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Valentine’s Day and Astrology

Astrology and Love

Valentine’s Day and Astrology for deeper thoughts.


Valentine's Day and Astrology

Understanding Love through the Stars           

Astrology is the science of understanding human nature and destiny based upon the positions of the planets and birth. There are many branches of astrology including natal or birth horoscopes, electional or event orientated charting, mundane or political/world studies and synastry – or the art of matching horoscopes to establish the worth of a relationship and whether it is destined not only to survive but to fulfil both people.

Astrology is really about self-understanding and gaining deeper insights into your personality. It reveals not only who you are but whom you’re destined to be with. Your earliest forgotten childhood experiences shape your character and relationships. They continue to play out in your relationships in an unconscious way. These are unique to you and can be seen through an analysis of your personal horoscope.

Are you able to completely accept and love yourself for who you are? Unless you give yourself permission to deserve enough, this lack of self-esteem will be a continual obstacle the chance of finding someone keeping someone isn’t as hard as you think. That is, as long as you don’t build those relationships on a flimsy emotional foundation. This is the secret of the most successful relationships.

Astrologers look clearly into the question of what’s holding you back from finding true love. It’s not impossible to land a soulmate but until you find your true self how are you going to discover your perfect partner? Are you able to completely accept and love yourself for who you are? The chance of finding someone isn’t that hard as long as you don’t build relationships on flimsy emotional foundations. This is the main reason for relationships going south.

Astrology and the Foundation of Love

If we look around us we see how selfish we’ve become not only individually but socially. Our divorce rates are skyrocketing and the true meaning of love’s been lost in a barrage of media, social networking fervour and endless advertising which forever seems to appeal to whatever anatomy happens to reside below the waist. That’s why it has become a dirty word. But it needn’t be.

Astrology is a spiritual perspective in terms of human development and self-understanding. Unfortunately, the remedial aspects of astrology have been long forgotten much in the same way as yoga has been bastardised into a look-good-feel-great war cry of the body cult, especially in the trendy West. It’s through the process of understanding that the word can be restored to its pristine status.

Astrology is concerned with self-understanding, insight into the personality and not only who we are but what’s made us who we are. Those early, often forgotten childhood memories which shape our psychology and relationships are fundamental and are dealt with through the process of horoscope analysis. A sensitive astrologer looks clearly into the matter of what’s holding you back from finding true love.

 It’s not impossible to find a soulmate but until you find yourself and are able to completely accept and love yourself for who you are, the chance of finding someone is remote, and sustaining a relationship on a flimsy emotional foundation is the reason for those skyrocketing estimates of relationships gone bad.

What’s Holding You Back from Love?

Valentine's Day and Astrology

Are you finding it hard to meet your soul mate? What’s holding you back from true love? Why is it that life seems to be one big obstacle after another when it comes to affairs of the heart? So many people email me asking for solutions to this problem of love, of finding a genuine partner. These problems can essentially be distilled down to the following:

  • ❥  I’m afraid of intimacy
  • ❥  I feel as if I’m rejected and not good enough for my partner
  • ❥  I don’t trust the person I’m with
  • ❥  I just feel sadness about not having had the proper role models as a child so now I don’t know how to express myself.
  • ❥  I feel sexually inadequate
  • ❥  I can’t deal with the idea of traditional relationship but still want a meaningful love life
  • ❥  I can’t be monogamous I need more than one partner

“Don’t settle for less than you deserve!”

When you were young you had time and loads of it. As you get older you realise that it becomes more difficult to find that perfect partner. You become ingrained in day-to-day habits. It becomes quite difficult to adjust especially if you’re starting a new live-in relationship. You have a specific way of doing things and a routine that is comfortable. Your new partner may also have become accustomed to doing things a certain way. Adjustment becomes more and more difficult.

Valentine's Day and Astrology
Astrology love and compatibility. Finding the heart of love.

What are the biggest problems is settling for less than you deserve. You look at the clock ticking away and you wonder ‘My God, I’m in my 40s now, will I ever meet anyone worthwhile? ‘This is a problem because desperation sets in and many people opt for the first person who makes themselves available. In the process, many serious character flaws are overlooked for the sake of selfishly satisfying one’s unfulfilled needs.

The issue here is a matter of self-love. Unfortunately, you’ve been accustomed to instant gratification. That doesn’t work in romance. In fact, this is the biggest because of marital and relationship fallout.

In other words, if you’re afraid of running out of time, of becoming old and single, you’re more likely to be motivated by being in love with anyone rather than not being in love at all. This is what you have to give more attention to yourself, your true long-term needs rather than clutching at straws in the heat of the moment.

You must become intimate with yourself first. If you suffer from this particular issue in your relationships, it means you’re afraid to lift your standards and wait. There is a very powerful universal law associated with this principle. It has to do with generating attractive energies based upon your own self-esteem and how worthy you feel of the best.

I have often dealt with people who complain about not ever having a relationship that is fulfilling. When I look at their horoscopes I see that it has everything to do with their fear of rejection. Rather than being rejected, they reach out for someone who is way beneath any standard they usually set themselves anywhere else in life. They reach down to a standard rather than up.

Reaching up means improving yourself and developing self-confidence. It demands you expect the best from and for yourself. In some ways, this also has a lot to do with mental laziness. To improve yourself often takes hard work. You need to look at yourself clinically in a ‘third-person perspective ‘.

If you aren’t able to do this you can’t possibly work and consequently, they end up miserable. No wonder intimacy is rarely available to people who don’t make this effort on themselves first. Intimacy requires a deep self-understanding which is rooted in trust. Without that trust, you’ll never be confident allowing yourself to be vulnerable in a relationship.

The True Meaning of Intimacy and Understanding💓

The word intimacy is one of the most amazing words in the human language. Study it carefully, break it down and you’ll see its true significance. In-To-Me-See! What a beautiful description of the basis of love. The word intimacy is nothing other than someone’s open heart allowing another to look into it. This approach to relationships is fundamental, along with understanding.


This word is extraordinarily fascinating as well. Believe it or not,
the concept of humility is inherent in it and therefore any successful relationship must express self-effacement on the part of both players

Intimacy is the bedrock of honesty within any relationship or marriage. But honesty is really about fearlessness. It’s about being able to honestly open yourself in full vulnerability. 

Opening yourself up means revealing those flaws in your nature, those hardships and terrible experiences that have occurred in your life, those scars and wounds and pains of suffering throughout your history which have made you who you are but may often compel you to hide rather than reveal what those damages” happen to be.

If your partner is sensitive, these scars will be seen beyond the spirit behind them. So the act of intimacy is indeed a combination of courage and honesty when we talk about relationships.

How compatible you are as a couple?

Understanding. This word extraordinarily fascinating as well. Believe it or not, the concept of humility is inherent in it and therefore any successful relationship must express self-effacement on the part of both players. Why humility you ask? Again as we did with the word intimacy, breaking down the word understanding you realise there are two words which, unfortunately, have been reversed.

The word understanding should in fact read: standing-under. Standing under someone else means humbling yourself and listening, not with your ears but with your heart. This is truly listening, humility and placing yourself in a receptive position to others.

This is the problem in most relationships: egos clash and one partner or other partner wants to dominate rather than submit. Much of this has to do with culture and upbringing with strength and aggression being symbols of self-assurance. In fact, they are more often reflections of earlier childhood insecurities playing out in the guise of a relationship.

Use Your Intuition Not Your Eyes

In Modern Times We’ve Been Accustomed to Being Attracted to What Looks Pretty Rather Than What Is True

Valentine's Day and Astrology

True understanding means putting aside your own bias and projections. We are raised to be attracted to whatever is glossy, handsome, stunningly beautiful, elegant and cool. Unfortunately, these adjectives blinker our vision to what may be a better fit for us romantically. And that has everything to do with the truth rather than what is superficially appealing.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about the shallowness above. And really, neither is it about outward displays of love. That’s the flowers, red hearts, kisses. There is no doubt, a subtle pride one feels when complete strangers send chocolates and bunches of fragrant red roses. But think about it, how is it possible for complete strangers to love you, to be honest, and open with you? You can’t possibly know them.

Intimacy is about acquaintance, getting to know the other person and openly revealing those parts of yourself which you ordinarily wouldn’t do with others. You can’t possibly see who someone really is if they prefer to remain anonymous. Where’s the courage in anonymity? Where is honesty? Worse still, if those anonymous characters aren’t actually strangers but friends hiding in the shadows, shouldn’t that set off alarm bells?

So, on this Valentine’s Day, open your heart, live life, encourage others to open theirs and if you love someone, come out of the shadows, be with them, look them in the eyes and share your inner self. Tell them you love them if that’s what you feel. Be open to loving possibilities. Reveal who you are and celebrate that fact. The other person may or may not reciprocate but that’s not the point. Self-love is the most important component of any relationship because ……. this is the most important relationship you’re ever going to have.

Venus and its position in the 12 signs of the Zodiac

The position of Venus in a horoscope is vital in understanding your relationship potential. Briefly, the meaning of Venus in the different signs discloses your attitude to love,  romance and marriage. For example –

Venus in Aries indicates quick excitable and passionate love, but rapid cooling off

Venus in Taurus gives steady love, a love of the sensate, passion and possibly even excessive sexual interests

Venus in Gemini shows a love of intellectual banter, duality or split personality and incapacity to stabilize feelings

Venus in Cancer gives a love of home, the tried and the tested and is very emotional and sentimental

Venus in Leo gives a love of the dramatic, much pride and interest and showmanship of one’s qualities, both physically and mentally

Venus in Virgo is somewhat akin to Venus in Pisces and shows an attitude of service and practical diligence in the execution of one’s duty in marriage and the more long term bonds of love

Venus in Libra is social, and also concerned with the communicational and aesthetic sides of love

Venus in Scorpio is sexual and very deep and even possessive in its lower aspect

Venus in Sagittarius loves variety, the outdoors and exotic and foreign things and may, therefore, be involved in relationships of a distant nature

Venus in Capricorn often marries for love or financial security. People born with this combination need to separate the idea of security as a material need from emotional love and intimacy

Venus in Aquarius produces a free and unconditional love, progressive appetites and a need for the unusual

Venus in Pisces highlights the true and spiritual meaning of love as a sacrificial and Universal principle of oneness and Being with all

Studying the different positions of Venus in the heavens at the time of birth reveals your inner love potential. The position of Venus, at the time a relationship starts also throws considerable light and understanding of your romantic destiny.

Astrology is a wonderful tool for not only giving us an insight into these aspects of our nature but also revealing to us how we can actually modify and improve these facets of our nature to improve our relationships if they’re not working.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines day special 2018

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Dadhichi Toth is a revisionary astrologer who works with both Eastern and Western systems of astrology. He is the founder and CEO of and previous author of the best-selling astrology series of books for Harlequin Mills and Boon for 9 years. He can be contacted on [email protected]


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