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Taurus Love Horoscope

There’s nothing fleeting about Taurus’s approach to love. Taurean love is for keeps. When a Taurus opens his or her heart to you, you need to understand that their devotion and intensity of love has to be reciprocated. There’s nothing casual or fleeting in their approach.

Taurus needs to be assured that your idea of love also includes companionship as part of the mix. Friendship to them is as important as the sexual joy of a relationship. Relationships are important to you but your concept of relating has to do with the durability of people and their interactions. Being a great friend, you’ll go to any lengths to help someone in need. Your friends and family can always depend on you. You’re proud of this fact.

The other key factor to your satisfaction in love is finding someone who will offer you the financial stability you seek. You like what money can buy and therefore your partner’s ability to provide you with the necessities (and preferably the luxuries) of life are a measure of their love for you. Hopefully they won’t see you as shallow when it comes to a relationship with you.

You’re very persistent romantically and will therefore wait patiently until the right circumstances or person arrives on the scene. You’re not at all prepared to settle for second best as you understand the problems that will arise from it. And, neither will you play second fiddle to anyone. If you feel as though you’re being dated on the rebound, you’ll soon put an end to it.

Your honesty is sometimes seen as ruthless by would-be suitors. Once these people get a taste of your single-mindedness they will realise that there’s no mucking about with a Taurus. Making a commitment is a lifelong experience for you. They will need to raise their standards to a much higher level and must be prepared to offer you loyalty, fidelity and devotion.

You are possessive in some ways once you choose the person you consider to be a lifelong partner in love. You mustn’t let people become objects, however. Love is an honourable thing and you need to offer your partner independence and freedom for their personal growth as well.

TAURUSOnce you find your soulmate, both of you must continue to improve your lives and evolve together. It might be easy for you to slip into a daily routine that is hard to break. Some Taureans become stagnant and stop romancing their mate once the thrill of the chase is over. You mustn’t let this happen to you.

Try to remain youthful, playful and under all circumstances communicative about your feelings. As some Taureans get older they prefer to sweep their emotional problems under the rug and this only complicates things for them in their marriages. If you team up with someone who demonstrates their love for you and is sensitive to your needs you’ll be more comfortable about sharing your deeper feelings with them. This will ensure your spiritual growth in the partnership.

Your sensual nature sometimes gets the better of you. You like to reward yourself with exciting and fun times for a job well done, but overindulgence needs to be checked so that you don’t fall into the trap of excess in the pleasurable activities of eating, drinking and sensualising. Try to team up with someone who will balance these elements of your nature if you are prone to overdoing it.

Try not to live in the past too much and don’t expect others to understand how you feel without letting them know what is on your mind. Get away from the rat race on a regular basis and reconnect with nature. This is one way in which you, Taurus, will re-establish contact with your deeper, emotional self. This will go a long way towards keeping your love life fresh and vital.

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