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2019 New Year New Moon Karmic Insights

The January 2019 Solar Eclipse-New Moon In Capricorn Signals a NEW YOU!!

Here’s the thought for you. This is the biggest secret that isn’t a secret. When you’re doing what you do with attention, fully immersed in this single immediate moment, and most importantly, unconscious of any sort of gain, you’re approaching the beautiful state of freedom.

When spiritual books tell you to live in the moment, it’s not something you have to bring in from outside. Living in the moment is about being immersed fully, in this moment and only this moment. That’s the secret. This meditation is explosive and will fast-track you to Nirvana. Simple? Yeah? Try it and give me your thoughts.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: New Self on the Way

NEW YEAR SPECIAL PACKAGE 2019Speaking of the new you, today is 9 January 2019, and as I write this, the new Moon has just taken place in the practical earth sign of Capricorn. As a general rule of thumb the new Moon is about new beginnings. How coincidental that the New Year and this new Moon solar eclipse coincide. But in serendipity there are no accidents.

If you’re looking at these transits purely from the material perspective you’ve missed the point. What this new Moon is telling you is that your material life needn’t be removed from the joy and love you experience when you’re happily engaged in a pastime, hobby or anything which isn’t work. But this secret, this awareness is a new level of perception and is independent of work, pleasure, happiness or suffering. Cultivating this level of understanding in your mundane activities spiritualises those activities. Once this happens there’s no distance between your practical worldly life and your yoga practice. Day-to-day life becomes one big yoga posture. As the Buddhist saying goes, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

The resolution needed this New Year isn’t one of changing circumstance, work, financial status or facial features (with cosmetic surgery) but rather, one of insightful perception about transforming yourself. The new Moon solar eclipse in Capricorn signals a new you!

Capricorn is a material, security conscious earth sign. The new Moon here offers you a way out by inviting you to embrace materialism and simply change your outlook. The acquisition or loss of money, power and status isn’t the issue. Likewise there’s no necessity to accept or reject any circumstance find yourself in. Use what life is throwing at you intelligently as a stepping stone to the higher gateways of inner development.

Maintaining presence of mind brings deeper insight into the fluctuating karmic patterns of life. It endows you with the ability to stabilizes your awareness in the midst of changing life conditions, even catastrophic ones.

Astrologers Brief forecast

This new Moon solar eclipse has taken place in a cardinal sign and therefore all the cardinal signs will feel its impact very strongly. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. As there is a huge buildup of planets in this same sign – Mercury, Saturn, the Sun, Pluto and the Moon, immense energies are building to a coming crescendo.

From January 15 – 20 the hard aspect of Mars to this conglomerate of planets will be explosive. It’s during this cycle that self-containment and presence of mind will be most useful. Taking full control of yourself will help avert disputes, breakups which will be caused by impulsive choices and behaviour.

What happens in 2019 rests upon many astrological factors. The first new Moon of the year and where it stands in your horoscope can be very revealing for the general trend of the coming year. If it affects your rising or Sun sign you’ll make New Year’s resolutions associated with your physical self, appearance and ways in which you can become more popular.

The seventh house new Moon would relate to your business partnerships, marital status and changes that will necessarily take place in these most important relationships, and so on and so forth.

Here briefly, are the spheres of life in which this new Moon will impact each of the star signs.


Aries 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comThe new Moon influences your work and brings with it fresh new opportunities. You’re able to use your influence to make changes in your professional environment. Check your 2019 Aries Yearly Forecast HERE!



Taurus 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comNew forms of learning intrigue you and this could involve a whole new level of understanding. Travelling is also on the cards and will bring you in touch with new cultures and interesting people. Check your 2019 Taurus Yearly Forecast HERE!



Gemini 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comBanking, finance and how you share your money with others will be a focus under this new Moon. Setting up new bank account and investment portfolio is worthwhile. Check your 2019 Gemini Yearly Forecast HERE!



Cancer 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comRelationships and more importantly, intimate ones, will be subject to a whole new makeover. You are committed to improving your love life and feel much better emotionally. Check your 2019 Cancer Yearly Forecast HERE!



Leo 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comCurrent work conditions give you a new lease of life in terms of creative input. You have more of a say in your role. Connecting with co-workers who have a similar goal enhances career. Check your 2019 Leo Yearly Forecast HERE!



Virgo 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comExploring romance, creativity and love life are the hallmarks of this new Moon for you. You are attractive to the opposite sex and want to make the most of any existing relationships you have. Check your 2019 Virgo Yearly Forecast HERE!



Libra 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comMaking changes at home are ideal now and this new Moon gives you the opportunity and support of family members who also want to help you improve your shared living space. Check your 2019 Libra Yearly Forecast HERE!



Scorpio 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comExploring new means of communication, marketing and branding will help put you back on the map. If you’ve been out of circulation it’s time to re-emerge from your cocoon and spread your wings. Check your 2019 Scorpio Yearly Forecast HERE!



Sagittarius 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comYou have some brilliant insights into increasing cash flow, earning a better hourly rate and doing work that fits your creative urge. Job interviews swing your way. Check your 2019 Sagittarius Yearly Forecast HERE!



Capricorn 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comYou impress others now with a resolution to improve your presentation, self-esteem and persuasive skills. Others take notice of you under this new Moon so meetings and negotiations are positive. Check your 2019 Capricorn Yearly Forecast HERE!



Aquarius 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comYou are reassessing your recent past and can see exactly how your decisions are impacting your current and future circumstances. Big changes are afoot and you are confident about the coming months. Check your 2019 Aquarius Yearly Forecast HERE!



Pisces 2019 NEW MOON Karmic Insights by astrology.comA greater push to create a new circle of friends and worthwhile connections see you making efforts socially. New friends will be supportive as they will be on your wavelength. Check your 2019 Pisces Yearly Forecast HERE!


2019 Focus

I invite you to take a closer look at your horoscope and the forecast for 2019. I’ve done that for you already with a general synopsis of no less than 3000 words to give you an insight into the general trend of 2019 including

  • Your romance,
  • Love and friendship,
  • Business and finance as well as
  • Your karma and luck potential in the coming months.

This will kick start YOU version 2.0

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This Month’s BIG HINT

Did you know that there are remedial measures in astrology and that they can be used to neutralize the influence of negative planetary forces on you? This isn’t for everyone but for those of you interested enough to learn these mysteries handed down to me by my mentors – let me introduce you to some Tantric hints. I’m fortunate to have been initiated into the extraordinary study of astrology and Tantra which is the ancient tradition of understanding how to work in harmony with the forces of nature and destiny. I’m more than happy to work with and share with you how to turn this phase of stagnation or even “bad luck” completely around.

This month’s big hint: Fasting. Observe regular fasting on the day of your choice. Depending on which day you choose, the planet ruling that day will be brought under your submission.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun and helps remove disease, improve health and vitality and gives long life

Monday is ruled by the Moon and fasting on this day will bring your emotions and domestic situations under control

Tuesday is ruled by Mars and gives you strength, courage and the ability to win over adversaries

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and is an excellent day to improve your intellect, study habits and strengthen your nervous system

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter with fasting on this day uplifting your spiritual vision, giving you deeper insight into yourself. It is generally a luck amplifier

Friday is ruled by Venus and bringing this planet under control through fasting promises happiness and satisfaction in love and social activities

Saturday is ruled by Saturn and fasting on this day enhances your professional opportunities and skills

This exercise is one of the keys to turning your luck around.

Contact me here if you’d like some direct guidance on any of this. I’ll work with you as I have with thousands of others to bring balance back into your life and help you properly launch version 2.0 of yourself in 2019.

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Email me here if you’d like to know more.

Best wishes,