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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Astrological study

Know more about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Astrological study…


tom_katie-holmes-150x150This month I have been speaking about relationships and the current full Moon which is near Pluto. The intensity of this combination often brings us into an uncomfortable contact with our own feelings, problems in our relationships and an acute insight into what we need to do to transform our lives from mediocrity to greatness.

We can see this very principle playing out in the horoscopes and lives of Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes. This relationship is in keeping with the theme of this month’s newsletter given that Katie has now filed for divorce. This is a fascinating story of love, power and a relationship once thought to be idyllic, now sliding into oblivion like many other relationships.

In looking at the horoscopes of both Tom and Katie, I couldn’t help but notice the excellent and near-perfect aspects between planets in both charts. As an example, the placement of Venus in Tom’s horoscope is in trine aspect with Katie’s Venus with less than one degree of distance. In a study of love and marriage compatibility astrology says that this precise aspect is an excellent omen for good luck in a relationship. There was no doubt from Tom’s performance on the Oprah Winfrey show at the beginning of his relationship that he was not just a little excited about his new love with Katie but completely besotted. I have heard it said that if it’s not madness, it not love! With this lovely aspect in their horoscopes it was obvious that they genuinely loved each other.

If we also look at Mars in both horoscopes, we see an even more precise triangular aspect which is in the same degree in both charts. Physical and raw passion is represented by this planet and again I am in no doubt that the physical chemistry between them was powerful. And would you believe that Mercury is also in the same degree in opposition? You’d think that this would somehow save the relationship as Mercury is communication. Actually, according to Western astrologers this opposition of Mercury in the charts would reveal differences in communication styles. In the Vedic horoscope the placement of Mercury in the fixed sign of Taurus in Tom’s horoscope shows his absolute inflexibility when it comes to communicating ideas and beliefs. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of room for adjustment and accommodation of other peoples viewpoints.

This is where astrology becomes a little fuzzy and if we simply rely on a few planetary aspects to determine the success of a relationship we are going to go terribly wrong in our assessment. In Hindu Vedic astrology, the lunar position in both horoscopes is critical for determining the overall compatibility of a couple. In this case the lunar star of Tom is the 24th start from that of Katie and this is also considered somewhat favourable however the lunar mansion rulers of both are bitter enemies-Mercury and Mars. This immediately sets off alarm bells and reveals that the communication will eventually deteriorate into a slinging match.

But what is it that has led to the divorce of this super couple? It would appear that the transit of Saturn and Mars now in the fourth lunar house of Tom’s chart, thereby squaring his marital sector is not at all a good omen for his marriage. And although there is a sextile aspect from Saturn to Katie’s Moon, this is a far more favourable influence for her than it is for Tom and this might explain why she is the one who has instigated the divorce. It’s been said that the one doing the leaving is in a far better state than the one who is being left behind.

The other consideration as to why Katie may be feeling much better about this is because Jupiter now in its transit is unfavourable for Tom but actually quite favourable for her. The transit of Jupiter in the eleventh Lunar house in Katie’s horoscope indicates a fulfilment of some life desire. From what I can understand in the tabloids there was a real concern that Tom was trying to dominate the intellectual and spiritual development of his daughter Suri and Katie would not accept this. The transit of Jupiter influences the fifth house or that zone on the horoscope which rules children. This transit will be used by Katie to ensure that their daughter gets the best possible chance of developing her own self without the spiritual input of Scientology of which Tom is a staunch follower, also being highly ranked within its organisation.

One of the key transits I look for in horoscopes to see when relationships may end, and I been rather successful in pinpointing these timings, is the square, conjunction or opposition of Saturn to the planet Venus. Saturn has indeed been making this powerful square transit of Venus. This has been going on for some time now but with the retrogression of Saturn moving back into this right angle aspect, we see the completion of the cycle nearing and the impending divorce.

By looking at these transits in the charts of Tom and Katie, we can easily decipher the timing of events and those events relating to marriage and other important emotional and family ties. Astrology is in fact an exact science but because astrologers are only human, their capacity to interpret these transits as prone to error. Still we can generally see what’s likely to happen and in that knowledge adequately prepare for the future. Better still, according to astrology wouldn’t it be wise to first look at the horoscopes before the relationship is set in stone? These principles are able to tell us how compatible a couple are, which areas of life are going to be troublesome. In fact, 13 principles of compatibility are evaluated in a Vedic astrology comparison to see whether the couple should marry or not.

Although this famous couple is now headed for the divorce court, and yes, it makes fascinating reading for all of us, let’s not forget that Tom, Katie and their daughter Suri are after all human beings with feelings and that no none of us should ever take pleasure in a relationship ending in this way. Most of all, the interest of their child should be uppermost in our minds and we should respect their privacy through this difficult transition. I for one wish them the best of luck irrespective of their irreconcilable differences.

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