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Taurus 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast

Communication and Working to Find New Methods to Solve Old Problems

TAURUSTaurus 2021 Review

In 2021 Pluto continues transiting your 9th house of education, higher learning and spirituality. This indicates immense changes taking place with your beliefs generally. This has been going on for some time. It intensifies especially after April 28 when that planet moves into its retrograde motion. A transformation is likely to take place throughout the year. This will lead you to take radical steps professionally.

The Sun and Mercury join Pluto on 5th and 15th of January respectively. This indicates you are intensely focused on educational or legal matters. New financial opportunities open up for you based upon your knowledge base. Some of these changes may be profound. They are also unanticipated due to the effect of Uranus in your Sun sign.

For many, these changes come on the heels of generational and cultural/social changes that have been happening throughout the past year or so. As an example, the economic downturn due to COVID was something that wasn’t in the control of the average person. More changes like this can be expected globally. It’s imperative for you to have a buffer to handle the ups and downs of life. Some of these events are not within your ability to change.

Notwithstanding the above, you are lucky this year. This is because of the transit of Jupiter in your 10th house of career and professional esteem. With this planet in a square aspect to Uranus, unexpected changes in your fortunes should be planned for. They are not necessarily bad. New directions in your career direction and also sudden moves by employers or business associates will astound you. This also has consequences for your finances as Jupiter aspects your 2nd house. This has to do with the efforts you make in your work and how well you are remunerated for that.

There are a couple of important lunar eclipses this year. One on May 26 and the other on November 19. They take place in Sagittarius and Taurus. The first eclipse is associated with your 8th house of shared resources, personal intimacy and deeper psychological issues. You’ll be working at clearing up many of these areas in your life throughout 2021. The 2nd eclipse takes place in your Sun sign. This is particularly important because this relates to your identity and how you present yourself to the world. You will want to make an impression this year. You may not muster up the courage to make those important ‘image changes’ until the latter part of 2021.

Speaking of eclipses, the solar eclipse on June 10 occurs in the Zodiac sign of Gemini. This eclipse points to financial matters. As mentioned above, the aspect of Jupiter coupled with this eclipse has connections with your 4th house, ruled by the Sun. This has to do with property matters, straightening up your domestic relationships and finding more peace within yourself.

Some of the big transits for 2021 involve the movement of Jupiter. On July 28 it moves to your career sector after going retrograde on June 21. You have been unfinished business associated with professional activities. You have an opportunity in the middle part of the year to set that right. On the very last couple of days of the year, Jupiter moves back into your 11th house of financial profits. It seems you’ll be spending much of 2021 ironing out some of the loose ends from the previous year, professionally speaking.

Saturn Moves to Aquarius

Saturn is your best planet next to your Sun sign ruler, Venus. Saturn is comfortable as it moves through its own sign of Aquarius. It does, however, make some difficult aspects I’m February 18, June 15 and December 24. All 3 of these aspects relate to Uranus. You’re torn between traditional roles and more progressive attitudes. You want to make a break with your past but these aspects are indeed very challenging.

Don’t be discouraged by brief disruptions occur. You could feel frustrated having to go over old work and revise things. This is all for the best because some of those old outdated methods will only serve to undermine your efforts moving forward.

Uranus is about breaking free of constraints. This planet powerfully influences your relationships by its opposite aspect. Therefore, you’ll be looking at ways to overcome a growing disinterest or some sort of instability in any relationship that seems to have gone past its use-by date.

The North node or Rahu as it’s called, has recently transited into your 2nd house of finance. This planet creates immense desire. You must be careful that those desires are within your reach. If you are aspiring to something which is unattainable this can be the source of great frustration. Generally, it can give some great success and material benefit. The downside is that this planet is often known to take back what it is given. Don’t waste what you earn, put aside a little for a rainy day and don’t expect everything to remain the same.

Neptune’s connection to the North node transit from your 11th house of social activities is also a challenge. You may be dreaming of how you want your relationships with friends to be. The reality will be far different from what is actually happening. You must also take care that you don’t put friends and new acquaintances on any sort of pedestal. People are people.

Don’t overlook others’ weaknesses. That will only expose your own weakness. That’s when you can be severely disappointed. Scrutinise friends and in particular, new people you meet throughout the coming year. Neptune is a spiritual planet and shows that you’re looking to connect with spiritually like-minded people. You’re looking for honesty, integrity and friends who can connect with you at the heart level.

Romance and Friendship

There is an element of rebelliousness in your nature this year. This is due to the transit of Neptune in your 11th house. It’s likely you will want to break free of your usual circle of friends in 2021. The year is punctuated by 2 important transits of Neptune. They are the stationary and direct motion of this planet. That takes place on June 26 when Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces.

That retrograde motion means you will be completely reevaluating your existing impasse friendships. You may not completely finish your ’audit’ until it goes direct on December 1. That gives you ample time to consider and reconsider who are friends and who are not. Who are the honest people in your tribe and who the ones simply using you? Remember, Neptune is associated with self-sacrifice, saving others, running to their rescue. The flip side is that it often means you end up the sacrificial victim.

The principal planet of marriage and romance for you is Mars. It starts the year off in your 12th house, a rather low key area. It quickly moves to your Sun sign on January 7 but by January 13 makes it difficult right angle aspect to Saturn. Your frustrations will be notable at this time. There’s no point pushing harder to achieve your romantic goals. Your efforts will only meet resistance. You will have to find a different way to bring your spouse or partner around.

You will find yourself exhibiting a lot of self-control but by January 21 the conjunction of Mars to Uranus could be explosive. If you’ve been bottling up your feelings you won’t be holding back any more. This is a critical time when you may say or do things that you will regret later.

The additional square of Jupiter on the 23rd, very close to the date of the square to Uranus, adds fuel to the fire. It makes you excessive in every single way. You want to expand, grow and express your love. That may not all be how your partner wants things to move, at least not as quickly as you. You’re going to have to slow your pace, adjust to the needs of others and here’s the kicker, compromise.

Friendships hit the top of your agenda

Friendships hit the top of your agenda after February 18 when the Sun and Venus, on the 25th and the 11th house. You’ll be busily engaged in making contact with your existing group of friends. There are opportunities to expand your circle of influence and network into new and unusual areas. That’s also got to do with the transit of Uranus in your Sun sign. Anything new and quirky will appeal to you now.

The 5th house of your horoscope is primarily concerned with creativity and love. Venus enters this area of your horoscope on July 22. Mars is not far off its heels on July 30. This is the hot, passionate combo that really stimulates love emotionally and physically. You need to express yourself sensually. You’ll find your partner just as hot and sexy.

While Venus is transiting your 5th house you must be careful not to be overly excessive. You could overvalue friendships and this may embarrass you. You might be so excited, sharing your newfound love only to find that it’s short-lived. Be careful not to jump the gun. It’s likely you’ll be burning the candle at both ends while Venus makes an opposition aspect to Jupiter. This takes place leading up to July 22.

In the latter part of July and August, you may need to temporarily take your mind of social activities and refocus attention on work. The transit of Mercury to Mars around August 19 cautions you against saying too much. Silence is golden. Nothing you say will appease your partner.

Arguments are likely around this time of the year. By August 23, there will be a more peaceful atmosphere as far as your romantic life is concerned. That may be a rather cool emotional peace, unfortunately. You may just have to stay out of each other’s way for a while. Doing your own thing gives you an opportunity to collect your energies again.

The opposition of Venus to Neptune is also a concern around August 10. This is an extension of the Venus-Jupiter opposition. Leading up to August 10 you will be extremely impressionable. Don’t believe everything you see and hear. Looks can be very deceiving.

In August Mercury and the Sun also make their way through your 5th house as well. This is a wonderful period of the year to continue along those creative lines with your lover. Set aside time to enjoy some hobby or activity together. Get out and play sport and enjoy some friendly competitive recreation. It’s a perfect time to put work on concepts you’ve had on the backburner.  Devote some loving time to the one you consider your soulmate. For those who are single, this is an excellent omen. The forge new relationships. Soulmates are likely to come out of the woodwork.

On September 11 Venus moves the 7th house and this brings in a beautiful calm and loving energy to your relationships. This is also a creative period when you and your partner can enjoy our, beauty and intimate moments together. This is a harmonious period and one in which you should consolidate and build upon your relationship.

With the Sun transiting your 7th house on October 23 and Mars on October 31, expect fire and brimstone to be part of your relationship interactions. Fortunately for the entry of Mercury on November 6, you’ll be able to communicate your way to some sort of truce. Keeping your emotions under control is going to be a challenge for you throughout this period of the year.

Mercury’s aspect to Jupiter around November 1 is a perfect transit to foster better communication. Don’t be too intense however as the square aspect on the 2nd to Pluto could irritate others. Your passion is not everyone else’s passion.

Travel is on the Cards

Venus moves to the 9th house on November 5 while Mercury transits your 7th house of love at the same time. Travel is on the cards and this is an excellent time to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine life. Share that with the one you love, explore the world and enrich yourselves as a couple. For those of you single, this could be a time when you meet someone while you are in transit.

You are likely to be impulsive around November 18 when Mars opposes Uranus and Mercury, the Sun. Mars also opposes the Sun on November 28 even though Venus trines the Sun on the 29th. These are high-powered aspects which require some sort of physical outlet. You need to sweat, drive yourself and redirect your anxious into useful activities. This is all about better self-management.

The cherry on top of the cake called 2021 is Jupiter’s transit again into your 11th house on December 29. On the same day, Mercury makes conjunction with Neptune. These are all auspicious aspects indicating a beautiful ending romantically for the year.

Career and Finance

There’s something fated about your finances and business this year. The North node or karmic point is now making its way through your earnings sector. This is significant in that it only happens once every 18 years. You may have felt similar things happening many years back which are now coming full circle.

The opposing point, the South Node is in the area of shared resources. It’s interesting to note that Venus, your ruling planet is in close proximity to this South node. The transits take place in the 8th house which has to do with the money you share with others, the power you gain from how you pool your resources.

There may be some big lessons to be learned in the area of money. More importantly, this has to do with your value system and what it is you actually do for money. Are you doing what you love? This is an important question/theme that’s often repeated when people are looking for meaning in their lives.

With the square aspect of Neptune to these nodes, at the outset of 2021, you may be either too idealistic about what’s possible financially or completely and utterly confused. This year is about sifting through and eliminating those things that are holding you back. You want financial security but as mentioned at the outset of the reading, you may be fearful of breaking ties with the past.

Bad habits that obstruct your financial independence must be eliminated. This is one of the big challenges for you in the coming 12 months. An example of a bad habit is continually purchasing cheap goods. Initially, you feel that you are saving money. It’s only when the item breaks down or has to be replaced or serviced over and over again that you realise just how expensive those goods are. The concept of economising, or rather, not economising, may be part of your lesson during this cycle.

Mars makes its way into your financial sector on March 4. You are driven to earn money that may have some personal deadlines that you have created. Don’t kill yourself in the process. On May 4 Mercury, the mercantile planet, gives quick profits and turnover transiting through your 2nd house. Just a little after, on May 9, Venus, your ruler pushes you to earn more as it also makes its way into this sector.

Whatever you earn should be carefully managed

Don’t let money burn a hole in your pocket when the Sun follows suit on May 21. Whatever you earn should be carefully managed. Put aside a percentage of what you earn every week that you can build up your bank balance. New contracts are likely to come your way after April 23 when Mars transits your 3rd house. It’s an opportunity to improve your position at work or any business partnership.

Real estate and property become a focus on June 11, June 27 and again on July 28 when Mars, Venus and Mercury transit your 4th house of assets. Speculation is likely to take place when Mars transits your 5th house on July 30. You’re prone to be risky and need to seek advice before spending good money after bad.

Manager debts better in August. You have a chance to get your accounts back into the black. Venus transits your 6th house on August 16 and Mercury on August 30. There could be disputes with co-workers or over finances when Mars enters the 6th house on September 15.

Banking, finance and insurance matters take priority in the last part of the year. Mars enters your 8th house on December 13 shortly after Mercury on November 25. Talk to your bank manager about a better deal and work on saving more for that rainy day. You should be on top you of your finances as the year comes to a close.

Karma Luck and Spirituality

As mentioned in your finance reading, income and material values are an important lesson for you throughout 2021. That is also augmented by the transit of Jupiter in your 10th and 11th houses throughout the coming 12 months. Jupiter is the spiritual planet and shows where you can expand but at the same time find some spiritual value in what you do.

Spiritualising your work simply means paying more attention and enjoying what you do. It’s important to transition out of work that makes you feel like you are some sort of prisoner. These constraints are also shown by the transit of Saturn which continues in your 10th house of professional activities. You may feel as if someone in a position of authority has clipped your wings. You’re able to fly, to express yourself creatively in the job that you may have been doing for years.

You can make some headway in your self-development and spiritual discipline when Venus, your ruler, moves through the 9th house. That happens on January 9 and again on November 5. These are times where you will feel lifted up in your search for deeper meaning in your life.

Finding deeper meaning might mean stepping out of your normal routine

The 12th house is also a key spiritual house. Finding deeper meaning might mean stepping out of your normal routine. Find some sanctuary or going on a spiritual retreat is a good idea. March 20 with the Sun enters the 12th house, my 22 when Venus does the same and then on April for with Mercury joining the other duo. In other words, you can see an uplift in your spiritual activities particularly in the 2nd and last quarters of 2021.

October 2020 Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus



Introduction to the Halloween blue Moon of October 31, 2020

The buzzword now both astronomically and astrologically seems to be this month’s Halloween Full Moon. But what does this mean? How does it differ from other phases of the Moon and what is the effect of it on you, me and everyone else? The full moon occurs every month however, this month is unique because there are two occurring with one happening precisely on Halloween.

With the Halloween Full Moon taking place in Taurus it will, of course, have ramifications on our practical and general life affairs. The Moon is connected with the basic cycle of life and is the reason why some of the eastern systems of astrology have a preference for using a lunar-based calendar rather than a solar-based calendar.

Two full moons happening in a single month usually only occur once every 2 ½ or 3 years. The second full Moon occurring is usually referred to as a ‘Blue Moon.’ It’s a mistake to think that the Moon will be blue on 31 October. But it’s an unusual occurrence to take place on the Halloween night. That only happens once every 19 years or so.

Important Resolutions Can Be Made This Halloween Blue Moon

The fact that there are two full Moons this October says something about what’s happening to us. If you believe that the planets, especially the Moon, have some important influence on human behaviour, use this time to improve your life. Through making important resolutions and focusing on what you want, these astrological cycles give you the opportunity to achieve your objectives. Hindu astrologers call this Sankalpa or intention.

Tuning into the full Moon on an important occasion like this can give you an opportunity to recalibrate your intention. Are there things in your life that have been missing? Is there something you want? Are you looking for something special to happen in your life? Tune in to what it is that you want and take some time on the evening of the Halloween blue Moon to focus with deep and sincere intention on what you want.

Depending on which philosophy or religion you follow, do your mantra or prayer. With deep devotion allow the lunar rays to penetrate your being and infuse you with the power of the divine goddess. The Moon is the esoteric significator of the female deity.

Essentially, the Moon is also connected to the astrological sign of Cancer. It represents mothering, nurturing, compassion and the emotional aspects of personality. Its effect during this important cycle will by nature impact upon your behaviour and decisions, both individually and collectively. Use it to redirect the energies in a way that you want.

Effects of The Halloween Blue Moon    

What are the effects on the twelve star signs of the zodiac? How will this affect you individually?

For each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the Moon this month will amplify its usual effects. Here are some of the effects of this Halloween blue Moon.


The Halloween Blue Moon will very much impact your financial circumstances being located in your second house. Because of the intensity of the Moon, expect your financial interactions, issues surrounding income and even negotiations about money to be more intensified and possibly even emotional. You need to bring some measure of control to how you feel about your earnings and the current status of your money.

The Moon will also shortly move to the trine aspect of Pluto. This shows a particularly transformative overhaul of your value system. Your resolution should be focused on earning more money and being more secure financially.


This Halloween full blue Moon will take place in your Sun sign and indicates your ability to forge new pathways in your life. As the Moon ruling your third house of velour, courage and exploration, you’re not about to take any prisoners now. It gives you fixity of mind which is already one of your primary traits. It also heralds the beginning of an even firmer position with your decisions.

Travels, interactions with new people and choosing a new life path may are the results of this lunar phenomenon in October. Your resolution should be focused on improving your self-image and character.


The Halloween full blue Moon occurs in your 12th house of hidden secrets which is also ruling charitable acts, spirituality, meditation etc you might find that this lunar phenomenon triggers deeper spiritual enquiry. This triggers your need to find out the real reason you’re here. What is the meaning of your life may be an important question now?

You’ll also be drawn to helping others and this could even be someone close to you, within your family or social circle. Your resolution should be to figure out ways to help others which in turn will come back to you was good karma.


New friendships are likely to be the result of The Halloween Blue Moon. There may be something fateful about the acquaintances you make during this period of your life. Females feature strongly as the Moon is a feminine planet and in your 11th house of social activities. As the Moon is your ruler, it indicates the start of a new cycle in which your self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity will also be at a peak.

Your resolutions might centre on making new friends and cementing your old relationships. Networking for the purpose of improving your career is also covered by this important lunar phase.


Your career is likely to receive a significant boost under this Halloween full blue Moon in October. As the Moon is transiting your 10th house of profession, you’ll be emotionally plugged into what it is you are doing workwise. With a strong intuitive sense of where you want to be professionally, focus on that. If you’re employed by a woman, she’ll also look favourably upon your actions. You must also be careful to not become too fixated on what it is you want.

Your desire nature may blind you to some of the simple things in life. This is the result of the North node having influencing your 11th house of desires and life goals. Pace yourself and be realistic in your expectations. Your resolution should be on achieving what you want professionally now.


The ninth house of your horoscope is activated by this Halloween full blue Moon and this indicates a strong urge towards spiritual activities. Higher education and long-distance travel will be on your agenda. If these things have been on your mind now is the time to act on them. Some of your desires have been suppressed because you haven’t had the means to fulfil them. It’s likely you’ll make an effort now to make your dreams a reality now.

The Moon is an important planet for those born under Virgo as it’s your 11th house of fulfilment. With its connection to your ninth house of luck and karma, this signifies the beginning of a brand-new and very positive cycle. You might consider resolution focused on improving your intellectual capabilities and skillsets. Focus on the destination of your travels to make that a reality as well.


The eighth house of the horoscope is a hidden and sometimes troublesome zone of the zodiac. With the Halloween full blue Moon transiting this area of your horoscope you will need to delve deeply into the psychological complexes that have been holding you back. Fortunately, the Moon rules your 10th house of profession and self-development. This reflects your need to understand yourself and your intimate relationships more fully. As long as you have a desire to make things better, this full Moon should be a great bolster to your true intentions. Make sure your resolution focus is fairly and squarely on your relationships and how to better improve your level of intimacy with the one you love.


This Halloween full blue Moon transiting your seventh house focus is on marriage and personal relationships. You’re likely to see an upswing in your connection with the ones you love. As the Moon is emotional and karmic by nature it also signifies your past karma. You are likely to forge deeper relations with those most karmically linked to you. That of course includes your mother, female relatives and others within your close-knit family circle. The sign of Taurus in which this full Moon takes place is a fixed sign. It has reference to long-term relationships.

Whatever problems you’ve had are now likely to be patched up with significant improvements on the horizon. Your resolution can focus clearly on how to mend a broken heart, improve your intimate relations or find your soulmate if you’re single.


Health matters may come into focus now and if you’ve swept any concerns under the rug, the Halloween full blue Moon of October will be a turning point for you. You will make a strenuous effort to improve yourself and your lifestyle. This also relates to your heavy work schedule. How you’re mentally and physically influenced by your work and the people you work with will also be a focus. Debts are associated with the sixth house through which this Moon is transiting now.

It’s, therefore, time to balance your accounts for the start of a new cycle. Make a resolution directed to removing your debts, growing your bank balance and also improving your health and well-being.


You have a desire to explore new avenues romantically. This Halloween full blue Moon will most definitely bring ample opportunities your way. You can expect that in the coming weeks and months. You have a greater emotional need now. Whereby you’re usually practical about how you engage in relationships, you will begin to wear your heart on your sleeve. Look for more sensitive and meaningful connections while these energies prevail. Children also come to the fore as the fifth house of your horoscope. This lunar transit takes positively affects them.

Your resolution must focus on love affairs, creativity and relationship with younger people. Use the lunar arrays to enhance your intuition and creative output


All matters surrounding your domestic situation will come into clear view now under the Halloween Blue Moon. You’ll be making changes that affect not only your financial well-being. Your emotional well-being and that of your family members is also high on your list of things that can be improved. For some of you, this could be a turning point where you decide to move. You might at least shift the focus on improving the quality of your living circumstances.

Create a better space in which to live. That will have an immense impact on your personal well-being. Issues surrounding your mother are also highlighted. The Moon and the fourth house in which this transit takes place govern these aspects of your life. If you aren’t happy in your current circumstances use the full Moon resolution to change that for the better


You’re better able to negotiate a good deal now and to speak your mind and therefore, this Halloween Blue Moon which takes place on 31 October gives you the energy you men looking for. Coupled with the courage to speak your mind and ask for what you want, your surprise yourself and others when you make your demands known. You may surprise yourself as Uranus, the planet of unexpected outcomes is near this full Moon. This is you the ability not only change the course of your life but to do it in a dramatic fashion. Your words and intentions will affect others in a meaningful way now.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want now is the third house also has to do with taking chances and going for what you want. This new Moon resolution should be focused exactly on that. If you’ve been timid and concerned about taking some decisive action, use these full Moon rays to strengthen your resolve and act. Be brave.

About the Author: Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi Toth with the planets as a halo
This is Dadhichi Toth Principal astrologer and face reader at astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is the principal astrologer, founder and CEO of astrology.com.au. He is a specialist in both Western and Eastern systems of astrology. He is a bestselling author and can be contacted at [email protected]


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Symbols and Celebrations of Motherhood

Symbols & Celebrations of Motherhood

That time of year has come when we celebrate motherhood, honouring the role mothers play in our lives and in the human story, and the qualities associated with motherhood. It’s a time to celebrate the feminine principle and recognize the unique biological role of the mother and how this connects with our cultural conception of femininity. The mother plays a unique physiological role in nurturing a child during pregnancy, and this nurturing role and uniquely close bond naturally tends to play out beyond the birth of the child and through their infancy. The bond between a mother and child is the stuff of legends.

Mother’s Day Special HERE

While the modern Mother’s Day holiday can be traced back to anti-war activists in the late 19th century USA, motherhood and its associated qualities have been celebrated across cultures throughout recorded history. This year, Americans are estimated to spend $25 billion over the Mother’s Day celebration. While capitalism may enjoy this phenomenon, it did not create it as the role of this holiday in our culture traces back far deeper into our history. It reveals something of our deeper nature that we feel a collective desire to show gratitude and reverence for mothers, motherhood and those associated nurturing qualities.

The qualities associated with motherhood and femininity include compassion, unconditional love, empathy and a desire to nurture and protect. These are not only qualities of mothers but aspects of ourselves that we express and experience in our personal relationships and life generally. We can also see these principles in action at different conceptual levels. For instance, we see the nurturing aspect of a community towards its members. For this reason, cultures throughout history have abstracted out the principles associated with motherhood and femininity. They have encapsulated them in deities or symbols which can then be used to explore and discuss the ideas, to educate and guide spiritual development.

There is a rich cultural tradition of associating femininity with water. The physical properties and behaviour of water can be seen to symbolically mirror the accepting, receptive and total embrace of the mother. Along with many traditional reasons for this connection, modern science even indicates to us that the ocean may be a mother to all life on earth and that our own evolutionary heritage comes from ocean life. This fits nicely with the existing symbolic framework and only serves to strengthen and enrich it.

This symbolic connection is an important one in the astrological tradition, where the Moon is associated with water and the feminine principle. The water sign of Cancer is seen to strongly embody the nurturing qualities of motherhood. We look at water and the qualities associated with femininity when symbolically breaking down a chart to form our interpretation. In the same way, we look at the other elements and the qualities associated with the masculine principle, such as assertiveness and intellect.

yin and yangThe purpose of making a symbolic distinction between the archetypes of masculine and feminine is not to assign one to men and the other to women. Instead, the two principles are seen as a duality, two halves of a whole which contrast and balance one another. This is the Yin and Yang of Taoism. Every individual embodies within themselves and their actions the qualities that both of these principles symbolise. We express some degree of balance between the two in every conceivable context. Examples of that are between thought and emotion, intellect and imagination, assertion and submission, resistance and acceptance, boundaries and openness.

The masculine and feminine principles are not just symbolic categories relating to people, but qualities that permeate nature. The feminine, for example, is a symbolic thread that we can follow through a range of diverse territory, from fluid dynamics, gravity and magnetism, to human emotion and compassion. By recognising these archetypal structures and ideas within ourselves and also in nature we can use this symbolic language to apply these principles we discover in nature, to ourselves. We are able to apply insights about how things find balance in nature to our own personal development and behaviour. The many cultural and religious symbols of these principles exist not only to acknowledge their existence but also to help orient us towards manifesting them in a healthy and balanced way. Ultimately, everything is about balance. Water is essential to our survival, but with too much of it, we can drown.

cup pagan Christianity symbol

In paganism, the rich symbolism of water is encapsulated in the image of the Cup. A cup can be seen to resemble a womb, and so the cup was used to represent fertility, gestation and intuition, among other qualities associated with the feminine in pagan cultures. This symbolic thread continued, though somewhat evolved into Christianity as the chalice holding the blood of Christ. Some branches of Christianity also deify the feminine and motherly principles in their reverence for Mother Mary, the mother of Christ. From another cultural vantage point, this may take the form of reverence for the goddess Sophia. She is more commonly represented in modern times as Gaia or Mother Earth. Our beautiful planet and the life it has cultivated is a mother that we all share, and should all have reverence for.

A day like Mother’s Day invites us to focus on love, to give attention to these aspects of life and show our gratitude to the women in our lives who embody them. Mother’s Day invites us above all to be loving and remember the nurturing and healing power that sharing our love with others has both for others and for ourselves. Mother’s Day reminds us to value our family bonds and to put into words every once in a while that love and respect which can easily go unspoken.

Happy Mother’s Day!  
Authored by: Ed Harrison Email address: [email protected]   Edited by:  Dadhichi Toth  Email address: [email protected] To book a personal astrology consultation click HERE  

How will Uranus, the Disruptor in Taurus, affect your star sign?


How will Uranus the Disruptor in Taurus affect your star sign in the coming months and years?

The buzz around astrological and news circles right now is Uranus in Taurus. Over the past 20 years our lives have been radically reshaped by the digital and information revolution. There was music which transitioned from vinyl, to CD and then to MP3 and other digital formats. Books and publishing have also seen a radical upheaval with avid readers now getting much of their reading material online. Just recently bitcoin and the new block chain technology are looking like revolutionizing banking and the transmission of sensitive information through cutting-edge encryption methodologies.
In all these disruptive technologies we see the disruptive power of Uranus and how it is continuing to affect all of us on a global level at such an incredibly fast pace. But what about its impact on us individually? Disruptive technologies don’t only impact our music, banking, reading and other day-to-day practical aspects of living. If we look at the action of Uranus, we see that its main function is the breaking down of barriers, concepts and perspectives. It is a revolutionary planet and shakes things up, big time. It can truly be called the Disruptor.

Recently Uranus has made its most important transit for some years as it enters the earth sign of Taurus. As a general trend, we will see a continuing upheaval and disruption of all the things that Taurus sign stands for. Mostly this has to do with banking, finance, material concerns and general safety and security.

For each of the 12 star signs, this disruptive influence will affect a specific department of life and following are some of the general effects that you can expect:


♈Aries with Uranus transiting Taurus

For you Aries, the transit of Uranus into your second house of finance and material values is an important one. The wisdom that comes with this transit may shock yet at the same time endows you with new tools which you can cleverly employ in the use of identifying new streams of income.

Progressive and technological elements of banking and crypto currency may be of interest to you during this very unique cycle. This involves research, study and a questioning which means maintaining an open mind to receive the information that will help you move forward.

As Uranus is disruptive you must be prepared to change course in terms of the way you earn money. If you become habituated to a specific stream of income or a way of doing things in the way you earn cash, you’ll find it necessary now to step out of your usual approach. You will meet new people who are more than happy to instruct you in novel ways of increasing cash flow. This in turn, if you are careful with expenditure, will result in better savings and of course, a much more secure future for you.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♉Taurus with Uranus transiting your own Sun sign of Taurus

Transiting your Sun sign means that for you Taurus, the electric emissions of Uranus are going to be felt very noticeably in your personality and the way you present yourself to the world. You may have come to a point where your self-image was stuck in the past but now realise that it has to be upgraded to reflect who you are at this time. That’s not always an easy thing because it’s only natural to become attached to the idea we have of ourselves. Real change can only happen when we are prepared to adjust ourselves to current circumstances and allow the lessons of life to modify our character.

By its opposite action, your personal relationships are going to be impacted very strongly as well, and because you are changing and adopting new ways of dealing with people and life as a whole, your partner, spouse and perhaps even your business partners, will find the changes they see in you a little daunting.

When changes occur in a relationship to one person, changes are necessitated in the other. This is all about adaptability and of course if things happen too quickly these adjustments may not be accepted all that easily. You need to be patient, understanding and compassionate in expecting others to change at the rate that you have been.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♊Gemini with Uranus transiting Taurus

Activating your 12th house by its transit Uranus brings a floodlight of insight into your past. The errors you’ve made historically have shaped you into becoming who you are now. Try to accept that and see the upside of it. The job of Uranus is to eliminate any false notions you have about yourself and the world as a whole so that you have an opportunity to use the past in a constructive way. Rather than dwelling on what would have, could have or should have been, you are now able to accept yourself in a far greater way. This self-acceptance is a very powerful statement to the world and will result in others accepting you as well.

There are elements of charity and hospitality associated with this part of your horoscope and therefore you could find yourself in a situation where helping others is not only requested of you but actively sought by you as a deep inner and spiritual need now.

You’ll find yourself amongst people who are disadvantaged, needing help and you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time to give them whatever modest help you can. This is not always necessarily related to financial and material assistance but can even be comforting words, attentive hearing and that open heart to their plight.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♋Cancer with Uranus transiting Taurus

Your 11th house of friendships is dramatically being influenced now by the movement of Uranus in your horoscope Friendships are vitally important to social and emotional stability. Under the recent entry of Uranus into your 11th house of friendships expect this area of your life to be somewhat unsettled. Don’t look at this in a negative light, but rather see it as an opportunity to weed out those individuals in your social circle who no longer serve any useful purpose to your growth and spiritual advancement.

You may find that the circumstances surrounding your sphere of social influence will change dramatically over the coming weeks, months and even years. The transit of Uranus is a slow one and is marked by progressive change and sometimes abrupt shifts in your perception of others and their perceptions and opinions of you.

What Uranus is saying to you now Cancer is: it’s time to expand your circle of influence, meet new people and not be afraid to tread over that imaginary line you’ve drawn in terms of the types of people you wish to have in your life. Younger individuals, people with a social conscience and humanitarian objectives will also be a new and refreshing addition to your new peer group. Explore what’s on offer.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♌Leo with Uranus transiting Taurus

Work is now set to explode with unusual circumstances emerging and incredible opportunities presenting themselves. For those of you born under the sign of Leo, it’s vitally important to maintaining your self-esteem by showing the world what you’re capable of. If you’re ready for the huge rollercoaster ride coming in your professional sphere, you might welcome the presence of Uranus in your 10th house of professional activities, because is going to be here for the next few years. It just entered into this significant part of your horoscope and is in fact considered the most important sector next to your rising sign or Sun sign.

You’re asked to radically modify your view of work, the way you approach your responsibilities and also the manner in which you interact with those you’ve been working with and for. Expect changes in the structure of the management to which you may be answerable. Unforeseen corporate changes like to takeovers, new boards of directors or even market forces can come to bear upon your established view of your work and professional environment.

Uranus is progressive in every respect and is often associated with new technologies and the way in which you approach your work. This means you may transition, if not into a completely new line of work, at least imbibing new technologies to improve and expand your professional skill sets. For some of you this heralds the beginning of a new study cycle where you take yourself back into educational activities to uplift your capacity and marketability in the workplace. You are thirsty for knowledge now.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♍Virgo with Uranus transiting Taurus

Philosophies sometimes need a shakeup and right now as Uranus transits your ninth house of higher values, you’ll find yourself tapping into the inner recesses of your creative consciousness. You’ll be following your dreams during this cycle however, not based upon anyone else’s belief systems. You want to independently think things through for yourself and Uranus will certainly help you do that. You’d rather discover solutions and come up with new concepts for yourself and even if there are some challenges, you’re up to it and now have an intuitive sense of how you must live your life. This can be a period where previously outworn philosophies are jettisoned.

This will shortly spur you want to investigating unusual cultural trends or countries. Travels may be taken at the drop of a hat in those places you embark upon to experience will bring you not only worldly but also spiritual experiences. You will feel as if you’ve had some connection with these foreign or unusual places but for the most part the experiences will revolutionize your perception of everything. You will bring back a wealth of understanding which you will implement in your day-to-day life.

At the ninth house is the zone of past karma, you can expect the unexpected in terms of your past deeds coming to fruition now. If you did good deeds you can look forward to great things happening but if not, then there may be some reversals as life’s “payback”.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♎Libra with Uranus transiting Taurus

What you are about to experience in your life will radically transform you and how you perceive yourself. Uranus brings its harsh but at the same time illuminating wisdom to your eighth house now.

Libra, the mysterious eighth house of your horoscope is being fully impacted upon by the transit of Uranus into your eighth house. This is one of the most difficult areas of the horoscope to interpret but if you’re open to change, even incredible transformation now, the transit of Uranus over the next six or seven years will deliver you from many of the unconscious shackles and psychological complexes which have held you back in life. This applies particularly to any sort of relationships that have been difficult to understand or problems that you’ve not been able to work through all that easily.

With this progressive energy influencing this area of your life, its well worth mentioning the impact it will have on your sexual affairs. This eighth house is the most pertinent one relating to intimacy and therefore you and your partner will be willing to try new avenues of exploring how your sexuality can deepen your level of intimacy. It also has to do with the money you share and therefore there could indicate changes in the understanding of whose responsibility the bills, payments and other investments may be.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♏Scorpio with Uranus transiting Taurus

Under the transit of Uranus into your seventh house of marriage and significant relationships this period of your life will be punctuated by Saturn. What can be expected are shifts in attitude – both of yours and your partner? If for some reason you’ve been married for a long time and not seeing eye to eye, you may be shocked to find that the circumstances are going to become explosive and may even separate you from each other in an untimely manner. Read the signals and take the appropriate action.

Study your partner’s responses and read between the lines where you can. What may be missing here are the subtle non-verbal cues that give you incredible insights into what’s really happening in your relationship. If you and your partner have been stubborn in addressing these issues, Uranus will by force cause you to confront what’s going on so that you either rectify the situation or call it quits.

You have an ability to seek out new people for business relationships and to generally connect on a level that may not have happened previously. You are interested in those who have an avant-garde attitude to life and who will open your eyes and broaden your knowledge of the alternative possibilities relating to the psychology of work, family and friendship.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♐Sagittarius with Uranus transiting Taurus

As Uranus transits your sixth house of work and daily routine, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with these changes. Scientific knowledge used to double every eight years but is now doubling at an ever faster pace and keeping up with that is challenge for sure. You may decide to throw the towel in at work and move somewhere completely different. Frustrations may have been building and you see this as an appropriate time to take a gamble, a risky one at that, to pursue something that is more in keeping with what you feel is your life’s work.

In your work environment people can become unruly so you will find yourself at odds with them. Your ideas are progressive but possibly to progressive for those who have become stuck in the past and their non-productive way of doing things. This may not work for you anymore.

On the health note, unexpected inflammation, discomfort and health problems which may arise and this can be directly or indirectly related to the work issues stated above or environment in which you conduct your business. For this reason, Uranus will demand that you make the appropriate changes in your life to improve your peace of mind and physical well-being as well. Uranus also rules your nerves so you need to find some activities that can pacify your high strung nature.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♑Capricorn with Uranus transiting Taurus

You are particularly open to novel and new methods of expressing yourself creatively. This abrupt shift in attitude can be accounted for by this most dramatic and rare transit of Uranus in your fifth house. This area of your horoscope relates to creativity, children and to some extent your spiritual mindset. It also relates very specifically to your future karma and what you can expect in terms of the karmic balance sheet to date.

The next few years will be hard to predict for you and that is why you need a more tried and tested program against which the balance these rather unexpected changes that will emerge. Having a good plan which is usually your forte is even more important during this exciting transit. Under these transits however having a plan may not be enough. You may need a backup just in case things go pear-shaped.

As Uranus is unexpected in its results, it may leave you guessing as to what will happen but certainly you’ll be feeling an almost electric surge of creative impulses beckoning you to express and share them with the appropriate people. You need to connect yourself with others who are sympathetic to your brand-new ideas and if you are currently in a situation which is stale and in which people are non-responsive to your progressive mindset; you will start to feel the frustration building to unmanageable proportions. In short, this is a time of incredible change in your life and relationships especially with younger people and children.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♒Aquarius with Uranus transiting Taurus

Your domestic circumstances may suffer from uncertainty now as your primary ruling planet Uranus transits your fourth house. The people you live with, relatives and more importantly your mother or the females within your clan may start acting in unusual and unpredictable ways. This will surely keep you on your toes but will also disturb your own inner peace of mind.

There’s no point burying your head in the sand if the lines of communication have become frayed on the domestic scene. This is a call to action, to get the family to the roundtable of discussion and to ratify what is expected of each member of the group. The voices of divisiveness must be curbed or there can be complete anarchy within the family or even in your workplace with transits of this nature, especially when other planets enter into play.

Real estate issues, other fixed assets and your residential circumstances generally may be in for a massive shakeup under this planets extraordinary transit in this area of your horoscope. The most important thing is to keep a level head, maintain peace and be diplomatic in all of your negotiations even if this in itself is a major challenge. Try to avoid any sort of radical speculation especially if it involves real estate.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!


♓Pisces with Uranus transiting Taurus

The way in which you communicate is now ready to be overhauled. You could call this a major upgrade to version 2.0 of yourself. The transit of Uranus in your third house of communication, thinking, siblings and your immediate environment is very telling and over the next six or seven years will transform all of these areas within your life.

Negotiations of any sort may come to an abrupt halt and you’ll have to somehow clarify and renegotiate the terms and conditions. At first this will seem like a major pain in the proverbial backside, however, you’ll quickly start to realise as time proceeds that this is the best thing that could have happened. Had you proceeded along the original lines, you may have been in for not only a rude shock but financial losses as well as loss of face. From this you can see that sometimes the seeds of great opportunity arise out of adversity.

Journeys may occur unexpectedly but won’t necessarily be unprofitable or unfulfilling. The onus is on you to welcome these unanticipated trips and explore what’s on offer by life. Embracing what’s coming will open you up to new relationships, fresh circumstances and a whole new view on life generally.

The transit of Uranus into Taurus will bring significant changes in your life. Are you prepared to meet these challenges head on? These reports designed especially for you will provide you the insight needed to use the disruptive energy of Uranus wisely. CLICK HERE for your three report special NOW!



About The author, Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi Toth is an astrologer and founder and CEO of astrology.com.au. With over 35 years astrological study, practice and research, he is sought after internationally to advise business people, political figures entertainment stars and people from all walks of life on how to use astrology as a means of self-empowerment. He can be contacted at [email protected]


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Astrological Gift Guide for Christmas


<bstyle=”font-size: small;”>Astrology is the perfect way of choosing a gift for your friends and loved ones. By knowing the astrological signature of someone you can safely select a gift in keeping with their character. Below is a general guide which may just help you select a unique gift at a time when it is often difficult to figure out. If your question is “What should I buy them this year”, read on……


Characteristics: Adventurous Independent, dominant, passionate, energetic, wild and playful

Hints and Notes: Should be a fun gift that could make their mind busy and curious. Not too practical or organizational though

  • FEMALE: new kitchen gadget. Jewellery, perfume, designer clothes, Red color or fabric is energizing for them
  • MALE: A sports ticket for his favorite team or gear for the sport of their choice. A new gadget like a GPS unit , a new phone or pad.  Something silver and shiny


Characteristics: Cool, calm, financial, earthy and conservative

Hints and Notes: Thrifty but have a fine taste for something luxurious. Stimulate their senses! They would love that! Sensual, Luxurious, elegant, quality!

  • FEMALE : Necklace, diamond, a basket of gourmet foods or delicacies, wallets, chocolates, gift certificates, tapestry, cashmere, all expense paid salon or spa
  • MALE: wallet, expensive perfumes, nature trip, book of their favourite author, add something to their collection since they love collectables


Characteristics: Intellectual, adventurous, friendly, always wants something new, easily tired of old habits.

Hints and Notes: Loves gadgets. Need mental stimulation or something exciting which is novel or they’ve never tried before.  Loves to explore and craves unique items.  Wants to feel loved so.. its time to get touchy and romantic

  • FEMALE:  travel accessories, all expense paid yoga class, puzzle jewellery, latest gadgets
  • MALE: travel accessories, a camera because they travel a lot, latest gadgets


Characteristics: Sentimental, Emotional, Family oriented.

Hints and Notes: Tasteful and elegant is what they love. Comfort and convenience are pre-requisites. They enjoy being pampered  so treat them like a royalty.  Give them something personal and thoughtful

  • FEMALE : silverware, paintings, scarves, wine, or a personalized photo album you’ve created with those people or pets that are close to their hearts.
  • MALE : wine, painting, fragrances, anything personalized, a new couch or an elegant reclining chair, a quirky / personalized mug.


Characteristics: Charismatic, positive thinking, Love expensive things, artistic , loves  to be with people.

Hints and Notes: Enjoys creating and performing. Artistic, creative in grandeur, extravagant and dramatic themes is what they love. Likes to gamble

  • FEMALE : tickets to a concert, holiday at a luxury resort, out of town adventure, gift certificates, attention grabbing accessories,
  • MALE: tickets to a concert, designer pens or watches or shoes, printed ( loud )shirt, leather bag


Characteristics: Simple, quiet, reserved, purist things attracts them, industrious, neat, well organized, creative and sensitive

Hints and Notes: Remember the keywords : Simple Elegant, Clean and Classy

  • FEMALE: Personal organizer, laptop, practical gift cheques, new cleaning device, scented toiletries, organic food stuff, jewellery box, a do it yourself diary,
  • MALE: organizer, ipad or laptop, leather 2013 diary, tool kit, a practical appliance they need, a non-fiction book.


Characteristics: Friendly, Artistic, Sociable, Happy go lucky, Lovable.

Hints and Notes: Fun, exciting, surprisingly sweet and intriguing stuff

  • FEMALE: a new notebook or diary with a stylish, elegant cover, art tools like new set of oil paints, gift cheque to their favourite spa or parlor, a paid yoga lesson, subtle scent perfume, graceful jewellery, interior design book for house and home,
  • MALE: elegant and artistic silver bookmark, metal statues, artefacts, leather bags, a concert ticket, a new camera, intriguing and artistic book, designer clothes.


Characteristics: Emotional, Strong, Passionate, Magnetic, Adventurous and sexual

Hints and Notes: Loves mystery and secrecy. Loves intimacy and sex. Nothing would be a greater gift than to make them feel loved and cherished. Anything to do with water is a big hint.

  • FEMALE : black and lace underwear, scarves, hats, sunglasses, 2013 forecast book, antique jewellery, a cosmopolitan fashion dress or accessory, violet colored items, latest gadgets, gift certificate to a spa.
  • MALE: leather accessories, perfume with intense musk or spice scent, informative books, mysterious or antique items, royal violet couch, novel gadget, his favourite TV series dvd collection, a new flat screen TV


Characteristics: Wanderer, Traveller, Generous, Intellectual, Impulsive, Athletic

Hints and Notes: Loves adventures and travelling. Craves intellectual stuff.  Enjoys a good laugh

  • FEMALE:  travel bags, all expense paid adventure holiday, yoga class, waterproof bag, gifts associated with their pets.
  • MALE: Swiss army knife, gym membership, adventure trip to exotic lactations, philosophy book, atlas, waterproof bag or watch,


Characteristics: Shy, Quiet, Loyal, Patient, Moves slowly, Ambitious, Discipline, Dedicated, Organized

Hints and Notes:  Unique and heartfelt items. Make the date simple and sweet. Naturally made goods attract them

  • FEMALE: family heirloom, attractive crockery, cutlery/silverware, mugs, napkins and place mats. Silk fabrics, comfortable clothing or pyjamas,
  • MALE: antiques books, leather belts or wallet, luxurious watch, leather laptop or ipad case


Characteristics: Visionaries, Radical thinking, Trendsetter

Hints and Notes: Technologies or gadgets, novelties and antiques, unique items that are kind of eccentric. Loves to learn more about everything.

  • FEMALE: reading with an astrologer, latest gadget, unique jacket, bag or shoes, personalized necklace,
  • MALE: latest gadget, a DVD collection of their favourite series or actor/actress,


Characteristics: Dream and Emotional

Hints and Notes: Make them feel that they are worthy! Appreciate a Pisces with your sincere words expressions.

  • FEMALE : water sports accessories, swimwear, sunglasses, perfumes, cameras and watches. Anything sentimental or nostalgic will win their hearts
  • MALE: Club membership, movie passes, interesting novels, documentaries on history and unusual topics, philosophy and psychic articles or artifacts, antiques.



Meditation according to your star sign



Too often we become caught up in ideologies, dogmas and religions of all sorts. Through astrology however we can see the different qualities exhibited in the characters of the zodiac. Spirituality is predominantly governed by the 9th house and Sagittarius which indicates religion, the higher mind and even ones mentors and gurus. The 12th house or Pisces is the hidden house of the zodiac and along with the 8th house or Scorpio, indicate transformative processes which take place away from the public eye. These are the mysterious houses of the zodiac, the spiritual houses and the ones which take us away from this material world either through death (8th house), which is not of our choice, or the 12th house, which is the house of withdrawal and therefore a choice to “die” to the material world as in the case of monks and nuns who enter monasteries to focus their attention purely on spirituality. Additionally, initiation into spiritual life by a mental or guru is shown by the 5th house. This shows the type of prayer, mantra or other ritual technologies that may assist a person along the path of spiritual enlightenment.

By becoming caught up in the ideology and not looking to ourselves to see what the line of least resistance is in our spiritual development, our path in life, we make the mistake of superimposing concepts on human processes that are just not all compatible with those dogmas. Rather than freeing us spiritually, we experience tension within, the friction of doing something which just doesn’t feel right according to our own inner dictates.

361816_7515-150x150Finding the line of least resistance is the job of the astrologer when trying to help clients discern what sort of meditation is best for them. Armed with the knowledge of the Sun sign, the lunar sign, the rising sign, the 8th, 9th and 12th houses from each of these and other intricate astrological aspects and calculations, we can see what the past life was, what the karmic lapses were leading to transmigration and rebirth in this life.  What the natural predisposition is towards self-understanding and how that can best be facilitated is diametrically opposite to the intransigent dogmas of traditional religion. With the guidance of an astrologer, the seeker takes a left-hand turn in the direction of that line of least resistance which can speedily take him into that zone which reveals his/her True Self.

The following 12 astrological assessments is a brief overview of the natural inclination of each of us to spirituality and meditation based upon the 9th house of the horoscope.


The 9th house of the horoscope regulates one spiritual journey and in this case Sagittarius rules your meditation and higher development. Sagittarius is an outgoing sign and this therefore means that sitting down cross-legged for hours on end contemplating your inner chakras is not going to work particularly well for you. Aries as well Sagittarius are fire signs and you therefore need action, mobility and a sense of physical achievement. Yoga, sports and other physical and competitive activities are perfect to help extinguish the excess fire element within you.  Once you are able to eliminate this aggressive and often overwhelming energy and power, your mind will become stilled and you will then not only be in a position to perform traditional meditation but may even find the physical action of sport and competitive interaction meditation itself.

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You are a stable the zodiac sign and therefore traditional forms of meditation may be useful for you. Those born under the sign of the bull enjoy natural environments and therefore parks, the seaside, wildlife, fauna and flora are excellent environments for you to still your mind and make contact with your higher self. Gardening is often a natural meditation for Taureans. But accepting change is a difficult part of your life and probably one of your biggest lessons, so learning to adapt, breathing deeply when change is forced upon you is also a way for you to go with the flow as they say. You have excellent powers of focus and this is ideal for any sort of meditation where you need to spend lengthy periods in a secluded environment. Capricorn is your 9th house at also shows that more conservative forms of religious activity will suit some of you. By releasing th efear of change your mind will natuaraly become more settled and peaceful thereby making meditation much easier for you.

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Being born under the air sign of Gemini means that you are very curious about many things mentally but at the same time restless. The 9th house of your horoscope shows Aquarius as being the predominant force affecting your spiritual development. As this is an unconventional star sign and one which has revolutionary connotations, traditional forms of religion may not suit you. Your meditation will be primarily of an intellectual calibre, one in which you want to understand the nature of reality and where you fit in the scheme of things. Intellectual discrimination with a focus on the real versus the unreal is an excellent form of meditation because it engages your mind and keeps it focused on one thing, something that is difficult for the typical Gemini to do particularly in the early part of life. Deep breathing is also a way to calm this restlessness and will bring with it one pointedness at which time you’ll be able to do a more traditional form of meditation.

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Selfless service and rendering assistance to those who are in need is an excellent form of meditation for those of you born under the water sign of Cancer. The reason being, your 9th house of spiritual activity is ruled by Pisces which is the sign of self-sacrifice. When you are helping others and nurturing them which is also one of the traits of your Sun sign, if it absorbed as if in another space. The notion that one must be sitting cross-legged staring at one’s third eye to be in meditation is incorrect. Your ability to help others will help reduce your sense of ego over time and unlike the typical Cancer in its lower stage of evolution, attachment to the people you love will slowly melt away leaving with it the pure brilliance of selfless love, which is the goal of all meditation.

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Leo is ruled by the Sun which is the heart of the solar system, the engine room of what happens astrologically. The Sun is also related to one’s vitality, the atomic nature and the physical heart. Activity of all sorts, sport and motion which allows you to slip into the “zone” is what turns you on spiritually. As with Aries, which is your 9th house of higher spiritual aspirations, physical activity gives you a sense of burning away the dross or negativity which causes you anger, frustration and a feeling of being stuck in life. You need to be free of this and act independently so to you spirituality / meditation is a form of inner adventure. You like to be admired but in the more evolved Leo born native the shining state of self-awareness which will be achieved by your physical activities will be also very attractive to others but in a way which will act as a sort of beacon light for those who are lost. Your leadership qualities and your ability to share your inner experiences are also a form of meditation in that you lead others to the same higher states of self-awareness.

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On a spiritual note, Taurus which is your 9th house ruling your higher spiritual activities and meditation is the dominant theme for you in this respect. Taurus is a fixed sign, earthy in nature which means concern for the future and your financial stability may constantly distract you from the deeper more substantial work of clearing away those personality traits holding you back from evolving and becoming self-actualised. Virgo is notorious for being critical and therefore, for meditation to take root those born under the sign of the Virgin need to shine the light of criticism on themselves. This process will remove those personality traits and inner karmic obstructions holding you back from realising your highest potential. As Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo, intellectual insight and meditations relating to discriminative and philosophical objectives will suit you well.

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Gemini rules your 9th house of higher spiritual activities and in some ways is an obstruction to you focusing your attention clearly on what spiritual technique will yield the best results. This is also borne out in your Sun sign of Libra which is to a large extent one of the most indecisive in the Zodiac. You can always see two sides of the equation and in spiritual matters that will become an obstacle as the path to self-realisation requires a complete surrender of one’s identification with the world of matter. This doesn’t mean you need to leave the world, become a monk and eliminate anything in fact from your life, rather to disassociate and not identify with things of this world and the circumstances that tend to throw you around emotionally. Finding balance through deep breathing and yoga will be a distinct advantage to you and will bring an inner calm which will then allow you to sit for deeper meditation which will reveal amazing insights in time.

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Learning the art of contentment and being happy with what you have seems easy enough to say, however for you it is rather difficult. You have a complex mind interwoven with as complex an emotional nature. Until you are able to fully experience the dark, and come to terms with that part of your nature, thereby releasing it, you will not be able to truly experience the Light nor the contentment that comes from letting go of desire. For Scorpio, having the mutable water sign of Cancer as the 9th house of your horoscope indicates the feminine aspects as well as the procreative ones will play an important role in your spiritual development. The connection between sexuality and love or perhaps more to the point, the disconnection of these two things will be one of the most important keys to your spiritual emancipation. Extinguishing desire forcibly is not advised for you. You should exhaust these desires gently and with love, as an innocent spectator, so that your meditation and spiritual activities will be unburdened by those deeper inner forces which at times can be emotionally turbulent.

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As the 9th house of any horoscope rules spiritual development and the higher mind, with Sagittarius ruling the natural 9th house of the zodiac, there is a natural affinity between those of you born under the sign of the Centaur and spiritual evolution. The 9th house of the horoscope also has to do with past Karma and the previous incarnation. You see life and for that matter meditation and spiritual development as an adventure and if it’s not fun you may not be interested. This doesn’t mean there are no traditional religious people in the Sagittarius camp. The essential ingredient is a sense of fun and exploration. And this extends to culture and religious doctrines. Sagittarius loves compare religions and to extract the best out of all of them to create something unique to them and their own personalities. Openness and generosity which are ruled by Jupiter, the governor of Sagittarius, means that you have a natural sensitivity and ability to develop your meditation. You are already highly evolved so sitting quietly and meditating particularly on the quality of space – conscious space that is, will liberate you from the shackles of endless transmigration and rebirth.

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Those born under Capricorn need lot of pragmatic and practical proof to change their religious or spiritual beliefs or to even commence treading this path. The Earth sign of Taurus regulates your spiritual development and like your Sun sign, also Earth, means that it’s pretty hard for you not to keep your feet firmly planted on this material Earth. But once you establish a sense of security materially, there is nothing stopping you from investigating the deeper spiritual realms within man. With Taurus ruling your 9th house, whose governor is pleasure-loving and artistic Venus, losing yourself in culture, art and music will be your primary meditation. Define the beauty in life, to capture that and emulated will in itself be meditation enough. Once the connection is drawn between the activity of letting go and the sublime states a human being can attain through artistic creativity, that process will then be easily transposed to everything else you do. You will then be in meditation all the time.

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You have an innate sense of breaking the bounds of the known and moving into intellectual territory that is in fact off-limits according to the traditional way of thinking. This is why your meditation and spiritual work will not easily fit into the norm. And nor will the norm easily fit into you. In a strange sort of way the meditation which is best for you is ruled ( as with Capricorn ), by Venus which dominates your 9th house of Libra. Although people regard Libra as the sign of balance it is in fact the sign struggling to find balance. Forever oscillating between the worlds of yes-no, up-down, in-out, possibly-possibly not, your struggle to find balance and inner peace will be obstructed but at the same time nurtured by this life of duality. One of the easiest ways for you to find balance is through communication and to some extent artistic and cultural expression. These things naturally calm your mind and bring you to a state of one-pointedness. It is only at this stage that you will easily slip into meditation in much the same way that when tired, and even exhausted, you simply slip into sleep. Part of your spiritual journey involves helping if not transforming the world and through art and culture which is uniquely and expression of yourself, you can indeed revolutionise the world you live in through your spiritual intent.

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The 9th house at also the 12th house which is the natural house of Pisces, relate to spiritual activities, meditation, monastic life and so on and so forth. You have a natural affinity with all of these things and because the 9th house of your horoscope is ruled by Scorpio, you can be extremely intense and passionate about your spiritual objectives. You can easily surrender yourself to the highest ideal of spirituality and through deep meditation can come to the real of self-realisation in this life as Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac indicating a cessation of karmic activity, are stepping off of the wheel of Karma so to speak. But there is a downside to this sign and that is that you are likely to be a little too idealistic and naive when dealing with the world and many of the scoundrels in it. For your spiritual development to be well rounded you must learn to activate some of the deeper intellectual qualities and you do have that as Jupiter code rules your sign and is indeed an excellent learner and teacher. Gift yourself and ensure your own spiritual stability before sacrificing yourself and becoming the victim.

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Planetary alignment: 2016


SUNIt’s that time again-a planetary alignment! Every so often, major celestial events are the buzz across the planet and currently what we are seeing is an outpouring of news items on the impact of the alignment of quite a few planets in the heavens at this time. Mostly, the news relates to the astronomical curiosity and its value mostly seems to be intellectual. But what does this Planetary alignment: 2016, mean astrologically, as there are also many views on how this will impact us, if at all, as terrestrial citizens here on planet Earth.

Currently, five planets including Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mars are in the vicinity of the fixed stars of Antares and Spica and appear in a straight line.  They are not all in the same astrological sign however as is the case when two or more planets are in conjunction. Astrologically, the alignment of many planets can indicate a top-heavy influence in a specific area of one’s horoscope. Generally the new age community speaks of this as signifying some accelerated evolutionary moment where large masses of people will actually realise something within themselves, consciousness will be refined and the new seeds of human development sewn.


Over the years I’ve seen varying grades of alignments and while yes, we can say that there are indeed pockets of accelerated evolution, I think we all agree that the condition of the world, the wars, famine and other trammels of human existence for the most part haven’t changed in the last 5000 years or more.

The alignment may however impact us individually and differently depending upon our personal horoscope, greater revolution etc and will continue to be visible until February 20, almost a whole month. We can break down this rare alignment into the constituent planets in the following way-

If you take a look at the horoscope to 21 January you notice that the planets in this alignment aren’t all in the same house or sign of the Zodiac but are still considered as being aligned. Mercury the uppermost planet in longitude forms a trine aspect to Jupiter, the planet of lowest longitude. The trine aspect is a good one indicating fortuitous communication. For the planetary alignment: 2016, planets involved are as follows Andcover quite a few areas in our lives-

  • Mercury-the planet of communication and intellectual connectivity
  • Saturn the planet of trials, tribulations and limitation
  • Venus, the planet of love and sociability, also to some extent ruling finances
  • Mars, ruling energy, drive combativeness and sexual power
  • Jupiter, ruling philosophy, religion, law, travels and morals

You can see why so much emphasis is placed on this and previous planetary alignments as they seem to encompass pretty much every department of life. Will this mean a realignment of these facets of our day-to-day lives or perhaps an imbalance that needs to be checked? This depends upon where in your horoscope this alignment occurs. Some believe that this is like a hard boot, a reset of sorts with a new cycle commencing as a result of this planetary convergence.

There are many astrologers who simply regurgitate the same old information saying that this will herald the beginning of a new shift in consciousness but as stated above, we see that these alignments happen at regular intervals over large periods of time and the notion that we are somehow now more evolved as a race because of these alignments couldn’t be further from the truth. We only have to look at the most recent wars that are being waged across the world, to see that these alignments have done very little to allay the fears of everyday people like you and I in terms of where the world is headed.

The bottom line is that astrology is not information that should be regurgitated ad nauseam simply because other people say it. As with the early practitioners of astrology observation was key to understanding how these cycles actually affect us in real terms. So, study what is happening to you now, make a note in your journal and see if there are any subtle fluctuations going on within your mind and your heart. Self-analysis and introspection are the only way you’re going to truly understand on an individual level how this planetary alignment will affect you. Forget about what all the soothsayers are saying, look to yourself and identify these subtle shifts in consciousness that may be attended by these planetary configurations.

On some level, for some of us, there may be dramatic changes and yet for others, probably the vast majority, very little may be noticed. It’s up to you to make those observations and draw your own conclusions.


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