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Carefully Considering Your Actions and Their Impact on Others

cupid-and-psyche-news-itemLove has many dimensions. Each and every one of us dreams about finding our soulmate, but unfortunately, so few ever do that it makes up a significant percentage. Love may be precious and hard-won, yet it’s worth fighting for.

Last night, I received an order for our Astrology Shop, specifically our Karmic Birthday Package. A seventy-year-old lady touched my heart by asking whether or not she would ever find her soul mate. Unfortunately, my expertise does not allow me to answer this query directly. Dadhichi advised ordering one-on-one consultation services instead, as we don’t provide extensive consultation services here at Astrology Australia.

But this lady struck my fancy, and I felt truly fortunate that I’d found my true soulmate! To answer her queries, I consulted Dadhichi (a non-psychic psychic). After discussing what had transpired briefly with Dadhichi, he offered his insight. Still, he refused to provide answers about whether her wish could ever come true or not, after which I just emailed Dadhichi what it revealed regarding this query from me. It truly inspired and touched me that someone so old still believes in love at her advanced age!

Dadhichi told me off-record that love is love, and finding your soul mate is only part of it. Even though fate helps us find Mr. or Mrs. Right, ultimately, it’s up to each individual whether they act upon this opportunity.

Cupid and Psyche: Mythological Perspective

My favourite love story is the timeless Roman mythological account of Cupid and Psyche from ancient Rome; theirs is an unrivalled love tale! You can read their romance in Apuleis’ second-century AD novel Metamorphosis or more commonly known by its nickname Golden Ass.

Psyche was an exquisite mortal woman so beautiful that Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, was jealous.

Venus becomes so jealous that she sends Cupid to make Psyche fall for some vile monster. Unfortunately for his mother’s plans, however, when Cupid saw her, his instructions proved ineffectual. Instead, he fell deeply in love with Psyche and began following her every day, but eventually found his mission impossible as more and more times per second, her beauty caught his eyes more strongly than before!

Venus became so angry at this revelation that she cursed Psyche into having no one willing to marry her, which greatly displeased Cupid. Therefore, he decided that for as long as this curse continued, he would no longer shoot arrows at Venus, eventually leading to her temple downfall. After so long of living without love on Earth, Venus began to feel neglected as no one seemed to praise her anymore. Finally she met up with Cupid and conceded to his demands; thus restoring romance back on planet.

Cupid, to protect Psyche from her mother, hid her away in a luxurious palace with invisible servants taking care of her needs. Her husband would visit only at night but refused, forbidding Psyche from looking directly at him because of fear it might show weakness on his part and believe he was simply another beast!

Psyche becomes Pregnant

After becoming pregnant, Psyche decided to visit her sisters once more as she missed them so much; unfortunately, however, two jealous sisters told her rumours of how her unborn baby might one day become devoured by an enormous and evil serpent that would devour both mother and unborn offspring upon its first feeding time.

They advised Psyche to place a knife and oil lamp in her husband’s bedroom and wait until he fell asleep, lighting the lamp and then killing him to confirm the rumour of infidelity. Unfortunately, Psyche took this advice out of mere curiosity, but unfortunately, she disobeyed Cupid and brought a candle into their bed while resting when one dropped his shoulder. Cupid was awakened with anger as one drop fell onto his shoulder which caused an awakening; in response, he made their home disappear; in anger at her disobedience, Cupid decided that their home could no longer remain and then abandoned her forever Psyche alone to continue with life alone in exile.

She searched high and low but couldn’t locate Cupid. Finally, she visited Venus’ temple to inquire about his whereabouts. Venus told Psyche she’d reveal Cupid’s whereabouts provided she passed several tests that seemed impossible; still, she agreed and passed them all with flying colours!

Venus conducted one final trial by sending Psyche down into the Underworld to retrieve a box, whereupon she fell immediately asleep after opening it. Cupid noticed what was going on and convinced Jupiter to order Venus to stop persecuting Psyche before flying directly towards her to visit.

Removing her sleep with a kiss of love, Cupid sealed off the curse in an iron box before sending Psyche back on her journey. Later, he asked the gods to make Psyche an eternal goddess; their agreement led Cupid and Psyche back together again as eternal lovers. After their reunion, they gave birth to Voluptas or Delight, the Goddess of sensual pleasures or bliss in Latin. This daughter later became Voluptas or Delight herself!

Like the mortal maiden Psyche, we sometimes allow ourselves to become blinded by uncertainty or the opinion of others when it comes to trusting ourselves about Love. Love exists right in front of our very eyes, but oftentimes, we do not trust our emotions, instincts or inner selves enough to sense Love accurately.

Three components to finding true love

Eros and Cupid are two forms of sexual or physical attraction we experience when first meeting someone we find attractive, the initial attraction we feel when first encountering them. Spiritual attraction without sexual arousal constitutes deep friendship – Agape.

Psychon is the Greek term for a butterfly, which also symbolizes our souls. A butterfly begins life as an ordinary caterpillar before emerging from its cocoon as its true self. We, too, hide ourselves from experiencing all that love has to offer us!

True love only arises when two souls meet and sexual attraction as well as deep friendship exist between them, in an unconditional fashion.

True love encompasses every facet!

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In Bed with a Star: Sexual Compatibility by Zodiac Signs

In Bed with a Star: Sexual Compatibility by Zodiac Signs

Finding a partner with whom you can experience happiness in your married life is not an easy task. One of the main problems here is the correct choice of the future spouse, where sexual compatibility plays a huge role. Astrologer Dadhichi Toth has compiled a horoscope, which is based on the characteristics of typical representatives of the zodiac signs, which will help you, find a suitable partner, better understand each other’s sexual likings and make your sex life happy and fulfilling.


ARIES-ZODIACThe beginning of the entire Zodiac is Aries, a fire sign – the first impulse, flash, spark. His impulse is immediate, bold, and determined, but not lasting. He quickly gets carried away, but just as quickly cools down to a partner.

Aries has good compatibility with representatives of the signs of the elements of Fire – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, as well as with air signs – Gemini and Aquarius, which are ideal for Aries in temperament, will enhance his passion, inner burning, stimulate the development of creative talents, which contributes to harmony in the intimate sphere.


TAURUS-ZODIACTaurus strives for long-term relationships, consistency, and stability in the personal sphere. Sex for Taurus is vital, thanks to this they accumulate energy in themselves and use it to shape it into a real form and material result. Taurus needs romance, beauty, and harmony, a variety of colours, colours, smells, sensations.

Form, touch, determination of one’s relationship to a partner is the manifestation of Taurus. Taurus finds satisfaction in intimate life with representatives of the elements of the Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and the elements of Water – Cancer, and Pisces.


GEMINI-ZODIACIntimate relationships Gemini begin quickly, especially if the partner is vibrating Air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) or sparkling Fire (Leo, Sagittarius). Strong ties are established with representatives of these signs of the Zodiac, duration and passion are preserved.

Sexual attachments are free and varied, which gives Gemini optimism, strength, confidence, and determination. And Gemini will hold such a relationship, show flexibility and a willingness to give the partner even more than they receive.


CANCERL1Cancer in intimate relationships strives for maximum filling with energy and warmth. The water element of the Cancer sign is pure and nutritious, therefore, representatives of this sign inextricably connect sexual and family relationships, often defining their goal as the development and appearance of children.

In terms of sexual temperament, representatives of the earthly elements are ideal – Taurus and Virgo, as well as signs of the elements of Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Together with one of these partners, Cancer will create ideal conditions for life, reproduction and development, and vibrant and harmonious sex life.


LEO-ZODIACLeo requires affection, is responsible for a partner, immediately sets sparkling goals and determines the prospects for intimate relationships, is motivated by love and sex. Leo’s sun shines brightly, everything should be at a high level, it keeps the warmth of intimate relationships for a long time.

By temperament, representatives of the fire element are suitable – Aries, Sagittarius. Representatives of their sign-in sex are suitable, but difficulties arise. The signs of Air – Gemini, and Libra, will admire Leo, provide his need to be in the centre and their intimate relationships will be bright, which Leo needs to feel inner strength.


VIRGOL1Virgo is a sign of the elements of the Earth, seeks to preserve harmonious intimate relationships most optimally and practically, sometimes forgetting about romance. Representatives of the signs of Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn, understand the importance of knowledge and skills, accept the systemic nature of Virgo in the sexual sphere, therefore personal relationships with representatives of the earth element will be satisfying for Virgo.

Scorpios and Cancers – signs of the element of Water, help Virgo in adapting to the world around them. With the support of one of them, Virgo will create suitable conditions for life, prepare a new stage in relationships, and reveal her natural softness and romance.


LIBRAL1Libra is an air element, the name itself subtly conveys the characteristics of the zodiac sign “either-or”, defines the attitude, the concept of what is considered the norm, correct, acceptable in all spheres of life, including sexual. And this already determines the degree of harmony, the accuracy of compliance with balance.

Libra has excellent compatibility with Gemini and Aquarius – intellectual interest will serve as the basis for intimate relationships. Relationships with representatives of their sign may not reach the stage of close ones. From long hesitation, mutual interest disappears. Fire Leo or Sagittarius will attract with their confidence and flair, so Libra will allow them to take the initiative into their own hands.


SCORPIO-ZODIACScorpio in intimate life, in the sphere of internal emotions, sensations, seeks to find the essence, a deep reason for communication with a partner. There is a tendency to bring the relationship to extreme manifestations of feelings. Representatives of their sign, as well as Cancer and Pisces, will help Scorpio find a state of satisfaction.

The water signs of the Zodiac can subtly feel the mood of a partner, the state of the world around them, and this is exactly what Scorpio needs to understand without words. Virgos and Capricorns can bring the internal state of Scorpio back to normal, they will be able to understand and accept its contradictory nature and desires.


SAGITTARIUSL1Sagittarius is a symbol of fire, romance, vast expanses, where there are no boundaries and nothing holds back to passion. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will be able to get a charge of optimism and satisfaction next to a partner – Sagittarius.

Representatives of the fire signs of the Zodiac help each other to be filled with inner light, energy, which will make it possible to decide on something new in sexual relations. Air signs – Libra and Aquarius, support the hobbies of Sagittarius, help him more freedom to look at intimate relationships, enjoy the moment and not limit himself to obligations.


CAPRICORN-ZODIACCapricorn is a sign of the elements of the Earth, concentration, composure, and manifestation in compression, limitation. Representatives of import marks – Pisces and Scorpions can melt ice (Capricorn is cold earth, dried up) gently, patiently, and tenderly. These are the options in which the sensual side of Capricorn’s life can develop harmoniously.

With Virgo and Taurus, satisfying intimate relationships can develop over time. It is difficult for a Capricorn to open up to the end with a Capricorn, but in general, there is sexual compatibility.


AQUARIUS-ZODIACAquarius knows the nerve centres, he has an erotic intuition. Always striving for new things, ready for adventures and extreme adventures. The partner gives support, inspiration, immense care. In the sexual sphere, nothing is denied, everything is top-notch, all with good intentions. Love relationships easily turn into friendships and vice versa. It will not be boring with Aquarius, and even more so if the partner is a representative of the air element – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, or the fire element – Aries and Sagittarius.


PISCESIn Pisces lively and unpredictable, both in everyday life and sex. The infinity of the internal potential of the representatives of the sign of Pisces gives a special role to this sign, which completes the cycle of the Zodiac. Pisces is a sign of the element of Water, which mixes everything, connects, nourishes. Sexual life fosters creative inspiration, intuitive insights.

The energy of Pisces revives and inspires Taurus and Capricorns, but the success and longevity of this connection depends on them, therefore Taurus and Capricorns must take on the dominant function. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will enhance the fantasy of Pisces, relationships can be very bright and beautiful. With such a partner, they will be able to see the world around them in all the richness of its beauty, romance, and harmony.