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Taurus Horoscope

Here’s your Taurus Horoscope…

Don’t you get a little tired of people referring to Taurus as stubborn, pig-headed or bullish? I think the more polite way of describing you is determined, persevering and yes, opinionated, but certainly no pushover in an argument once your mind is made up. Am I right or right?

In the extreme, I would say that you do have a tendency to prefer sticking with the tried and true rather than impulsively moving in a new direction. You have to have a darned good reason to do something; otherwise, yes, you can be a little stubborn.

But this reflects perfectly the practicality of your star sign, the earthy nature of your personality. Such descriptions as prudent and tight-fisted don’t worry you because you are primarily concerned about positive results that ensure your future security.

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If it comes to making an important life decision you are very much aware of how this impacts upon your loved ones, particularly if you are a family person with children or others who are dependent upon you. You don’t want your decisions to be flaky and cause trouble for anyone so you see caution and thoroughness as absolutely essential.

You are an excellent worker and this is because you prefer to do things carefully and properly. You hate cutting corners and doing more than one thing at a time. If you are forced to rush it really increases your stress levels because you know that doing a job well requires complete focus and attention and this you have.

However, these positive traits, which centre around your cautious attitude, can sometimes be based on a fear of change and this might not always work to your benefit. Can I recommend you at least listen to what others have to say, even if you don’t necessarily agree?

You like to feel as if you’re the master of your own destiny and therefore anyone who thinks they are going to push you in this direction or that are very much mistaken. When the bull digs in its heels, no one on Earth can move it. I can see you chuckling as I reveal the obvious to you.

The fact that change is the only constant thing in life is something you don’t like being reminded of, but it’s not a bad idea for you to prepare yourself for some of the inevitable and unexpected changes in life so that you’re better equipped to deal with them with a minimum of fuss and tension.

You’re sometimes far too easy going for your own good. Some Taureans prefer to leave everything to the last minute and then wonder why they end up reacting so strongly to the unpleasant changes that are going on around them. Be a step ahead of what’s happening because you are capable of foresight and good intuition. Don’t let complacency throw you off your course.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and this indicates a wonderful taste for aesthetic things, luxurious lifestyle items, fine food and generally the better things in life. You enjoy all of the good things that money can buy, no doubt, but must be extremely careful not to let the excessive side of Venus dominate you. This can have adverse ramifications on your health, wellbeing and also your relationships if you don’t take control of it.

You’re a very sensitive and patient individual and, even if success doesn’t fall into your lap at the outset, it doesn’t bother you. You understand the value of appreciating what comes through hard work. You seize the opportunities that arise but only if you can see some practical value in them.

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You’re a very straightforward individual; in fact, some might call you black and white. Your open mind and honest speech never leaves doubt as to where you stand on any topic.

You don’t mind getting your hands dirty, which is why many Taureans like to work in the garden or work with their hands at odd jobs around the home. You’re not afraid of hard work and this has to do with the earthy quality of the sign Taurus. Even women aren’t scared of those manual jobs that would scare off other zodiac signs in a flash. If you’re married to a Taurean woman, you mustn’t expect her to do your hard work for you, though. She’s a woman who believes in equality of the sexes.

You have a simple yet graceful charm that people are attracted to. Venus has a natural beauty that doesn’t need too much embellishment. You also have a strong intuitive feeling about things and prefer to rely on this rather than intellectualising. Your judgement of others is usually quite correct.

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