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Virgo Love Horoscope

VIRGOL1It must be rather embarrassing to have a virgin as your zodiac totem! One would think that because of this you’re cold, prudish and possibly anything but romantic, warm-hearted and demonstrative in relationships. This is one of those age-old inaccuracies that has crept into astrological folklore and been presented to the world as gospel truth.

To enhance your opportunities romantically, you must first eliminate one small character trait that is probably holding you back: making too much of minor personality flaws in people who are likely to be prospective lovers or at least great friends over time. You tend to get bogged down with the details of people’s characteristic weaknesses because of your very high standards. In some ways, love is a subtle test of the other person’s capabilities and ability to satisfy you. My main piece of advice is simply to just enjoy your relationships, have a good time, and just allow your friendships to mature naturally.

On the upside, you are a very straightforward person and your matter of fact attitude leaves no doubt in the minds of your perspective partners as to how honest you are. You always call a spade a spade and your genuineness is one of your most endearing qualities.

When someone becomes involved with you, they must understand that practical affairs of life are as important to you as your emotional needs being cared for. You reciprocate in exactly the same way you receive and, although not passionate in the usual sense, you will slowly warm to someone who can prove their worth on these initial matters.

One of the other reasons you may find it hard to get your romance off the ground is that you are generally a shy type of person and are not quick in coming forward to showcase your talents. You prefer to watch and wait and play the analytical game rather than competitively going after what you perceive as a ‘good catch’. Until you develop a reasonable level of comfort with someone, you are also likely to remain somewhat cool and aloof. Once that level of trust has been gained you openly display your warmth and affection.

Due to the rulership of your star sign by Mercury, humour and role-playing will play an important part in your love life. That person who happens to be the lucky recipient of your love should get ready to have plenty of comical episodes as part of a life of love with you. If you find the right individual who has an intellectual appreciation for you as well as a good sense of humour, you will be extremely fulfilled emotionally.

Mercury is a youthful planet, which shows that people born under your star sign rarely subscribe to the view that one should grow old gracefully. You’re able to keep your relationships alive with a playful and adventurous attitude. Your partner will definitely appreciate this aspect of your character. Many who happen to be born under Virgo appear to be a lot younger than their age. In fact, I have noted several of my clients finally marrying men who are younger than themselves because of their young and great-looking appearance.

Communication will be high on the agenda of your love life and you need a lover who has brains as well as an attractive body. Intelligence, wit and an all-round general knowledge are just some of the qualities you look for in a partner whom you consider a worthwhile soulmate. If a lover turns on your mind, they will have a much better chance of turning you on physically, too. You respect people who work hard and develop their skills and wisdom on a practical level. You would like to think that this feeling would be mutual. Your relationships will be based primarily on this one point.

Sexuality is never a frivolous matter to Virgo and you usually reserve this for someone you truly love. Once you decide that you want an intimate relationship, you’ll give 100 per cent of yourself to them. Strangely, hygiene, purity and appropriate timing are an essential part of your views on love and sex and are part of your high standard in relationships. Just don’t allow to become an obsessive trait.

When you marry you will provide emotional and sexual satisfaction to your partner, and usually marry with a view to long-term commitment. Because the service is your middle name, lucky partner will realise just how blessed they are to have someone like you in their life tending to their each and every need. You realise that this is what makes true love a reality and bond that is not temporary but will last eternally.

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