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Valentine’s Day and Astrology

Astrology and Love

Understanding Love through the Stars

Valentine's Day and Astrology

Astrology is the science that uses the dates of birth and the positions of planets to determine the nature and destiny of people. It is used to determine if a relationship will survive and be happy for both parties. Astrology can be divided into multiple branches: natal or birth, electional, documenting political/world studies and synastry. Another branch is the art of complementary horoscopes, which are used to assess the value of a relationship.

Astrology is all about self-awareness and deeper insights into one’s personality. It reveals who you are and who you want to be with. Your childhood memories shape your character and relationships. These experiences continue to influence your relationships unconsciously. These unique insights are a way to understand the human condition through the study of horoscopes.           

Valentine's Day and Deepening Love Relations

Valentine’s Day offers us all an opportunity to reflect on our relationships and our inspirations for love and to seek out the answers to our doubts and questions in our interactions with others. Astrology and other esoteric research can help us see into the hearts of others and determine what kind of person they are. Imagine how much effort and time you could save by knowing the “real” person before it happens.

It is essential to look at the spiritual and astrological significance of love. Sadly, relationships and marriages are falling apart more often than ever. Astrology examines the strengths and weaknesses of a birth chart to determine how a relationship works and, more importantly, how can improve it?

Astrologers Advice: Most people ignore one relationship. The relationship with themselves is the most important. Do not focus on loving others that you neglect to give you the love, attention, and nurturing you deserve. A good relationship with oneself is key to a strong relationship with others. Why would anyone want to love you if they can’t?

Venus and its position in the 12 signs of the Zodiac

Understanding your potential for love and romance is dependent on where Venus is in your horoscope. The meaning of Venus in different signs reveals your attitude towards love, romance, and marriage. Take, for example:

Venus in Aries is a sign of passion and excitement and rapid cooling.

Venus in Taurus is a steady lover, a love for the sensate, passion, and perhaps even excessive sexual interest.

Venus in Gemini displays a love for intellectual banter, duality, or split personality. She also tends to be incapable of stabilizing feelings.

Venus in Cancer is a symbol of love and support for the home. It’s a loving and supportive sign.

Venus in Leo is a lover of drama and takes pride in one’s physical and mental qualities.

Venus in Virgo has a similarity to Venus in Pisces. It shows a service-oriented attitude and reasonable diligence when executing one’s duties in marriage and in long-term relationships of love.

Venus in Libra is social and concerned with communication and aesthetic aspects of love.

Venus in Scorpio is sexually and intensely sexual. It can even be possessive in its lower aspects.

Venus in Sagittarius is a lover of variety, the outdoors, exotic and foreign things. She may be involved in distant relationships.

Venus in Capricorn is often married for financial security or love. This combination requires that people born with it distinguish between security as a material need and emotional love and intimacy.

Venus in Aquarius is characterized by a love that is unconditional and unrestricted, progressive appetites, and a desire for the unexpected.

Venus in Pisces reflects the true meaning of love as a sacrificial principle and Universal principle of oneness and being with all.

Your inner love potential is revealed by studying the positions of Venus in different heavens at the birth of a relationship. The position of Venus can also reveal your romantic destiny at the beginning of a relationship.

Astrology can be a powerful tool that gives us insight into these aspects and shows us how to modify these aspects to improve our relationships.

Astrology and the Foundation of Love

We can see how selfish and selfish we have become if we look around. Divorce rates are rising, and love’s true meaning and value are lost to the endless stream of media, social networking hunger, and endless advertising that appeals to any anatomy below the waist. It has become a dirty word. It doesn’t have to be.

Astrology offers a spiritual perspective for human development and self-understanding. Unfortunately, the remedial aspects of astrology have been forgotten. Yoga has made a trendy come back in its body-cult war cry. The only way to restore the word’s original status is through understanding.

Astrology deals with self-understanding and insight into personality. It also focuses on who we are and what makes us unique. Horoscope analysis reveals the real childhood memories that have shaped our relationships and psychology. A sensitive astrologer will examine the issue of what’s keeping you from true love.

Although it is possible to find your soulmate, you must first find yourself. Once you do, you will not fully accept yourself and love yourself. This is what leads to a high number of failed relationships.


This term is a beautiful description of the foundation of love. Intimacy is simply someone’s willingness to open their heart and allow another to see it.

So on and so forth. This is all about attention and focus. We have become accustomed to focusing more on the negative aspects of our lives than the positives. This means that if you are afraid of intimacy or being close to someone, you will tend to pay more attention to them, which makes you less intimate. This is a sign that you are afraid to be vulnerable, show your true self, and fail. Honesty is the cornerstone of all relationships.

Listen with your heart, not your ears

Authentic listening is about putting aside your opinions and projections to hear what your partner has to say genuinely. You can’t understand someone if you don’t listen. If you listen, it creates a beautiful foundation for love to grow.

Valentine’s Day can seem outwardly all about flowers, red hearts and kisses. But, it’s also about the subtle pride that one feels when someone sends chocolates or bunches full of red roses to their loved ones. Think about it. How can strangers love you, be vulnerable, and provide the intimacy that allows you to see their true selves? Is there any courage in anonymity? Worse, those anonymous characters may not be strangers but are friends you already know.

Valentine’s Day is a time to be open, live your life, and encourage others to do the same. If you love someone, come out of your shadows, be there for them, and look into their eyes. Be open to all possibilities of love. Celebrate who you are. While the other person might not reciprocate, that is not the point. Self-love should be the main component of any relationship. This is the most crucial relationship that you will ever have.

The Love Meter

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