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Destiny and The Nadi Leaf Readings

Saturn Gets back into Forward Motion. Pick Up the Pieces and Start Over

The Nadi Leaves – True Akashik records

Nadi Leaves
The Palmyra Nadi leaves

Scattered like gems across the sub-continent of India and Sri Lanka, palm leaf archives are reputedly  3,000 years old. They are said to contain virtually flawless accounts of the lives and destinies of each of us.

On these palm leaves, the intricate Sanskrit dialogues between divinely inspired astrologers and their protégés are documented. Myriads of lives are chronologically detailed from birth to death, with not only precise dates and times of life events but genealogical family names also being recorded therein.

From a mere thumbprint, the exact leaf of destiny will be painstakingly uncovered from which are revealed with breathtaking accuracy, the individual’s name, date and time of the exact moment of birth. Furthermore, all the major life events are rattled off with extraordinary precision down to the “fateful” date of death, if one is brave enough to open that particular chapter. It is just one of 16 chapters written for each person.

During my third visit to India in 1999, I was able to experience the remarkable truth of astrology and the leaves first hand.  Each and every detail of my life, family names and even inner secrets were revealed in pristine clarity to me.

It raises the fundamental and age-old question of destiny versus free will. How can it be? Our life histories and choices outlined like a soap opera over 30 centuries ago? My investigations of one such archive on the outskirts of Madras in Pallavaram, however incredulous it may seem, were precisely as I have described. Unbelievable to say the least. But true in every respect! And all from my thumbprint – nothing else!!

There, the purohit or priest as a custodian of his family’s archive of Nadi leaves ( as they are referred to ) expertly reveals all. This archive is of the famous Astrologer Sage Vasistha, one of the seven rishis or sages outlining our histories. The sage addresses questions about the individual in question and what events are to take place till death. Past, present and future births are also recorded and the most impeccable details are revealed.

The question may be asked of genetic scientists as to the ‘free will’ an individual truly has, given recent genome research. And what did the Sapta Rishis or seven sages of India in their revelations know that geneticists may today learn from? We should meticulously scrutinise the ramifications of this knowledge and how it may impact on future western thought and culture.

Free will?

I once believed in free will. That was until 1999 came along. Of course, free will is what helps determine you’re going to be successful and happy. There’s a sense of intention associated with success. It seems to make perfect sense that successful people unless they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, must have worked extremely hard to achieve the result they did.

Travelling to India quickly changed my mind. The ancient karmic Akashik records changed all that. The ancient Palmyra leaves upon which all the destinies of each human being are written was made available to me. Unlike normal astrology, the client simply provides their thumbprints, both right and left. Thereafter a bundle of leaves, apparently several thousand years old are ferreted out.

These records are like large rulers, stiff, thick parchment-like leaves with unusual characters, possibly Sanskrit, Dravidian or ancient Tamil Nadu language. After some poking around with a few superficial questions, my name was provided. When my name was mentioned and thereafter my mother, fathers’ and spouse’s name I quickly sat up in my chair, vertically erect and ready to start paying attention to what the priest was about to tell me.

At that time I was travelling with my client who till today is one of my best friends.  He’s since made his name as an up-and-coming Hollywood film producer. He’d worked with the likes of Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere and many other A-list actors. We quickly turned our heads to each other and somewhat loudly whispered WTF!

The reader continued, “Your father is no longer alive, and you were separated from your mother in infancy”. “You were brought up by others……” For over forty minutes he reeled off incredibly precise prediction after prediction – the past, present and also future destiny forecasts which were revealed with incredible fluidity. It was surreal. All written in black and white, there on those dusty ancient leaves! It was my life on a leaf.

Uncanny future readings

He continued, “You will leave your current spouse, also your country of birth and move to the land in the north-west.  Not only that, you will move to a provincial region and live like a farmer, reclusive to some extent.” At this point Bill and I again both stared at each other in disbelief. We both uttered a double WTF, “That can’t possibly be right.” I scowled as he went on, “You’ll meet and marry a woman much younger than you and will start a family with her.

In this later age of your life, you will have a daughter with whom you will become extremely close”. This was starting to sound ridiculous! I was frantically taking notes and on several occasions since, went back to have more detailed readings and even took other somewhat sceptical friends and clients to verify what I had experienced. One senator also accompanied me in 2014 and nearly fell off her chair when all her family names were also read off the leaves.

That was in 1999. It’s now nearly 20 years later and looking back I’m still absolutely astonished by the accuracy of all the forecasts made. I indeed departed Australia in 2010 and moved to the Philippines where I met my current wife. We were married in 2012 and we had a daughter, Alyana Tara, who is the love of my life. We live two hours out of Manila, in the rural province of Batangas on a quarter acre of land upon which we have many tropical fruit trees. We often produce a surplus of fruit so my wife and gardener sell that food at the local produce market. This was obviously the north-west country alluded to in the leaves.

Since that time, without exception, everything that was predicted has come to pass, precisely, as written in the leaf. There are fourteen chapters available for each and everyone who dares delve into them. One could be sceptical regarding the past and I must admit I spent considerable time trying to figure out how they may have solicited that information somewhere, somehow.

Although that may have been a distinct possibility, it’s the future forecasts which were impeccably correct and in no way could have been guessed with such accuracy. This mystery still to this day leaves me dumbfounded. As a result, I’ve spent the past 20 years investigating the methodologies of these nadi granthas and many of the principles bear out as I can attest to through my practice as a professional astrologer.

Your past life is also documented

I must say it was fascinating having chapter 9 regarding my past life experiences laid bare along with other more mystical aspects of my destiny. Chapter 8 relates to one’s date, time and place of death, including the manner in which your body will be disposed of and who will be there. Chapter 12 was very interesting in that it gives an insight into the condition of one’s spiritual self, and at the time of death what precisely your experience of death will be like. Scary stuff to most I think you’d agree.

This was a remarkable eye-opener along with all m numerous any other aspects of this fascinating astrological anomaly. My life was indeed written on a leaf and that everything on that leaf, including the date and time of my birth and death along with my horoscope which was drawn from my thumbprint, were included in this account. Incidentally, the horoscope drawn from my thumbprint is as accurate as any computer-generated horoscope. Unbelievable.

The accounts of our lives in this manner are given in the context of the great sage and his ring of disciples. Speaking about the person to whom the thumbprint relates to in a teacher-student dialogue goes something like this: “Master, tell us about this man who has 3 circles and a triangle on his thumb. What is his fate? Please do tell”. In this way, the arguments go to fro between master and disciples and the leaf readings are done giving the astrological principles as a means of substantiating what is said by the sage.

Suffice to say that the court case predicted, the loss of money and problematic business issues, the insertion and replacement of parts in my body (2 heart attacks in late 2017 and surgery and also dental implants), and other incredibly accurate events pinpointedly given, led me to the conclusion that if all of this information was contained in the leaf, written thousands of years ago, what did I, as an individual person have to do with it?

The future is fixed

From that point onwards I thought deeply about this and it substantiated what another great sage by the name of Ramana said about destiny:

“Try as hard as you will to make something happen in life, if it isn’t destined to happen it won’t, yet try as hard as you can to stop something happening, if it’s meant to happen, it will”.

We will explore some of these most fascinating components and how one can simultaneously juggle both and live a life of artistry, being in love with the role that one has to play without becoming at all attached to it.

The point of all this, of course, is that to be happy, at some point you must open up the can of worms called fate versus destiny to understand your life more fully. If your life is indeed written in the stars, on your palm, or on a dusty old leaf in India, where do you, as an individual, with so-called volition fit into the picture and if your life is already mapped out what’s the point of making any effort? Let’s look at these questions in more depth as we continue. Believe it or not, fate and free will can, through creative living, be easily reconciled.

The important point to note, however, is that the quality which distinguishes conjugal love from any other sort of love is passion. And what distinguishes your life being an extraordinary one from the millions and millions which aren’t, is also determined by your passion. Falling in love is concomitant with the notion of being passionate, intensely absorbed and attentive to the object of your love. When you make that object of love your own life, a truly remarkable transformation takes place.

Example of Nadi reading

These readings are done in a very precise and snappy way. There is very little embellishment and the issue at hand is on point. Here are 2 chapters that are given in an example reading.

12th chapter regarding spiritual emancipation in this life

Good speech and effective words are uttered from his mouth due to good karma. He will have good support from others. The time that the reading is being done there will, however, be unfortunate obstacles to his attaining spiritual knowledge.

He is blessed to meet holy men and gurus. They will help his progress due to their guidelines and blessings. Spiritual power will increase more and more. By following their dictates he will be able to attain spiritual emancipation in this life.

A debate between the teacher and the student in the Nadi dialogue over his current transits were discussed. It was asked by one student about the effects of the negative planets. It was said that this was from his previous birth. A further question was posed: how can he possibly obtain Moksha?

The Sage replied: Worldly pleasures will not block his path to salvation nor will his material pursuits. Confusion and lack of peace will be experienced due to these effects. This will also not affect the blessings of a holy man. He receives blessings while taking long journeys. To overcome these problems the astrological and spiritual remedies have been given and they will help. The negative effects will be removed as a result.

Age 54 he will have this Nadi reading. His 12th house is favourable. He is able to know the secrets of some spiritual scriptures.

Many countries will be travelled. He develops many friendships around the world. He is also interested in artistic work. He will always meet new people. There is recognition for his profession in foreign places. In Ketu Dasha particularly he can expect good results

He will conduct Pilgrimages and continue to receive the blessings of some holy man. From a holy man at a hillock he will be able to develop his spiritual power. There he will receive great guidance from that teacher. It will happen in this very life. He will continue to learn and practice mantras given to him. Later, he will undergo austerities from the age of 56 to 58.

His health will be generally good. His physical energies will attract others and inspire them. He has the capacity to charm others. He also enjoys many pleasures in this life. These physical attractions will however cause trouble in his life.

He may begin a spiritual training centre or begin teaching divine topics. Teaching meditation or yoga is indicated. After the age of 60 or 62 his plans and desires will be fulfilled. He is likely to live an ashram style of life after this. He will be following a rigorous discipline of self-control and overcoming worldly life.

Charities, donations community work serving others. For this purpose, he will visit several countries. Due to these spiritual developments, he will experience the Lord as a divine light or aura. His power of enticing the public will grow.

Mantras from his guru will become more powerful as he ages. He will practice them more and more. His guru’s power will be attained. Between the age of 65 and 70, these powers from his guru and the mantras he has been initiated in will increase. He will benefit from the general public.

He attains the secret of Trikala of the three worlds and consequently, his name and fame will come through new media-Internet.

He will have the knowledge of the secret of the past present and future.

With his spiritual awareness, at his death he will be fully aware when his soul departs his body – that spiritual wisdom will be gained. Before his death, he will have the supreme release ie Samadhi and he will attain liberation.

Chapter 10 career

In his work, counselling people is the method through which he will earn. He will grow in this way, much to the envy of others.

How can he enjoy these benefits with the negative results from the previous life? Lack of confidence and problems in his business inhibit his steady progress for a period of time. There will also be some monetary loss.

A new plan will not be able to take off during this cycle, however, performing the prescribed remedies will help. Age 54 to 55 is a good period financially and professionally

Spiritual involvement will help him overcome any troubles he encounters. New technologies will help him progress and he attracts wealthy clients and notable people.

Those who benefit from him will help me during his times of distress. Later, his earnings will become larger and huge. From this age, income will be higher. He will, however, face some adversity and losses.
Ages 55, 56 and 57 are beneficial and enjoyable for him.

He will meet a holy man – and between 59 and 60 this teacher will change his life. He will start new training centres of spiritual inclination. Teaching, training and monetary benefits can be expected.

We will have problems at age 59 or 60. The ill-effects can be reduced. He will receive the blessings of his mother at this age as well.

At age 60 – 62, there is an exchange and money transfer. A lot of property and money will come to him. He will be enjoying income from two sources. People from other countries will support him and he will receive income from these places.

He continues enjoying a relationship with his children. He takes an interest in investments of artistic materials and profits regarding antiques or musical equipment

Between the ages of 63 – 65, he has greater enjoyment due to self-control. In this time a medical treatment – skin and dietary issues arise.

He may also find his reputation smeared. His principal relationship will be reduced. Blood and skin ailments are likely and these are principally inflammatory ailments caused by food etc

Dadhichi Toth with the planets as a halo
This is Dadhichi Toth Principal astrologer and face reader at astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is a Vedic astrologer with 37 years experience. He specialises in remedial astrology and has helped thousands of people over his many years of clinical practice. He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Global Karma


The doctrine of Karma

The doctrine of karma not only relates to individuals. It also has an impact on a global scale. In other words, when groups of people suffer the same fate there is a hint that at some previous time these individuals were each and every one of them associated in the same activity which has now precipitated the event to which they are fated. These concepts are not easy to grasp and as in the case of the recent global crises, pandemic, economic hardship and utter political confusion. Millions of lives have been affected through death, destitution and other global challenges. Some ask the question as to whether or not astrologers are able to foresee such things.

My answer to these questions is the same each and every time. An astrologer often doesn’t grasp predictions in the same way that one turns a light on and off. Some astrologers are given insights to certain events, others are not. At a later stage, other astrologers or psychics and clairvoyants are given visions and so on and so forth.

Therefore these long-range global, political and other communal events are often not perceived by people functioning in this capacity. On the other hand, when astrologers do make predictions of this sort, not unlike a seismologist who may predict an earthquake, we are still left with the practical issues of incredibility by sceptics and the like.

Revealing accurate forecasts

Revealing accurate forecasts is no guarantee that anyone is going to believe you anyhow. The other problem for astrologers such as myself is a logistical one. Keeping track of 80-100 countries’ national horoscopes or charts for the constitutions of those countries, along with senior political leaders of each of those countries is a monumental task and requires hours of deep scrutiny on a daily basis to make accurate forecasts. This is one area in which astrologers are rarely if ever, paid for their time and research. This is also one reason why this aspect of astrology is more than likely lagging behind other branches of science. Having said that we can in hindsight often study an event and see how the chart of the leader and the chart of the country are often very much linked.

If we look at the recent eclipse In Taurus, it took place in a critical position in Donald Trump’s horoscope indicating big changes in his career as it took place in his 10th house of career. Eclipse is taking place in critical parts of the leader’s horoscope will also have an impact on the country as a whole. That makes sense as the leader makes many of the decisions and steers that country in whichever direction he sees fit.

Eclipses foretell what’s happening in the world generally

Eclipses cause a shadow to form through different countries affecting the leaders and the people in those nations. Again, without intense and laborious scrutiny we can only generally give the effects of these eclipses. But history has shown that important events do transpire on or near the eclipse times. The transits of the other planets can help pinpoint more accurately the timing.

In the case of the world, the Aspects between planets in the eclipse account for the Events such as Further political unrest, international tensions and skirmishes as we are seeing with China, India and nations surrounding the South China Sea. Increasing increasing disasters of epic proportions Are often also part of the influence of these eclipses.

It could be argued that powerful nations like the U.S. have spent literally hundreds of billions of dollars on the War Machine and need to seriously look at what is happening back at home. Charity does indeed begin at home. Eclipses, as well as planetary positions, are a big red flag not just for America but other nations as well. They indicate there is hard work ahead and it’s primarily related to cleaning up our own backyards.

Written by: Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi Toth is an Astrologer and Director of www.astrology.com.au

Karma, Mercury and Retrograde planets

September October-special

Mercury goes into its retrograde motion today, October 14, 2020. Understanding karma, Mercury and retrograde planets is an important astrological study. We’ve all heard about Mercury retrograde on the grapevine, through friends etc. Is it really as bad as what they say?

Karma and retrograde planets

There are some writers who maintain that retrograde planets relate to past karma. The fact of the matter is that every planet is somehow unravelling your karma. Furthermore, retrograde planets do seem to indicate a greater connection with past events. For this reason, you need to review what’s going on in your life. What may seem like a delay is really a recapitulation of past events, thoughts and actions. This has the effect of helping you perfect your understanding. This helps improve your skills in the game of life.

Another principle is that retrograde planets transiting a specific sign of the Zodiac are in fact visualizing the sign behind them. This could be rather confusing to lay people and even professional astrologers alike. This is because, planets transiting the second house of finance while moving into retrograde motion, the planet influences the first house. This relates to one’s physical body, persona and how other people perceive you. The main thing in looking at retrograde planets is to keep an open mind. Through observation, analysis and experience you can see how these reverse moving planets work in practice, not just theory.

Retrograde Planets and how we’ve been dumbed down

Unfortunately, the concept of retrogression has been dumbed down. Generally, we only hear of the retrogression of Mercury. This of course is a shame and one of the reasons astrology has fallen into disrepute. As I’ve indicated, Mercury is not the only planet that has retrograde cycles. And in fact, every planet except the Sun and the Moon will at some stage function in this so-called erratic manner.

The other thing to note is that these planets don’t actually move in reverse motion. Retrogression is simply an expression of comparative motion. When a faster-moving planet passes by a slower planet it appears to be moving backwards. The best example of this is two cars moving along the highway. One is moving faster than the other.

As the faster vehicle approaches and passes the slower one, the slower vehicle appears to be going backwards. We all know that the slower vehicle isn’t in fact moving backwards but appears to be going backwards.

This elusive quality which is an appearance can also be transposed to real-life events. This is one of the reasons Mercury is given so much prominence in the retrogression discussion. The notion that we think something is on track when in fact it’s doing quite the opposite seems to be the principal at work here.

Mercury also seems to have a large part to play in contracts, agreements and most importantly communication. No wonder there’s so much miscommunication and misunderstanding when this planet is retrograde. Under the retrograde positions of Mercury, you need to carefully think out and plan your strategy. Once again, the lesson of patience comes into play. Things usually take longer to manifest under retrograde cycles and require a revision of what’s been before.

Why is Mercury retrograde a good thing?

Too often we’re all madly running around, hastily making decisions and then regretting those decisions. If you think a little more carefully about it, the retrograde movement of Mercury isn’t always as bad as we make it out to be.

Thinking more carefully about what you say and consider the consequences of what you’re saying. Your speech is something that has great power. You should use it wisely. This is the way to enhance relationships through better understanding. By talking less we naturally get to listen more, and by listening I don’t simply mean hearing but listening with your heart and with undivided attention.

Mercury has the nature of being a fast planet, therefore, its retrogression gives you an opportunity to slow down before it moves in reverse motion. This eccentric behaviour means there’s a revisionary quality about it. Translate this to your thinking, speaking and decision-making processes. It reflects that part of you which needs more detailed analysis before committing to any course of action.

The impact of Mercury is now being felt as it goes retrograde today. It will be even more predominantly felt due to its challenging aspect to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This is a most intense and transformative period of life. This means aligning yourself with these particular qualities of Pluto. The square aspect is all only 6 the last time I don’t know whether there’s any money all transfer the challenging so resistance will only make the process more difficult.

You’ll be able to use the retrograde movement as a tool for radical self-transformation. The secret key is awareness. As long as you’re aware, even if you make errors in life, you’ll be able to put the lessons you learn to good use. Following on from that, it simply means learning from those mistakes otherwise, what’s the point?

Dates and signs of retrograde Mercury over the coming years

Oct 14 2020         Mer       R             11°Sc40′

Nov 4 2020          Mer       D             25°Li53′

Jan 31 2021         Mer       R             26°Aq29′

Feb 21 2021        Mer       D             11°Aq01′

May 30 2021       Mer       R             24°Ge43′

Jun 23 2021         Mer       D             16°Ge07′

Sep 27 2021        Mer       R             25°Li28′

Oct 19 2021         Mer       D             10°Li07′

Jan 14 2022         Mer       R             10°Aq20′

Feb 4 2022           Mer       D             24°Cp22′

May 10 2022       Mer       R             04°Ge51′

Jun 3 2022           Mer       D             26°Ta05′

Sep 10 2022        Mer       R             08°Li55′

Oct 2 2022           Mer       D             24°Vi11′

Dec 29 2022        Mer       R             24°Cp21′

Jan 18 2023         Mer       D             08°Cp08′

Apr 21 2023         Mer       R             15°Ta37′

May 15 2023       Mer       D             05°Ta50′

Aug 24 2023        Mer       R             21°Vi51′

Sep 16 2023        Mer       D             08°Vi00′

Dec 13 2023        Mer       R             08°Cp29′

Jan 2 2024            Mer       D             22°Sg10′

Apr 2 2024           Mer       R             27°Ar13′

Apr 25 2024         Mer       D             15°Ar58′

Aug 5 2024          Mer       R             04°Vi06′

Aug 29 2024        Mer       D             21°Le24′

Nov 26 2024        Mer       R             22°Sg40′

Dec 16 2024        Mer       D             06°Sg23′

Mar 15 2025        Mer       R             09°Ar35′

Apr 7 2025           Mer       D             26°Pi49′

Jul 18 2025           Mer       R             15°Le34′

Aug 11 2025        Mer       D             04°Le14′

Nov 10 2025        Mer       R             06°Sg51′

Nov 30 2025        Mer       D             20°Sc42′

Feb 26 2026        Mer       R             22°Pi33′

Mar 21 2026        Mer       D             08°Pi29′

Jun 30 2026         Mer       R             26°Cn15′

Jul 24 2026           Mer       D             16°Cn18′

Oct 24 2026         Mer       R             20°Sc58′

Nov 14 2026        Mer       D             05°Sc02′

Feb 10 2027        Mer       R             05°Pi58′

Mar 3 2027          Mer       D             20°Aq55′

Jun 11 2027         Mer       R             06°Cn21′

Jul 5 2027             Mer       D             27°Ge28′

Oct 8 2027           Mer       R             04°Sc55′

Oct 29 2027         Mer       D             19°Li18′

Jan 24 2028         Mer       R             19°Aq41′

Feb 14 2028        Mer       D             03°Aq59′

May 21 2028       Mer       R             16°Ge18′

Jun 14 2028         Mer       D             07°Ge45′

Sep 20 2028        Mer       R             18°Li35′

Oct 11 2028         Mer       D             03°Li28′

Jan 7 2029            Mer       R             03°Aq38′

Jan 28 2029         Mer       D             17°Cp32′

May 2 2029         Mer       R             26°Ta40′

May 26 2029       Mer       D             17°Ta33′

Sep 2 2029           Mer       R             01°Li49′

Sep 25 2029        Mer       D             17°Vi26′

Dec 22 2029        Mer       R             17°Cp42′

Jan 11 2030         Mer       D             01°Cp26′

Apr 13 2030         Mer       R             07°Ta47′

May 7 2030         Mer       D             27°Ar26′

Aug 16 2030        Mer       R             14°Vi29′

Sep 8 2030           Mer       D             01°Vi06′

Dec 6 2030           Mer       R             01°Cp51′

Dec 26 2030        Mer       D             15°Sg33′

Mar 26 2031        Mer       R             19°Ar44′

Apr 18 2031         Mer       D             07°Ar50′

Jul 29 2031           Mer       R             26°Le25′

Aug 22 2031        Mer       D             14°Le17′

Nov 20 2031        Mer       R             16°Sg03′

Dec 10 2031        Mer       D             29°Sc48′

Mar 8 2032          Mer       R             02°Ar23′

Mar 31 2032        Mer       D             19°Pi02′

Jul 10 2032           Mer       R             07°Le32′

Aug 3 2032          Mer       D             26°Cn49′

Nov 2 2032          Mer       R             00°Sg12′

Nov 23 2032        Mer       D             14°Sc07′

Feb 19 2033        Mer       R             15°Pi33′

Mar 13 2033        Mer       D             01°Pi02′

Jun 21 2033         Mer       R             17°Cn56′

Jul 16 2033           Mer       D             08°Cn30′

Oct 17 2033         Mer       R             14°Sc16′

Nov 6 2033          Mer       D             28°Li26′

Feb 2 2034           Mer       R             29°Aq07′

Feb 24 2034        Mer       D             13°Aq44′

Jun 2 2034           Mer       R             27°Ge55′

Jun 26 2034         Mer       D             19°Ge16′

Sep 30 2034        Mer       R             28°Li06′

Oct 21 2034         Mer       D             12°Li41′

Jan 17 2035         Mer       R             12°Aq56′

Feb 7 2035           Mer       D             27°Cp01′

May 14 2035       Mer       R             07°Ge59′

Jun 7 2035           Mer       D             29°Ta18′

Sep 13 2035        Mer       R             11°Li37′

Oct 5 2035           Mer       D             26°Vi47′

Jan 1 2036            Mer       R             26°Cp55′

Jan 21 2036         Mer       D             10°Cp44′

Apr 23 2036         Mer       R             18°Ta37′

May 17 2036       Mer       D             09°Ta02′

Aug 26 2036        Mer       R             24°Vi38′

Sep 18 2036        Mer       D             10°Vi38′

Dec 15 2036        Mer       R             11°Cp02′

Jan 4 2037            Mer       D             24°Sg44′

Apr 5 2037           Mer       R             00°Ta06′

Apr 29 2037         Mer       D             19°Ar05′

Aug 8 2037          Mer       R             06°Vi59′

Sep 1 2037           Mer       D             24°Le06′

Nov 29 2037        Mer       R             25°Sg13′

Dec 19 2037        Mer       D             08°Sg56′

Mar 18 2038        Mer       R             12°Ar22′

Apr 10 2038         Mer       D             29°Pi49′

Jul 21 2038           Mer       R             18°Le35′

Aug 14 2038        Mer       D             07°Le02′

Nov 13 2038        Mer       R             09°Sg24′

Dec 2 2038           Mer       D             23°Sc14′

Mar 1 2039          Mer       R             25°Pi15′

Mar 24 2039        Mer       D             11°Pi21′

Jul 3 2039             Mer       R             29°Cn22′

Jul 27 2039           Mer       D             19°Cn14′

Oct 27 2039         Mer       R             23°Sc32′

Nov 16 2039        Mer       D             07°Sc33′

Feb 12 2040        Mer       R             08°Pi37′

Mar 5 2040          Mer       D             23°Aq41′

Jun 13 2040         Mer       R             09°Cn32′

Jul 7 2040             Mer       D             00°Cn31′

There are more resources and information on these topics here

Karma Luck and Spirituality

The Planets


Have your Karma and Spirituality package here!

Dadhichi Toth with the planets as a halo
This is Dadhichi Toth Principal astrologer and face reader at astrology.com.au

About the author

Dadhichi Toth, is one of Australia’s most respected astrologers and face readers and is also the founder and CEO of www.astrology.com.au. Having 32 years practical experience in the field with more than 10,000 personal consultations to his credit — including celebrity, corporate and political clientele — Dadhichi is also an author having written the annual best-selling Astrology Forecast series for Harlequin Mills and Boon for nine years. Dadhichi can be contacted at [email protected]

Aries 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast


Aries 2021 Overview

After months of things seemingly going backwards, your ruler, Mars is now moving into direct motion. You have a lot more confidence as the New Year starts. Your physical energy and drive are notable. You have a new lease on life. The other reason for this is its powerful transit through your Sun sign.

Pluto continues transiting your 10th house of profession indicating immense changes taking place in your career. This has been going on for some time and intensifies especially after April 28 when it moves into its retrograde motion. A transformation is likely to take place throughout the year leading you to take radical steps professionally.

In particular, the earlier part of the year should be a prominent one with the Sun and Mercury also joining Pluto on 5th and 15th of January respectively. This indicates further opportunities in your career with the likelihood of some sort of promotion or at least new doors opening for you. Some of these changes may be profound but also unanticipated due to the effect of Uranus in your 2nd house of finance.

For many, these changes come on the heels of generational and cultural/social changes that have been happening throughout the past year or so. As an example, the economic downturn due to COVID was something that was not in the control of the average person. More changes like this can be expected globally. It’s imperative for you to have a buffer to handle the ups and downs of life. Some of these events are not within your ability to change.

Luck and Jupiter’s 11th house transit

You’re lucky this year and this is because of the transit of Jupiter in your 11th house of friendships and life fulfilment. With this planet in a square aspect to Uranus, unexpected changes in your fortunes should be planned for. New directions in your social life and also sudden moves by business friends or business associates will astound you. This may also have consequences in your professional arena as Jupiter the 11th house has to do with the profits you earn from business and the efforts you make in your work generally.

Lunar eclipses on May 26 and November 19 take place in Sagittarius and Taurus respectively. The first one relates to your learning, your higher mind and spiritual endeavours. The 2nd one later in the year is more concerned with finance and your earning capacity. These two periods are very important and will punctuate 2021 in a big way.

A solar eclipse occurs on June 10 in Gemini. This eclipse will redefine your identity and has a great deal to say about your intellectual pursuits. It’s also a notable astrological event which impacts your relationships. This is because communication is the cornerstone of any great relationship. Another solar eclipse takes place right at the tail end of the year on December for stop again this occurs in the sign of Sagittarius. This sector relates to your partner’s communication style. By setting the pace earlier in the year, you get the good karma of your spouse or partner following suit.

In May a significant transit of Jupiter occurs. It moves to your 12th house. This is a very important transit that will last approximately one year. It focuses your attention on much more serious matters and your lifelong spiritual goals. It has a marked impact on your philanthropic and charitable nature. You will be drawn to helping others.

Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter makes a retrograde station on June 21 and this empowers your luck planet. See more on the segment on karma luck and spirituality further below. You will realise that you’ve possibly attached to much importance to your own self-development and spiritual methodology. The retrograde planet continues till October 18 and then moves into its direct motion. During the retrograde cycle, you may wish to reconnect with friends and loved ones and give them a little more time and attention.

Saturn has a fresh start in 2021 by transiting through its comfortable sign of Aquarius in your 11th house. This is the commencement of a 2 ½ year cycle and along with Jupiter, promises some very important developments in your social life. The 11th house also has to do with siblings, especially elder siblings if you have one. There may be some notable events taking place in that person’s life and you will need to be part of that. Reconnecting in establishing your deeper bonds of affection are on the cards.

Jupiter, Saturn also has some important retrograde and forward transits this year. On May 23, it moves into retrograde motion further strengthening its hold on your sibling relationships, social networking and other important desires you may have. The 11th house is also the house of desire. There may be some setbacks, unexpected obstacles and challenges to getting these relationships and desires back on track. Fortunately, these transits don’t last forever and October 11, Saturn also moves back into its normal motion bringing some resolution to these issues.

Your ruling planet Mars makes some important transit across your 4th house and 7th house throughout this year. The 4th house is your domestic sphere and also your internal happiness. Your 7th house is your marital affairs, those most important and heartfelt relationships. With Mars transiting these areas on April 23 and September 15 respectively, expect these points of the year to be quite significant. Personal affairs will drive you more than anything else at these times.

As the year closes, Saturn will bring with it a greater sense of responsibility, especially regarding your value system and money affairs. Your finances will be challenged by the square aspect of Saturn to Uranus. Although it may appear that this is a much more serious cycle, you’ll be happy to approach it with a can-do attitude. With greater responsibility, come better opportunities as well. If you prove to others that you’re up to the task and can do it with a progressive attitude, these challenging celestial events will work in your favour.

Communication and Working to Find New Methods to Solve Old ProblemsRomance and friendship

Friendship is high on your agenda this year with Jupiter transiting your 11th house. You should make hay while the Sun shines. It will pass out of the 11 that into the lower-key 12th house of your horoscope on May 14. Thereafter you’ll be getting down to the serious business of deeper self-reflection, hidden relationship problems and even matters of intimacy.

The 12th house is not often regarded as a sexual house, in the Hindu Vedic astrological system, the 12th house is particularly notable for its impact on sexuality. Generally, any sort of relationships such as marriage or de facto partnerships will come under some influence throughout this transit.

Venus enters a positive relationship phase when it enters your 11th house on February 2. This is a perfect time to spend time with friends and those you consider your social ‘tribe ‘. With the connection to Saturn on February 6, there may be a build-up of suppressed energy. You must communicate with your loved one to avoid any long-term negative ramifications.

Communication and greater personal appeal

Communicative Mercury makes a lovely connection with Venus on February 13 opening the way for a new dialogue with your loved one. Venus is your principal planet of love in that it rules your 7th house. A greater appeal can be expected through the conjunction of Sun and Venus on March 26. You will appear bright and sexually seductive to others. Mercury again makes contact with Venus on April 26 and on May 29. This could be a continuation of discussions that are necessary to smooth over any relationship troubles that you’re having.

If you’re single you must be careful not to overstep the bounds of good taste stop that’s when Mars and Venus move into the square aspect on February 20. Maintain your reputation and if your instincts tell you to stay away from someone, do so.

Venus transiting through your 12th house on February 25 and making important conjunction too idealistic Neptune on March 14 means that this period and the feelings you experience, should be balanced judiciously with some reason. It’s easy to get carried away and believe that someone is far more beautiful than they really are. You could come crashing back down to earth.

This transit of Venus to your 12th house of privacy and spirituality indicates a more low-key period for your relationships and during the interval of February 25 and March 22. It’s an ideal time to remain out of the spotlight and to gather your energies, speak intimately with your partner and reconfirm your goals together. If some of you are single, this is an ideal time to travel and enjoy an intimate moment or two with your loved one away from your usual stomping ground.

Greater confidence in good looks

On March 22, Venus transiting your Sun sign is an excellent bolster to your self-confidence and good looks. You feel and look great and others will take notice of you. You must be careful not to become too self-obsessed as Venus makes a square to Pluto on April 12. The square to Pluto along with the conjunction to Uranus makes you flighty, desirous of new and exciting people. You may be unpredictable in your action and the people you attract might be just as unpredictable. Be careful to make rational assessments of others.

Venus again squares Neptune on May 28. Although you may smooth over some problems and feel that your relationships are becoming more concrete and stable, you’re still wearing rose coloured glasses. You may not want to see the problems that are there. Simply glossing over deeper emotional issues is really just kicking the can down the road. Address whatever issues need to be looked at.

Venus transits transit your fourth house of domestic affairs on June 2. This is a significant transit converging all your energies on family affairs and bringing to the fore issues of long-term relationships with relatives, especially on the maternal side. Try to maintain some fun at home as being overly serious could bring the overall mood of your family down. It’s important the reciprocate joy and affection otherwise you lose the spontaneity that is necessary to keep the relationship alive and happy.

Around the same time take care not to speak about things that you know are going to irritate others when Mars transits your fifth house of love affairs. It opposes Saturn in your 11th house of friendships on July 1. You may not agree with everything others say but that doesn’t mean you have to steamroll them when they don’t have the same opinions as you. You may also feel frustrated for the time being. You may want to take a relationship further feel stonewalled.

Love in the workplace

Venus transits your sixth house of health on July 30 indicating problems with the well-being of a partner or maybe even the well-being of the relationship itself. This could be a time when you need to offer selfless service to the one you love without too much thought of expectation and return. You may also end up doing some work together and this will also test your endurance as a couple. For those of you that are single meeting, someone in your workplace or through work-related activities is a possibility.

New love opportunities arise around August 3 when Venus trines Uranus. You want something exciting and out of the ordinary. At the same time be careful to remind yourself that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Impulsive actions result in adverse consequences. Fortunately, you are able to revive your love and find someone worthwhile. If you’re single, when Venus transits your seventh house of August 16, you also experience some new opportunity in your love life. For those established in a relationship, this could take your Love to the next level.

There are some very important ‘intimacy‘ transits forming, especially later in the year. Venus transits your 8th house of September 11, the Sun on October 23, Mars, the planet of sexuality on October 31 and Mercury, the final transit on November 6. All these periods have to do with deeper connections and commitment to the one you love.
Understanding and accepting your sexuality are keys to deepening your love. These cycles are likely to be full of deeper emotional and sexual opportunities which can be used to regenerate your relationship. It seems as if the last part of the year is really going to take off intimately speaking.

Career and finance

Uranus continues to teach you major lessons about finance and doing business. Your income is under the jurisdiction now of this unpredictable planet. Uranus is making its way through your 2nd house and will continue in this area for some time.

Mars makes contact with Uranus on January 7 and this makes you somewhat unreliable, if not explosive over money matters. You must keep a level head even if things seem to be spiralling out of control in the early part of the year. And Uranus undergoes its retrograde transition after August 20 and this will continue till the end of the year. This means that you may have to retrace your steps and rectify some of the decisions you’ve made on financial matters.

Venus is welcome in your 2nd house and its transit takes place on April 15. Mercury is a clever twist to the Venus influence on April 19. These are lucky transits which can enhance your earning capacity. It also gives you a quick turnover if you happen to be running an independent business. This is also an aesthetic influence of what you do will be pampered with artistic and creative input on your part.

The drive to earn

The Sun transits your second house of income on May 21. You are driven to earn more money but must be careful to think things through very carefully. This is because Mercury squares Neptune on May 23. This makes you more likely to overlook the obvious. It’s a deceptive aspect see must be extremely cautious when negotiating with others, dealing with money and generally making decisions when your mind is not clear and in full possession of the facts. You might be impatient as things are moving as quickly as you would like.

June and July will be exciting months because you will be somewhat speculative in your handling of money matters. Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury all transit this area between June 11 and July 28. These months are particularly important for researching what areas you can invest your money in. The stock-market, annuities, bonds or even new business enterprises will be carefully looked at.

Squaring off debts will be important after July 22 when Venus transits your 6th house. Mars enters on July 30 with Mercury and the Sun following suit on August 12 and August 23 respectively. The sixth house also relates to your work activities. You will be driven to work really hard with Mars transiting this area of your horoscope.

You need to reason your schedules out more carefully and to see how they are impacting upon your personal life and this can be done on September 10 when Mercury also transits the same position. Venus transiting your sixth house of September 20 cautions you to be careful with your expenditures as debts may mount considerably.

You can expect an improved state of affairs with your business partnerships in the latter part of the year. They are likely to take place with the simultaneous transit of Venus and Mars into your seventh house. That will take place between August 16 and September 15 respectively.

Avoid hasty business decisions

It’s unwise to make hasty decisions during this period however as Mercury is opposite Uranus on August 20. It is also in the same position on November 14. During this cycle any sort of communication, letter writing or contractual opportunities need to be monitored carefully. Think twice before sending notices or complaints and impulsive or angry state of mind. Take care of tax matters especially when the Sun moves through your eighth house on October 23.

You can expect some brilliant opportunities for professional success and promotion in the last couple of months of 2021. Venus moves to your 10th house on November 5 with Mercury and the Sun adding weight to this forecast in mid-December. All good things come for those that wait.

Karma luck and spirituality

Some of your most important lessons this year, centre on clearing up your past. Resolving issues that have plagued you for years can clean your life slate. These effects are accentuated around May 14 when Jupiter enters your 12th house of spiritual insight. This is accentuated around June 21 when Jupiter moves into its retrograde cycle. Some spiritual epiphany may occur at this time due.

Your insights will be enhanced by the degree to which you’re able to remain alone and in contact with the inner messages you receive. It’s not a well-known principle, but the 12th house also relates to changes in residence or travels. Jupiter at this time could bring you an opportunity to travel to meet with someone who reveals a deeper and more spiritual dimension of your life. This may be a guru or mentor of sorts.

Well-being is connected to the people that you associate with

The North node or karma point transits your 3rd house of communication this year. Your well-being is connected to the people that you associate with. It’s about developing your own style of thinking and expression. The 3rd house is about your mind. It’s also about the desires you foster. Knowing what desires will help in which will hinder you in your search for happiness, is critical.

Saturn transits your 11th house of life fulfilment. It indicates that you’re be going through a period of a challenge with friends. Life may also be obstructive in giving you what you want immediately. You are experiencing the results of some poor decisions in your past. This is particularly connected to the type of company that you’ve had. This means that the belief systems and self-awareness level of some friends have not helped you.

Saturn will indeed transit through this sector of your horoscope for at least 2 ½ years. If you’re up to the challenge of stepping away from unhealthy relationships, your karma and spiritual development will skyrocket.

Astrology, Planetary Cycles and Tips for Success

Astrology, Planetary Cycles and Tips for Success

Ways of effectively planning for success

“Super successful people understand clearly that success is subject to universal laws. Planning and correct execution of those plans is the cornerstone of success.”

What are those laws of success? How can astrology and studying your horoscope help you to achieve your ambitions? Often your plans, resolutions and initiatives fall by the wayside within a few weeks of inception.

You’re back to the same old grind, not really achieving anything significant. Consequently, you’re left feeling a little embarrassed, possibly even ashamed. That’s especially so when you see others sticking to their resolutions.

So what’s the secret? Is there even a secret? Why are some people destined for greatness, success and wealth and others not? Some say its a matter of karma.

The majority seem to be treading water on a daily basis and getting nowhere? What are some techniques that can help you to step up into a new lifestyle and find real success? Astrology has some answers for you.

Looking at your Horoscope for success

career and financeA careful study of your horoscope shows the lines of least resistance to achieving success. There are several areas in your horoscope which will help you determine such things. The type of career path you’re best suited to is easily seen from your birth chart.

What you are destined to be is found according to your astrological signature and temperament.

What type of money can I earn?

Will I be rich or remain a salary earner?

Am I suited to business partnerships or entrepreneurial activities?

Does my horoscope show that I will earn great profits from any sort of business venture?

These are the sorts of questions that astrology can answer. But the other question is: If my horoscope shows that I’m fated to have success and loads of money what’s the point of even trying? You’ll be forced by your nature to make efforts, in spite of yourself. You may as well analyze your horoscope to see how to best use the talents you’re naturally endowed with. 

Cycles of the Planets

While most of us are quite familiar with the everyday solar and lunar cycles, we’re generally unaware of the other planetary cycles which determine events in different phases of life. These cycles show the highs and lows in our lives. The Sun determines seasonal changes.


Sun Cycles

Your waking, sleeping hours and timetables are symbolized by the watch you wear. Clocks simply reflect the daily movement of the earth on its own axis. The yearly calendar, of course, represents the solar cycle of 366 days and the movement of the earth around the Sun.


Mercury and Venus Cycles

The movements of Mercury and Venus are fast as they’re never very far from the Sun. They have varying time intervals, more or less similar to that of the Sun.

Mercury determines phases in our communication and intellectual capacity. Venus says more about the cycles of your relationships. Both these planets must be looked at to plan your best times for negotiations and business meetings. 


Mars Cycle

marsMars is the primal planet. It represents your basic drives. It takes just under two years to complete its cycle around the Sun.

The return of this planet to its fundamental position in your horoscope, that is where it was that birth, shows a whole new lift in the physical drive, energy, vitality and a determined effort to recommence your wotk with renewed efforts.


Jupiter Cycle

Jupiter, the first outer planet after Mars takes about twelve years to travel around the Sun and return to its birth position in your horoscope. This means it spends around one year in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac completing one circuit.

With Jupiter, we see fractions of that twelve-year cycle, as with the other planets, indicating stresses and /or easy points in life’s journey.

When Jupiter returns to its base position it indicates a fruitful period of expansion, spiritual awareness and the ability to achieve success. Opportunities usually present themselves at this time. The positive aspects of Jupiter to key planets also indicate times of success and good fortune.

Saturn Cycle

Saturn, the principle of limitation and time, as well as suffering, takes between 28 and 30 years to travel around the Sun. Many of you have heard of the term Saturn’s Return.

This planetary cycle clearly shows when it’s going to cause problems and challenges. If for example, Saturn is transiting the second house from the ascendant or Moon financial difficulties are be expected.

Separation from family and greater difficulty in communicating and earning is noted. If however, Jupiter, happens to be transiting your second house at the same time this will turn out to be a period of expansion.  Expect an increase in income and success. 

Some systems of Eastern astrology say the second house is also linked to your family. It will, therefore, signify the birth of children and improvements within the family circle. There will be good news such as engagements or marriage.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Nodal Cycles

The trans-personal planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, along with the North and South Node are usually used to determine generational influences. They also indicate important transits and events in your horoscope. Your personal calendar using these longer-range cycles indicates significant milestones in life. Note them and keep a record for yourself.


Take the half cycle of Uranus. The half-cycle is 42 years and usually coincides with what most of us call a midlife crisis. Unless these planets are closely linked to personal points in your horoscope you won’t easily recognize the impact on your life. Needless to say, these planets do have a subtle but also very profound influence.

026-plutoYou should incorporate these cycles into your calendar and life planning. Generally, however, the outer planets like Neptune and Pluto take hundreds of years to complete one cycle. For this reason, they’re used to study the development of humanity as a whole rather than individuals.

Other Systems of Astrological Forecasting

In astrology, there are many systems of forecasting. Both Western and Eastern systems have their own unique wisdom to impart. Astrologers take the transits of the planets in terms of their influence on the natal positions of the planets.

They also look at the relationship of planets to other transiting planets. This is very effective and offers accurate timing of when events are likely to occur. It helps you pinpoint those ‘success crescendos’. You can also see when you’re likely to find yourself in a lull.

There are also primary and secondary progressions which are regarded as symbolic methods of forecasting. Divisions of the year such as the movement of the Sun in its solar arc of 1° are used to indicate one year of life. There are other measures which many astrologers have experimented with.

Vedic Astrology Cycles

In the Hindu system of astrology the calendar and forecasting method is based on your lunar position at birth. This relates to the 27 stars and which one the Moon is located in at birth. By finding the ruling planet of the Star, the sequence of planets is allotted different intervals of rulership.

The Sun is given six years, the Moon ten years, Mars seven years, Mercury seventeen years, Jupiter sixteen years, Venus twenty years and Saturn nineteen years. Within these intervals, each planet is further allotted a sub-period, sub-sub period etc. This can be divided down to the interval of a breath. This is called prana dasha. For practical purposes, it’s highly unlikely you’d need to divide time to those very minute intervals.

In Vedic astrology, the transit of Saturn is extremely important. Its transit from the lunar position of the birth chart is given great consideration. The 7 ½ year cycle is called Sadesati. This includes the transit of Saturn through your 12th lunar house, your lunar house and 2nd house from the Moon. This is considered a very challenging cycle. It’s dependent on many other factors in your horoscope.

Studying Success from your Horoscope Makes Good Sense

Indeed, having your horoscope cast and studying the transits and planetary cycles is a great tool to determine success. If you want to gain an insight into what likely trends are occurring look at your horoscope. Understanding what’s going to happen in future makes good sense. It can help you effectively plan your life for success and any ups or downs.

Plan Strategy Target Aim Success Concept

Knowing when times will be lean affords you the opportunity to buffer and prepare for periods of adversity.

Life is always a series of highs and lows, wins and losses, ups and downs. It’s cyclic and everyone knows that. Any intelligent person, irrespective of their station in life understands this through personal experience. It’s extremely useful to incorporate this understanding into your life and work schedule.

Professionally, it’s useful to understand the high and low cycles. Knowing this, if you’re in a lazy cycle, take your holidays when you’re least efficient. If you’re at your peak and most productive, why would you take holidays? This can be applied to relationships as well.

Success isn’t only related to work and money. You want to be successful and happy in your love life to right? So many people work hard to find a soulmate without an understanding of the current or upcoming cycles.

Saturn in an adverse position to Venus trashes love. Knowing this why wouldn’t you redirect your energies into more constructive activities. Waiting for positive planetary love aspects improves relationships.

Resisting these cycles only produces more pain. An understanding of them creates a greater sense of freedom and autonomy. Some say that you’re in the grip of these planets and they have control over what’s happening.  Understanding your planetary transits and cycles gives you the ability to flow more freely with the passage of time. You’ll enjoy life to the fullest planning effectively for less favourable cycles.


About the Author: Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi Toth- Astrologer

Dadhichi is the founder and principal astrologer at astrology.com.au.

Contact Dadhichi you’d like some direct guidance on this topic.

He can be contacted here: 📧 [email protected]



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October 2020 Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus



Introduction to the Halloween blue Moon of October 31, 2020

The buzzword now both astronomically and astrologically seems to be this month’s Halloween Full Moon. But what does this mean? How does it differ from other phases of the Moon and what is the effect of it on you, me and everyone else? The full moon occurs every month however, this month is unique because there are two occurring with one happening precisely on Halloween.

With the Halloween Full Moon taking place in Taurus it will, of course, have ramifications on our practical and general life affairs. The Moon is connected with the basic cycle of life and is the reason why some of the eastern systems of astrology have a preference for using a lunar-based calendar rather than a solar-based calendar.

Two full moons happening in a single month usually only occur once every 2 ½ or 3 years. The second full Moon occurring is usually referred to as a ‘Blue Moon.’ It’s a mistake to think that the Moon will be blue on 31 October. But it’s an unusual occurrence to take place on the Halloween night. That only happens once every 19 years or so.

Important Resolutions Can Be Made This Halloween Blue Moon

The fact that there are two full Moons this October says something about what’s happening to us. If you believe that the planets, especially the Moon, have some important influence on human behaviour, use this time to improve your life. Through making important resolutions and focusing on what you want, these astrological cycles give you the opportunity to achieve your objectives. Hindu astrologers call this Sankalpa or intention.

Tuning into the full Moon on an important occasion like this can give you an opportunity to recalibrate your intention. Are there things in your life that have been missing? Is there something you want? Are you looking for something special to happen in your life? Tune in to what it is that you want and take some time on the evening of the Halloween blue Moon to focus with deep and sincere intention on what you want.

Depending on which philosophy or religion you follow, do your mantra or prayer. With deep devotion allow the lunar rays to penetrate your being and infuse you with the power of the divine goddess. The Moon is the esoteric significator of the female deity.

Essentially, the Moon is also connected to the astrological sign of Cancer. It represents mothering, nurturing, compassion and the emotional aspects of personality. Its effect during this important cycle will by nature impact upon your behaviour and decisions, both individually and collectively. Use it to redirect the energies in a way that you want.

Effects of The Halloween Blue Moon    

What are the effects on the twelve star signs of the zodiac? How will this affect you individually?

For each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the Moon this month will amplify its usual effects. Here are some of the effects of this Halloween blue Moon.


The Halloween Blue Moon will very much impact your financial circumstances being located in your second house. Because of the intensity of the Moon, expect your financial interactions, issues surrounding income and even negotiations about money to be more intensified and possibly even emotional. You need to bring some measure of control to how you feel about your earnings and the current status of your money.

The Moon will also shortly move to the trine aspect of Pluto. This shows a particularly transformative overhaul of your value system. Your resolution should be focused on earning more money and being more secure financially.


This Halloween full blue Moon will take place in your Sun sign and indicates your ability to forge new pathways in your life. As the Moon ruling your third house of velour, courage and exploration, you’re not about to take any prisoners now. It gives you fixity of mind which is already one of your primary traits. It also heralds the beginning of an even firmer position with your decisions.

Travels, interactions with new people and choosing a new life path may are the results of this lunar phenomenon in October. Your resolution should be focused on improving your self-image and character.


The Halloween full blue Moon occurs in your 12th house of hidden secrets which is also ruling charitable acts, spirituality, meditation etc you might find that this lunar phenomenon triggers deeper spiritual enquiry. This triggers your need to find out the real reason you’re here. What is the meaning of your life may be an important question now?

You’ll also be drawn to helping others and this could even be someone close to you, within your family or social circle. Your resolution should be to figure out ways to help others which in turn will come back to you was good karma.


New friendships are likely to be the result of The Halloween Blue Moon. There may be something fateful about the acquaintances you make during this period of your life. Females feature strongly as the Moon is a feminine planet and in your 11th house of social activities. As the Moon is your ruler, it indicates the start of a new cycle in which your self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity will also be at a peak.

Your resolutions might centre on making new friends and cementing your old relationships. Networking for the purpose of improving your career is also covered by this important lunar phase.


Your career is likely to receive a significant boost under this Halloween full blue Moon in October. As the Moon is transiting your 10th house of profession, you’ll be emotionally plugged into what it is you are doing workwise. With a strong intuitive sense of where you want to be professionally, focus on that. If you’re employed by a woman, she’ll also look favourably upon your actions. You must also be careful to not become too fixated on what it is you want.

Your desire nature may blind you to some of the simple things in life. This is the result of the North node having influencing your 11th house of desires and life goals. Pace yourself and be realistic in your expectations. Your resolution should be on achieving what you want professionally now.


The ninth house of your horoscope is activated by this Halloween full blue Moon and this indicates a strong urge towards spiritual activities. Higher education and long-distance travel will be on your agenda. If these things have been on your mind now is the time to act on them. Some of your desires have been suppressed because you haven’t had the means to fulfil them. It’s likely you’ll make an effort now to make your dreams a reality now.

The Moon is an important planet for those born under Virgo as it’s your 11th house of fulfilment. With its connection to your ninth house of luck and karma, this signifies the beginning of a brand-new and very positive cycle. You might consider resolution focused on improving your intellectual capabilities and skillsets. Focus on the destination of your travels to make that a reality as well.


The eighth house of the horoscope is a hidden and sometimes troublesome zone of the zodiac. With the Halloween full blue Moon transiting this area of your horoscope you will need to delve deeply into the psychological complexes that have been holding you back. Fortunately, the Moon rules your 10th house of profession and self-development. This reflects your need to understand yourself and your intimate relationships more fully. As long as you have a desire to make things better, this full Moon should be a great bolster to your true intentions. Make sure your resolution focus is fairly and squarely on your relationships and how to better improve your level of intimacy with the one you love.


This Halloween full blue Moon transiting your seventh house focus is on marriage and personal relationships. You’re likely to see an upswing in your connection with the ones you love. As the Moon is emotional and karmic by nature it also signifies your past karma. You are likely to forge deeper relations with those most karmically linked to you. That of course includes your mother, female relatives and others within your close-knit family circle. The sign of Taurus in which this full Moon takes place is a fixed sign. It has reference to long-term relationships.

Whatever problems you’ve had are now likely to be patched up with significant improvements on the horizon. Your resolution can focus clearly on how to mend a broken heart, improve your intimate relations or find your soulmate if you’re single.


Health matters may come into focus now and if you’ve swept any concerns under the rug, the Halloween full blue Moon of October will be a turning point for you. You will make a strenuous effort to improve yourself and your lifestyle. This also relates to your heavy work schedule. How you’re mentally and physically influenced by your work and the people you work with will also be a focus. Debts are associated with the sixth house through which this Moon is transiting now.

It’s, therefore, time to balance your accounts for the start of a new cycle. Make a resolution directed to removing your debts, growing your bank balance and also improving your health and well-being.


You have a desire to explore new avenues romantically. This Halloween full blue Moon will most definitely bring ample opportunities your way. You can expect that in the coming weeks and months. You have a greater emotional need now. Whereby you’re usually practical about how you engage in relationships, you will begin to wear your heart on your sleeve. Look for more sensitive and meaningful connections while these energies prevail. Children also come to the fore as the fifth house of your horoscope. This lunar transit takes positively affects them.

Your resolution must focus on love affairs, creativity and relationship with younger people. Use the lunar arrays to enhance your intuition and creative output


All matters surrounding your domestic situation will come into clear view now under the Halloween Blue Moon. You’ll be making changes that affect not only your financial well-being. Your emotional well-being and that of your family members is also high on your list of things that can be improved. For some of you, this could be a turning point where you decide to move. You might at least shift the focus on improving the quality of your living circumstances.

Create a better space in which to live. That will have an immense impact on your personal well-being. Issues surrounding your mother are also highlighted. The Moon and the fourth house in which this transit takes place govern these aspects of your life. If you aren’t happy in your current circumstances use the full Moon resolution to change that for the better


You’re better able to negotiate a good deal now and to speak your mind and therefore, this Halloween Blue Moon which takes place on 31 October gives you the energy you men looking for. Coupled with the courage to speak your mind and ask for what you want, your surprise yourself and others when you make your demands known. You may surprise yourself as Uranus, the planet of unexpected outcomes is near this full Moon. This is you the ability not only change the course of your life but to do it in a dramatic fashion. Your words and intentions will affect others in a meaningful way now.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want now is the third house also has to do with taking chances and going for what you want. This new Moon resolution should be focused exactly on that. If you’ve been timid and concerned about taking some decisive action, use these full Moon rays to strengthen your resolve and act. Be brave.

About the Author: Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi Toth with the planets as a halo
This is Dadhichi Toth Principal astrologer and face reader at astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is the principal astrologer, founder and CEO of astrology.com.au. He is a specialist in both Western and Eastern systems of astrology. He is a bestselling author and can be contacted at [email protected]


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Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and Coronavirus

Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and Coronavirus

Coronavirus: How your thoughts and feelings affect the environment

– Dadhichi Toth – Founder and CEO, astrology.com.au

I’m hearing so many interesting perspectives. There are convincing arguments on both sides of the coronavirus debate.  This article is about human Bio-magnetic pollution and coronavirus. Let’s take a look at Coronavirus: How your thoughts and feelings affect the environment.

Jupiter and Pluto continue to mingle their energies. We see issues of power coming to the fore. I don’t want to come across as taking sides, either for against.

My job as an astrologer is to  look as impartially as possible at what the planetary combinations indicate. There is a language in the planetary movements. If astrology is anything, it’s the language of life and how it plays out. This language describes the process of karma. It shows how, at any given moment the perfect Universal Law is being expressed. This happens through the planetary transits. Yes, even this tragic epidemic is part of that law.

The combined influence of Jupiter and Pluto is traditionally considered a power combo. Look at Jupiter’s debilitation. A planet’s debilitation disempowers it. It’s like a reverse tarot card. The inherent goodness of that power, its goodwill and generosity is inverted. Its proximity to Pluto inverts that power and it collapses in on itself. This no doubt  this has to do with governments what its perfect description is: plutocracy. I can’t say what form this will take, precisely. Astrologically this will play out at a government and societal level as well as a purely medical one. This is all about power its use and abuse and control.

Of course this corruption is always based on power and greed. No doubt it is also a race by scientists of different countries to secure the gold medal of the medical Olympics by finding that magic potion, THE vaccine. And given the number of vaccinations likely, it’s a massively big gold medal. It’s a lucrative market commercially. This is just one possible manifestation of the Jupiter and Pluto combination. Later I talk a little about bio-magnetic pollution. This is related to the personal manifestation of the Jupiter and Pluto energy. Don’t forget to read that, it’s the most important part of this article.

I’ve been through many winters. I’ve seen so many influenzas come and go. I remember getting very sick once after flying back from the US and couldn’t get out of bed for 5 days. Now, as far as this coronavirus is concerned, I don’t know if it’s natural or, as some are asserting, militarily manufactured, but I know this: in our nearby hospital here in the Philippines 23 doctors have dropped down dead. A total of over 250 health care workers are very ill. I also have some friends who’ve been very ill and one that almost died.

Social ramifications

corona virus stay safeSo, going back, I never recall 20 doctors dying in a two week period. It’s not a made up number. The families of those dead people are grieving. That’s never happened in my Life.

Remember the Spanish flu? Do you believe it happened? You know why 65 million died ( this is the estimated number but possibly as high as 100 million ) Because they didn’t implement the extreme social measures that are being enacted now.

Yes, these measures seem cruel. But…what’s the point of studying history, biology, virology, medicine, if we continue to ignore what history teaches us.

There are 12 million poor people in Manila and Quezon City who have no food right now. They are in lockdown like most of us only they don’t have any sort of medical or social safety net. They are on the breadline. They are starving. And right now they are starting to get angry.

The social consequences of this are like a pressure cooker. Both sides are vehemently arguing the case. One is saying we should allow people out so that they liberties aren’t infringed upon.

The others are saying we should be totally responsible and curtail some of the comforts of life for the good of the larger population. This really is a question of the better of two evils.

To those wanting all restrictions lifted, a reasonable question is: what’s the alternative plan? Let’s assume you are right and our liberties aren’t trampled and you are free to wander anywhere freely. How do you deal with this emergency?

The astrologer stands impartially in the middle like Spain during the First World War, which remained neutral. It copped a walloping like many ‘middle standers’ because it simply asked questions and was straight up and down in its approach. It was one of a few nations which spoke the truth through its media, unlike the warring countries whose media feared a backlash if the truth of the situation was known. Is that the case now? It’s a reasonable question.

The social consequences of this are like a pressure cooker. Both sides are vehemently arguing the case.

Mercury, Neptune and Deception in the Media

Mercury has just passed the deceptive conjunction of Neptune. That has taken place in the 11th house of Aquarius in the natural Zodiac. Aquarius stands for the group, is a human sign and representation of society as a unit.

There’s no doubt from this conjunction that communication which is ruled by the third house and Mercury and being in connection with the 12th house Pisces and its ruler Neptune, that misinformation is at tsunami size proportions. That information is coming at everyone from all angles.

Furthermore, the Sun which is the natural significator of governments and the ‘ruler‘ is also found to be in the 12th house.

Whatever numbers we’re seeing at the moment are more than likely a massive underestimation. Why do I say that? In many countries including the US, there’s no universal healthcare. It costs a lot of money to go to the doctor, have tests, see specialists and spend time in a hospital bed.

I see a lot of poverty where I am. If poor people here in the Third World country, aren’t feeling well but have a little money, it will primarily be spent feeding their three or four young fatherless children.

Rather than racing off to a hospital to spend that money on tests they’ll make do with the little they have. For that reason, there must be millions of impoverished people suffering from this virus. They haven’t yet been tested or acknowledged as having been infected. That’s alarming.

This is what I am seeing and this is what is terribly frightening in terms of the so-called numbers. I can’t even start to imagine how many sick people are lying in bed at home in say India. Have any of you seen the numbers?

Take a look at the live update for infections at https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?

  • America with a population of 320 million has 435,000 infections.
  • India on the other hand, with a population of 1.3 billion has…..get ready for it….5,546.
  • That’s almost 58,000 times the number of infections. In the USA, a first world country, with all of the most modern appliances, high-speed Internet, air-conditioning and best scientific and medical minds, that’s a very worrying number and disproportionate statistic.

I don’t claim to have any of the answers whatsoever. I’m just looking at the charts and also the statistics. That’s all I have to go by.

Locally, I see what’s happening and there’s obviously a problem. My posts are more along the lines of questioning rather than making statements. I believe it’s okay to say “I don’t know”. Apart from any news or information from outside ourselves, it’s not a bad idea to rely on a thing that has, for the most part, fallen by the wayside over the past few years – that is, Common Sense.

Apart from any news or information we are receiving outside ourselves, it’s a good idea to rely on a thing that has for the most part fallen by the wayside over the past few years and that is Common Sense.

Common sense tells you that these numbers just don’t add up. I’m not saying why they don’t add up. I’m just saying they don’t. Maybe later they’ll be revised.

Until you have more information on this it’s difficult to make an honest assessment. That’s makes it all the more difficult when no one knows whether the news, facts, statistics and other associated information with this or any other news we are receiving is factual or fabricated.

Human Biomagnetic Pollution Contributing to the Coronavirus Problem

Your thinking and emotions affect your world. You wouldn’t throw your trash out the car window. Don’t throw your emotions out either.

We’ve seen how the plutocratic energies of Jupiter and Pluto affect everyone on a societal and political level. We also see how that energy is corrupt when these planets are in proximity to each other. On a personal level, this combination of Jupiter and Pluto is about asserting your own power. You can find out more about bio-magnetic pollution here https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.est.7b00832

Jupiter’s debilitation is unfortunate as it tends to make you pessimistic. You’ll look at the worst-case scenario of a situation. Because Jupiter is the largest planet, you’re likely to over exaggerate the problem. Isn’t that what we’re seeing around us everywhere – negative and fake news, disputes, division of friendships, scathing opinions, fear, suspicion and accusation. This is the result of these adverse planetary influences. And all that negative stuff has a birth place. It’s called the human mind.

The additional hard aspect of Saturn and Pluto receive the square of the Sun. In its transit to all of these planets we see a harrowing celestial event. It’s obvious that the social and economic consequences of this virus are going to be worse than the virus itself.

The manipulation of power and abuse of people is always easier when the masses are at a disadvantage. They are diseased, weak, and hungry and right now feel disempowered. If, history is to be believed as repeating itself, it’s the disenfranchisement of the masses that leads to mass uprisings. And it will.

You’ll look at the worst-case scenario of the situation and because Jupiter is the largest planet, you’re likely to over exaggerate the problem.

Humans polluting the mental atmosphere with anger and other negative emotions.
Your thinking and emotions affect your world. You wouldn’t throw your trashout the car window. Don’t throw your emotions out either.

In most cases you can’t easily change or anything at a government level. This makes you feel powerless. You’re getting bombarded with all sorts of videos, commentaries, snippets, statistics, fear mongering etc. It’s almost impossible to know what to think or feel. The pressure of being socially distant challenges the very social instincts of human beings. This starts to eat away at the psyche of the individual and society as a whole.

Your circle of immediate influence is where you have most power to influence your world. This doesn’t only go for your family and domestic space. It has more to do with your mental and emotional space.

We chastise others for eating junk food. We educate them to understand that becoming physically bloated with a devitalised, processed diet is dangerous to life. What about what we are feeding our minds? What about the diet of processed, homogenised, filtered, censored ‘digitalia’? How is your mind right now? Are you thinking good thoughts, bad thoughts? Are you filled with anger, outrage and everything you hear and see?

Imagine all the time you spend surfing, arguing, doubting, fearing, apprehending, mistrusting, disbelieving? Each thought you have is associated with a chemical reaction, each feeling also contributes to the secretions of chemicals and hormones. These, in turn, have a direct impact on your electromagnetic field.

When you take a negative field or thought projection and multiply it by 8 billion, that’s an awful lot of negative EMF being generated in our world. It’s a bio-magnetic feedback of sorts and an often overlooked source of many of our problems.

In short, we are all unhappy and perpetuating that with what we feed our senses. We have gorged ourselves on junk ‘mental’ food. We are bio-magnetically polluting our mental and emotional atmospheres. It’s nothing more than Human Bio-magnetic Pollution Contributing to the Coronavirus Problem!

What’s happening now is a karmic consequence on every level. There are no accidents in life, as most intuitive people would know. This type of lockdown and social distancing should be used wisely, spiritually as a fast, to cleanse your mental and emotional sphere. This should ideally be done within yourself. If all the ‘selves‘ unite this energy, it will be self-sustaining and continue to grow exponentially.

We are bio-magnetically polluting our mental and emotional atmospheres. Human Biomagnetic Pollution Contributing to the Coronavirus Problem

Where are you spending your time? What are you doing to create a positive force field around yourself? What are you creating? What are you generating and what sort of legacy are you leaving the people behind you? While you’re reading endless babble on social sites like

wastebook, what could you have achieved personally, spiritually? Imagine how bringing that energy together with others in unison and generating positive energy, as a group, might impact society and the world?

Start containing your best energy and stop bio-magnetically polluting your environment.

What’s happening now is a karmic consequence on every level.

There are no accidents in life, as most intuitive people would know.

This type of lockdown and social distancing should be used

wisely, spiritually as a fast, to cleanse your mental and emotional sphere.


You may not be able to fight City Hall, but you can generate your best energy and be peaceful and happy in yourself. Control your negative thinking at least a little to contribute to a pure atmosphere around you. This also comes with the necessity to be grateful even for the little you have. You’re not here for a long time, so as much as possible try to remain serene, do the best you can within your circle of influence. Hopefully, that energy will move things forward positively. Remember, we’re all in this together.

About Dadhichi Toth, the Author

Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Vedic Astrologer and best-selling author. Dadhichi’s the founder of astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology.

He is the founder and CEO of astrology.com.au and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years.

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Solar Eclipse in Cancer June 21, 2020: Feelings on the Boil

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

NEW Beginning, NEW Feelings, NEW INTERACTIONS BEGIN on June 21 WITH THE STUNNING New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Cancer


How coincidental that many are referring to the current social circumstances as the ‘new normal’. The ‘new normal’ and this solar eclipse coincide. Many people are so frustrated with feelings now reaching boiling point. How we feel and interact with each other is certainly changing now. With Mars and Neptune involved it’s not necessarily for the better.

If you’re looking at these transits purely from the material perspective you’ll miss the deeper point and lesson of the eclipse. What this solar eclipse is telling you is that the way you express your feelings sets the trend for how you will be treated. Karma is a critical aspect of any eclipse as the eclipses always take place on the karmic/nodal axis.

Whenever an eclipse takes place awareness and a new level of perception are needed. Cultivating a harmonious state of understanding in your discussions, activities and relationships spiritualizes those things. Once this happens there’s no concern whether your views or someone else’s are the same or different.

Respect becomes the communication bridge.

This eclipse points to it being one of insightful perception. Cancer being a water sign is extremely intuitive. It’s also a sign of nurturing and transforming yourself. This is primarily done through caring for others. It has to do with new ways of expressing your love and of relating better to others through that love. Remember, love is a verb! The solar eclipse in Cancer signals a new me and a new you!


There are challenging aspects of Mars and Neptune during this eclipse. The changes we wish to make in ourselves shouldn’t be foisted on others. There’s an aggressive component to the Mars energy. Feelings boil over. The fact that Mars has recently passed over Neptune shows its impotence. Neptune is dreamy, otherworldly whereas Mars is an action planet, impulsive. It wants things, and it wants them now!


Given the Mars-Neptune connection, perhaps the more appropriate word should be ‘collision’. A challenging aspect from these two planets to eclipses is never desirable. It represents an intensification of ideals versus ideals. It shows the division between blue and red, left and right, black and white and so on. You might call this a ‘binary eclipse’.


This also describes the social unrest we’ve seen in the United States and other Western countries recently. In the political or mundane/social and cultural world, Mars and Moon’s contact relate to the anger of the masses. The feeling planet being aggravated by Mars shows that reason may be conspicuously absent.


Cancer is a movable sign. The solar eclipse here offers a way out by inviting you to embrace the notion of stabilising emotions rather than expressing them irrationally. Greater tolerance and understanding of others irrespective of their colour or creed underpins the energy. It demands a change of outlook. There’s no necessity to accept or reject any person. Use what life is throwing at you intuitively as a stepping stone to the higher gateways of inner development, peace and unity.


Maintaining presence of mind develops deeper insight into the fluctuating karmic patterns of life.


It endows you with the ability to stabilize your awareness in the midst of changing life conditions, even catastrophic ones such as we’ve been experiencing.

Astrologer’s Overview

Some fascinating facts about the June 21, 2020 Solar Eclipse

June 21 2020 Solar Eclipse

This solar eclipse takes place in a Cardinal sign and therefore all the Cardinal signs will feel its impact very strongly. The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. As Jupiter and Pluto are also currently retrograde in the movable sign of Capricorn immense energies are building to a crescendo. Mercury, Venus and Saturn also are dancing to the retrograde tune.

The hard aspect of Mars to this eclipse can be explosive. It’s during this cycle that self-containment and presence of mind are absolutely necessary.

Taking full control of yourself helps avert disputes and breakups which will be caused by impulsive words, choices and behaviour. The same applies to politicians. They must also exercise greater control during and after the eclipse.

What happens for the rest of 2020 and beyond, rests upon many astrological factors. This eclipse and where it stands in your horoscope can be very revealing for the current and general trends of the year. If it affects your rising or Sun sign you’ll feel the effects upon your physical self, your appearance and ways in which you can become more popular. For the Cardinal signs mentioned above, this will be the case. If it occurs in the seventh house it relates to business partnerships, marital status and changes in your most significant relationships and so on and so forth.

Did you know?

Solar eclipses are seen to have an impact, particularly on the head of state of those countries, the governments, ministers; also top personalities and celebrities. The influence of an eclipse may not be felt immediately, however, if a solar eclipse, the ramifications can last for as many years as is equivalent to the hours of the duration of the eclipse.

The actual effect of the eclipse is best studied from subsequent lunations and transits of the faster moving inner planets to sensitive points. These are determined through the horoscope drawn for the precise time of the eclipse.

Early founding astrologers made the following observations in terms of when those events can be expected:

  • Eclipses falling near the eastern horizon manifest within 4 months
  • Eclipses falling at the Midheaven or apex of the horoscope ie directly above the locality should give their affects between six and eight months after the eclipse and
  • If the eclipse happens to fall near the western horizon the effects will not be felt until from anywhere between 8 to 12 months after the eclipse.
  • This eclipse falls on the date of the solar ingress into Cancer. The ingress is of the four cardinal sign transits which represent the seasons of the year.
  • The eclipse falls very near the polestar which is around 28° of Gemini. The Chinese considered this specific Star to be ‘the great honourable Lord of the heavens ‘. It’s fascinating that just as the Chinese nation is making its move to dominate the world, this important eclipse should be taking place. The star is said to give spiritual powers to the bearer who will be highly respected.

It’s not an easy thing to determine the eclipse effects because for too long astrologers have generalised that an eclipse is a foreboding omen without taking into consideration the aspects, fixed stars and other celestial factors that modulate the energies and frequencies of an eclipse.

More research is necessary to study the very influences of the eclipses but one thing is for certain-historically at least it seems that these solar eclipses do tend to have an impact not only on the general public but on individuals as well.

Remedial Hints for the Solar Eclipse in Cancer for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Did you know that there are remedial measures in astrology and that they can be used to neutralize the influence of negative planetary forces on you? This isn’t for everyone but for those of you interested enough to learn these mysteries handed down to me by my mentors – let me introduce you to some Tantric hints.

ancient tradition of understanding how to work in harmony with the forces of nature and destiny. Turn this phase of stagnation or “bad luck” into good fortune. The eclipse is a perfect time to channel lucky energies to improve your life.

Observe regular fasting on the day of your choice. Depending on which day you choose, the planet ruling that day will be brought under your submission.

  • SUNDAY is ruled by the Sun  ☀ and helps remove disease, improve health and vitality and gives long life.
  • MONDAY is ruled by the Moon 🌙 and fasting on this day will bring your emotions and domestic situations under control.
  • TUESDAY is ruled by Mars ♂ and gives you strength, courage and the ability to win over adversaries.
  • WEDNESDAY is ruled by Mercury ☿ and is an excellent day to improve your intellect, study habits and strengthen your nervous system.
  • THURSDAY is ruled by Jupiter ♃ with fasting on this day uplifting your spiritual vision, giving you deeper insight into yourself. It is generally a luck amplifier.
  • FRIDAY is ruled by Venus ♀ and bringing this planet under control through fasting promises happiness and satisfaction in love and social activities.
  • SATURDAY is ruled by Saturn ♄ and fasting on this day enhances your professional opportunities and skills.

This exercise is one of the keys to turning your luck around, especially around eclipse time.

How this eclipse will affect you and the world?

This solar eclipse will affect your Zodiac star sign in a unique way. This eclipse takes place and is visible across the Asian region. The penumbral shadow gives you a preview of which countries are likely to start feeling the impact of an eclipse. Even now we see the tension is mounting on the India-China border. The eclipse will cut across the Asian region and what impact this area over the coming months and years. Here are some of the other countries that may be affected –

  • The Republic of China chart Pluto is at 27° Gemini 45 minutes. The North node will make a conjunction to this point shortly translating the light of the eclipse to it.
  • North Korea’s -Uranus
  • India independence chart-Mars
  • Midheaven of Kuwait
  • Ascendant of Nigeria
  • Mali Republic-Mars
  • United States chart-Venus
  • The penumbral shadow falls smack bang on Taipei

June 21 2020 Solar Eclipse Map

Mars and Neptune are in close square to this solar eclipse on June 21.

It’s going to bring feelings to the boil, individually and societally.

Now, check this out: The eclipse takes place in the upper part of the Republic of China Chart near the fixed star, The Pole Star. The Chinese had high regard for this star as “the great honourable Lord of the Heavens”.

This eclipse is also an unusual one and is referred to as a Ring of Fire Eclipse. This means that the Moon is at its apogee and a ring will appear around the Sun at the peak of the eclipse. That ring of fire also hints at the militant quality of the eclipse coupled with Mars, the planet of war.

It gives pursuit of aims, and with positive planets, discreetly so. This eclipse, however, casts a shadow of doubt on their integrity. That doubt is already in full swing. Is it a coincidence that China and North Korea, are both in battle mode on the Indian and South Korean borders respectively?

  • Is it a coincidence the eclipse shadow will cut right across Asia, visible in India, China, parts of Africa and Korea ( as well as Australia )?
  • Is it a coincidence the eclipse takes place in the zone of leadership in the China Republic declaration chart?

These sorts of eclipses herald the death or overthrow of leaders in the nations affected by the eclipse, especially if the penumbral shadow is visible in that country, which it will be.

The Sun is the King, so to speak. As such, this eclipse is ominous. Could there be an overthrow of incumbent power or reclamation of the Taipei leadership? Could there possibly be war as Mars as involved? 

On a personal note, this eclipse will affect all of us in different ways. Depending on your Zodiac star sign, the eclipse will take place in one or other of the houses of the Zodiac. There are 12 houses or sectors which make up to 360° circle of the Zodiac.

Take this opportunity to meditate and contemplate under the eclipse. The ancient astrologers believe that the power radiating from an eclipse accelerates your spiritual evolution if you tune with it.

In a nutshell, here are the spheres of life in which this Solar Eclipse all will impact each of the star signs. Further down take a look at the more detailed reading for how this eclipse will radically transform your life!

SNAPSHOT: 12 Zodiac Horoscope Forecast under the Solar Eclipse

Making changes at home are ideal now and this solar eclipse gives you the opportunity and support of family members who also want to help you improve your shared living space.

Exploring new means of communication, marketing and branding will help put you back on the map. If you’ve been out of circulation it’s time to re-emerge from your cocoon and spread your wings.

You have some brilliant insights into increasing cash flow, earning a better hourly rate and doing work that fits your creative urge. Job interviews swing your way.

You impress others now with a resolution to improve your presentation, self-esteem and persuasive skills. Others take notice of you under this solar eclipse so meetings and negotiations are positive.

You are reassessing your recent past and can see exactly how your decisions are impacting your current and future circumstances. Big changes are afoot and you are confident about the coming months.

A greater push to create a new circle of friends and worthwhile connections see you making efforts socially. New friends will be supportive as they will be on your wavelength.

The solar eclipse influences your work and brings with it fresh new opportunities. You’re able to use your influence to make changes in your professional environment.

New forms of learning intrigue you and this could involve a whole new level of understanding. Travelling is also on the cards and will bring you in touch with new cultures and interesting people.

Banking, finance and how you share your money with others will be a focus under this new Moon. Setting up a new bank account and investment portfolio is worthwhile.

Relationships and more importantly, intimate ones, will be subject to a whole new makeover. You are committed to improving your love life and feel much better emotionally.

Current work conditions give you a new lease of life in terms of creative input. You have more of a say in your role. Connecting with co-workers who have a similar goal enhances career.

Exploring romance, creativity and love life are the hallmarks of this solar eclipse for you. You are attractive to the opposite sex and want to make the most of any existing relationships you have.


More detailed reading for each of the 12-star signs and how the total solar eclipse in Cancer will affect you?

advanced divider


How will this eclipse affect you?

Your family affairs will be under the spotlight as this total solar eclipse radically alters everything in this Department of your life. This should be a transformative cycle as Mars also joins the eclipse and pushes you into balancing the needs of your relatives with your own personal wants and desires.

Educational pursuits will also come under closer scrutiny and if you’ve been studying something recently you may decide that this is not exactly for you. You want to resonate with what you are doing now and peace of mind will take on greater importance. You realize that life is so short and that there’s no use beating around the bush.

Some Rams have been stuck in a rut and want to do something meaningful in your life. This is an opportunity to seek out study courses or degrees which are going to help you earn more cash but to make you feel as if you now have some purposeful meaning in what you do.

The North node may also cast a shadow on some of your personal belongings such as house, car and other valuable items. You could be reevaluating what things really are of value in your life now.


How will this eclipse affect you?

How you communicate with people is vitally important in determining the success of your future and as this total solar eclipse takes place in your sphere of communications you’ll find your interest in this area keenly growing. You will start to connect the dots and understand how speech and language have an incredible influence on others.

You’ll want to study patterns of language, neurolinguistics, and the psychology of how you can better get on with others. Part of this investigation will trigger your interest in travel and if you’ve been leading a sedentary life for some time that’s all about to change.

Travel is not only physical but mental and in your case, you will find a common meeting point where the two converge. Getting out and about, meeting new people and particularly those who are of like mind and can exchange ideas will be spotlighted in the coming year or so. With Jupiter’s transit also expanding your intellectual horizons this is going to be extraordinarily powerful period and one in which you will learn many new lessons in life that you can apply practically.

Your relationship with siblings (if you have any) will also come to the fore and previous problems must now be addressed or it could be another 18 to 20 years before those issues are resolved.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Sometimes success is unconsciously feared so whatever has been holding you back from attaining your financial goals can be worked through over the next few months and beyond. Karmic forces will be unleashed during this solar eclipse. It brings your attention to issues of money, value and expanding those opportunities for you to do better and the live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

Now is the time to take hold of those dreams. Bring them down to practical reality and go for what it is that you want irrespective of what others think or feel. In other words, this is a time of courage. You’ve been slowly been building up these resources to make the necessary changes.

Family matters may be under a cloud for the time being as you work through what you need give those in your close-knit circle the sort of life they want. But fear may surround you as well and your courage is what’s going to carry you through. If you look back 18 to 20 years ago you will find similar circumstances and planetary influences were affecting you and in fact, this period now will be one in which you can resolve some of those previous karmic obstacles.

As this cycle progresses you will find yourself earning more money and this is because of your changing thought patterns. As long as you bring your focused will to bear on these desires you’ll be successful.


How will this eclipse affect you?

You want to stand out during and following this current important total solar eclipse which takes place in your Sun sign. This pattern of behaviour and your personality type is now changing. This, of course, requires adaptation by you and those you live and work with. Initially, you’ll test the water to see whether, for example a new hairstyle, garments or even your words have greater value. How will people react? Well, Cancer, you’ll never really know unless you try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This is most definitely a period of experimentation with your relationships (Uranus trines the eclipse) and more importantly how you view yourself. It is self-image that matters the most and how we project that onto the world. This is what happens when the eclipse and the karmic forces of nature bear upon your Sun sign.

Over the next few months, the North node will continue to transit your Sun sign of Gemini ( the preceding sign to yours ). This  results in many radical changes in your life and relationships as a result of carefully analysing your past actions will.

You will be keenly interested in stepping outside the norm of your relationships as well. Your tastes in terms of people will be shifting and you may even surprise yourself with your choice of partners and friends during this upcoming period.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Those things in life we fear are the things we must deal with and eradicate. Under this total solar eclipse, you’ll have to address some of those fears and incidences or circumstances that have weighed heavily upon you throughout your past life. Going back into history is sometimes painful and as the karmic forces of nature impact upon your 12th house of hidden secrets, spirituality and self-analysis, you’ll gradually work through this creating the momentum you need to have a life which is burden free.

Guilt and shame are two of the worst emotions we can feel and if you’ve been weighed down by these feelings over the years you’ll finally have a breakthrough. With the eclipse transiting this essential part of your horoscope you will be able to expand your insight and take to meditation and yoga and other self-analytical practices which will bring you to a point in your life where finally peace and satisfaction prevail. But you need to make the effort and put aside the time, and more importantly cast off your judgement and prejudice.

If you’ve had preconceived ideas about all this new age airy-fairy stuff you need to suspend your suspicion and see what happens if you do look deeply into yourself with a view to becoming a more integrated person. This seems to be the focal point of the next year or so. Charity and working with those less privileged may be keys to unraveling some of these inner mysteries.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Many of you born under the sign of Virgo will be experiencing a significant shift relating to friendships over the next few months and all due to this very powerful solar eclipse taking place in your 11th house of friendships and social activities. New acquaintances emerge in a whole new circle of influence can be expected.

You have to re-evaluate what defines a friendship and some of you will have found your long-held friendships dissolving before your very eyes. In some cases, you may not even have any idea why this is happening but you’re questioning the motives of anyone and everyone now, including your family.

This sounds like a period of mistrust, fear and dissatisfaction but believe me you can only clear the decks of useless individuals in your life by dealing with these issues fairly and squarely. You mustn’t allow others to take advantage of you and you will certainly be seen to be a little harder, more ruthless in your dealings with others generally, but this is going to spare you considerable suffering in the future.

Part of this process relates to your understanding that self-esteem and self-worth are determined by the type of people you allow into your life. You are making a statement now and will not accept anything less than what you believe you deserve. This is going to shake up your life somewhat and it could even shock those who are closest to you especially when they come under your scrutiny and they don’t live up to the new standards that you are setting for yourself.

With Mars also influencing the eclipse and being in your relationships zone this area of your life will be challenged. You’ll learn lots of economising with your feelings and words. This is a period where you’ll be more reactive and impulsive.


How will this eclipse affect you?

You have an extraordinary spiritual and material shift about to culminate with your relationship planet Mars influencing this important total solar eclipse. The eclipse takes place in your career sector, the most powerful 10th house of your horoscope. How you deal with these energies is up to you but with a little planning and diligent, hard work you’ll achieve something extraordinary over the coming months.

These karmic forces indicate that you’ve already worked consistently hard for some years now and have been waiting patiently for the results. Not that it’s the results you are focused on, but good work, expertise and a refining of your skills which will slowly result in a better reputation with additional income.

This 10th house of your horoscope has to do with the development of your ego. The Moon, the ruler of this house is an integral part of the eclipse. It indicates the importance of this event on your professional activities. New beginnings are seen resulting from a solar eclipse as this celestial event only takes place during the new Moon. It also refers to the development of your character. Having the influence of the shadowy karmic forces on you at this time shows you’ll become more serious about what you want in life.

Your enquiring nature is at the heart of your personality. Some idea may have to be mothballed for a while as you become more attentive to practical and material necessities. If brings your concentration to bear upon what has to be done. You’ll come out the other end with a completely new and improved lifestyle and persona.


How will this eclipse affect you?

This solar eclipse takes place in the Sun sign of Cancer in your ninth house with Mars squaring it. This challenges your beliefs. It brings with it the promise of your past karma with effort. The actions of your past will now meet the promise of your present and future life. Those fruits, depending on those actions, whether good or bad, will be reaped by you now.

You will take an interest in expanding your mind, taking on new forms of education and learning and this doesn’t necessarily mean a university or college degrees but a keen interest in topics which you feel a resonance with. So take this as a period of great learning and expansion.

Foreign affairs, travel and perhaps even moving offshore may be of importance to you at this time. This could be because of your desire to expand so much that you feel a little stifled by the same old environment and cultural interests you’ve had over the years. This may also have to do with Saturn which has been transiting your zone of self-fulfilment and personal happiness.

You are working at overcoming self-limitations. This eclipse is going to help lessen the resistance you’ve been feeling in your life. It’s only through rising above the concept of self-limitation that an expansion of self takes place. You’re passionate about this spiritual adventure and will do so with a sense of discovery and self-improvement.


How will this eclipse affect you?

A huge transformation is about to take place under this total solar eclipse which occurs in your eighth house of rebirth. With Jupiter also transiting your finance sector for the next few months this is going to be an extremely important period of development. Depending on how you handle the elimination of those things that are unnecessary in your life, your financial growth will more or less be accelerated.

This is also a period where you must learn to let go of those habits which are holding you back. Part of this transformative process is to release those habits. With most habits being ingrained, letting go of habit associations will be a big challenge for you. For example, if you’re having a difficult time, reaching for a cigarette or a drink may become a natural reaction and association. By cultivating a keener awareness of those behaviours you’ll break the back of them. You will move through lifeless burdened by these hindrances.

Sexuality is also under the influence of this sector. This powerful Cancer eclipse will bring with its acceleration and amplification of your sexual desires. If this has been a sore point for you, dealing with matters of intimacy it will almost certainly be high on your agenda.

The problem you may have is that you’ll be obstructed by some other person. This is the second half of this equation you must solve. They may not be ready for change, transformation and the necessary process of elimination that goes with growth. You are. This means you may be both out of step with each other. That requires a lot more emotional hard work on yours and their part.


How will this eclipse affect you?

Relationships are going to be of prime importance and the institution of marriage itself will come under the spotlight for those of you born under the sign of the goat. The karmic forces released under this total solar eclipse will force you to re-evaluate your view of this institution and whether or not it suits you-married or not. Those of you currently in relationships will be thinking about alternatives.

You’re trying to get your marriage or your long-term commitments more in line with who you are and what you want in life. For many years you’ve been adapting yourself to the accepted idea of ‘marriage and commitment’ which has been culturally foisted upon you. It’s a period of independent thought. You finally break free of your past and those pre-conditioned mental habits that have been superimposed on you by others.

With Uranus, transiting the fifth house as well, you have excellent opportunities for lifting the quality of your work in these coming months. Approaching work relationships with the spirit of free thought, enquiry and creativity will help solidify those relationships. This ensures your future will be built on a better foundation of collaboration. What you and your associates desire is being determined by this eclipse. Work on more innovative attitudes, that aren’t constrained by your past habits.

As the eclipse takes place in your seventh house it’s all about negotiation and dealing with what others also want. The coming months will almost certainly be a period of adaptation. With the correct perspective, expect a greater luck in your relationships. This comes by accepting that change is inevitable.


How will this eclipse affect you?

This eclipse will impact your working life and the way you manage your day-to-day activities. This is going to be particularly notable in terms of how you and your co-workers agree. Your desire will be to collaborate more easily with a view to increasing profits and further professional opportunities.

Health matters which have been swept under the rug will no longer be able to be ignored and so this is a wake-up call that you need to pay more attention to those things that are impacting you adversely and also can help you turn the corner in terms of your well-being.

You’ll be looking at changing your philosophy of work and although others may look down upon you for this you know in your heart of hearts that it’s time for a big change. Those who have been taking advantage of you will sense the change and may not like what they see because there’s nothing in it for them any longer.

Changes will also be noticed in your domestic environment. Family members have had some measure of emotional control over your feelings lessen their grip now. It’s time to celebrate by making those changes in your life. You know are going to create a difference.


How will this eclipse affect you?

This total solar eclipse will radically shift your awareness and how you think. It gives you a greater understanding of your love life and how to best communicate with your romantic partners. It focuses you on exactly what it is you want to make you happy.

You may have been stuck in a cycle where you’re the one doing all the giving with the other person expecting you to dance to their tune. This is going to stop shortly. You’ll feel empowered by your own self-determination. You’ll be laying down new rules of engagement and those who aren’t prepared to get with the program better get moving pretty quickly. Where is

If you’ve been a little apprehensive about taking risks in life now you’ll be thinking differently. You won’t want to miss vital opportunities that require you to dig deeper for that ‘gambling’ instinct. Something big may pay off. This may be related to love or it may affect you financially. You want some assurance that you can improve your finances. But gambling is never an assurance so tread carefully.

Children also take on greater importance in your life whether yours or not. If you don’t have kids, some of you at childbearing age will now be considering having them. You’ll also be looking at the ramifications on your lifestyle if you choose this path.

For others who are currently parents, there may be some challenges now as you try to reconnect or deal with issues that have been long-standing. In any case, you can cement your relationship and come out the other end with a better understanding of both ways.

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Symbols and Celebrations of Motherhood

Symbols & Celebrations of Motherhood

That time of year has come when we celebrate motherhood, honouring the role mothers play in our lives and in the human story, and the qualities associated with motherhood. It’s a time to celebrate the feminine principle and recognize the unique biological role of the mother and how this connects with our cultural conception of femininity. The mother plays a unique physiological role in nurturing a child during pregnancy, and this nurturing role and uniquely close bond naturally tends to play out beyond the birth of the child and through their infancy. The bond between a mother and child is the stuff of legends.

Mother’s Day Special HERE

While the modern Mother’s Day holiday can be traced back to anti-war activists in the late 19th century USA, motherhood and its associated qualities have been celebrated across cultures throughout recorded history. This year, Americans are estimated to spend $25 billion over the Mother’s Day celebration. While capitalism may enjoy this phenomenon, it did not create it as the role of this holiday in our culture traces back far deeper into our history. It reveals something of our deeper nature that we feel a collective desire to show gratitude and reverence for mothers, motherhood and those associated nurturing qualities.

The qualities associated with motherhood and femininity include compassion, unconditional love, empathy and a desire to nurture and protect. These are not only qualities of mothers but aspects of ourselves that we express and experience in our personal relationships and life generally. We can also see these principles in action at different conceptual levels. For instance, we see the nurturing aspect of a community towards its members. For this reason, cultures throughout history have abstracted out the principles associated with motherhood and femininity. They have encapsulated them in deities or symbols which can then be used to explore and discuss the ideas, to educate and guide spiritual development.

There is a rich cultural tradition of associating femininity with water. The physical properties and behaviour of water can be seen to symbolically mirror the accepting, receptive and total embrace of the mother. Along with many traditional reasons for this connection, modern science even indicates to us that the ocean may be a mother to all life on earth and that our own evolutionary heritage comes from ocean life. This fits nicely with the existing symbolic framework and only serves to strengthen and enrich it.

This symbolic connection is an important one in the astrological tradition, where the Moon is associated with water and the feminine principle. The water sign of Cancer is seen to strongly embody the nurturing qualities of motherhood. We look at water and the qualities associated with femininity when symbolically breaking down a chart to form our interpretation. In the same way, we look at the other elements and the qualities associated with the masculine principle, such as assertiveness and intellect.

yin and yangThe purpose of making a symbolic distinction between the archetypes of masculine and feminine is not to assign one to men and the other to women. Instead, the two principles are seen as a duality, two halves of a whole which contrast and balance one another. This is the Yin and Yang of Taoism. Every individual embodies within themselves and their actions the qualities that both of these principles symbolise. We express some degree of balance between the two in every conceivable context. Examples of that are between thought and emotion, intellect and imagination, assertion and submission, resistance and acceptance, boundaries and openness.

The masculine and feminine principles are not just symbolic categories relating to people, but qualities that permeate nature. The feminine, for example, is a symbolic thread that we can follow through a range of diverse territory, from fluid dynamics, gravity and magnetism, to human emotion and compassion. By recognising these archetypal structures and ideas within ourselves and also in nature we can use this symbolic language to apply these principles we discover in nature, to ourselves. We are able to apply insights about how things find balance in nature to our own personal development and behaviour. The many cultural and religious symbols of these principles exist not only to acknowledge their existence but also to help orient us towards manifesting them in a healthy and balanced way. Ultimately, everything is about balance. Water is essential to our survival, but with too much of it, we can drown.

cup pagan Christianity symbol

In paganism, the rich symbolism of water is encapsulated in the image of the Cup. A cup can be seen to resemble a womb, and so the cup was used to represent fertility, gestation and intuition, among other qualities associated with the feminine in pagan cultures. This symbolic thread continued, though somewhat evolved into Christianity as the chalice holding the blood of Christ. Some branches of Christianity also deify the feminine and motherly principles in their reverence for Mother Mary, the mother of Christ. From another cultural vantage point, this may take the form of reverence for the goddess Sophia. She is more commonly represented in modern times as Gaia or Mother Earth. Our beautiful planet and the life it has cultivated is a mother that we all share, and should all have reverence for.

A day like Mother’s Day invites us to focus on love, to give attention to these aspects of life and show our gratitude to the women in our lives who embody them. Mother’s Day invites us above all to be loving and remember the nurturing and healing power that sharing our love with others has both for others and for ourselves. Mother’s Day reminds us to value our family bonds and to put into words every once in a while that love and respect which can easily go unspoken.

Happy Mother’s Day!  
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Planetary Karmic Insights


How will multiple retrograde planets affect you now?

Hi there, this is a quick note to let you know that there are some powerful planetary transits going on right now. You can feel a kind of acceleration taking place, a quickening of science and spirit. But unfortunately, polarisation is also taking place and you see it everywhere: in ideologies, news, politics, education, philosophy and the social sciences. The great division intensifies however, it’s important you don’t get sucked in. To do that you must empower yourself and be clear on who you are and what you want in your life. There’s absolutely no point to all the astrological jargon if you can’t actually use it to do anything practical about your problems.

Every year you read about blood moons, planetary alignments and lunar and solar eclipses with all the grand predictions that amazing things are going to happen and yet, right now…

You probably feel as if you’re still wading through the same BS without any light in sight. You don’t have to really.

Take for example retrograde Mercury, which most people know about. The same blanket predictions are given for everyone when in fact, retrograde Mercury is an excellent transit for some.


I have something special to share with you..

You could call it an amazing secret but it’s really all about understanding the language of the stars and how to use those vibrations to your advantage. This wisdom was handed down to me via Vedic astrology initiations throughout my 23-year discipline and study. Part of this relates to dealing with retrograde planets. And especially now when, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Mercury are all retrograde. That can mess with you for sure. Such a large number of retrograde planets covers a large chunk of the zodiac, meaning: you’re more than likely experiencing the full impact of this in your life at this very moment! How’s it working for you?

Did you know that there are in fact remedial measures that can be used to neutralize the influence of these powerful retrograde forces on you? 

This isn’t for everyone but for those of you interested enough to learn these mysteries handed down to me by my mentors – let me introduce you to something new. I’m fortunate to have been initiated into the extraordinary study of astrology and Tantra which is the ancient tradition of understanding how to work in harmony with the forces of nature and destiny. I’m more than happy to work with and share with you how to turn this phase of stagnation or even “bad luck” completely around.

It’s not rocket science, but rather, esoteric in nature and the results can be quite uncanny. Learning the enigmatic language of the planets, their seed syllables, sounds, mantras and ritual technologies is the key to counteracting these powerful forces and have been well-guarded by astrological savants for centuries. No more. This sacred information should be shared with everyone who is sincere enough to want to learn about.

First big hint: your BREATH. 

Pay attention to it. Observe the exchange of breath from one nostril to the other every two hours or so. These two hourly changeovers correspond to the signs of the zodiac rising on the horizon in approximately the same time intervals.

This balancing of your left and right nostrils relates directly to the left and right hemispheres of your brain. By simply observing your breath and listening to its sound, focus on these planetary signals. You’ll align yourself perfectly with the greater celestial environment.

This is exercise is the first key to living your life intuitively.


Contact me here if you’d like some direct guidance on this. I’ll work with you as I have with thousands and thousands of others before you to bring balance back into your life.

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Best wishes,

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