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Terrorist attack on France: An astrological assessment

Here’s the Terrorist attack on France: An astrological assessment….

On Friday the 13th at approximately 9:16 PM in Paris France ISIS conducted simultaneous attacks on civilians in Paris in response to what it believes is the French involvement in Syria, Iraq and the Middle East conflicts generally.

Since September 2014 France has been involved in airstrikes in both Iraq and more recently in Syria. This retaliatory response however was barbaric and has naturally raised the terrorist alert in Western countries to an extreme level. Everyone with a sense of decency is outraged by these inhumane acts.

The astrological horoscope of France is in question as there are several independence charts however the one will use now to assess the planetary and astrological influences at the time of the attack is that of the 5th French Republic of October 5, 1958.

At the time of the attack the ascendant or rising sign using Western tropical astrology was within 1° of the national horoscope for the above date of 1958 which therefore from an astrological point of view is considered “radical” or fit to be used as a chart for the event in question.

Let’s take a look at the chart by conducting a visual study which you can look at here with my vocal notes as well. ( click play on the video )


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