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The Power of Color by Dadhichi Toth

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Color is your own personal way of expressing yourself. When it’s time to party you’ll pick out a vibrant colored dress or shirt to tell others high happy and light you feel.

Everyone has a favorite color with which they identify but what about the healing and soothing effects of colors? How do they affect you? When white light is passed through a crystal or glass prism a rainbow effect is produced. The colors of violet, indigo, blue, green, orange, yellow and red are revealed to us.

Red, Yellow and Blue are called the primary colors whereas any mixture of these are called secondary colors. They are Orange, Green and Violet.

A third series called Tertiary colors is formed when primary and secondary colors are mixed. There are dozens of combinations and each has its own mood which is able to affect your mind and your life.


Violet is associated with physical healing and has a marked influence on the skeletal system. It clears, purifies and tunes you into the spiritual realms and your Higher Self. It is a balancer between the physical and astral worlds.

If you suffer from any aches in the bones such as arthritic pain, it is said that violet can assist in that area. If you are a meditator, violet can assist in deepening meditation and evoking the higher human sentiments such as humility and truth. It is a majestic color that is said to reveal past lives to you.


This color and some of the bluer shades have an influence on the third eye. This means that if you are trying to develop your psychic and spiritual powers, then, just like violet, it can have a marked influence on your evolutionary growth.

It is said to detoxify and cleanse the lymphatic system and strengthen your immunity to disease. It purifies the blood and eliminates waste from the glandular system and body generally. You should use indigo to lighten the spirit, but an excess of use may in fact give the opposite effects.


Blue is a cleanser and relaxing to the entire body. It has a marked effect on the lungs and is considered antiseptic in its action. It has a very conservative feel to it so that any activities requiring a traditional mood are benefited by the use of blue.

Asthma, any infant diseases and skin disorders are said to be assisted using the color blue. If you are depressed or sad, you should avoid the sedating effect of blue. If you like blue, try mixing other colors to lighten the effects.


Plants predominantly exhibit this color as does the deep ocean. It is therefore regarded as one of the most natural and uplifting of colors. It is very sedating in its effect and unruly children are pacified by its use.

If your nerves are on edge or you are overworked, try using green light or colors on you to calm and soften your mind. Green brings luck in social and financial circles too where it has the power to attract commercial luck.

It relates to the heart and is tonifying to the cardio vascular region. As the heart chakra relates to love- it is said to raise your awareness to a Universal level as well.

Yellow The Solar Plexus is linked to this color. The chakra or energy centre there is activated by its use. If you are tired or listless, lacking in initiative or drive for life, try using yellow or sleeping under yellow lights. It will reactivate your mind and heart and renew your interest in life.

Any digestive or eating disorders are helped through the use of yellow. The stomach and even the urinary tract respond well to its influence.


Orange like yellow signifies the Sun and has a warming effect on the system. It is also a color of social interaction too. It can help you in drawing favorable people to you in friendship and romance as it has an endearing quality to it.

Emotional conditions respond most favorably to the use of orange light or orange colors in the environment or in fashion and also have a benefic effect on the pancreas, spleen and other internal organs. The nervous system is purified and toned through the use of orange and is a great pep up when feeling physically run down.


Red is a most powerful color and is sometimes regarded with caution due to its association with blood, death hospitals and emergencies etc. It is therefore a color which calls all senses into action and can revive a sagging mental attitude or withered spirit.

It is a physical color which warms the system. If the blood is weak, anemic or the circulation is sluggish then red will activate its action.Red is a passionate and sexual color and therefore should be used sparingly unless sensual and sexual enhancement is called for, in which case it excels. It regulates the base chakra.


Gold – Gold is a color of royalty and healing. It protects and nourishes the body and assists in the improvement of immunity against diseases.

Silver – As the Moon rules silver whites and greys, the power of imagination is increased through its use. Assists in highlighting other colors.

Brown – To induce an earthier approach to life, the color brown is useful. It is healing and traditional in its effects.

Black – Conservative and settling color but may create a depressive mood in those who are apathetic, lazy or emotionally imbalanced.

Turquoise – Is useful in skin conditions especially due to overheating.

Lemon – Awakens the nervous system and tunes the brain to higher energies of the cosmos. It is refreshing and deodorising.

Pink – Compassionate color which also exhibits a passionate tone. Good for meditation and strenghtening to the immune system

White – Purifies the whole system and contains all other colors. It is a spiritual symbol of purity

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