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2021: An Astrological and Numerological Insight

2021 NEWSLETTER 2021 Horoscope, How do the numbers stack up? Astrologically and Numerologically?

How do the Year 2021 numbers stack up?

Although numerology isn’t the focus of my professional work, I have on many occasions employed it to provide me with insight into the people I meet. When birth dates aren’t provided you can get a snapshot of the personality through the name of the person or the birthdates without any horoscope. The letters of the alphabet resonate with certain vibrations and planetary energies. This is according to the Chaldean system of numerology, which I like a lot. The numerical values of the letters are added up to give you a primary resonant number.

The year of life we are living can also reveal many things if studied numerologically. Last year, 2020, has passed. But can we gain an understanding as to the meaning of that year numerologically?

I’ve had a book on my shelf for years called Numerology for Everybody, written by Montrose. I’ve often referred to it because, strangely, it contains some uncanny insights. 2020 is 2 + 0+ 2 + 0 which equals 4. Let me quote from the book and what it says about the number 4 as a vibration:

“Indicates work accomplished through will experience action and realization. deliberate or cautious type shows steadiness inclined to view everything from an opposite angle to others, which brings opposition and secret enemies. The number 4 rebels against rules and regulations and would reverse the order of things in communities and governments attracted to social questions and reforms of all kind, very positive and highly strung and sensitive, easily wounded in feelings, rather indifferent as to the accumulation of wealth. But when acquired surprises others by the way for employers, and the use for puts it too easily becomes despondent and melancholy, inclined to feel lonely and isolated”.


Bear in mind that this also refers to the personality types that this number governs. If you look at it purely from a position of what happened to us last year it seems to have the ring of truth to it, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve also liked this book because it doesn’t only reduce the numbers down to the individual, single-digits. Here we see that it’s a combination of two double digits 20 = 20. And this is the quote that I quite liked in terms of what I thought 2020 reflected. Here’s what it said:

“The Awakening, also the judgment, the awakening of new plans, new purposes, new ambitions. The call to action for some greater purpose, cause or duty. Not a material number, doubtful as far as worldly success is concerned.  As for the future, there’s an indication of delays, hindrances to plans and obstacles which can only be conquered through the spiritual development of man’s nature”.

This last excerpt really indicated what I think 2020 was about in terms of the spiritual implications.

2021 NumerologyNow, naturally, I wanted to see what 2021 has in store. That will be reduced number to the number 5 ( 2+0+2+1), and that, according to this book, is: 

“The fundamental sex number, makes friends easily and gets along with others who are born almost any month. 5 exhausts the nervous strength and often falls victim to nervous breakdown of the worst kind. Easily becomes irritable and quick-tempered under any mental tension.  


Like rubber, is elastic and rebounds at once from the heaviest blow for nothing affects 5 deeply for very long.

5 is attracted to gambling, the Stock Exchange and bond speculators. Dislikes hard manual work and seems natural to drift into always of making money quickly. 5 is quick in thought and decisions and also impulsive in its actions. It lives on its nerves and craves every kind of excitement”.

If we take these numbers to signify anything practically, to me it would seem to indicate tension throughout the world. You’ll also notice that there are strong references to the stock market and the financial markets making money and diversification of income. The sex number is very creative as well. It’s intellectually full of ideas. In Vedic astrology, Mercury rules the number 5. In some systems of astrology, they think that the Sun rules number 5 because it dominates the house of the natural Zodiac. Generally, I take Mercury is the governor of number 5. The letters of the alphabet under its jurisdiction are E, H, N and X. These letters are governed by number 5 and Mercury and should also, according to the system be pronounced in the year 2021.

What this shows us also is that the vibration of the number 4 is one of awakening. There’s no doubt that this last 12 months and the events that have ensued have forced us all into a major rethink. This is a paradigm shift is taking place. Our values are being challenged. People can’t make sense of some of the rules and regulations that have been imposed over the past year. That is also indicated in the number 4, which was last year’s vibration.

Social distancing and isolation can only manifest in a person if they haven’t yet tapped into the creative self. We all need social interaction. During some periods where that’s not possible creative activity as a way of overcoming that sense of disconnection and despair.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2021This coming year is showing us that the intellectually creative energies of the number 5 and Mercury Should predominate. We should all avail ourselves of this powerful vibration, to elevate our thinking. We must think more positively about everything, even the difficulties we are in. Those difficulties continue as individuals and communities. But now as a global and unified species, we need to tackle bigger issues that threaten the survival of our people.

A teabag tastes better in hot water. This sentiment was also echoed in the movie Starman with Jeff Bridges. At the end of the movie he stated, “What I’ve learned is that you humans seem to be at your best when you’re at your worst!”.

This reflects the idea that says difficult moments and challenges are indeed the catalysts for change. This means changing our minds, our hearts and deeds. It’s only through a global change that that’s going to happen. Yet the fact of the matter is that it really all begins at an individual level.

You are Awareness by Dadhichi2021 requires an intellectual insight, a perception of your capacity to change the way you think. You must change your belief systems, and attitudes to the particular circumstances you find yourself in. Capitalise on that, rather than being defeated by it. I’m not saying that you’re going to be successful today, or tomorrow. It’s enough to have the awareness that your mind is still thinking in certain ways that are undermining you. You need a shift in that awareness. That’s fuel enough to trigger the needed and appropriate changes in your life.

2021 has just started. Make no mistake about it, the electromagnetic energy of 7 billion humans thinking has an immense impact on not only our personal relationships but the environment. In a previous article, I spoke about bio-magnetic pollution. Could it be that although carbon emissions are endangering our species that are even more fundamental, immediate changes we can make in our own thinking and behaviour?

We should be working harder on our thought emissions as a race. The collective has the power although it’s often unaware of it. Individually we can modify those electromagnetic vibrations to work as a subtle generator of good energy and revitalization of the planet. Remain more aware.

This year I’ll be giving more digital talks and engaging you in some of the open forums that I have planned. If you are interested in participating, please click here. Drop us a line and we’ll put you on the mailing list to alert you. inform you of the upcoming dates for those events.

I wish you all the best in the coming 12 months and look forward to your company again. I’m available at [email protected] if you need to speak with me.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year

Dadhichi Toth- Astrologer

Dadhichi Toth

Astrologer, Founder and CEO


2021 Zodiac Yearly Horoscope Quicklinks:

Jupiter and Saturn-Expansion Contraction

jupiter saturn conjunction

Hi, I’m writing this while sitting under my mango tree. I never really understood why my first teacher, Swami Muktananda, was always so big on sitting under mango trees to meditate. You feel the presence in this tree. It’s a very old one. It’s nice to sit under it and not think too much about anything. But that’s difficult. Seeing as some thoughts came up, I thought I’d share them with you. They have to do with the ongoing ‘bone’ that I’ve been at, which is Jupiter and Saturn and this current, particularly rare conjunction. The exactitude of the conjunction is the closest they’ve been for many centuries.

When looking at the principles of Jupiter and Saturn, it got me thinking that these are opposite forces. In astrology, the principle of expansion and spiritual wisdom is shown by Jupiter. Whereas Saturn is more of a constrictive inward-looking planet. That expansive quality of Jupiter has been nipped in the bud by Saturn, and also by the fact that it’s been in Saturn’s sign, which is its weakest position.

So, these two principles reflect the binary nature of the universe. Expansion-contraction, two polarities like breathing in and out. Thinking is the same. There’s outward movement, as with breath, which brings awareness into the manifest or objective universe. Jupiter is that expensive process or outward movement. Contraction brings you back within.  Saturn is that contractive or inward process.

I also got to thinking this relates to the principle of the movement of consciousness. Thinking tends to moves outwards toward the manifest or rather, creating the manifest physical domain. This relates to nature or Prakriti as the Vedas say. The inner contractive or self-turned awareness is called Nivritti or the inner path, the inner movement.

This Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is going to lead to an amazing alchemical process of two supposedly opposing forces of nature coming together and unifying. It’s a balancing of that outward and inward movement. It relates to the astrological expression, a more philosophical and energetic sort of perspective.

Jupiter represents expansion as the material manifestation. The material expression of these planetary energies is what astrology generally talks about. And those important internal changes that take place are also a representation of a kind.

That does bring me back to the point because this is a turning point. A turning point for the human race. That turning point starts with each individual. And the turning point is neither left, right, straight ahead nor in a reverse direction. It’s the turning point of that awareness, the tipping point between Prakriti awareness being absorbed in outer events, or the Nivritti component, which is awareness being withdrawn back into pure subjectivity.

That happens naturally anyhow, with different creative and artistic pursuits. Even when you’re absorbed in the most mundane activities it happens but it’s not done consciously.  Jupiter is very much about finding where you are in that process of your awareness. Where is it taking you inwardly, although expanding? I mean, just because awareness moves inward doesn’t mean that that’s necessarily a happy space, either.

A lot of people struggle when they get into meditation in the early stages. Because meditation is that inward-turned perception and awareness is beset with the gamut of internal and psychological processes. This is called grantha ( knot ) in yoga.

These are within the etheric,  emotional, and psychological systems. These are all the accumulated past experiences, not just of this life, (if you subscribe to the dream philosophy of karma that this is real). If it’s a dream ( Maya ), then we talk about past lives, but we can only talk about those past lives in terms of the Universal dream. Once the dream collapses, the full awareness of that dream becomes obvious. If you subscribe to this doctrine, past karmas from all of those supposed lives are embedded within subtle channels of the human system. Yoga, mantras, and meditation, and other spiritual activities, break down those knots.

These are subtle channels or nadis as they are called are like blocked drains. You need a wire, that gadget to get down deep to clear those blockages. That gadget is what teachers called  mantra. And this process is essentially one of self-awareness. It’s about bringing your attention to yourself.

The last couple of years, I’ve made some fairly mind-blowing observations. Even the most evolved amongst us can’t help ourselves. We become absorbed and enticed by this mesmeric outer movement of awareness.

In the root chakra, there’s a need for self-preservation. And that need for self-preservation is the propellant, the ‘going out’ – getting money, building a house, buying clothes for the kids etc. All of those day-to-day activities are included in that.

These processes are fuelled by the outward movement of awareness. This is the propane of desire. That’s what actually drives karma if you study it carefully. Going full-circle, it’s embedded in the attraction-repulsion process. Attraction, which is the cause of that Jupiter’s ‘expansion energy’ and repulsion, the ‘contraction energy’ or fear and apprehension of Saturn.

The universe is predicated on that very, very principle, the yoga sutras but the great sage Patanjali talks very much about this principle, this inherent propellant. This fuel that drives us that’s the desire. And that is enmeshed in this attraction-repulsion or what’s called raga-dvesha principle of attraction-repulsion.

The repulsion or fear is embedded in the biological and evolutionary makeup of all as self-preservation ( in the material dream ). And attraction, of course, is also embedded within us. It’s what you’re attracted to, due to the environment in which you’ve grown up. It’s those ingrained belief systems. These are the things that have fuelled all these other aspects of karma and are determining your experience. That is why this inward movement, the pull from within is the primary driver of dispassion and spiritual endeavour. It’s based on the notion of ‘being done with it once and for all’.

My Grandmaster used to say that everyone is on the train (of life). Everyone’s going to get to the destination. And so someone asked ‘well, what’s the difference between me and you? ‘He replied, “I fell asleep on the train. While others were enjoying the sights and scenery, getting off at the next station, sightseeing, getting back on for the next leg of the trip, I fell asleep and mysteriously woke up at the destination”.

Scorpio 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast

Scorpio as a friend

Scorpio 2021 Overview


It’s a New Year, Scorpio and with it comes amazing opportunities. At the same time, additional responsibilities, especially of a domestic nature must be expected. Over the past two and a half years you’ve been somewhat constricted in your local surroundings. This is a result of Saturn transiting your third house. It has only recently just moved to your fourth house.

This has meant you’ve recently had to make adjustments in your lifestyle. This is not only in the way you relate to others, especially your family members but also in terms of the way you relate to yourself. This has been a transitional period and now Saturn is transiting Aquarius along with Jupiter.

Astrologer’s Advice

This means you should be in better shape to take charge and steer your domestic life in the direction you’ve always wanted to.

Remove sluggishness and a lack of enthusiasm from your vocabulary

Last year was a shocker. With the moves of Jupiter and Saturn, a whole new focus takes place. This doesn’t necessarily take the pressure off but with consistency, determination and hard work you can make the next twelve months an important turning point in your life.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must remove sluggishness, lethargy and lack of enthusiasm from your vocabulary. You’ve been tired physically and mentally.

No doubt, the COVID pandemic hasn’t helped. But your challenge now has a great deal to do with how you manage your energies, relationships and interactions with others generally.

As the year commences, the Sun, Mercury and transformative Pluto combine to bring powerful forces to bear upon your third house of communications. Saying that this impacts your life is somewhat a simplistic view of what these planets bring.

The third house of your horoscope is ruled by Saturn and has a great deal to do with the way you communicate ideas, think and negotiate. This also relates to money, resources and how you improve these in your life. Resources generally, will be viewed very differently. If in the past you’ve been wasteful, now, you’ll value the time and effort put into making money. You’ll start to see a direct link between these two facets of your life.

What’s also interesting to note is that by June, Mars and Pluto will be in an exact opposition containing all the other planets of the zodiac. It’s going to be hard for you not to feel some sort of pressure, even anger over some situation. Pluto is will radically impact contracts and important communications. Negotiating your way out of any financial issue is the only option for you.

Tie up any loose ends and unfinished business at home

On the 21st and 26th of June, Jupiter retrogrades along with Neptune. Jupiter will transit back into your fourth house of family affairs to tie up any loose ends and unfinished business at home. Jupiter will move back out of the fourth house after its station with direct movement on the 18th of October. It doesn’t get back out of your fourth house until after the 29th of December.

Astrologer’s Note

This means that much of the last part of the year is going to be a reassessment of these important domestic factors. You’re not going to be able to avoid that.

On the 19th of November, an additional lunar eclipse takes place and is very important.

It brings the focus back onto your relationships. The Sun and Moon will be opposite each other along the first and seventh house axis. You’ll also note that Mars and Uranus, with Mercury, take part in this eclipse. With many opposing forces. It seems that one of the main lessons this year is to keep your feelings, especially anger, under control.

There is a final Eclipse on December 4. That solar eclipse again transits back into your second house of finance. Along with Mercury, there’s a square aspect occurs that involves Neptune in your fifth house of speculation. Neptune is the planet that creates confusion if you aren’t careful. This aspect also warns that you must not believe everything said to you. Neptune is notorious for deception but by others and by one’s self.

All of these eclipses demand attention to resolve the problems recurring in your life. As shown from these transits, your relationships and finances are very intimately linked.

Astrologer’s Advice

You need to untangle the threads of the misunderstanding if they are there.

You must work with Neptune to release yourself from projected ideas and confusing states of mind.

On that point, Neptune is one of the primary psychic planets. You must trust your intuition if you don’t feel comfortable dealing with someone.

It’s quite likely that intuition will be 100% correct.

Trust your intuition

Mars is transiting your Sun sign in the latter part of the year. It makes an excellent aspect to Neptune. At this time, you can trust your intuition. Your hunches will be correct. It’s through this mechanism that you somehow work your way out of the dilemma of ideals versus practical solutions.

Mars indeed offers the resources, skills and the energy to break free of self-limiting concepts and circumstances that have been holding you back for too long. This is where an energetic practical planet works with a spiritual, otherworldly planet. The outcome can be excellent if you blend those forces wisely.

Being frugal with money is only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll start to learn that thriftiness and a minimalist approach to speech, time and love are a key to opening up greater possibilities within yourself. You’ll be making use of your resources more productively and appreciatively. In short, all of these aspects are going to have a telling effect on your overall self-esteem.

Much of this is going to hinge on how you handle your family life. If you’ve not been happy in your personal life, this will undermine your efforts professionally and socially. The North Node starts the year transiting the eighth house of self-transformation.

This is a full influence on the fourth house in those family matters we are talking about. It shows you’re willing to open yourself up to new forms of learning, to developing your skill sets and generally broadening your understanding of interpersonal relationships. This is going to be key in the next 12 months.

Romance and Friendship

Mercury is the planet responsible for your friendships and social connections with Venus ruling your seventh house of marital and long-term relationships. Jupiter and Neptune are the principal governors of your romance and love affairs, ruling your fifth house these houses are important.

And when these planets in particular, which rule these houses influence them, your friendships, love affairs and marital affairs also come to the fore. Venus and Mercury make transits to the seventh house on the April 15 and 19 respectively.

Place more importance on communication and working through your differences

You place more importance on communication and working through your differences. At this time, it’s fortunate that Venus kicks in and stimulates your romance. Your seventh house is one of an earthy and practical nature. It is Taurus.

You are looking to build secure relationships during this period. You want your vision of the future to converge with that of your partner. To date, there may have been differences in your goals. During this period, you will be looking at working together as a team so that your efforts are consolidated.

These two planets follow up with a more intimate tone in May when they transit your eighth house on the 4th and 9th of May respectively.

Astrologer’s Note

Conversations focus on love, intimacy and sexuality. It’s time to deepen your love affair through mutual pleasure and deeper understanding.

Venus and Mercury trek through the 11th house of your horoscope on the 22nd of July and 12th of August. This period is excellent for stimulating new friends and social activities. In the first and second weeks of July, you must be careful not to allow the square aspect of Mercury and Neptune to confuse issues.

Astrologer’s Advice

Communications may slide sideways listen more carefully. Do not assume you understand what the other person is saying. Superficially all may seem okay but it’s not a bad idea to ask for clarification.

Listen carefully to what your partner is saying

The Lunar Eclipse on November 19 was briefly touched on in the introduction to your 2021 reading. Any sort of Eclipse is particularly powerful but because this one takes place in your seventh house of marriage. It will be very telling about your relationships. Listen carefully to what your partner is saying. In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, you may find yourself distracted and unavailable.

This takes place on the 19th of November. Two days later, Mercury makes a square aspect to Jupiter. love, friendship and long term committed relationships may be at a crossroads. Some of the responsibilities you have in this area may collide. Clearly defining what friendship and romance is might be part of your challenge at this time

On either side of the cusp of Taurus, Mars and Uranus also hover as 2021 starts. Taurus relates to your marriage and significant partnerships. This is a destabilizing influence. Unexpected events take place in your relationships this year. Some of those events may be good, some not so good. It all depends on the attitude you take and how you perceive things.

The square aspect of Saturn to Uranus shows where the problem may lie at its root. Saturn is, after all, a conservative and traditional style planet. Whereas Uranus is progressive, freedom-loving and independent. These two aspects of life may be at odds as far as your intimate relationships are concerned.

Jupiter is also making its bid for freedom

The full impact of this aspect doesn’t manifest until the 18th of February. But before that, around January 18, Jupiter is also making its bid for freedom. Both of these planets tenant your fourth house which relates to your domestic and living circumstances.

You will be at odds with your partner over the house you live in the locality, the style and other aspects of your family ideals. This needs to be worked on early in the year. There’s no point letting this fester as the Mars and Uranus component can cause things to become explosive later on.

By May, Uranus makes a trine aspect to the mid part of Scorpio. This shows that as the year progresses, you feel a little more confident in directing your freedom-loving urges into acceptable channels. Communication should start to improve by the 14th of May when Jupiter transits the sign of Pisces, albeit briefly, the aspect on your sun sign is notable and the positive one Jupiter’s influence is usually considered Benayoun and uplifting you’re going to need some good fortune from this planet. Before the 23rd of May when Saturn goes retrograde, and then the lunar eclipse of 26th of May takes place.

Figure out your financial direction in life

At this time a cluster of planets in your eighth house of shared resources precariously balances the Moon in your second house of income. This is the time when you need to put your head together with your loved ones and figure out your financial direction in life. There may be some pressure on you as Mercury, Venus, North node and The Sun crowd your eighth house.

Astrologer’s Note

the eighth house also has to do with marriage, intimacy and sexuality.

Mercury and Venus are exceptionally good planets when it comes to communicating your feelings. That’s all-important at this time. The other major celestial event is the transit of the Sun on the 10th of June. This is a solar eclipse following closely on the heels of that lunar eclipse just mentioned it again takes place in your eighth house. So, you can see the mid part of the year is strongly focused on money, finance, and any other resources that are shared.

Figure out your financial direction in life

At this time a cluster of planets in your eighth house of shared resources precariously balances the Moon in your second house of income. This is the time when you need to put your head together with your loved ones and figure out your financial direction in life.

There may be some pressure on you as Mercury, Venus, North node and The Sun crowd your eighth house. Please note that the eighth house also has to do with marriage, intimacy and sexuality.

Mercury and Venus are exceptionally good planets when it comes to communicating your feelings. That’s all-important at this time. The other major celestial event is the transit of the sun on the 10th of June.

This is a solar eclipse following closely on the heels of that lunar eclipse just mentioned it again takes place in your eighth house. So, you can see the mid part of the year is strongly focused on money, finance, and any other resources that are shared.

Career and Finance

Although the Sun, your career planet, is due for some difficult aspects in the first month or so of the year you can use this to your advantage. This is because it makes contact with the hard taskmaster Saturn, indicating greater responsibilities ahead. This takes place in your fourth house of family and property matters. There may be issues that you need to deal with in this area of your life.

Tackling those greater responsibilities with a more cheerful attitude

Tackling those greater responsibilities with a more cheerful attitude can help you get on top of what initially seems like an insurmountable situation. Because these domestic issues weigh so heavily on your heart, you can’t allow it to impact your work. Because you have a strong drive to achieve new heights in your profession in 2021 you must segregate these two areas of your life.

This year, you are driven to achieve an immense amount. This is shown by Mars and its hard aspects in the early part of the year on the 23rd of January. Mars squares Jupiter while transiting your seventh house, which is the house of partnerships.

Jupiter is sitting in your fourth house of family and property, there may be a need to review the 80/20 rule. That is where is all your energy going this year? What sort of a return are you getting for the effort you make?

Astrologer’s Advice

If you’re spending inordinate amounts of time trying to achieve something, with little result, you might need to change that equation. Look at getting an 80% return for just 20% input.

With the Sun making conjunction of Jupiter on the 29th of January, some good fortune comes your way notwithstanding the huge efforts you are making. Some say that luck is simply the convergence of inspiration, perspiration, and opportunity. Jump at any opportunity you experience during this transit

The Sun transits your sixth house on March 26 tasks has to do with your work activities and the people you work with. You will make tremendous efforts throughout March and April. And you can expect some handsome results with Mars training Jupiter on April 17. This may be related to some partnership efforts as the Sun moves into your seventh house during this cycle.

Be careful about where you park your money

With the Sun transiting your eighth house on May 21 it coincides with the right angle to Jupiter in your fifth house of speculation. You must be careful about where you park your money. You might expect to receive copious financial returns only to find that the results are less than favourable. It’s okay to take a gamble occasionally but do so being fully informed about the downside as well.

The Lunar result the lunar eclipse on May 26 also reveals information regarding your second house of income. The eclipse will cause you to reappraise your finances. The following Eclipse shortly after on June 10th. In your eighth house of shared resources is also a key turning point in your financial attitudes. It’s quite likely that whatever you decide upon, will end up working in your favour. That’s because Mars transits your 10th house on June 11.

Just a day after the eclipse on the June 23 the Sun once again makes a trine aspect to Jupiter. This indicates a positive turn of luck due to Mars transiting your 10th house. The directional strength of Mars allows you to make an impression on your employers. As your leadership qualities are strong there are other opportunities for promotion as well. People will be looking to you to set an example.

Success when the Sun transits your 10th House

This is especially so in August when the Sun transits your 10th house. It makes its entrance on July 23. The hard aspects to your Sun and Jupiter indicate tremendous effort which, fortunately, should pay off.

Astrologer’s Advice

Don’t expect this to be an overnight thing. It may take some additional time to make headway.

You must take care, especially towards the middle of September when Mars your ruler transits your 12th house. The Sun also makes its entry into the 12th house on September 23. This could be a low-key period where you need to recover from overexertion that can be in your work, exercise or through being overly emotional in your relationships.

Karma Luck and Spirituality

Because the Moon rules your higher mind and spirituality the lunar eclipses mentioned above will be significant milestones throughout the year. Those dates are May 26 and November 19. The eclipse on May 26 focuses your attention on material values. It does it in a reverse fashion, however. What this means is that you’re forced the question your motives in work, relationships and general associations with others.

The Happiness and security you are looking for don’t necessarily come from ‘things’

You will come to realise that happiness and security you are looking for don’t necessarily come from ’things’. Rather, the true value is about how you feel about yourself. This may also call into question the line of work you are doing. If what you’ve done is continue along the line of working on something that pays the bills but denies you happiness, that will start to change after this eclipse.

The same can be said for the eclipse takes place on November 19. Being in your zone of marriage and significant partnerships you may start to question the validity of some of the relationships you held as sacrosanct.

Often, unconsciously, relationships become a subtle form of emotional if not material barter. ‘I’ll do this if you do that’ is the undercurrent operating in most relationships.

You want a more progressive approach to your relationships

This year will be important in that you want a more progressive approach to your relationships. You can’t escape the fact that Uranus is still transiting this significant angular sector of your horoscope. It will break down the traditional values and cause you to see things from a completely different perspective.

Libra 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast

Karma is nothing more than the balancing act of nature for action and intention.

Libra 2021 Overview

LIBRA PROFILEThe recent entry of Jupiter and Saturn into your fifth house of romance, creativity and love affairs is a big start to 2021. Whatever obstruction you felt in your creative output will now be lessened by the influence of Jupiter you’re starting to feel a greater creative output as the year commences. There’s also a marked influence on your romantic affairs, it could be that both your creative pursuits and romantic activities are somehow linked.

Throughout the coming year you continue to be idealistic, with intuitive Neptune still, strongly tenanting your sixth house of workplace activities there may be some problems as Venus makes a right angle to Neptune in the first week or so of the year. You mustn’t exaggerate your perception of people; you are likely to see more redeeming features in someone’s personality than others. This means you are being realistic.

If you are going to get on top of your work needs in 2021, you must look more deeply into the personality types of the people you work with and serve. Employees must also be watched carefully. If you happen to be an employer. There may be some deception or at least inadvertent mistakes that can cost you dearly. This is not a time to be taking your eye off the ball.

Uranus is now transiting your eighth house. This sector of your horoscope is particularly important as it is the principal house of intimacy and shared resources. There is an element of the unexpected connected to this planetary placement. As the year starts, the moon hammers you with a square aspect.

You might be caught up in some sort of frenzy or overreaction to friendships this year. This is more pronounced in the first few days of the new year than reactive. This was also represented by Mars still moving through your seventh house of principle relationships.

This shows a forceful partner with whom you must not go negotiate. Mars also receives tough aspects from Saturn and Jupiter as it exits the seventh house shortly after the new year begins on the 7th of January, it starts it’s plus conjunction to Uranus. This can be explosive in the bedroom and excellent if you want to demonstrate your love in a primal fashion that sensual and sexual energy will be easily reciprocated while you are in this planetary phase.

When it comes to finances, however,  this can present some problems for you. There may be unexpected disputes that arise out of misunderstandings over cash, savings, loans and borrowings. You may be at loggerheads with your bank manager as the year starts to unfold. That’s why you should face any financial issues head-on from day one. You don’t want this situation to snowball.

The solar and lunar eclipses are very important milestones throughout the year. And this year, there are a few that will impact your life dramatically. In order, they are the lunar eclipse of May 26 take place in your third house.

This third house is primarily concerned with communications contracts and documentation. That’s why the earlier Mars and Uranus conjunction must be dealt with quickly and decisively. You don’t want to have contractual problems as these eclipses unfold.

The second eclipse is a solar one on June 10 taking place in your ninth house in the sign of Gemini. You may be in two minds over some legal or educational matters. This sector also has to do with your higher mind and spirituality. With your karmic North node firmly entrenched in this area of your horoscope, you realize that you have come to a juncture in your LAF Karma on your path where you have a deeper desire to understand the meaning of things. On the 19th of November, a lunar eclipse is going to bring your career aspirations to ahead.

The eclipse cuts off certain energies. Because this takes place in a zone that has much to do with your self-development, self-esteem and reputation, you must get it at all cost. There may be problems connecting your emotional self with the work that you are doing. If that’s the case, and you’ve been nurturing some resentment over the work that you do or the people you work with. This will be a time when you must confront these inner demons.

June is a particularly important year, mainly because Saturn makes its third square aspect to Uranus. This means your traditional values will be challenged by more progressive approaches to the problems you are confronted with. It also means adjusting your perspective on many of life’s important matters, especially those of a financial nature.

In the same month, on the 21st of June, Jupiter moves retrograde with Neptune also moving retrograde. These planets like to spirituality but more importantly, being placed in your sixth house of work reflect the complete re-evaluation of your work ethics. There will be more on that later in your career and finance segment.

The retrograde transit of Jupiter from your sixth house back to the fifth house speaks volumes about your exuberance and overconfidence. You must be careful not to run roughshod over any paperwork or assessment of people. This is a speculative placement and could also reflect losses and debts which accrue as a result of carelessness. On the 20th of August, Uranus moves into its retrograde motion in the sign of Taurus.

This has ramifications for your business partnerships. It has already been mentioned that Mars and Uranus in this area in the earlier part of the year may have played havoc on both your finances and your intimate relationships. The retro retrogression of a planet calls for a deep reassessment of many aspects of life. Later in October, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter on the 7th, 11th and 18th respectively, move into their direct motion you will feel a huge forward surge of energy many of the obstructions of your life will make way for smooth sailing after this juncture.

Neptune makes it forward motion on December 1 and this, in particular, bodes well for any health concerns you may have had on the 29th of December, Jupiter again enters the sixth house, bringing more confidence in your approach to work. This follows closely on the heels of the solar eclipse on December 4 in your third house of contract and short journeys.

Romance and Friendship

It’s no understatement to say that this year will be one of the most important for your romantic life. The reason for this is the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in your fifth house of love, affairs and creativity. These two forces are opposite. Nevertheless, the astrological dictum is that when these two outer planets connect, in any area of your horoscope, there is a good reason to believe that something important will develop for you romantically.

These two planets indicate you want to break free of your traditional approach to love and romance. But that may be difficult because Saturn is such a conservative planet by nature. Jupiter is likely to create an exaggerated need for love, romance, and more fun. If in the previous 12 months, you’d felt as if your wings had been clipped. You feel the urge to break free and do things you’ve never done before.

Saturn and Uranus are your principal planets of romance with miles being the ruler of your seventh house of long term committed relationships and marriage. The Sun is the dominant factor regulating your social activities and friendships. Looking at these three or four planets will give you a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen to you in the coming 12 months.

As far as your friendships are concerned, the 11th house dominates those affairs. There are four very important transit dates including the 11th of June when Mars the ruler of your marital affairs makes its way into this area. This indicates a strengthening of the bonds of love between you and your chosen soulmate.

If you are single, this could be an important transit in that you meet someone who perfectly fits the bill of a soulmate. You’ll be more active in your friendships and may even join new clubs and affiliates to explore your newfound desire for freedom.

Venus, the planet of love also heads into the 11th house on June 27, with the Sun and Mercury following in July on the 23rd and 28th respectively. These dates punctuate the year, with activities firmly centred on expanding your circle of influence, romantically and socially.

As mentioned earlier, the fifth house is particularly important for your romantic life on the 8th of January, Mercury the fast-moving in a planet transits through this area of your horoscope. It’s a communicative planet, and so you’ll be making sure that you connect with people of like mind the Sun on the 20th of January, and Venus later on February 2 also join Mercury to stimulate your appetite for fun and romance.

Saturn and Uranus are your principal planets of romance with miles being the ruler of your seventh house of long term committed relationships and marriage. The Sun is the dominant factor regulating your social activities and friendships. Looking at these three or four planets will give you a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen to you in the coming 12 months.

As far as your friendships are concerned, the 11th house dominates those affairs. There are four very important transit dates including the 11th of June when Mars the ruler of your marital affairs makes its way into this area. This indicates a strengthening of the bonds of love between you and your chosen soulmate.

If you are single, this could be an important transit in that you meet someone who perfectly fits the bill of a soulmate. You’ll be more active in your friendships and may even join new clubs and affiliates to explore your newfound desire for freedom. Venus, the planet of love also heads into the 11th house on June 27, with the Sun and Mercury following in July on the 23rd and 28th respectively.

These dates punctuate the year, with activities firmly centred on expanding your circle of influence, romantically and socially.

As mentioned earlier, the fifth house is particularly important for your romantic life on the 8th of January, Mercury the fast-moving in a planet transits through this area of your horoscope. It’s a communicative planet, and so you’ll be making sure that you connect with people of like mind The Sun on the 20th of January, and Venus later on February 2. also join Mercury to stimulate your appetite for fun and romance.

There are collaborative aspects also shown in January with Mercury training the North node but Neptune squaring it. You may want to make new inroads, romantically but may feel a little confused about how to go about that. You might have your eyes set on someone who hasn’t yet made contact with you. Should you or Shouldn’t you be the first to take a step?

The third house of your horoscope is primary for love and romance in the seventh house. The Sun activates your most personal relationships on March 28. And Venus follows suit after March 22. This is one of the peak periods of the year when your love and romance will lift your spirits. There’ll be a lot of talk about love. Or at least communication via email and the written word.

When mercury makes its way into the seventh house in April 4, you must be careful not to let disputes dominate your love life in the first week of the year. Hurtful words even though only likely in the first few days of 2021 can carry over and sour an otherwise great relationship. Choose your words carefully. Mars rules your second task, which in some systems of astrology relates to speech and family.

There may be problems associated with these areas of your life during this harsh transit of Mars in the seventh house, and then in the eighth house up until March 4 with the transit of Mars, in the ninth house. on that date, all sorts of adventurous feelings will arise. You could travel with the one you love, or at least with a close friend to distant places. As the ninth house relates to the spiritual matters, there may be a connection between your love life and expanding your awareness and understanding of things with that person.

Career and Finance

Your finances are ruled by Mars, and the Sun your career is dominated by the moon. Because of that, it will be important to check the lunar eclipses throughout 2021 to see exactly how they will play out for you professionally. Let’s start with those eclipses and then move on to the transits of the Sun and Mars.

Most importantly, the lunar eclipse occurs in your third house on May 26. It’s extremely important to pay attention to the effect your words have on other people this year. The third house has to do with your thinking and all manner of communication. Communication must be concise and unambiguous. With the eclipse occurring in this all-important sector, there may be misunderstandings due to the lack of clarity in your conversations.

It’s far better to document everything that is said this year. Even if you feel as if some of your words are the words that others are inconsequential, it’s probably better to document everything in writing through emails or other forms of written correspondence.

You need a record of everything that’s said this year, in case you need to go back over old ground and qualify or verify what’s being said. This is not always necessary because of any sort of deceit, or underhandedness but simply because people forget things. Contracts also fall under the jurisdiction of the third house. You must maintain a key focus and keen eye for detail on the fine print of any contracts and documentation.

Because the solar eclipse of June 10, is in your ninth house. It may mean seeking the advice of legal or financial advisors. The ninth house is the house of legal matters, yes, but also covers such things as education and forays into new topics. Even if you don’t choose to take on a formal course of study, you may decide to deepen and broaden your understanding of the work that you do. The eclipses can be disturbing at times, but you need to be one step ahead to make sure that you have all bases covered.

On November 20, there is a powerful lunar eclipse in your eighth house of shared resources. These shared resources in practical matters related to borrowings especially bank loans, retirement savings, and in some cases, wills and inheritances. You may choose to document what you wish to bequeath your children or other people during this cycle.

The final Eclipse is also important because it again takes place in that critical third house of communication. If you didn’t get it right during the earlier lunar eclipse, the planets again make sure that you learn the lesson by the end of 2021. Speculation is also something one should look out for. Mercury. The Sun and Venus tempt you to speculate on the eighth and 20th of January respectively with Venus, softening your impulse but still causing you to take a gamble after February 2.

Key dates which indicate an elevation of your career will centre around transits of your key finance planets in the 10th house on the 23rd of April, Mars with directional strength, kicks all obstacles out of the way and gives you power and glory. You may have to be more aggressive in the way you approach. Your meetings and employers don’t take anything lying with them. Don’t roll over and accept the status quo. It’s a time to fight for what you want in your professional arena on the 23rd of July with The Sun also making a transit.

On the 21st of June when the Sun makes its transit to your 10th house, this is the most likely time for advancement in your profession. It’s quite likely you will receive notification of an opportunity for promotion. Or for that matter, a completely new job if you are ready to move on.

On the 12th of July, Mercury, the communications planet, which also relates to documentation and important meetings, transits your 10th house only all of these dates indicate prime opportunities which you should jump back to achieving your desired ends financially, as shown when your favourable planets transiting the 11th house. on June 11, Mars, and then on the 23rd of July, the Sun transit the 11th house of profits. This sector of your horoscope is particularly important if you are an independent business owner. The 11th house has more to say about your profit margins than income derived directly from your self-exertion.

That second pass is transmitted by Venus on the 11th of September. The Sun on 23rd of October, Mars on the 31st of October and Mercury on the sixth of November. Make a note of these dates as they are also important significators of when you are likely to see Increase in your income and better opportunities generally, in your professional arena.

Karma Luck and Spirituality

The transit of the North node or karmic point through your horoscope is very significant. In your case, Libra it is transiting the ninth house, which is the zodiac sign of Gemini. Consequently, this focuses a lot of your attention on your past actions.

There is a mutual aspect between this North node and Jupiter. Jupiter is in the fifth house of your horoscope along with the other karmic planet Saturn. This mutual aspect shows that this year, you are keen to gain a deeper understanding of how your actions, your thoughts and words are impacting upon your destiny. The North node like Saturn and Jupiter is a slow-moving body. In fact, takes 18 years to transit through the Zodiac back to this position. If you look back 18 years, you will see similar trends that were taking place in your life.

The North node is infused with desire, which is the fuel for future karma. If your desires are noble, positive and uplifting, the results in future will be good. On the contrary, if your intention is not good, this planet will punish you. And the fruits of your karma will be anything but satisfactory. This transit brings your attention to learning higher education, long journeys, and also the seeking out of mentors and teachers who can assist you in your karmic journey. If you haven’t achieved everything you wish to achieve, this planet will stimulate your desire to do so as Jupiter and Saturn transiting your fifth house, the single easiest way for you throughout the coming year of 2021. To do that is through creative processes. Jupiter expands your understanding through the house that it transits being the fifth house of self-expression. You must find some novel ways to creatively show how you feel and to find satisfaction through those activities. This is the fast track to really, really good Karma.

Virgo 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast


Virgo 2021 Overview





You are being called for a higher purpose in 2021. You have a greater focus this year now that 2020 has passed. You’ve lost a lot of ground but you’ve also had plenty of time to consider what you want to do in the coming years. The transformative process of Saturn continues as it transits your 5th house. The Sun and Mercury also make contact with Pluto in this area just as the year starts. This indicates a powerful focus on creative energies and manifesting your core competency in the coming months. Doing what you love is going to be an important foundation this year.

Frustration with Those You Work with

Mars and Saturn are in a challenging angle in January. Tremendous frustration may be experienced especially with the people you work with. This is because Saturn’s transiting your sixth house of workplace relations. With Jupiter also transiting this area of the chart a great deal of your focus is going to be on the work that you do. Unfortunately, your standards may be too high for those you are associated with. There will be a great deal of resistance to how and why you want to do things.

On January 18 Mars also makes a square aspect to Jupiter. You will be putting yourself far too hard. Others won’t keep up with you. You may decide to extend your work hours and this can affect your health. You’ve been too highly self-critical. This is the fuel that’s pushing you.

You must again give time to your inner life to maintain balance. You’re emotional about work matters which could hinder you from doing your best on the job. Approach things in a clinical, rational manner and don’t let emotion sway you. If the topics on the menu aren’t your cup of tea careful about introducing new ideas to the group.

On February 18 Saturn squares Uranus. The test for you is balancing the old with the new, the progressives with the traditional. Your value system is changing as a result of Uranus transiting in the ninth house of the horoscope. Religious beliefs at any sort of past conditioning will be blasted apart under these transits. The habit of holding on to outdated thinking is part and parcel of life. Your challenge is going to be transitioning out of those old patterns into methods of thinking, acting and living which are in keeping with where you are at now on your path.

Marriage and Long-Term Partnerships

On of May 14, a fast-moving Jupiter makes its way to your important seventh house of marriage and long-term partnerships. Jupiter tends to over inflate whatever it touches. Maybe you’ve been the one making all the efforts. You could be tired of being the one always giving so much in your relationships. You may not exactly be receiving as much in return. ‘Expectation is the mother of disappointment’.

When they say that love should be unconditional it doesn’t mean becoming a doormat. The test is to balance these two extremes -give and take. The real secret of any successful relationship is the measure by which each can support and fulfil the needs of the other. That only works when it’s a two-way street.

Jupiter doesn’t stay too long in your seventh house. It temporarily vacates while making its retrograde movement on June 21. At this point, it will move back into your sixth house of work and health issues. You need a full reappraisal of this area of your life and how it may be impacting your relationships.

Finished with This Revision

Once you’re finished with this ‘revision‘, Jupiter will move forward again added back into your seventh house. It moves direct on 18 October and finally enters your seventh house again rather than the last week of December, 29 to be exact. If you learn the lessons of love, in this next 12 months, this is a time when you will be able to fully commit and feel much better about your emotional self and most significant ‘other‘.

On May 26 a powerful lunar eclipse occurs in Sagittarius. This is your 4th house of family affairs. It will bring your attention back fairly and squarely on home matters. You have more of a sensitive and nurturing feeling towards those you love during and after this eclipse. You have plans for your family. You’re looking forward to greater domestication. Unfortunately, that may not eventuate. There may be unexpected yet pleasant surprises that pull you away from your initial plans.

Eclipse and Time Consumption

This eclipse is going to lead to a great deal of your time being consumed by family needs. There may be also some planning, scheduling changes and other routine duties that have to be postponed and reallocated. Vehicles may also be on your agenda. Servicing your car as possible. You may even have thoughts of purchasing a new one.

There is a solar eclipse on June 10. This is a powerful influence on your 10th house of career, self-esteem and reputation. You’ll be questioning your role at work. You’ll be looking at how you have developed as a person through the work that you do. There may also be issues with authority figures as the sun, the principal factor in a solar eclipse means that the light of this body is cut off. You may need to renegotiate the terms and conditions of your work. It may even be that you will leave the work that you’ve been doing and seek something far more fulfilling.

The second solar eclipse occurs on 19 November. This takes place in the ninth house of the horoscope. As mentioned briefly in the opening of your reading, this area of your horoscope relates to your belief systems, philosophy and religion. All of those things that you were brought up to believe may be challenged at this time. That’s been happening anyhow as a result of Uranus transiting this area. This progressive and avant-garde planet shake things up big time. The solar eclipse is going to augment these progressions in your life. Get ready for an amazing rollercoaster ride in 2021.

Romance and Friendship

The fifth house, seventh house and eleventh house are the principal areas of your horoscope relating to love and romance. The planets governing these areas are Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and the Moon. Venus is the natural ruler of love and so studying its transits shed a great deal of light on how your affections will be influenced throughout 2021.

Romance Is In the Top of Your Agenda

Venus transits the fifth house on January 9. You can expect love and romance to be on the top of your agenda. Excessive sentimentality may be an emotional thread interweaving your domestic relationships as well. This is predominantly related to the fact that time doesn’t stay the same. Things are constantly changing. It would be lovely to keep things as they were but that’s not possible. Adapting yourself to change and the positive possibilities that arise out of this acceptance. It’s a wonderfully liberating thing.

Venus makes its way to your seventh house of marriage and significant partnerships on February 25. Jupiter transits the same place on May 14 and during its retrograde and forward transit will hit this same spot several times. Finally, on 29 December it will get back into a better state. Relationships and spiritual standards collide at this time. If you thought marriage was made in heaven, wait!! There are a few issues of idealism to get right first.

The Highs and Lows

You could be experiencing both highs and lows because of this. This is also to do with Saturn. Please note that there are some hard aspects from Venus to Saturn and also Venus to Neptune throughout the year. Those tough aspects occur on over 25, July 7 and September 17. These are the challenging aspects to Saturn. During these intervals, you will have to show a little more commitment to win over your partner.

The stagnant energy you feel means that romance may not be all that rosy during this cycle. Make an effort and your love life will improve considerably. You may have no hope of breaking free of a work situation which that is depleting you of energy. You may need the money but don’t appreciate the stress. Focus more clearly on the work rather than what you don’t like about it. Someone you love may become more aloof.

You want a relationship to move forward on an even keel without any unnecessary drama. You may have to ask some serious questions. You should, by all means, explore all possibilities, but if the basics aren’t solid, you’ll have a problem moving forward.

Idealism Is Not Quite Connecting with the Reality

The hard aspects of Neptune show where your idealism is not quite connecting with the reality of the situation. You’re prepared to make the necessary changes in your relationships but will find it difficult. You have to look at people fairly and squarely and not see them through your imagination. You’re also not willing to settle for less than what you believe you deserve in your love life. Your ideals will be high during these conflicting transits.

If struggles arise in your relationship it’s because you’ve been looking at your lover or spouse through rose coloured glasses. You’ve received subtle signals telling you something isn’t right but you’ve been conveniently turning a blind eye. It’s time to change that once and for all. The hard aspects of Venus to Neptune take place all unmarked 14, May 28, August 10 and October 27. Try to be more rational in your dealings on or about these dates.

Intimacy and Sexuality

One of the better transits takes place after March 22 when Venus enters your sensual eighth house. Matters of intimacy and sexuality will be the focus throughout its transit up until April 15. You might be idealising the intimacy and sexuality you share with your partner. Relationship problems can only be cleared through deep and meaningful communication, you’ll be glossing over the problem. Expect an amplification of your sexual desires. If this has been a difficult challenge in your relationship, intimacy will be reignited.

Friendship and all sorts and networking take place when Venus transits your eleventh house on June 2. You have almost a month to take full advantage of this exceptionally good transit. Don’t be too frivolous with friends as they may not take you seriously. To get your point across, take a slower, more measured approach. If you and someone are having problems of a similar nature it may be useful to pool your mental and emotional resources to come up with a creative solution.

Rendering Help Can Be a Double-Edged Sword

When Venus enters your twelfth house on the June 27th you might start to feel abused especially if you’ve been generous with someone. You’ve been giving them more time and emotional energy than they need or even deserve. Rendering help can be a double-edged sword. You realise that some people are a bottomless pit. They are incapable of knowing when to stop asking for help, or rather, taking.

Even after they have the ways and means of doing things for themselves. Perhaps it’s becoming a habit, or you’ve become a doormat- whichever way you look at it the assistance you are giving someone is not helping them better themselves. All you’re doing is creating another beggar in this already impoverished world.

The lunar eclipses are particularly important for you in matters of love. The Moon rules your 11th house of friendship. It also reflects close social bonding. On May 26 the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius brings you back down to earth. Love the family, home and privacy will characterise this transit. You could be concerned about your family life now.

Your communication may not be received as well as you would like so misunderstandings are possible during this phase. This is around the same time that Venus makes that square aspect to Neptune. It’s important to be clear in the way you communicate your feelings and ideas. What you say is open to misinterpretation. Don’t assume people mean anything other than what they are saying now.

With Venus transiting your Sun sign after July 22, you will be rather attractive at this time. Enjoyment will be focused on your friends and acquaintances. You may join groups and associations with many different people during this interval. all manner of networking will be at the top of your agenda. This will bring about a period of expansion, self-confidence and tremendous opportunity.

Impressive Ideas Can Attract People Easily

You have impressive ideas and can attract people easily when Venus makes a conjunction with the Sun on August 5. This cycle is all about the love you have for friends. You need to express your feelings and the receiving reciprocal love from others. You want pleasure, acceptance and all the finer things in life. You will also be very conscious of making an impression on others physically. At a time when you will beautify yourself and will make a tremendous impact on the wall around you.

Towards the close of the year, Venus makes its way to one of the best areas of your horoscope, the fifth house. This is a sign of love affairs. Shortly after, another lunar eclipse on November 19 takes place in Taurus. Don’t be afraid to share your creative concepts with others. Selecting the appropriate one for the situation requires a stroke of genius. These transits lead to all sorts of romantic opportunities.

Career and Finance

Important astrological factors are influencing your work in 2021. The most significant is the powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn your sixth house. This year is a great time to get noticed so don’t be afraid to get out there and take charge. The only thing holding you back is an overemotional response to what’s going on around you.

Keep Focused on Your Goal

Keep focused on your goal and try to keep a lid on feelings. Things will generally get busier for a while so reserve extra time on your schedule for unanticipated appointments or prolonged, profitable personal engagements. The spotlight turns up, and you’re on stage – get ready to perform!

On New Year’s Day, Mercury makes an excellent aspect with the Sun from the fifth house. Straight off the bat, you are speculative, imaginative and ready to try new things in your career. Financially you want greater clarity of mind so that you can maximise your opportunities this year.

The transit of Mercury in your sixth house means you will feel revved up to work harder and achieve more. You have some clear ideas of what you want with some well-defined targets. This transit is an independent and at times, stubborn one. You’re not going to optimise opportunities if you act alone or inflexibly.

You need allies to help you get there faster. You must be prepared to recognise the talents of those you work with. This will augment your own. The primary lesson to be learned from this is – don’t be insular, be inclusive. On top of this, the square aspect from Mercury on 13th of January 2 Uranus might cause you to act abruptly. Consider all options before making any decisions.

Share Finances and Investments

On March 22 Venus enters your eighth house. Mercury follows soon after on April 4. Shared finances and investments are going to be an issue at this time, and it is a good time to clarify each party’s expectations and to take care of legal business, insurance, wills, and so on. With Venus transiting your eighth house, you may be lucky to meet someone who has faith in your business ideas. There is a desire to intensify the level of intimacy and honesty in your closest relationships. This may not be easy if the person you’re dealing with is unresolved issues from their past.

The 10th house of the horoscope is one of the key parts of your success. A lunar eclipse in this part of your house is going to change the year if not your life professionally. The eclipse takes place in Gemini which relates primarily to your self-esteem and reputation. Apart from it providing you deeper spiritual insights into your destiny career-wise, it has other connotations. The 10th house is to do with the development of your personality and who you are as a person. There is incredible growth. For you.

Your Imagination Is Rich with New Ideas

Venus makes a trine to Uranus on August 3. Mercury and Venus both enter your second house of income on August 16 and 30 respectively. There is something artistic and even quirky about the way you approach money during this phase. You have clever ideas and your imagination is rich with new ideas. You have a vision of what you want and where you see yourself in future.

In the latter part of the year, Venus transits 11th house. On October 23 the son does the same and on 6 November Mercury also wanders through this exceptionally great house of gains. This year, you can visualise outcomes and achieve them. This is not only of spiritual value but will help refine your work objectives.

While you’re in this process, it’s a great idea to bounce ideas off people who have a more pragmatic approach to life. This will help you sidestep errors in judgement. Don’t overvalue the words of others in your negotiations. Trust yourself this year. The moral of today’s story is: believe you can do it and you will.

Karma Luck and Spirituality

The secret of finding happiness in love rests on finding happiness within yourself. On November 19 a powerful eclipse takes place in your ninth house. As the eclipse takes place in the ninth house. You will want to spend time with those who have a broad vision of life. You may also want to travel during this period to cultivate deeper self-knowledge. You are looking for someone who can share these deeply held beliefs.

A Horizon Broadening-Attitude

Notwithstanding your horizon-broadening attitude, remember, there’s no other relationship as important as the one you have with yourself. At this time, you may have a preference to go within yourself. Don’t feel as if you have to make excuses for being a recluse. You’ll enjoy your own company.

Deep and protracted self-analysis leads to true philosophical conviction and self-understanding. Someone you’ve supported and relied on in the past may do an about-face at the last moment. Let them know how you feel. You need to re-evaluate your emotional state. This isn’t a reaction to anything or anyone else. You’re just not feeling as good as you should.

Leo 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast


Leo 2021 Overview





Most of your personal transformation continues to take place as a result of the type of work that you do. Pluto continues its long and impactful transiting your 6th house. With the Sun and Mercury also transiting this area is 2021 commences, you must be careful in particular, of your lifestyle and work practices.

Mars and Uranus start the year off in the upper part of your horoscope right next to your 10th house. This is also related to your work and reputation. Because these planets in the upper part of your horoscope are challenged by Jupiter and Saturn, you know that you must work hard but by the same token must also pace yourself and give yourself some time out when the pressure is on.

Don’t push yourself too hard

Jupiter opposes the Sun on March 4 and this may be one important part of the year when the above advice should be heeded. If you’re pushing yourself too hard, it can have adverse effects on your health and as importantly, your relationships as well.

On May 26 the lunar eclipse occurs in Sagittarius. This is your 5th house of love it’s love affairs, children and creative impulse. You’ll want a break from the predictability of your typical routine. You need to enforce a genuine deterrent if someone is encroaching on your space or time.

Shedding old habits is the only way to recreate yourself. You could be hit by one hassle after another but rest assured you’re better off not agreeing to anything just yet. Romance is also likely on your agenda and could get somewhat serious. Don’t make a beggar of yourself by trying to be something you are not.

On January 18 Jupiter makes a square aspect of Uranus. The year starts off in a rather irritable and possibly frustrating manner. Whatever has been holding you back needs to be shaken free. You feel rebellious, even revolutionary in your spirit. Any sort of confinement will affect you adversely.

Structure versus independence

You may have problems with people who want more structure. You will be exactly the opposite, wanting freedom, independence and less, not more rules. You may feel reckless so you should be careful because even as you desire some new excitement, you may be treading a fine line and may even endanger yourself or others.

On March 4 when Jupiter opposes the Sun, it’s a time when you’re relationships, not just personal ones but generally speaking, will be under the microscope. You could be excessive, demanding more people than they can give is also quite likely exerting too much effort for too little return.

Later in your reading, you’ll see how Jupiter and its transit your 8th house will have a significant impact on your life over the coming 12 months. This is a period when you are seeking answers to life and its mystery. You are not satisfied with superficial answers. You want substance. You also want your relationships to be deeper and more meaningful. If you make too many demands on your spouse or lover, it could create conflict.

The solar eclipse and social activities

The solar eclipse on June 10, soon after impact your 11th house of social activities. You are likely to be extremely creative and socially very active. The eclipse shows that if you party too hard, you could be missing some of the other essential details of your life. You may have the ability to filter out distractions and crack through difficult problems under these unique vibrations.

If you’re vacillating between two options, two people and different sets of circumstances, you may have an important choice to make. There are two diverging life paths before you. Decisions are better made with a clear picture of where you want to be in mind.

On June 21, while transiting this 8th house, Jupiter will move into its retrograde motion. This accentuates its power and makes you even more demanding. You’ll be pushing yourself too hard and must be more patient and gentle on yourself. You’re probably trying to accommodate far too many people. Remember, Leo, you also have needs.

Overly generous in your relationships?

In your relationships, you’ll feel as if you’re doing all the giving and it’s affecting your relationships. You don’t have to be overly generous. In fact, being a little more selfish now will produce more desirable results. Understanding the spiritual significance of your karmic relationships will intrigue you now. You see this as a way of improving them. Remember, however, that karma is a matter of intention rather than action in making judgements based purely on assumptions and appearances could cause you to overlook the truth.

Some of your emotional strategies may backfire at this time. You have to be careful to realise that if things come unstuck, it’s more than likely because of your own actions, and words. You have an opportunity to retrace your steps, to revise what you’ve done or said.

While moving in its retrograde motion Jupiter will indeed move back into your 7th house of marital affairs and business partnerships. This is highly significant as Jupiter is considered a lucky and expansive planet. At this point, you have a perfect opportunity to mend your ways and to smooth over any differences you’ve had in any number of relationships.

The retrograde period of Jupiter and is on October 18 after which point it will move into its stationary and direct motion. On December 29 it will move back into your 8th house giving you a 2nd bite at the cherry. Whatever you haven’t understood, achieved or determined, will at that time be possible. These last couple of days of 2021 will be significant indeed.

The lunar eclipse and tension in your work relationships

Finally, the lunar eclipse on November 19 is an important one as it occurs in your 10th house of career and reputation. Saturn also has an important role to play in your life. At the outset, we mentioned your drive for freedom and independence. Saturn is planet structure and is a right angle to Uranus on February 18. It too makes stationary, retrograde and forward transits throughout 2021.

The aspects above indicate tensions and challenges in your work relationships. This is because Aquarius is a significant partnerships sector. Uranus is the ruler of this area of your horoscope. Saturn is the traditional ruler but is more structured. Uranus is certainly more freedom-loving.

The test that you have in your relationships is evident from these difficult aspects. Can you maintain a level of independence and freedom while retaining a structured and traditional role and pattern of marital life and commitment? This will be one of the most significant questions for you in 2021.

Romance and Friendship

Saturn also has an important role to play in your life. At the outset, we mentioned your drive for freedom and independence. Saturn is planet structure and is a right angle to Uranus on February 18. It too makes stationary, retrograde and forward transits throughout 2021. Those important transits include the retrograde movement on May 23, it’s a 2nd square aspect to Uranus on June 15, its stationary and direct motion on October 11 and finally its 3rd square aspect to Uranus on December 24, just a day before Christmas.

Marriage and close intimate relationships are indicated by your 7th and 8th houses of the horoscope. On January 8 Mercury enters your 7th house. This is the perfect time to communicate how you feel to your loved ones. This is a period of sharing and communicating what you want in a relationship.

Issues of Intimacy

The issue of intimacy comes to the fore but doesn’t stop with the exit of the Sun in your 7th house. You’ll note that the Sun enters your 8th house which is an even more intimate and transformative area of your horoscope, which reflects life. You are learning more about yourself and also what your partner’s needs are.

On January 20 the Sun enters the 7th house and that on February 2 Venus makes its way there as well. These transits accentuate your need for love and sharing. You will want a reciprocal arrangement and if that hasn’t been the case, you’ll be making your needs known.

On October 7 Venus enters your 5th house. Self-expression will be paramount at this time. You are on the lookout for more fun and creative pursuits. Entertainment, cinema, music and festivals of any sort will be most appealing. This is also a time when love affairs come to the fore. You want to enjoy the company of someone as passionate as you.

Greater attention to your family’s needs will occur after September 11 when Venus transits your 4th house. We also interested in beautifying your environment, putting on your interior decorators had and really making your personal space look and feel great. You want your relationships on the domestic front to be balanced and more harmonious. You are also interested in creating a more comfortable lifestyle generally.

Discord on the home front

Your interest in home and family affairs increases with the transit of the Sun and Mars on October 23 and 31 respectively. Unfortunately, these hot and driven planets may create some discord on the home front. When Mercury enters the same zone of your horoscope on November 6, you negotiate a more pleasant set of circumstances.

Two areas of your life are intimately linked this year-your work schedule and your health. There are also two periods of the year when Venus, the planet ruling your career and his into this 6th house which rules these matters. That’s on January 9 and again on November 5. During this during these cycles, you must be careful not to overdo it. Better planning will help you sidestep overwork, stress and frazzled nerves.

The Sun and Mercury end of the 5th house as well November 22 and 25 respectively. You will be in the company of younger people as Mercury rules the people of junior years. If you are a parent this is also a time what you’re more likely to dedicate your time and energy to kids.

Desire for creative pursuits

Your desire for creative pursuits intensifies the transit of Mars into this area on December 13. Self-expression is essential for you at this time. If you’ve suppressed this urge or have been stifled by someone or some situation your creative impulses may turn into aggression. This could, therefore, be an explosive cycle for you. The choice is yours. Try to give yourself room for spontaneity. You need more commitment to win the heart of your partner. Love may not be all that rosy but you can change that as well.

More communication with co-workers and those who work for or under you is necessary when Mercury transits your 6th house on December 14. These discussions will continue until the end of the year and also underpinned by the important transit of the Sun into this 6th house on December 22.


You’re hungry for friendship when Mars enters your 11th house on March 4. You have ample opportunity to expand your circle of influence, make new connections and network yourself socially and professionally. This transit lasts until April 23. Make hay while the sun shines.

On May 4 Mercury or step up your communication with friends and acquaintances. You want to be with like-minded people, groups and could even sign up for clubs that offer you an opportunity to share some of your ideas. You will be rather progressive during this period.

With Venus transiting your 11th house on May 9 an opportunity for love arises. Attracting friends and even soulmates is most definitely on the cards. You will be stepping away from abrasive situations or people. You want harmonious and peaceful friendships during this cycle.

You have a greater sense of self-esteem while the Sun is transiting through your 11th house between May 21 and June 21. Your vision of life will be surmounted by the people you associate with. You’re starting to see that not everyone is cut out to be your friend. Don’t make too big a deal out of this. If friendships are working at this time, it’s because you’ve grown apart and your life philosophies are becoming more and more diverted. Expect a whole new range of friendships to arise in this in the short and foreseeable future.

Career and Finance

There are four excellent transits into your 10th house throughout 2021. The first takes place in the first week of January, January 7. At this time Mars transits your 10th house with directional strength. This is a highly empowering transit and makes you hungry for success.

The Sun and Venus transit your 9th house on March 20 and 22 respectively. You could be tying up some issues associated with bureaucracy, legalities or even educational matters. On April 4, Mercury, the communicative and negotiable planet also enters your 9th house.

Educational opportunities

You’ll be thinking of you opportunities educationally. As the 9th house relates to journeys and foreign affairs, that part of your life may also take precedence. The great time to plan a holiday or at least get in touch with those you have foreign connections with.

When Venus enters on the 22nd, delete that when Venus enters on April 15, it will tone down your somewhat aggressive tendencies. You must use diplomacy if you’re throwing your hat in the ring for some new position.

Your negotiation skills will be evident after April 19 when Mercury also makes its way to the upper part of your horoscope. New contracts, communications and discussions about your professional future will be exciting and positive. You mustn’t waste time. On April 20, the Sun makes its one month transit into your 10th house. This is one of the best times of the year to look forward to some sort of motion or new job somewhere.

Venus and your luxurious tastes

You have luxurious tastes with Venus transiting your 2nd house on July 27. Although you want to spend and spend, you can expect some good fortune as Venus rules your 10th house of career. This means an additional source of income to cover extravagant tastes may be on its way.

There may be financial arguments when Mars moves into your 2nd house on July 30. Disagreements are quite likely. Work on creating impactful presentations that are not in any way contradictory to others. This often means using anecdotal historic events to get your point across. Don’t be too data-driven, dry or intellectual. Another important thing is to overcome repetition or monotony vocally. This increases your chance for success.

You have a greater desire to earn and capitalise on your talents while Mercury is transiting your 2nd house. This takes place on August 12 and continues till August 30. Don’t be afraid to push forward your ideas. They will be well received.

On August 16 Venus transits your 3rd house of contracts. Mercury is not far behind on August 30. This is the time to use your suave and persuasive talents to stitch up a deal. This period indicates that your negotiations will expand your circle of power but to do this you must learn some subtle spiritual laws which can help you do it. What’s more, you’ll be challenged to think more clearly in any discussions.

To enjoy more personal influence you need to discipline your mind and your body to create a larger, more attractive aura but this doesn’t mean steamrolling others in the process. Educate yourself and hang out with people who have the requisite knowledge in these areas.

Daring and pushy demands

With Mars transiting your 3rd house of September 15 and the Sun on September 23, you will be more daring and pushy in your demands. If you are in negotiations this is the time to step up your activities. You can turn up the heat and don’t be afraid to intimidate others respectfully. You’ll come out a winner.

One of the key transits in 2021 is Jupiter transiting into your 8th house of shared resources. Jupiter’s transit into your 8th house is significant and because it is one of your better planets brings with it good luck and possibly financial remuneration.

This transit is often associated with gifts, inheritances and legacies of all sorts. Outstanding loans, that is money that is owed to you, they finally are received. You may also be considering matters of insurance, banking generally and your retirement plan during this significant cycle. Joint investments are likely to be successful and shared holdings increase in value.

Karma Luck and Spirituality

You have a greater desire to achieve spiritual insights on April 23 when Mars transits your 12th house, and again on June 2 with Venus moving into the same sphere. Because Mars is an active planet, you’ll be physically engaged in helping others. This could be anything from helping a friend move, carrying their furniture, making your car available to doing yoga and different physical postures. Charity and yoga and meditation all fall under this same umbrella

Powerful dreams

On June 21 the Sun, the natural significator of spirituality also activate your 12th house. You could have powerful dreams and insights during this period. You’re questioning your faith. If this has to do with any sort of belief or religious concept, it’s easily fixed. The problem is when faith in your own self is undermined. That’s a trickier terrain to negotiate. 

You have to be completely impartial in analysing yourself to extract the best from within. You mustn’t be afraid to bounce your ideas of others, even if you risk criticism or ridicule. This is the only way you are going to find and express the best in yourself. Anchor your dreams in reality, but allow imagination to soar.

Mercury and your intuitive insights 

Mercury gives intuitive insights while it transits your 12th house. This takes place on July 12 and lasts for almost one month. Diarise your insights and dreams. You’ll be able to use these insights to practically improve your life. Pursuing your goals with a more intuitive touch helps deliver better results. This differentiates you from your competitors. 

In other words, you need to make your work more unique. Imprint your personality and style on whatever you do. You need to co-create partnerships to maximize returns. Shared money will is a priority now. It could be a matter of renegotiating a deal. This next day or so is about throwing out old attitudes along with age-old outfits that are littering your wardrobe.

It’s a time of progress in your understanding and experience of life. You also come to a better understanding and acceptance of changes or transformations you’ve been going through, particularly in your love life.

Cancer 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast


Cancer 2021 Overview


This year is a particularly interesting one especially if you’re looking to break free of your past patterns and behaviour. As the year starts, Saturn is in the challenging square aspect to Uranus. The tension associated with this transit will be noticeable even as the year commences.

Saturn is structure whereas Uranus breaks down those structures and is a particularly revolutionary planet. Because of that, you may be finding it difficult to balance the tried and tested with more forward-thinking ideas.

The difficult aspect of Saturn to Uranus builds, leading up to February 18. You may be looking at ways to explore greater success and to do things on your terms. Unfortunately, you may be your own worst enemy. You’ll feel as if your wings have been clipped. Your confidence isn’t what it should be.

This is a period of personal adjustment, especially with the way you think. You may also need to look at your lifestyle habits and readjust those as well. Diet particularly may be part of the underlying problem which is abstracting your success.

The solar eclipse of June 10 occurs in your 12th house. This means the middle of the year is punctuated by a deeper spiritual sense. The 12th house has to do with meditation, solitude and retreat. It may be a time when you choose to connect with your higher self.

Your emotions may also be your worst enemy at this time. You’ll be seeking some sort of backdoor escape. You might be feeling suppressed, limited and hampered in everything that you try to do.

Until 2023, Saturn will be transiting your 8th house. This is the house of erotic and sensual energies. Your passions may need to be more structured at this time. You’re also seeking greater insight into what your partner’s needs are. Are they meeting yours? Somewhere along the line, you are going to have to work through the psychological barriers to being more intimate and to fulfilling you and your partner.

Often the way we perceive each other is not all the way our partners perceive themselves. Pleasing and may simply mean stepping out of your shoes for a while and becoming more compassionate. The 8th house is also related to life and death issues. It’s the house of self-transformation. The mysteries of life will intrigue you at this time and this cycle is about rebuilding your sense of self.

This 8th house also has a lot to do with your shared resources. Borrowings and loans are also governed by this transit. Could it be that you need to change the way you are dealing with finances and planning for your future security?

You will need to become more disciplined with the way you deal with money generally. This has to do with your future security and how you been managing your finances generally. Over and above this, the use or abuse of power may become an issue this year.

Up until May 14, Jupiter transits your 8th house. This accentuates what has been detailed above but also speaks of a more expansive approach to your finances and the finances of your partners. Jupiter is a lucky planet and therefore under this transit, up until this time, you may even be the recipient of some gift, inheritance or legacy. Winning money is also on the cards.

Romance and Friendship

Mars is your principal planet of romantic affairs with Venus ruling friendships and Saturn ruling your committed long-term relationships. Saturn is already been dealt with in the introduction but to see how your overall romance operates in 2021, let’s take a look at the transits of Mars and also the Sun and Venus, which also relate strongly to affairs of the heart.

On January 7 when Mars transits your 11th house, both friendship and material benefits come your way. You feel sociable and extroverted. You’ll seek friendship, especially with people who really know how to have a good time. Greater connections with unusual friends are shown by Mars making a conjunction with Uranus in 11th house on January 23.

These impulses should be checked, especially between January 23 when Mars square is Jupiter on February 25 with Mars making a trine of Pluto and then moving to your 12th house of secret activities on March 4.

As Venus transits the 7th house of your horoscope on January 9 you feel a resurgence of love for your partner and closest friends. The influence of Mars in the trine from Venus on January 10 makes you passionate. A creative spurt is likely during this period and your self-expression is peppered with brilliant insights and of course lovemaking. Use your creativity to improve your romantic life as well.

The hard aspect of Venus and Mars on February 20 shows that you are likely to be passionate about the wrong things. The conjunction of Venus and Neptune on March 14 also shows your extreme idealism. This goes for people as well as activities. Pick your mark well before embarking on any sort of romantic ‘adventure‘. As you can see, the first couple of months of the year are intense emotionally, socially and sexually.

Venus and friendships

Venus transits your 11th house of social activities and networking on April 15 making powerful conjunction to the disruptor, Uranus. Looking for unusual people will stimulate your mind and emotions. You might not have ventured out of your very tight circle of information or mental interests. Now, you have a chance to break free of those limitations.

There’s also a struggle between responsibilities to family and your social ambitions. Personal affairs and professional goals see more divergent. On the one hand, you’re inspired by your dreams. Remain aware of the practical demands of your day-to-day life.

On August 16 when Venus transits your 4th house you realise that you can’t keep postponing what needs to be done at home. Those domestic chores will never get done otherwise. It’s probably a good idea to allocate a large slab of time to get this out of the road.

Remove clutter to improve emotional circumstances

Hoarding, increased clutter and emotionally holding on to things, is subtly obstructing your emotional success. Minimalism seems to be your keyword during this cycle. It’s all about taking the initiative, that first step. Once you do this, you’ll realise that the task isn’t quite as humongous as you first thought. Getting the clutter out of the way creates space for love.

Venus makes a square to Pluto on September 6 but also makes a favourable aspect to Jupiter on the same date. On the 11th it moves to the romantic 5th house of your horoscope. The intensity of these aspects may be dampened by the hard aspect of Saturn on September 17. Romance is better than usual. You have the charisma to attract a potentially fun partner.

Choices may be available and this will be hard especially if two or even three offers are simultaneously on the table. A shift away from routine to a greater focus on your love life is likely. Get any tedious work out of the way first so you can fully enjoy your relationships. The aspect of Saturn may cause you to cool off and rethink some relationship.

Mars makes you more aggressive after September 15 with its transit in your 4th house. You have good reason to step up your demands on family members as shown by the trine to Saturn, square to Sun, trine to Jupiter and square to Pluto. All of these aspects take place between September 15 and October 22.

These above transits set the tone for an October 31 transit of Mars in your 5th house. With the square aspect of Saturn on November 11, you may be struggling to break free of some frustrating circumstance surrounding your love life. You are frustrated with someone and maybe bursting at the seams because of it. In response to this frustration, you could say and do things that you’ll regret.

Realise that even a kick up the pants isn’t going to get them moving in the direction you like, nor as fast as you’d prefer. You must understand that a leopard rarely changes its spots. Today, it may be a case of doing the job yourself if you need to get it done. The moral of the story is to not expect too much from unreliable people.

During November, love is in the air

Fortunately for the transit of Venus through your 7th house on November 5, much of the tension you feel can be offset by this wonderful soothing transit. The 7th house and the aspects of Venus to Uranus on the 19th indicate an innovative approach to solving your problems. At least, the last part of the year should yield some better results romantically.

The retrograde movement of Venus on December 19 and its conjunction with Pluto on the 25th warns that you should not be too obsessive or demanding of those you love. That may only serve to push them further away.

Career and Finance

The Sun and Mars are your principal career and finance planets. Studying their movements give you a good idea of what is likely to happen in your professional life in the coming months.

On or about March 4 you must be careful with your money. Mars transits your 12th house of excessive expenditure. You must contend with how and why you’re spending what you spend. You could feel like mud the morning after if you don’t curb your expenses.

Cutting back expenses is the only way for you to progress. You might need to completely shut out the world during this cycle as you don’t feel comfortable connecting with others. You may simply need to take a break for a while.

Career promotion

Notwithstanding these financial red flags, the transit of the Sun to your 10th house on March 20 is the best zone for your career elevation. Venus also adds its excellent vibrations on March 22 by joining the Sun in the upper part of your horoscope. Countering stress and work conflicts through some social activities will help. This reflects strongly on your chance of promotion or improved income. You could be over-reactive emotionally. You need to get on top of this.

In the eyes of others, you’ll need to prove your capacity in some way, with challenging situations. Allowing others to scrutinize your strengths and weaknesses makes you vulnerable but opens doors. An older man and his problems require some extra time and sacrifice on your part.

The Sun transits your first house on June 21. Professional relationships should run smoothly but also require a little management now. This is also a good time to concentrate on financial affairs or work which involves creative activity. Your energy and drive will be strong. Your health will also support your professional efforts.

Creating a more attractive and appealing work environment will please you now and help increase output. Your personal views mustn’t get mixed up with professional duties. When Mars makes its opposition aspect to Saturn on July 1, you may find yourself at odds with others it may be a difficult time. You may need to hold back from speaking your mind on certain issues, as much as you want to.

The Sun: The power and attraction

When the Sun transits your finance sector on June 23 you’ll start to feel the power of attraction once again. This must be used with as much clever and well-orchestrated business instinct as you can muster. It’s going to give you leverage. You’ll hold a crowd, teach or even mentor others along the lines of your own choosing.

In your professional arena, you could develop a taste for training and mediation. Any activity requiring you to speak or present convincingly should be considered. It’s the start of additional income. All these positive influences on your finances are indicated by the excellent trine aspect of the Sun to Jupiter.

Contracts will take precedence when the Sun transits your 3rd house on August 23. Contracts, common negotiations and other interactions require careful handling. Be careful that others aren’t taking advantage of you. It may be hard to press on but if the difficulty is too great to take a few short breaks to recharge your batteries.

Your popularity is strong as is your public approval and the Sun trine’s Uranus on September 7. You have a few days of powerful energy on which to capitalise. Spruce up your outfit, put on a new hairdo and look your best as unexpected opportunities require you to make a lasting impression on those you meet.

There may be some uncertainty about how you feel about your career when the Sun opposes Neptune on September 14. You need more clarity so it’s the perfect time to sit down and put pen to paper and plan your course of action professionally.

With the Sun transiting your 6th house November 22 and making productive conjunction to Mercury on November 29 energy your tasks is a priority. There are pressing deadlines but there needn’t be. The universe could be telling you to slow down and smell a few roses along the way. Avoid getting hot under the collar.

Business partnerships flourish right before Christmas on the 22nd, as the Sun enters your 7th house of business collaboration and partnerships. This follows the Venus and Mercury transits into the same place on November 5 and December 14 respectively. You can successfully combine your business and social activities at this time.

Karma Luck and Spirituality

Neptune indicates two very important dates in 2021 when your spiritual evolution may be accelerated. They are June 26 and December 1. Neptune goes retrograde and then direct on these dates. This occurs in your 9th house, one of the most spiritual directions of your horoscope.

At this time your intuitive powers are turned up so trust your first impressions. Stay away from people and places that could pollute the purity of your ‘auric’ clarity. If you’re into meditation or spirituality – today’s the day!

Powerful dreams also need to be heeded. Intuition is strong around these times. You must see if there is some way to transpose these insights into your practical, day-to-day life. Learn to distinguish the genuine from the fake.

Jupiter is also a primary spiritual planet and accentuates your spiritual activities and good karma particularly when it enters your 9th house on May 14. This house, along with the 5th house regulates your past karma and deeds. It will determine your net karmic credits and debits.

Powerful positive karma

Powerful positive karma is likely when Mars transits your 5th house on October 31. This follows the transit of the Sun to the 5th house on October 23. The results of your past life and actions earlier in this life start to come to fruition now. You might find yourself the recipient of some good luck was of effortless achievement in love, work and personal development.

Destiny and The Nadi Leaf Readings

Saturn Gets back into Forward Motion. Pick Up the Pieces and Start Over

The Nadi Leaves – True Akashik records

Nadi Leaves
The Palmyra Nadi leaves

Scattered like gems across the sub-continent of India and Sri Lanka, palm leaf archives are reputedly  3,000 years old. They are said to contain virtually flawless accounts of the lives and destinies of each of us.

On these palm leaves, the intricate Sanskrit dialogues between divinely inspired astrologers and their protégés are documented. Myriads of lives are chronologically detailed from birth to death, with not only precise dates and times of life events but genealogical family names also being recorded therein.

From a mere thumbprint, the exact leaf of destiny will be painstakingly uncovered from which are revealed with breathtaking accuracy, the individual’s name, date and time of the exact moment of birth. Furthermore, all the major life events are rattled off with extraordinary precision down to the “fateful” date of death, if one is brave enough to open that particular chapter. It is just one of 16 chapters written for each person.

During my third visit to India in 1999, I was able to experience the remarkable truth of astrology and the leaves first hand.  Each and every detail of my life, family names and even inner secrets were revealed in pristine clarity to me.

It raises the fundamental and age-old question of destiny versus free will. How can it be? Our life histories and choices outlined like a soap opera over 30 centuries ago? My investigations of one such archive on the outskirts of Madras in Pallavaram, however incredulous it may seem, were precisely as I have described. Unbelievable to say the least. But true in every respect! And all from my thumbprint – nothing else!!

There, the purohit or priest as a custodian of his family’s archive of Nadi leaves ( as they are referred to ) expertly reveals all. This archive is of the famous Astrologer Sage Vasistha, one of the seven rishis or sages outlining our histories. The sage addresses questions about the individual in question and what events are to take place till death. Past, present and future births are also recorded and the most impeccable details are revealed.

The question may be asked of genetic scientists as to the ‘free will’ an individual truly has, given recent genome research. And what did the Sapta Rishis or seven sages of India in their revelations know that geneticists may today learn from? We should meticulously scrutinise the ramifications of this knowledge and how it may impact on future western thought and culture.

Free will?

I once believed in free will. That was until 1999 came along. Of course, free will is what helps determine you’re going to be successful and happy. There’s a sense of intention associated with success. It seems to make perfect sense that successful people unless they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, must have worked extremely hard to achieve the result they did.

Travelling to India quickly changed my mind. The ancient karmic Akashik records changed all that. The ancient Palmyra leaves upon which all the destinies of each human being are written was made available to me. Unlike normal astrology, the client simply provides their thumbprints, both right and left. Thereafter a bundle of leaves, apparently several thousand years old are ferreted out.

These records are like large rulers, stiff, thick parchment-like leaves with unusual characters, possibly Sanskrit, Dravidian or ancient Tamil Nadu language. After some poking around with a few superficial questions, my name was provided. When my name was mentioned and thereafter my mother, fathers’ and spouse’s name I quickly sat up in my chair, vertically erect and ready to start paying attention to what the priest was about to tell me.

At that time I was travelling with my client who till today is one of my best friends.  He’s since made his name as an up-and-coming Hollywood film producer. He’d worked with the likes of Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere and many other A-list actors. We quickly turned our heads to each other and somewhat loudly whispered WTF!

The reader continued, “Your father is no longer alive, and you were separated from your mother in infancy”. “You were brought up by others……” For over forty minutes he reeled off incredibly precise prediction after prediction – the past, present and also future destiny forecasts which were revealed with incredible fluidity. It was surreal. All written in black and white, there on those dusty ancient leaves! It was my life on a leaf.

Uncanny future readings

He continued, “You will leave your current spouse, also your country of birth and move to the land in the north-west.  Not only that, you will move to a provincial region and live like a farmer, reclusive to some extent.” At this point Bill and I again both stared at each other in disbelief. We both uttered a double WTF, “That can’t possibly be right.” I scowled as he went on, “You’ll meet and marry a woman much younger than you and will start a family with her.

In this later age of your life, you will have a daughter with whom you will become extremely close”. This was starting to sound ridiculous! I was frantically taking notes and on several occasions since, went back to have more detailed readings and even took other somewhat sceptical friends and clients to verify what I had experienced. One senator also accompanied me in 2014 and nearly fell off her chair when all her family names were also read off the leaves.

That was in 1999. It’s now nearly 20 years later and looking back I’m still absolutely astonished by the accuracy of all the forecasts made. I indeed departed Australia in 2010 and moved to the Philippines where I met my current wife. We were married in 2012 and we had a daughter, Alyana Tara, who is the love of my life. We live two hours out of Manila, in the rural province of Batangas on a quarter acre of land upon which we have many tropical fruit trees. We often produce a surplus of fruit so my wife and gardener sell that food at the local produce market. This was obviously the north-west country alluded to in the leaves.

Since that time, without exception, everything that was predicted has come to pass, precisely, as written in the leaf. There are fourteen chapters available for each and everyone who dares delve into them. One could be sceptical regarding the past and I must admit I spent considerable time trying to figure out how they may have solicited that information somewhere, somehow.

Although that may have been a distinct possibility, it’s the future forecasts which were impeccably correct and in no way could have been guessed with such accuracy. This mystery still to this day leaves me dumbfounded. As a result, I’ve spent the past 20 years investigating the methodologies of these nadi granthas and many of the principles bear out as I can attest to through my practice as a professional astrologer.

Your past life is also documented

I must say it was fascinating having chapter 9 regarding my past life experiences laid bare along with other more mystical aspects of my destiny. Chapter 8 relates to one’s date, time and place of death, including the manner in which your body will be disposed of and who will be there. Chapter 12 was very interesting in that it gives an insight into the condition of one’s spiritual self, and at the time of death what precisely your experience of death will be like. Scary stuff to most I think you’d agree.

This was a remarkable eye-opener along with all m numerous any other aspects of this fascinating astrological anomaly. My life was indeed written on a leaf and that everything on that leaf, including the date and time of my birth and death along with my horoscope which was drawn from my thumbprint, were included in this account. Incidentally, the horoscope drawn from my thumbprint is as accurate as any computer-generated horoscope. Unbelievable.

The accounts of our lives in this manner are given in the context of the great sage and his ring of disciples. Speaking about the person to whom the thumbprint relates to in a teacher-student dialogue goes something like this: “Master, tell us about this man who has 3 circles and a triangle on his thumb. What is his fate? Please do tell”. In this way, the arguments go to fro between master and disciples and the leaf readings are done giving the astrological principles as a means of substantiating what is said by the sage.

Suffice to say that the court case predicted, the loss of money and problematic business issues, the insertion and replacement of parts in my body (2 heart attacks in late 2017 and surgery and also dental implants), and other incredibly accurate events pinpointedly given, led me to the conclusion that if all of this information was contained in the leaf, written thousands of years ago, what did I, as an individual person have to do with it?

The future is fixed

From that point onwards I thought deeply about this and it substantiated what another great sage by the name of Ramana said about destiny:

“Try as hard as you will to make something happen in life, if it isn’t destined to happen it won’t, yet try as hard as you can to stop something happening, if it’s meant to happen, it will”.

We will explore some of these most fascinating components and how one can simultaneously juggle both and live a life of artistry, being in love with the role that one has to play without becoming at all attached to it.

The point of all this, of course, is that to be happy, at some point you must open up the can of worms called fate versus destiny to understand your life more fully. If your life is indeed written in the stars, on your palm, or on a dusty old leaf in India, where do you, as an individual, with so-called volition fit into the picture and if your life is already mapped out what’s the point of making any effort? Let’s look at these questions in more depth as we continue. Believe it or not, fate and free will can, through creative living, be easily reconciled.

The important point to note, however, is that the quality which distinguishes conjugal love from any other sort of love is passion. And what distinguishes your life being an extraordinary one from the millions and millions which aren’t, is also determined by your passion. Falling in love is concomitant with the notion of being passionate, intensely absorbed and attentive to the object of your love. When you make that object of love your own life, a truly remarkable transformation takes place.

Example of Nadi reading

These readings are done in a very precise and snappy way. There is very little embellishment and the issue at hand is on point. Here are 2 chapters that are given in an example reading.

12th chapter regarding spiritual emancipation in this life

Good speech and effective words are uttered from his mouth due to good karma. He will have good support from others. The time that the reading is being done there will, however, be unfortunate obstacles to his attaining spiritual knowledge.

He is blessed to meet holy men and gurus. They will help his progress due to their guidelines and blessings. Spiritual power will increase more and more. By following their dictates he will be able to attain spiritual emancipation in this life.

A debate between the teacher and the student in the Nadi dialogue over his current transits were discussed. It was asked by one student about the effects of the negative planets. It was said that this was from his previous birth. A further question was posed: how can he possibly obtain Moksha?

The Sage replied: Worldly pleasures will not block his path to salvation nor will his material pursuits. Confusion and lack of peace will be experienced due to these effects. This will also not affect the blessings of a holy man. He receives blessings while taking long journeys. To overcome these problems the astrological and spiritual remedies have been given and they will help. The negative effects will be removed as a result.

Age 54 he will have this Nadi reading. His 12th house is favourable. He is able to know the secrets of some spiritual scriptures.

Many countries will be travelled. He develops many friendships around the world. He is also interested in artistic work. He will always meet new people. There is recognition for his profession in foreign places. In Ketu Dasha particularly he can expect good results

He will conduct Pilgrimages and continue to receive the blessings of some holy man. From a holy man at a hillock he will be able to develop his spiritual power. There he will receive great guidance from that teacher. It will happen in this very life. He will continue to learn and practice mantras given to him. Later, he will undergo austerities from the age of 56 to 58.

His health will be generally good. His physical energies will attract others and inspire them. He has the capacity to charm others. He also enjoys many pleasures in this life. These physical attractions will however cause trouble in his life.

He may begin a spiritual training centre or begin teaching divine topics. Teaching meditation or yoga is indicated. After the age of 60 or 62 his plans and desires will be fulfilled. He is likely to live an ashram style of life after this. He will be following a rigorous discipline of self-control and overcoming worldly life.

Charities, donations community work serving others. For this purpose, he will visit several countries. Due to these spiritual developments, he will experience the Lord as a divine light or aura. His power of enticing the public will grow.

Mantras from his guru will become more powerful as he ages. He will practice them more and more. His guru’s power will be attained. Between the age of 65 and 70, these powers from his guru and the mantras he has been initiated in will increase. He will benefit from the general public.

He attains the secret of Trikala of the three worlds and consequently, his name and fame will come through new media-Internet.

He will have the knowledge of the secret of the past present and future.

With his spiritual awareness, at his death he will be fully aware when his soul departs his body – that spiritual wisdom will be gained. Before his death, he will have the supreme release ie Samadhi and he will attain liberation.

Chapter 10 career

In his work, counselling people is the method through which he will earn. He will grow in this way, much to the envy of others.

How can he enjoy these benefits with the negative results from the previous life? Lack of confidence and problems in his business inhibit his steady progress for a period of time. There will also be some monetary loss.

A new plan will not be able to take off during this cycle, however, performing the prescribed remedies will help. Age 54 to 55 is a good period financially and professionally

Spiritual involvement will help him overcome any troubles he encounters. New technologies will help him progress and he attracts wealthy clients and notable people.

Those who benefit from him will help me during his times of distress. Later, his earnings will become larger and huge. From this age, income will be higher. He will, however, face some adversity and losses.
Ages 55, 56 and 57 are beneficial and enjoyable for him.

He will meet a holy man – and between 59 and 60 this teacher will change his life. He will start new training centres of spiritual inclination. Teaching, training and monetary benefits can be expected.

We will have problems at age 59 or 60. The ill-effects can be reduced. He will receive the blessings of his mother at this age as well.

At age 60 – 62, there is an exchange and money transfer. A lot of property and money will come to him. He will be enjoying income from two sources. People from other countries will support him and he will receive income from these places.

He continues enjoying a relationship with his children. He takes an interest in investments of artistic materials and profits regarding antiques or musical equipment

Between the ages of 63 – 65, he has greater enjoyment due to self-control. In this time a medical treatment – skin and dietary issues arise.

He may also find his reputation smeared. His principal relationship will be reduced. Blood and skin ailments are likely and these are principally inflammatory ailments caused by food etc

Dadhichi Toth with the planets as a halo
This is Dadhichi Toth Principal astrologer and face reader at astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is a Vedic astrologer with 37 years experience. He specialises in remedial astrology and has helped thousands of people over his many years of clinical practice. He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Gemini 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast

Gemini twins

Gemini 2021 Overview

Gemini twins
Gemini, the star sign of the twins

Pluto continues making its way through your 8th house of deeper psychological transformation and spirituality, 2021 will be a breakthrough year for you. This shows you are working at changing yourself for the better. It’s about breaking through those habits that have held you back for so long. That’s not necessarily going to be an easy task but if you are sincere you will see some significant results.

The 8th house is also a zone of intimacy. Transformations take place in your personal life. This also extends to the way you share your material resources, not just your intimate moments. After April 28 Pluto makes its retrograde move. This means the process will intensify for some months after this. It may also indicate some significant changes in your most important relationships.

On 5th and 15th of January Pluto is transited by the Sun and Mercury. This steps up communication and discussions which will focus on how to improve your relationships throughout this year. It’s your partner on board? Hopefully, that will be the case. It takes 2 to tango. Improving your knowledge about sexuality, intimacy and better personal relations is on the cards as well.

These transits are likely to be intense. Because of the disruptive influence of Uranus in your 12th house, you need to be mindful of just how much you give to others. This year is therefore about balance in terms of giving your time, energy and even money to people. This includes family members who may find it easy to lean on you because of your generous nature.

There is another positive omen as 2021 gets underway is the strong angular position of Venus in your 7th house of relationships. Because it is so closely connected with your South node, much of the past karma of your relationships will be floating to the surface. Venus in itself is good positive energy for you. Don’t let the past superimpose on the present, however. If you are conscious, your catcher self-doubt and realise that dragging the past into your present relationships is a recipe for disaster.

As a result of the transit of Jupiter in your 9th house of luck and good karma, 2021 should generally offer you some great breaks. With the square aspect to Uranus, unexpected opportunities arise and you should be quick to pounce on them. They will be lucky chances but not at all what you had imagined. New educational opportunities are also included in this transit.

Employers or business associates may subsidise these new courses or educational degrees. Because finances are generally ruled by Jupiter your income might also see a nice lift. You should be well paid for the work that you do in the coming months.

Eclipses in 2021 for Gemini

Several lunar eclipses occur this year. On May 26 and also November 19 these celestial events have a big impact on you. The first takes place in Sagittarius, your marital sector and Gemini, your Sun sign. We’ve already discussed how important your relationships will be this year. Because of the transit of the South Node, it brings up your past. You are forced to work on your personal shortcomings in spite of yourself.

The first lunar eclipse is associated with your 7th house of significant relationships. Eclipses always take place on one of the nodes-either the North or South node. Both of these are deeply connected with your future and past karma. That is why I am making such a big point of this. This occurs at the end of the 2nd quarter of the year but will have a marked influence on you throughout the remaining months of 2021.

The second lunar eclipse occurs in your 12th house. This has also been touched on in this introduction. The 12th house apart from reflecting your generosity and charitable nature have to do with spirituality. Because of this, you will be interested in deepening your spiritual insight and understanding towards the end of the year. It may be time to take yourself out of the day-to-day hustle and bustle. Spend some time alone, get back in touch with nature and reconnect with your higher self.

Jupiter transits

The transits of Jupiter are always important on a year-to-year basis. Leading up to January 18 Jupiter makes a square aspect to Uranus. This means the year starts off with a bang! You want independence and you’ll be looking for ways in which to assert that in every department of your life.

Jupiter is favourable to the Sun around March 13. This is a good karma aspect bringing happiness and good fortune. Try to capitalise on this especially because Saturn, friendly planet to you is in connection to Jupiter at this time as well. This is a junction point of your past and future karma. Use the wisdom of your past to springboard into a better future.

Jupiter makes its way into your 10th house of career and professional opportunities on May 14. This will be short-lived as it does an about-face soon after. On June 21 Jupiter goes retrograde. You must be careful that all the good work you’ve accomplished in your professional sphere isn’t all undone. You have to be more meticulous around this time and not leave anything to chance..
Jupiter’s transit through your professional sphere continues till it again goes direct on October 18. Your business relationships will also come under scrutiny. Jupiter’s influence on your 3rd house of communication relates to the way you negotiate and also convey your ideas to others. Its expansive nature means that you can expect a more optimistic cycle with its presence here. Your business relationships will feel the benefits of this incredible transit.

The 7th house also relates to business partnerships and the general public. These transits activate your popularity and give you a better sense of what the general public, including your clients, might want. If you’re actively involved in sales or generally dealing with the public, you’ll find a much better response to your style.

Romance and Friendship

Jupiter is your principal planet of relationship. It governs your long-term committed relationships including marriage or de facto live-in arrangements. While it transits your 9th house throughout 2021 you can expect a much better connection with the one you love. After having transited through the 8th house over the previous year, it shows that there have been some important developments in your love life.

The placement of Venus in your 7th house at the outset of the year is a great kickoff 2021. It shows your love and commitment is strong. You also want to spend more time with your lover.

With the transit of Neptune in your 10th house it’s likely there will be some confusion surrounding how you feel about yourself. As the relationship you have with your own being is the most important relationship of all, it’s important you get this right. There are 2 significant transits of Neptune this year. They are its stationary and direct motion. Those changes occur on June 26 when Neptune goes retrograde in its own sign of Pisces.

Retrogression usually means you are going to review something. In this case, it has to do with your own inner happiness and moral choices. This retrograde motion will continue up until December 1 at which point it will go direct. Throughout this period you will be thinking about who you are and how you can best deal with the people you want to be with.

There may be aspects of your own personality that need to be adjusted so that you can attract a better quality of person into your life. This applies equally to your social life as it does to your intimate personal relationships. It’s influence on your 4th house also calls into question your relationship with family members.

Mars starts the year in your 11th house. This is an aggressive planet which can show there are some problems in your social sphere. Someone or more friends may be aggressive and this could cause you to recoil from your connection with them. By January 7 it also makes a challenging aspect to Saturn. You will be extremely frustrated and no doubt angry during this transit. You will rethink your social agenda. Whatever you try to do maybe opposed even if you are trying to make peace. This could cause you to look for a new circle of friends at least in the first part of the year.

Friendships are challenging at the outset

When Mars makes a conjunction to Uranus you might find yourself bottling a lot of feelings. That’s because this conjunction takes place in your 12th house. The 12th house is the hidden part of your horoscope and could show that you will be brooding rather than speaking up about any dissatisfaction you are feeling in your relationships.

Furthermore, Jupiter makes a challenging connection to Uranus on the 23rd. If you’ve been feeling frustrated you are likely to do something out of the ordinary now. That may come out of the left of the field and will surprise everyone not only you. You want to be independent and will do things you haven’t tried before. You’ll be looking to expand your social circle but also to seek out people who are a little offbeat and unique in their views.

On the 18th and 25th the Sun and Venus, transit the 10th house. Although you’ll be busy workwise, it’s also quite likely you will be finding a crossover between your social affairs and the work that you do. This should be a time when you meet new friends and acquaintances through mutual connections in your workplace. Some of you, if you are lucky enough and other transits in your personal birth chart agree, may meet someone that can become a true romantic partner.

Domestic activities heat up

The 4th zone of your Sun sign chart has to do with your family affairs. Venus transits here on July 22. Mars follows it closely after on July 30. This indicates a mixture of energies in your domestic sphere. Mars and Venus make you passionate for family and friends. It generally shows your inner emotional life is also more animated and demonstrative. You may want to show your love by expressing it through gifts and other familial actions.

With Venus in this part of your chart, you will also want to entertain friends, lovers and family in the comfort of your own home. This will continue for a while because on August 12 and 23rd, Mercury in the Sun both respectively transit this area as well. July and August will therefore be more concerned with your home life rather than actively being out partying or clubbing with friends.

Love affairs

If you’re curious to find out about your love affairs, soulmates and other emotional opportunities, the transit of Venus deliberate on August 16 is a great time to make yourself available. Mercury also makes its way into the same area on August 30. Mars and Sun really pump you up on September 15 and 23 respectively. These fire planets indicate access passion, competitiveness and unbridled sexual desire.

Overall this is one of the best periods of the year to stake your claim on the one you love. If you have your eye on someone this latter part of the year promises to be fulfilling and very sexy too.

In the last quarter of 2021, the same above 3 planets make an even bolder statement romantically as they transit your 7th house of love and marriage. Venus transits the 7th house of Sagittarius on October 7. This is a return to where it was as the year started. For those seeking long-term commitment or even marriage, Venus often makes it happen. Those attached already can expect the last part of the year to be again, one of love and deep affection.

Career and Finance

You’re focused on work this year. Not just any old work. You’ve already decided you want to achieve a huge amount and that shown by the square aspect of Mars and Jupiter. That occurs on January 23 and sets the trend for the rest of the year. You will get great results from this because there are also supporting aspects to the Sun and Pluto on January 2018 February 25. Your physical energy is strong and your drive and willpower and fuel to your ambitions.

Business partnerships are looking good this year. Studying the planets transiting the 7th house can be very revealing. In this respect, the May 26 lunar eclipse will be a very powerful marker for your finances. The reason this is so is that the Moon rules your 2nd house of income. The eclipses herald big turning points in your business life. Mark this in your diary is an important juncture in 2021.

The solar eclipse of June 10

There is a solar eclipse soon after, on June 10. This takes place in your Sun sign and it, therefore, speaks loads about how you are primarily the most important ingredient in your professional or personal affairs. How you conduct yourself and manage your personal energies will be very telling this year. You may decide to change your attire, your personality or even your job. The eclipse takes you into yourself. You will want to dig deeply into those best parts of your nature. You are committed to being successful.

For those of you in business, the 11th house is important in determining the amount of profit you can make. The Moon makes its conjunction with the Sun on April 12 in this very area. You may be looking at new business ideas which trigger fresh sources of income.

The new Moon in January in Capricorn shows that you will be looking to become savvier in your business relationships. This takes place in your 8th house which has to do with banking, finance and the way in which you share the money and resources of other people.

Your year is not without its fair share of opposition and strain. On June 6 Mars opposes Pluto. You could be obsessing about earning as much money as you can. Don’t forget that Mars as well as ruling your profitability, also relates to friendships. You don’t want to burn friends nor get people offside, generally. If you’re angry or frustrated it’s best to step aside for a while until the dust settles.

Hard work is likely to be the dominant feature of your life after July 1 when Mars makes an opposition to Saturn in July for a square to Uranus. You’ll be torn between doing things in the old-fashioned traditional way or breaking ranks and attempting something new, even avant-garde. You want something cutting-edge but not everyone is going to be able to keep up with you.

The new Moons in critical finance sectors of your horoscope can also be very revealing. They show when you are likely to see big turning points in your financial timeline. A very important new Moon in Leo, your 3rd house of contracts and negotiations occurs on August 9. These planetary aspects point to new opportunities but also with the opposition to Jupiter, a certain amount of over-optimism is likely. Keep it real and always look at the fine print.

Throughout September October there may be some pressure on you workwise. It’s important for you not to overdo it. You could be burning the midnight oil with Venus transiting through Scorpio, your 6th house of work environments of September 11. On October 23 the son and then on October 31, Mars, also make their impact on this area.

The fiery planets like Sun and Mars can cause all sorts of problems with co-workers. This may also affect your health. Eating too quickly, on the run and also not paying attention to your body signals and result in lowered vitality and even ill-health. Try to get a better schedule together to balance your personal and work life at this time.

Karma Luck and Spirituality

Saturn and Uranus are your principal spiritual planets. They rule and code rules your 9th house. The stationary direct movement of Uranus on January 14 gives you the momentum you are looking for to seek a greater understanding of yourself. The April 29 trine to the Sun is significant as well. You are likely to have brilliant intuitive insights.

Your meditations can be electric and you are likely to have very vivid dreams at this time. You should trust the dreams you have and possibly even keep a dream diary. Study with the events you’ve dreamt about actually come to pass. You’ll be absolutely surprised at how your dreams, this year, can be one of important premonitions.

Both Saturn and Uranus will make significant retrograde and forward movements throughout the year. Firstly, Saturn will square Uranus on February 18. This simply means your values and belief systems will be under tremendous scrutiny. You are realising that some of what you’ve been carrying as a religious and philosophical platform to live by, isn’t cutting it anymore. You’ll be challenged to try new things while at the same time eliminating those outdated methods.

Saturn goes retrograde on May 23 and then direct on October 11. Uranus makes its retrograde station on August 20. All of these dates point to some significantly important turning points in your awareness and understanding of life generally.

You are moving into a new cycle now and what a deeper understanding of things. Superficial answers won’t satisfy you and neither will superficial people. You’re ready now to jettison yourself into a new phase of life. That may mean eliminating many people you once thought understood you. As you evolve and grow, you will realise that not everyone is on the same level as you.

It’s time for a change and you are more than ready for it. 2021 will be a memorable year if only for this specific development in your life.

The Lunar Phases

Karma and Luck Package July Special

Looking at the lunar phases, the two most fundamental energies in our birth chart are the Sun and the Moon. While the Sun is the most yang, projective, giving us our sense of individual self and purpose, the Moon is the most yin, receptive, providing us with the application of our purpose.

The Sun and the Moon

The Sun is the light and life of our system. The Moon being the closest heavenly body to us controls the rhythm of the sea and all its creatures as well as the flow of blood in the human body. As the Moon distributes the light of the Sun each night, we experience this partnership and are able to understand their relationship in forming the personality of the human being. Each night a different amount of light is given off by the Moon according to its changing relationship with the Sun.

28-day lunar cycle

Within an approximate twenty-eight day cycle the Moon will have passed through eight phases, each phase lasting about forty-five degrees or three and a half days. These phases each have their own unique characteristics which influence all life on the planet. The first phase is the New Moon at which time no light is emanating from its surface. Beginning at zero degrees it will have completed its cycle at three hundred and sixty degrees.

The lunar phases

One way to describe these phases is to use the analogy of the plant. At the New Moon, the seed is in the ground preparing for germination. It is implanted in a new beginning. In the early degrees of the Crescent Phase, the sprout is drawn up from the earth by the initial impulses of light.

During the remaining stages of the Crescent Phase, the plant goes through a strengthening process, mobilizing its energies against the elements of nature. When the First Quarter comes about, the plant has passed the initial stages of survival and is now sending down roots.

By firmly anchoring its life force, the plant is able to concentrate its energies in the growth of stems and leaves with the tiny buds appearing by the beginning of the Gibbous Phase. During the Gibbous phase, the plant is focusing on the reason for its existence.

By ridding itself of everything superfluous, the culmination of its entire past from its beginning is brought to the moment of its achievement by coming into bloom. The phase of the Full Moon is the completion. The work has been done and the gardener can stand back and assess his efforts.

As the Full Moon progresses through its forty-five degrees the flower becomes the fruit. The Disseminating phase is the harvest. The purpose of the plant is to now give back to the earth, to those who brought it into being and to nurture others.

By the time the Third Quarter comes around, the harvest is over, the abundance has been shared and what is left in the fields begins to decompose. The cycle is beginning to end.

During the Balsamic Phase, the seed capsule is buried underground. It is clear that what was, no longer exists in its original form. This is the time of transition. The light of the Moon has grown very dim and by the end of this phase will have disappeared into the darkness. When we are born we come in under the influence of one of the Moon’s phases. The degree will pinpoint its intensity.

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