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Both science and the esoteric schools of knowledge have their own systems of categorising and describing people. Face reading simplifies the whole procedure by relating primarily to the facial shapes that are evident in everyday life. These simple geometric forms can be easily committed to memory and are a very useful key in forming your basic “snapshot” of character.

There are four basic temperaments which are aligned to the elements, planets and signs of the zodiac. Each of these four character types is associated with a simple geometric shape. Broadly speaking, the mental or inverted triangular shaped face is ruled by Mercury, the circular or vital type by the Moon or Jupiter, the oblong or osseous type by Saturn and the muscular or square type by Mars. Each of these types has its own inherent physical, mental and emotional expression. So let’s look at these four elements in a little more detail and study your particular shaped face and what it means.


Mental ShapeA person with a rational temperament is known more technically as an ectomorph. If you fall into this category of humans, your head and face are easily recognised, as is your body type. You possess a slender wiry frame and your head is of an inverted triangular or pear shape. The high forehead indicates good intelligence Good high hairline, unblemished = good intelligence. May make errors of judgement and choice in relationships. Suspicious, mistrusting and highly strung

Your veins are quite prominent with hair that is fine, soft or silky. Your type is usually very restless. You’re one of those people always on the go –  active, quick, versatile and talkative. Your voice may also seem somewhat be high pitched..

Because the mental type is curious and investigative, all of the areas that allow free reign to your thirsty intellect will provide the best fulfilment for you. For the most part you’re known as an active, athletic and energetic individual  but may somehow lack stamina and  burn out quickly. You must learn the art of pacing yourself to maximise energy reserves.

Astrologically speaking, the air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Even though Capricorn is an earth sign astrologically it’s assigned the property of air in Ayurveda. The planets ruling air are Mercury, Dragons Head ( Lunar North Node ) and Saturn.

The Chinese Face readers refer to your face as a Fire Face, which results in you being bright, intelligent, sensitive, creative and very active. These traits do reflect a fiery nature, and so coupled with your fine thinking capacity you possess positive traits of both elements – fire and air.

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Emotional Water  ShapeYou can easily recognise a “watery”, emotional human being as the short and stocky type. If your facial shape and body structure is distinctly rounded and tending to a somewhat fleshy look, you’ll fall into this category. Another designation for you’re an endomorph.

Your body type means that you’re predominantly emotional, sensitive and caring. Cancer is the Cardinal water sign of the zodiac and symbolises motherhood and nurturing. This makes you extremely considerate and compassionate. You like to extend this facet of your nature into every area of activity, including your work. Which is not to say you’re a blob of maudlin sentimentality. You do however, seem to have a natural tendency to interact with others from an emotional base, making you “mother” to your peers.

And that is also the case if you’re a male. You may take intense interest in your projects, desiring to nourish concepts from an inceptive stage, watering the idea at each and every step – much like a mother feeding her newborn infant. And just as a mother fearing the flight of her teenagers, at some point you also may have some lessons to learn about delegating tasks and letting go.

You’re generally a conservative who’s best suited to social situations and perform very well in professional arenas where a social and playful environment accommodates your naturally easy-going style. You also need and desire security and stability very much. You therefore have a natural affinity with money and finance and can do well in the home sciences, sales careers and the socially interactive professions like catering and hospitality. The banking and Real Estate sectors would also be ideal for your innate talents.

You may be prone to weight disorders and emotional difficulties if you slot into this category at the other end of the scale. It means that emotions are perhaps not dealt with or ”digested” correctly in your experience. This “indigestion” has its counterpart in the alimentary tract of your body.  It’s no coincidence that the medical fraternity refer to your type as an alimentative class of being. You do love food.

You also tend to retain excess fluid in the body, have a large chest, large magnetic eyes and thick hair. With Endomorphs, the Moon or Jupiter is usually prominent at the time of birth and so, according to astrologers and other alternative practitioners, weight problems may become an issue for you.

The Water Signs are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. According to Hindu Ayurveda, the ruling water planets are Venus, Moon and Jupiter and hence Taurus, Libra and Sagittarius may be taken as water signs as well.

The Chinese face readers agree that you’re a liquid and adaptable, sensitive and pliable individual.  With other positive features this is a good basis for success in midlife. It’s more so if your neck is thick. The reverse holds true for thinner necked water types.

The Chinese readers also believe that being a full faced endomorph means that you may feel family life imposes upon you and that your time is never fully capable of being devoted to your other social passions. Compromise will mark the evolved types while the less developed amongst your class will struggle and perhaps fail at reaching the golden mean, as Budda called it.

Strong sexual fantasies also feature strongly for you. Coupled with your natural charm and demonstrative affection, you can provide very loving and satisfactory romantic alliances which last. Men of your nature prefer to stay in committed partnerships and function at their best when love and home are stable.

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Physical Fire ShapeWell-built, muscular and energetic people are called mesomorphs. If your physical structure is like this…read on. Your face and head have a squarish shape, as may even your ears. You have a solidly built frame, which indicates your ardent interest in physical activities, sports and outdoor movement in general.

As a fire type you’re seen to be aggressive, ambitious and dominating. You may be irritable and quick to anger but usually cool off just as suddenly. Others are intimidated by the sheer force of your approach but they will always know where you and they stand.

Your mind is sharp and analytical and so you make a good practical worker, scientist, engineer or mechanic. Dexterity is one of your strengths. Others at first may not notice but your mind likes to look beneath the surface of things. So you’d make a good researcher as well.

In health, you’re prone to skin disorders, rashes and muscular strains and tears as a result of overexertion. In extreme cases, you may be accident – prone through your impulsive streak. Your eyes too may also cause you problems at times. Fortunately, being endowed with strength and vitality, you’re also blessed with strong recuperative powers.

You have a voracious appetite and love eating but unlike the endomorphic water type you tend to burn up calories rather quickly due to your continual activity. Furthermore, you have an excess of bile which may create a need for a careful dietary program to assist your digestion because of overacidity.

The Fire Signs include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Scorpio can also be taken as fire as its sub ruler is Mars.

The eastern characterologists consider the square a sign of stability and earthiness. No wonder you’re regarded as an earthy no-nonsense type of individual who shoots from the hip. The “Statesman’s” face – e.g. Winston Churchill possesses the square earthiness which you share and portrayed his serious demeanour, deliberate and decisive decision making .

It’s not usually evident but if you’re a more refined type mesomorph you also have good communication and understanding with your romantic/marriage partners. You’re able to reflect on problems and are capable of affectionately demonstrating your love.

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Practical Earth TypeThe Earth Type is considered as part and parcel of the other three categories in the Ayurvedic discipline. You’ll recognise yourself as belonging to this category by the longer, more oblong shaped face. You will also find yourself taller and possibly bonier than your squatter, ligamentous brother mesomorphs mentioned above.

As an earth type you’re practical, methodical and deliberate but may tend to overwork. You will probably find the lion’s share of workaholics in this category. You can be excessively concerned about material and financial security, so you push yourself to the limits in trying to acquire those things that remove this sense of worldly inadequacy.

In the process of your striving for success, you’re severe on yourself and others. Hopefully you’re not of the lower type which is quite the opposite – tending to gross sensuality and emotional and dietary excess.

Some areas of physical weakness which may need to be watched include the skeletal and subcutaneous regions as well as your teeth and hair. The Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. As Taurus reflects the earthy mesomorph, it regulates the throat and neck region so the thyroid and also lymphatic system is a constitution flashpoint.

Often the Virgoan (another earth sign) suffers a nervous condition affecting the digestion. Vedic astrologers consider the sign of Virgo as the most sensitive in the Zodiac The leaner mesomorphs, especially those given to the 100 hour work week must learn to be less fastidious and worried about results and simply relax and sleep a little more.

Modern Western society in particular has glorified the earthy mesomorphic physique. The best looking actors and models, both male and female, tend to reflect the ideal mesomorphic shape. The danger of beauty lay in narcissism, which in the lower examples of mesomorphs is quite pronounced. This gives rise to numerous psychological issues creating obstacles in the area of relationships.

Many mesomorphs find it hard to transcend the body idea and find themselves relating to  others on this body to body level. You will find meditation and spiritual contemplation a medicine for you if this experience happens to be part of your journey.

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