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Taurus Celebrity – George Clooney

images-1-150x150Mr Clooney exudes the most wonderful Venus traits which are the trademark of his Taurus born star sign. Charisma, physical attractiveness and extraordinary good luck are the positive attributes of being born under the sign of Taurus.

George was born in Lexington, Kentucky and was the son of Nick Clooney who was reasonably successful newscaster in a television station. He hosted a television talk show in Cincinnati. It was in these early years that George was introduced to the world of television when his father used to invite him in to learn what all was about. Later when George was older he didn’t want to enter into competition with his father and gave up his job in broadcast journalism which he only did a short period.

George later studied at Northern Kentucky University but had several failures including being unsuccessful in joining the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. By a twist of fate however his cousin Miguel Ferrer offered him a very small part in a feature film and this was the beginning of a stellar career for this Taurus celebrity film star.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1982 and in his attempts to make it into the big time in Hollywood he even slept in his friend’s closet. His first movie which was with co-star Charlie Sheen was never released but did capture the attention of leading producers which later assisted him in acquiring film contracts. The rest is history.

There’s an interesting quote from George which sums up his Taurus nature and his ability to make money come hell or high water. Taurus is one of the most resourceful Zodiac signs and is very economical.

In hard times Taurus is able to make money.
Some people thought he was Tom Cruise’s and Nicole Kidman’s bodyguard. He remarked that strangers would come up and ask him “Is it okay if I go up and ask for an autograph? It was good. I would charge than three dollars a person. Yeah, you gonna make some money off of that!”

Some fantastic opportunities await George during 2012 as Jupiter, the exceptionally beneficial and lucky planet transits his Sun sign during 2012. This heralds the beginning of an expansive period and one which will be extraordinarily successful for him. He must watch his diet however as Jupiter is notorious for putting on a few calories.

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