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The Great Pluto Return

Pluto’s Return and the Breakdown of The World System

Introduction to Pluto

PLUTO PLANETIf we look at Earth and human history in the context of Eternity, our current stage of development is comparable to an embryo. The study of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus are particularly relevant within this context of our planetary gestation and progress.

Astrologers refer to the outer planets as “transpersonal”. These celestial bodies profoundly influence the future and can impact humanity in many ways, including spiritually, sociologically, and politically. They are historically closely related to them.

Percy Lowell discovered Pluto on February 18 1930. This coincided with the creation and eventual explosion of the Atomic Bomb. The world was confronted with the idea of energy so powerful that it could cause the end of humanity’s existence, possibly for the first and only time. A few laughed, some cried. J. Robert Oppenheimer (the famous Atomic Physicist) spoke of Atomic Destruction (Pluto) and said that he knew the world would not be the same.

The silence was overwhelming. This is a reminder of the Bhagavad Gita quote: “I’m Death, the destroyer of all worlds” It is not surprising that astrologers have given Pluto destructive attributes.

Pluto is most closely associated with Scorpio, the zodiacal sign – intense, destructive, and dark. However, Pluto also represents fundamental aspects of human evolution such as willpower and the process of elimination, transformation, and more.

Our grade of evolution determines Pluto’s manifestation. If a person’s tendency towards self-aggrandisement and material acquisition is reflected in their horoscope, Pluto’s influence can push them towards power abuse. Adolf Hitler’s eighth house Pluto best illustrated this severe abuse of power.

Pluto is a powerful influence on many people, including business and political leaders and criminal and underground leaders. This is especially true if Pluto is associated with personal planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, or rising sign.

The Greeks and Hindus refer to Pluto mythologically. He was referred to in Greek mythology as Hades, the God Of Death and Sovereign over the Underworld. However, this concept of death is not complete. Pluto’s deeper meaning has as much to do with the traditional notion of death as it does with rebirth. Death is just another stage in the transformation process that leads to rebirth.

Pluto is the destruction and eventual disappearance or beginning of something new. In India’s Vedic and Hindu traditions, Pluto is Lord Rudra ( Shiva), which in reality means the personification of time. The God of Death, Kali, is the feminine counterpart to Rudra concerning Pluto’s cosmic expression. The Kali name is a derivative from the Sanskrit Kala, which loosely means time. It perfectly describes the action by Pluto. All things are born, grown, die, and disappear in time.

Astrologers are still trying to determine the impact of Pluto’s slow orbit on individual personalities. We see that Pluto has a long-lasting and tangible impact on us in practice. It takes 248 years to complete a round through the zodiac. A transit of a single sign can last between 15 and 20 years. This is why it is not used in determining a person’s horoscope. Moreover, millions of people are born during transit through a sign. These effects can be seen in these descriptions:

A History of Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn Birthday HoroscopePluto activates the ambition sign of Capricorn with a stubborn sense of purpose. If the individual or nation is well-developed, they may open up traditional business structures and reveal a progressive and sacred method of financing. Pluto in Capricorn represents a determined and influential individual driven to achieve what it set out to do.

On the timeline of history, from 1762 to 1777, when Pluto entered Capricorn, we can see new ideas for government emerging. Political ideology was born out of the American Declaration of Independence and the rise of democracy.

Globally, a similar pattern will emerge again from 2008 to 2023. The One World government will likely emerge, as discussed in books and other subcultures.

Pluto’s unrelenting and constant effect makes it impossible to see governments fall. The conservative system of governance will also be destroyed.

Pluto was last seen in Capricorn 225 years ago. On July 4, 1776, another declaration of independence emerged. The founding fathers declared the sovereignty of the American colonies to Great Britain. They believed they were pursuing freedom.

Capricorn is about achieving and maintaining power. With Pluto flipping the script, the underdogs often become overlords. Pluto will make its first revolution in the chart of America in February 2022. This country’s narrative is inverting. It will lead to a new beginning, or it will end. When Pluto arrives, there can be no confusion, secrets, and dissociation. She is Kali incarnate, the Dark Phoenix. More mature nations have had to endure multiple Pluto Returns if they can survive.

The Roman Empire fell only after its second Pluto Return. Centuries later, Great Britain saw the reign of Queen Elizabeth and a new era in prosperity and development. Interestingly, Elizabeth rulership that began Britain’s slave trade in the third Pluto Return fell apart. Pluto is not the destroyer in the chart of any nation or person. You can unlock, abuse, take, and then relinquish power. What has she done to get here? Even if the United States survives its first showdown, would it continue? What if Pluto is the one who finishes the job?

The United States was founded under the Aquarius Moon. Spears and Princess Diana also have that in common. Aquarius is forward-looking and elevates the voices of the youth to create a new collective framework. Capricorn keeps the status quo. Aquarius’ moon, which cycles through life and death, subtly reflects the moment’s light and envisions a future. Sometimes original ideas are lost when the times catch up with them.

Lady Di was tortured for her individuality at the hands of the media and the monarchy. Spears was convicted for violating the laws of a post-9/11 moralistic terrorist state. Spears finally broke the silence after decades of ignoring Diana’s legacy.

America, like Spears and Diana, is a product. Its DNA is an Aquarian idea for a free future. This Aquarian ideal belongs to the people and not the monarchy or the eight men who have all the money. Spears’ liberation is possible because of her fans’ efforts, the youth culture she created, inspired, and inevitably mobilised. There are many new currencies, including NFTs and crypto. The recent Gamestop coup highlighted the weakening grip on the established financial system.

Despite outdated attempts to suppress voter turnout, statistically, the white majority cannot endure. President Biden’s bill to end child poverty could help millions of people out of poverty. The dialogue about reparations has been revived. The outdated gender rules will soon become obsolete. Although everything is still uncertain, anything can still happen.

After completing its return in 2023, Pluto enters Aquarius. This launches the inevitable rebooting of the Matrix. The limits of consciousness and the rules of reality will become quantum. Censuring and cancellation will be handed to those who claim their originality. As the event horizon nears, their vision will be realised in the new mutant country to come. They’ll have to wait for the world to catch up, just like Spears.

Pluto and 2022

On February 22, 2022, the US will see its first “Pluto Return”, an event that has been 248 years in preparation. It is not a coincidence that the country will experience a spiritual awakening on 2/22/22. That is destiny, according to astrology.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Pluto takes over 240 years to make one revolution of the sun. For those not familiar with the inner workings of astrology, a natal chart is a snapshot of the sky taken at the time of a person’s (or a nation’s) birth.

On February 22, 2022, Pluto will be back in the same position it occupied at the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We will not experience a Pluto Return again. For long-standing countries, however, a Pluto Return has often led to a rise in power and fall of empires. Pluto represents the destruction of traditional organisations, structures and systems. It replaces them with new ones.

Astrologers believe the Pluto return will bring out all our weaknesses as a nation, but it may have the greatest impact on the economy. Although the country’s Pluto Return is most substantial on February 22, 2022, one could argue that we have been feeling its effects for the past two decades.

We are bloated by capitalism and have been for many years, and now our financial and debt full gluttony results are bringing home our karma. The upcoming Pluto return will cause us to feel uncomfortable and intensely want to destroy these systems and structures.”

For a generation shaped by economic uncertainty, a transformation is long overdue. The Great Recession shocked millennials who entered the workforce in 2008 after graduating college. Even though millennials have a higher household income than the boomer generations, they still own only 5% of America’s wealth.

The generation born with Pluto in Scorpio comprises millennials. This refers to the transit of Pluto in Scorpio between 1983 and 1995. Most millennials were born during this cycle. It has influenced a generation of nervous nonconformists who want to make a difference. Pluto in Scorpio relates to the fear of death and dying. He said that it’s about confronting our mortality and ultimately facing our fears. When you look at what millennials witnessed as children, there was a lot of tragedy.

Scientists don’t believe the correlation is always causation. Astrologers, however, believe there are correlations between astrological events. This is especially true when Pluto returns have caused power disruptions throughout history. From 218 to 220 AD, the Roman Empire saw its first Pluto return. This period was marked by scandal, death, divisive leaders and unstable transfers in power throughout the Severan Dynasty until it ended in 235AD.

The second Pluto return occurred between 461 AD and 468 AD, eight years before the fall of Rome’s Empire in 476 AD. England survived three Pluto Returns — in the Great Famine 1315, during which the Elizabethan Era began and a golden age for British literature and during the official creation of the United Kingdom.

Grim stated that “We have the theme of not just structural collapse but transitions, and leadership as a historical precedent.” Our leadership situation focused on many astrologers’ predictions for this year. Are our institutions not effective?

While it may take 250 years to bring down an empire, in the United States, it takes just four years to make Americans unhappy with their rulers. While the Trump administration provided temporary relief to citizens who felt threatened by his leadership, even a leadership change can only shift direction if inequality underpins the societal conference.

Even in astrology, change doesn’t happen overnight. Astrologers recommend that we surrender control of what cannot be changed to prepare for the United States’ Pluto Return.

Under Pluto’s transit, the most crucial lesson relates to letting go. That’s the challenge!


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