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The Time Vampire

The Time VampireYou’re probably not aware that there are 168 hours in each and every given week. That’s 24×7. The value of time can’t be overestimated and this fact is becoming clearer and clearer over time as we all struggle to make time for the things we love. More and more we’re working overtime, doing two, even three jobs to keep up with the fast pace and high cost of living.

Those 168 hours can even be summed up in the Chinese philosophy of numbers which allocates certain mystical meanings to each of the numerals. The number 168 indicates daily, the path, to fortune. That is, 1-daily, 2 – the path, 8-fortune and riches.

The last thing we need is someone stealing our time, wasting this valuable commodity we have so little of. But like myself you too probably have someone, a situation, either a family member, a friend or work colleague who constantly erodes your time, takes but never gives. This is the time vampire.

To protect your time which is in fact another form of money you need to be able to simply say the magic word “no”. This is difficult as we all want to be compassionate souls, lifting those in need . But think about it, mostly these individuals usually turns out to simply be insensitive idiots that have nothing better to do than beg for the empathetic ear to listen to their bundle of woes. And make no mistake about it, misery loves company.

Finding the balance between giving of yourself to someone in need and having your life force sucked out of you is a delicate manoeuvre to say the least. Have you ever found yourself in the company of someone who within a few minutes leaves you with a stinking headache? Chances are this person is messing with your head and draining you of vital energy that you must learn to protect.

There are many techniques given online and in books for how you should necessarily protect your aura. One example is surrounding yourself in the white light, drawing in the forces of protection and stimulating the spiritual resistance from within your inner self. This is all very elaborate and often time-consuming. The quicker solution is to simply understand straight off the mark which personalities are likely to be time vampires. With a little practice you can start to identify these individuals within the first minute or so of conversation. Here’s a typical opener in conversation. You’ll spot the keywords

“Hi John how are you?” You ask

“Oh okay I guess but I have some really bad problems at the moment” he replies ( while you just want to roll your eyes but out of courtesy don’t! )

Straight away you realise you are going to be listening to War and Peace – a history of all things that have gone wrong in this person’s life. Assuming you don’t have a lot of time, you’ll want to fast track this conversation to its logical conclusion. Positive distraction is usually the best way of doing this so start by complementing them and telling them

“Hey, you still look great! You must be doing something right”.

Keep bringing the conversation back to the positive rather than reinforcing the negative story that they’re going to give you.

A little trick that I use, and remember I’m an astrologer having experienced thousands of time vampires, and let me assure you that when they’re paying top dollar for my services they’re going to try to extract every last ounce of energy and time out of me that they can. The technique is to use similes. As soon as they start talking about how incapacitated they are ( these are the sickness victims who don’t really have anything wrong with them except faulty self-perception and too much time on their hands ) you can always refer to Stephen Hawking and his life as being confined to a wheelchair, the use of a digital device to speak through, yet he still continues to work and not only work but to produce brilliant gems of subatomic equations and insights into the origins of the cosmos.

Now there are time vampires and of course those who genuinely have a problem but you need to clearly discriminate between those who are going to have a meaningful give-and-take conversation and those who are simply there to use up every last minute of your time for their own selfish ends. I always say that practice makes perfect so rather than running away when you’re confronted by your next time vampire, use the circumstances to gain some insights into the psychological states of these people and practice the way you’re going to deal with them.

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