into intellectual territory that is in fact off-limits according to the traditional way of thinking. This is why your meditation and spiritual work will not easily fit into the norm. And nor will the norm easily fit into you. In a strange sort of way the meditation which is best for you is ruled ( as with Capricorn ), by Venus which dominates your 9th house of Libra. Although people regard Libra as the sign of balance it is in fact the sign struggling to find balance. Forever oscillating between the worlds of yes-no, up-down, in-out, possibly-possibly not, your struggle to find balance and inner peace will be obstructed but at the same time nurtured by this life of duality. One of the easiest ways for you to find balance is through communication and to some extent artistic and cultural expression. These things naturally calm your mind and bring you to a state of one-pointedness. It is only at this stage that you will easily slip into meditation in much the same way that when tired, and even exhausted, you simply slip into sleep. Part of your spiritual journey involves helping if not transforming the world and through art and culture which is uniquely and expression of yourself, you can indeed revolutionise the world you live in through your spiritual intent.

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The 9th house at also the 12th house which is the natural house of Pisces, relate to spiritual activities, meditation, monastic life and so on and so forth. You have a natural affinity with all of these things and because the 9th house of your horoscope is ruled by Scorpio, you can be extremely intense and passionate about your spiritual objectives. You can easily surrender yourself to the highest ideal of spirituality and through deep meditation can come to the real of self-realisation in this life as Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac indicating a cessation of karmic activity, are stepping off of the wheel of Karma so to speak. But there is a downside to this sign and that is that you are likely to be a little too idealistic and naive when dealing with the world and many of the scoundrels in it. For your spiritual development to be well rounded you must learn to activate some of the deeper intellectual qualities and you do have that as Jupiter code rules your sign and is indeed an excellent learner and teacher. Gift yourself and ensure your own spiritual stability before sacrificing yourself and becoming the victim.

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Planetary alignment: 2016


SUNIt’s that time again-a planetary alignment! Every so often, major celestial events are the buzz across the planet and currently what we are seeing is an outpouring of news items on the impact of the alignment of quite a few planets in the heavens at this time. Mostly, the news relates to the astronomical curiosity and its value mostly seems to be intellectual. But what does this Planetary alignment: 2016, mean astrologically, as there are also many views on how this will impact us, if at all, as terrestrial citizens here on planet Earth.

Currently, five planets including Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mars are in the vicinity of the fixed stars of Antares and Spica and appear in a straight line.  They are not all in the same astrological sign however as is the case when two or more planets are in conjunction. Astrologically, the alignment of many planets can indicate a top-heavy influence in a specific area of one’s horoscope. Generally the new age community speaks of this as signifying some accelerated evolutionary moment where large masses of people will actually realise something within themselves, consciousness will be refined and the new seeds of human development sewn.


Over the years I’ve seen varying grades of alignments and while yes, we can say that there are indeed pockets of accelerated evolution, I think we all agree that the condition of the world, the wars, famine and other trammels of human existence for the most part haven’t changed in the last 5000 years or more.

The alignment may however impact us individually and differently depending upon our personal horoscope, greater revolution etc and will continue to be visible until February 20, almost a whole month. We can break down this rare alignment into the constituent planets in the following way-

If you take a look at the horoscope to 21 January you notice that the planets in this alignment aren’t all in the same house or sign of the Zodiac but are still considered as being aligned. Mercury the uppermost planet in longitude forms a trine aspect to Jupiter, the planet of lowest longitude. The trine aspect is a good one indicating fortuitous communication. For the planetary alignment: 2016, planets involved are as follows Andcover quite a few areas in our lives-

  • Mercury-the planet of communication and intellectual connectivity
  • Saturn the planet of trials, tribulations and limitation
  • Venus, the planet of love and sociability, also to some extent ruling finances
  • Mars, ruling energy, drive combativeness and sexual power
  • Jupiter, ruling philosophy, religion, law, travels and morals

You can see why so much emphasis is placed on this and previous planetary alignments as they seem to encompass pretty much every department of life. Will this mean a realignment of these facets of our day-to-day lives or perhaps an imbalance that needs to be checked? This depends upon where in your horoscope this alignment occurs. Some believe that this is like a hard boot, a reset of sorts with a new cycle commencing as a result of this planetary convergence.

There are many astrologers who simply regurgitate the same old information saying that this will herald the beginning of a new shift in consciousness but as stated above, we see that these alignments happen at regular intervals over large periods of time and the notion that we are somehow now more evolved as a race because of these alignments couldn’t be further from the truth. We only have to look at the most recent wars that are being waged across the world, to see that these alignments have done very little to allay the fears of everyday people like you and I in terms of where the world is headed.

The bottom line is that astrology is not information that should be regurgitated ad nauseam simply because other people say it. As with the early practitioners of astrology observation was key to understanding how these cycles actually affect us in real terms. So, study what is happening to you now, make a note in your journal and see if there are any subtle fluctuations going on within your mind and your heart. Self-analysis and introspection are the only way you’re going to truly understand on an individual level how this planetary alignment will affect you. Forget about what all the soothsayers are saying, look to yourself and identify these subtle shifts in consciousness that may be attended by these planetary configurations.

On some level, for some of us, there may be dramatic changes and yet for others, probably the vast majority, very little may be noticed. It’s up to you to make those observations and draw your own conclusions.


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