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Weekly Horoscopes for the Month of October 2020

weekly horoscope Rebirth Is Taking PlaceWeek ending October 3, 2020

Weekly horoscope:  Saturn Gets back into ForThis week: Saturn starts its forward motion. Pick Up the Pieces and Start Over.

The incredible news is Saturn is stationary, in preparation for its direct movement starts on September 29. This is a significant transit because its association with Pluto is what’s been responsible astrologically for global events and pandemic in the past 12 months. Saturn and Pluto represent the experience of our self-determination being seized control of. We haven’t been ‘free‘. Both have been retrograde. Saturn will continue in its retrograde motion.

This major force of mandatory change, adjustment and lockdown should hopefully start to ease. This won’t happen fully until Saturn makes its transit past its original retrogression point of 1° Aquarius. That takes place in the last week of December 2020. At least now, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the natural Zodiac, Saturn is located in Capricorn. This is the 10th house and relates to government, structural organisation. Its presence in Capricorn represents our identity as communities, nations and collectively, human beings. It represents the potential development of humanity as a race.

How well are we able to adjust to the demands of our environment, governments and most importantly, ourselves? This forward movement is, therefore, a significant fine-tuning, a positive one at that. It indicates that things can slowly move into a better direction for all of us. But adaptability is the key.

Two other important transits occur this week. Firstly, there is the movement of Mercury to the sign of Scorpio on the 27th. Secondly, the Venus transit into its debilitation signs of Virgo on October 3. In the transit of Mercury through Scorpio we find ourselves searching, digging and seeking answers.

This is happening with many people questioning what they consider Draconian lockdown measures in different parts of the world. Particularly in Australia, and the state of Victoria has been a major backlash. There are always two sides of the argument but ‘the natives are getting restless’. Mercury seeks facts while it transits through the natural 8th house of the zodiac. Scorpio, of course, is associated with regeneration, death and rebirth.

This week I’ll touch upon where, in particular, that research and seeking for truth is going to happen for you, from star sign the star sign. In any case, there’s mental illumination as well as provocative and transformational discussions under this transit.

The transit of Venus into Virgo takes place on the last day of the week. Its move to the sign of Virgo isn’t necessarily harmful but it does to dampen feelings of love and joy. This transit is linked to the early transit of Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and is highly analytical. That analytical approach is fine when confined to facts and figures. If you’re bringing a rational perspective to emotional or relationship issues relationships, won’t necessarily be the best approach. It’s best to leave your head at the door.

Finally, a Full Moon on October 3 shines away in Aries. Our feelings and minds will be much more animated around that time. Tempers may blow as well. Even if this is it mentioned in your personal weekly reading, make a mental note of it.

Now, here is the weekly forecast for each of the 12 Zodiac star signs.


As the ruler of your 10th house, the stationary, direct movement of Saturn is a very big deal astrologically. Your work hinges on these important transits. Many born under the sign of Aries will be experiencing the ground moving beneath the very feet, professionally. Uncertainty and even fear may undermine your positive feelings for work and security generally. This is the domain of the 10th house in which Saturn, Pluto and now recently followed moving Jupiter have been working.

You have to think outside the box now with Mercury having passed the opposition to Mars, your ruler, your thinking will be clearer. There was a slightly aggressive edge to your thinking and the past couple of weeks. Now you’re able to rationally clarify for yourself what needs to be done

The 27th the transit of Mercury into your 8th house is an excellent research-orientated move. Apart from any factual information required for work or studies, this is about intimacy. Your relationships will be strongly affected over the next week.

This deeper digging in your relationship is in preparation for the transit of Venus to Virgo on October 3. You may have to suspend some of your efforts at work and self-development to cater to the needs of a loved one at this time.

Venus will be transiting your 6th house at this point. This means you’ll be serving the ones you love and a spirit of selfless activity. If you resist having to allocate time to this, you won’t feel good. Try to take positive upbeat energy to any of the work you must do now.


Mercury moves to Scorpio on September 27. There may be issues with money and you don’t quite know what the real story is. Perhaps it’s not that others have been keeping you in the dark, but rather you’ve been turning a blind eye.

You prefer not to engage in understanding finance, tax and other monetary issues. Use your intuition to get to the bottom of things. You want the truth but that means getting the facts straight first. Promotions result in better finances is likely around this time, so you should be contemplating alternative ways of increasing your income.

It’s not every day you’re sparking on all eight cylinders. You will on September 28 when the Moon sextiles Mars. You’ll devise incredible, inventive ways of earning money and cashing in while your financial transits are beneficial. You have the influence of Venus and Jupiter impacting upon your capacity to earn. On the 29th Venus trines Mars

One of the most important aspects this month is the direct motion of Saturn takes place on September 29. At the same time, Mars will square to Saturn on September 30. This is both a welcome relief and a continuing challenge. Saturn gives you the green light workwise. Mars continues to challenge that. You have to wait till the end of December until Saturn delivers.

The Moon makes a trine aspect to Mercury on September 29. It’s important to bring a measure of control over your thinking now. You may be inundated with ideas. You could be swimming in a sea of facts and figures that you aren’t up to date with.

Venus moves to Virgo on October 3. Mars is doing its thing with your ruler, Venus and blasting you with a surge of romance initiative. Even though you’re constrained emotionally, don’t let this dampen your spirit. It’s a peak period for love.


Your ruling planet, Mercury moves to Scorpio on September 27. You mustn’t go from one extreme to another in your work schedule. You’ve shifted from a position of cruising to more intensely work lately. You’ve been trying to manage your time and get more done.

On September 28 the Moon makes its sextile aspect to Mars. This means that productivity should never happen at the expense of your peace of mind or health. There must be some balance. You must get back what you’ve missed timewise.

It may mean going back to the drawing board and see how you can swing your position back to some middle ground. This relates to your emotional and romantic life as well. It’s doable and the sooner you do, the greater you’ll feel within yourself. On the 29th when Venus trines Mars, you have a perfect opportunity to realign your emotions with your life generally.

You can look forward to the direct motion of Saturn which happens on September 29. It’s a really important transit. For some time with Pluto, and both retrograde, your 8th house is being under the microscope. With Saturn moving forward, the deeper understanding of your purpose in life may start to emerge. This will fully materialise towards the end of 2020, early 2021.

The Moon works well with Mercury on September 29. Mars makes a square aspect to Saturn on September 30. Flashes of insight will be useful to you during these few days. Don’t let the frustration of Mars and Saturn fail you when you need it most. Like when you’re introduced to others and forget their names within fifteen seconds flat.

Venus moves to Virgo on October 3. Try to separate your emotions and thought so that you don’t have to embarrassingly kick starts your brain repeatedly. You’re likely to make decisions based on primal urges and sudden infatuation rather than clear thinking.


When Mercury moves to Scorpio in September 27 take full advantage of the playful and demonstrative responses you receive from your partner or spouse. It’s an opportunity for both of you to share love and life. Get your romance moving in the right direction again. For those of you who aren’t particularly connected romantically, this relates to a business enterprise.

On September 28 the Moon sextiles Mars and on the 29th Venus trines Mars. This means you have plenty of emotional and mental energy to make things happen. You’ve got more physical drive as well. The direct motion of Saturn takes place on September 29. This means that any decision you make may now start to reinstate decisions that were overturned previously. Quickly by someone anyhow, much to your surprise.

With the Moon trining Mercury on September 29 relationships with women at work a result in mutually beneficial transactions. Don’t allow your emotions to be too subjective. You want the outcome to be as inclusive as possible. You want to avoid frustrating head-to-head ‘collisions ‘ with others on September 30 as Mars is in square to Saturn.

You’re more career-oriented when the Moon moves into Aries between October 1 and 3. You will be emotional so it’s best to avoid making important decisions. Even if friends or co-workers are pushing you, take your time. Ask for more information AND time!  If you can’t let your hair down now, when will you? It’s time for you to celebrate a little and give yourself a pat on the back.

It’s is a good time to reconnect with old friends when Venus moves to Virgo on October 3. Plan to spend time with family or go on a short trip.

It’s a good period to share personal memories and stories with close acquaintances. You can understand and sympathize with others deeply now and can gain clarity about other’s emotional makeup.


Mercury moves to Scorpio on September 27. The beginning of your week may be focused on work matters as Scorpio is your 4th house. On the28 the Moon sextiles Mars and this gives you a burst of emotional energy and enthusiasm. On the 29th when Venus trines Mars you’ll feel as if you’re synchronised with your work and the people that you associate with. Your heart is in the work that you are doing.

The direct motion of Saturn takes place on September 29. This means that crisis and renewal in matters of work, employment, service and health have been the themes in your life at present. You want to change your job or may need a shift position because of some inner discontent.

Mars is in square to Saturn on September 30 and because of your frustrations, you may instigate changes too rapidly. Watch your health especially if you’re operating from a position of dissatisfaction for your work is not reflecting your creative ideals.

Try now to avoid extremes in schedules and eliminate habits detrimental to your health and your spiritual welfare.

You can inspire your friends today because there’s any particular reason but because you simply feel good.

The Moon trines Mercury September 29 and then moves through Aries between October 1 and October 3. Your imagination is fired up and you have a thirst for knowledge. This is because of the Moon’s transit through your 9th house. Avoid ideological differences on the 3rd when the Moon connects with Mars. Mars is still retrograde.

Venus moves to Virgo on October 3 and this could disrupt your work for a while. More on that next month.


Mercury moves to Scorpio on September 27 while the Moon sextiles Mars. These aspects relate to friendships and solidifying connections of an emotional nature. You are trying to understand your social positioning at this time.

On September 29th Venus trines Mars while the direct motion of Saturn starts to take place. This is huge, Virgo! The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto with Jupiter has continued for some time in your 5th house. The 5th house is your creative mind. Is it any wonder you’ve been second-guessing yourself for months? That’s about to end.

The stationary direct movement means you can finally deliberate on what it is you want to do creatively. Romantic pressures when also lift when the Moon trines Mercury September 29. These planets rule you and your friendships, siblings and lifelong ideas. There is a good flow of energy under these transits giving you the thumbs up.

Mars is in square to Saturn on September 30 so this will be frustrating. There may be underlying anger, even outright aggression that you must bring under control. With the Moon through Aries October 1, this will only accentuate the fact. This is the 8th house of your shared resources. With Mars retrograde in this position of your horoscope, fears and differences of opinion over finances arise.

Venus moves to Virgo on October 3 and this brings your attention to yourself. You will reconsider the way you present yourself to the world around you. Your self-image is at odds with a situation calling for adaptability and discretion.

What at first seems like a great social opportunity may turn into an embarrassing event. Simply be yourself if you have no other alternative but to attend. Be aware of others who talk a good game but don’t follow up on their word.


With Mercury moving to Scorpio on September 27 you can effectively study the financial habits of those who are successful. Discard poor financial habits which you’ve picked up from those not good at managing their finances. This period is all about getting ahead materially.

This involves a few new maneuvers with your bank manager or those you regularly make payments to. There are ways of reducing your interest component on house loans and also ways in which you can cut back overhead without necessarily sacrificing your lifestyle. This phase also shows you’re feeling a little down or lacking in the interest of others.

On September 28 the Moon sextiles Mars relates to your relationships. Mars is the planet of love and marriage for you. On the 29th Venus makes a trine aspect to Mars. You must show a little more commitment to win over your partner. The stagnant energy you’ve been dealing with means that romance hasn’t been all that rosy. Make an effort and your love life will improve considerably.

With the direct motion of Saturn starting on September 29 you can get your tasks back on track now. Others have been obstructive. They’ve been trying to enforce their agenda on you. Your work practices now offer you the perfect opportunity to run independently. You’ll get a whole lot more done.

You have a clear image of where you want to be on September 29 because the Moon trines Mercury. You’ve yet to put out a few bushfires before regaining total control of your situation. You’re feeling somewhat undermined by others during this interval. Your personal power seems to be diminished. You may feel exasperated by someone.

Mars is in square to Saturn on September 30 so you must bring your frustrations under control. Your partner may not be amenable to your suggestions. It may be an idea to spend some time alone.

Venus moves to Virgo on October 3 just as the Moon is full in Aries. This further accentuates your relationships. With Mars still retrograde, you may be uncertain about your relationship on quite a few levels. That’s going to take some time to resolve.


A side of you which is usually hidden is likely to emerge now. This may be positive or negative. Mercury moves to Scorpio on September 27. You’ve reached a turning point in your life. You’re forced to face outdated personal habits. This is because of a great deal of self-analysis.

On the 29th Venus trines Mars and your domestic and personal is also going to plan. You’ve resolved conflicts and made appropriate changes with others being more amenable to reason. You have a penetrating, incisive mind which has cut through surface appearances. Follow the trail to deeper, underlying heart-of-the-matter stuff. Tension on the home front pulls you away from others.

The direct motion of Saturn starts on September 29. This means you can start focusing again on what you haven’t yet achieved rather than looking at how good your work is. Certainly, things have been in reverse motion for some time. Your value system may be at odds with someone. You need to make some hard choices financially today. Elimination is the keyword, and tightening your belt is the activity. You want to make yourself more beautiful, so do it.

The Moon is in trine to Mercury on September 29. Mars makes a square aspect to Saturn on September 30. You need to remain positive and not let negative thinking interfere with your professional responsibilities. There are those around you professionally and personally cluttering your judgement. Remember, unhappiness is simply repressed anger. What is the source of that anger? Analyse and gently bring the pressure down.

The full Moon moves through Aries October 1 and makes contact with your ruler Mars on October 3. Venus also moves to Virgo on October 3. There may be a conflict of interests around this date. Divided loyalties between profession and friendship cause you concern. Involve those you love with what you do so they can better understand what that entails.


This week, your idealism may be in for a rude shock. What you’re seeing in others, or rather, what you’re imagining, is purely a projection. There will come a point where your fantasy and reality will collide. Mercury moves to Scorpio on September 27 you’re looking beneath the surface of things. This is also a precarious time to be secretive.

On September 28 the Moon sextiles Mars you want to come out the winner romantically. You’ll have to adjust yourself to the truth that not everyone is perfect. On September 29th when Venus trines Mars your find it easier remaining co-operative. It may be your way of avoiding confrontation when this is exactly what is needed. Spill the beans and speak from the heart. There is also a passionate aspect reflected in these planetary combinations.

You’re over-informed about money and this has been confusing you. Keep things as simple as possible so you can drill down to the truth of the matter. Improved finances are the likely outcome if you do so especially with Saturn moving into its forward motion on September 29. You expect a bigger pay packet, a bonus, or an unexpected tax return. Be patient.

With the Moon in trine to Mercury on September 29, it drives you to new activities to stimulate your mind. Your passions are also stirred up. A romantic rendezvous will be the cherry on top of the cake. A cautious blend of power and compassion will aid you in overcoming any problems you encounter now. You have to act quickly to resolve whatever situation emerges on the work front. Others will be looking to you for direction through your leadership.

Mars is in square to Saturn on September 30. The full Moon moves through Aries between October 1 and 3. You can come out of hiding now but may still be resistant to the idea for a while. You’ll be fired up and ready to get back into the swing of things socially.

Venus moves to Virgo on October 3 and this means a whole new career cycle beginning.


Mercury moves to Scorpio on September 27 and on September 28 the Moon sextiles Mars. You’ll find it hard keeping up with social demands. Why should you? It’s time to set your own agenda and test whether other people are up to the task of meeting your requirements, not theirs.

On the 29th the favourable aspect of Venus to Mars allows you to dream big. Your plans may mean letting reducing your reliance on some friendships. You can maintain the same ideals but don’t expect everyone to be on the same page. People change and so have you.

The direct motion of Saturn takes place on September 29. This is your ruling planet and since May, it has been in reverse motion. This has been a spanner in the works in your life. Your wavering mind will now feel more settled. It’s a great time to assert the positive things in your life.

The Moon trines Mercury September 29 so you’re permitted to kindly ask your fears and negative self-images to take a hike. Get into your nurturing/intellectual skills today because they’ll work for you. Having been bitten once, you’ll be doubly shy. Even though it’s a good time to associate with people who can make things happen, you’re impatient with the endless compromises. You’re prone to doing whatever you feel like doing! Your immediate environment is changing rapidly.

Mars is in square to Saturn on September 30. The Full Moon occurs on Aries October 1. These aspects are significant. Your positive state of mind has a beneficial effect on friends and family members. It may seem more difficult than usual if there’s conflict in at home. You easily feel isolated, unloved and lonely.

Venus moves to Virgo on October 3. Don’t worry because you’ll get the emotional support you want from others. Even if you’ve been feeling emotionally frustrated you’ll feel more relaxed after this date. Remember, however, that the more you block your feelings the worse you’re likely to feel. It’s important to express your feelings healthily.


Mercury moves to Scorpio on September 27. Because of this, your mind is focused on work matters. Your imagination is kindled by thoughts of success and power. You feel bored by your daily routine and are unable to concentrate. You find yourself daydreaming. This is a good time to direct those positive images into useful outlets.

On September 28 the Moon sextiles Mars while Venus trine’s Mars on the 29. You’ll feel at home especially you’re emotionally involved in your work. Your emotions will strongly influence your decisions. They will also influence your co-workers and those you generally do business with. Expect plenty of changes in a routine around your personal space.

Re-establishing your value system will be a stabilizing influence in the larger scheme of things. The direct motion of Saturn, one of your main planetary rulers, takes place on September 29. You should take a shot at accepting someone at face value is your compatibility may surprise you.

On the 29th when the Moon trines Mercury time constraints make it difficult for you to get all the requisite information. You must ensure that you are on top of it. If you plan well, you’ll enjoy the tasks and do some great work.

Mars is in square to Saturn on September 30. On October 1, the Moon is also full in your work zone. You should therefore take care when travelling or working with anything that could cause you injury. This may be related to your profession. Perhaps worrying too much about some debt or financial problem means you’re taking your eye off the ball. A lapse in concentration could spell problems for you.

When Venus moves to Virgo on October 3 other people’s finances will come into focus. Your contracts and financial obligations may need more attention.


Mercury moves to Scorpio on September 27 while the Moon sextiles Mars on September 28.  The focus is fairly and squarely on the money. You are thinking about new ways to increase your cash flow. This is because of Mars in your 2nd house being retrograde now. There will be much consideration.

When, on September 29th Venus trines Mars ask your boss for a pay rise, if necessary. You may be annoyed today if you’re having an excessive number of bounces on your computer, missed calls or other technical difficulties. Look at developing new solutions. An intuitive twist to the day helps you financially.

The direct motion of Saturn takes place on September 29. This relates to friendships and also secret enemies. New friendships may turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t carefully evaluate people. These are the ones promising the earth but delivering little. Knowing your nature you’re likely to help them. You end up shortchanging yourself.

With the Moon trining Mercury on September 29 discretion is your important keyword. Ideological or political arguments create rifts! Keep your opinions to yourself even if you hear things which irritate you. They may be biased or at worst discriminatory.

Mars is in square to Saturn on September 30 so you must be careful choosing the right person for any new or long-term relationship.  You’re attractive but may attract the incompatible people into your life. There may also be problems financially with them. You don’t want to be landed with the responsibility of carrying them.

The full Moon moves through Aries October 1 and makes its connection with retrograde Mars on the 3rd. You mustn’t allow trivial tensions to ruffle your feathers. Take the necessary measures to make peace not war. If you find yourself in a reactive groove it’s best to spend some time alone and work it out through some creative pastime.

Venus moves to Virgo on October 3 and activates your marital sector. This is the start of a new love cycle for you.

There are remedies to help you counteract the obstructive planetary energies in your horoscope. If you’re going through difficulties you might want to see just how easy it is to turn your bad luck around. In the system of Vedic astrology, there are specific remedies to bring relief in all areas of life. Click here to find out which remedy is yours.

Weekly forecast week ending Oct 11 2020 

This Week: Pluto is stationary direct. Eliminate the unnecessary in your life and begin to shine!

We recently saw Jupiter go direct, with Saturn doing the same in the last few days. Now, Pluto is stationary and getting ready for its forward movement as well. These planets receive a challenging aspect from Mars. Nerves are frayed; opinions abound in preparation for the American US presidential election shortly. Essentially, however, for the everyday people of this world, the message is clear: eliminate the unnecessary in your life and begin to shine!

Politically, you couldn’t make up this stuff. With President Trump and his wife both pronouncing they are COVID positive this also comes as a complete surprise. Blame that on Uranus. It will throw a spanner in the works for sure. With the Moon in close contact to Uranus, absolutely anything is possible.

The theme this week reflecting this planetary signature is an inner and outer rebelliousness cutting across political and social barriers. With the Moon passing the midpoint of Uranus and Mars again, there’s unconventionality in this combination. For all of us, it means stepping out of the usual habitual way we approach our problems and doing things very differently from now on.

This is also a sign of dexterousness. If you’re irritated, bored and challenged by your life at the moment, the Moon, Mars and Uranus combination with Mercury opposite, demonstrates that manual dexterity is a key to reducing tension. You should consider fixing your vehicle or doing some mechanical work. If not that way inclined through together a jigsaw puzzle. That will keep your mind and hands busy.

With the Sun in its debilitation sign of Libra, we might seek to distract ourselves by socialising or engaging in relationships for the sake of it. You must find satisfaction within yourself. Don’t lean on others to give you the happiness and satisfaction you’re looking for now. In the next few weeks, the Sun also makes a right angle to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. There will be more on that next week.

In money matters, ingenuity wins hands down. With the world moving the way it is, all systems and methodologies are already stretched and deprecated. The social and business fabric of our culture is slipping into the unknown. You are the perfect reflection of all things new and untested. You have to dig deeper within yourself and find those resources that will help you make heads or tails of this crazy world we’re living in right now.


Pluto makes it stationary direct turnaround on October 4. It’s a given that success breeds success. The question is what are you doing to breed your own success? Are you ready to take strides towards power and possessions? Can you do it without having a falling out with others?

Temper optimism with pragmatism. Don’t push your luck and resist the temptation to spend money unnecessarily. Your connection with others is based upon sympathy at present. While you can help someone through an emotional problem, it’s not the best basis for developing a romance.

The retrograde motion of your ruling planet Mars deepens this week. It’s going to continue to do so for some months. You are empowered so hopefully, you have a lot to do so you can channel this energy as productively as possible.

The 4th and 5th is the Moon transits your finance sector, your attention and emotions are focused on moneymaking schemes. With the added input of Uranus, you’re able to progress ideas and do it with a measure of ingenuity.

Relationships also dominate your astrological landscape with the Sun transiting your 7th house. You are sociable and can finally put aside some time to engage friends as well as others.

On October 9 Mars makes it a difficult right angle, square aspect to Pluto. Feelings boil over and arguments are likely. Remember, brute force will never achieve the desired end. You’re also a much better communicator when you can distinguish the difference between a man-eating chicken and a man-eating chicken. Listen more carefully. Try not to superimpose your interpretation of things. It’s easy for conversations to get side-tracked if the true intent and meaning is lost.

Venus is now transiting your 6th house. Bringing some measure of artistic flair to your work is important now. Because Venus rules your 7th house of relationships, you will also be more collaborative in the way you approach your work tasks. As they say, many hands make light work.


You feel empowered this week, especially with Mercury fully aspecting your Sun sign. The Moon starts the week in conjunction with Uranus. This is, therefore, a week of ideas. Partnerships function better as a consequence of you communicating these sparks of genius. Don’t hold back. Improved communications rest mainly on the exchange of ideas.

Pluto now also joins forward-moving Saturn and Jupiter in your 9th house. This part of your horoscope has been on hold. It’s been a celestial traffic jam! Now the forward movement of these planets is taking place. you can rest assured that your revisions and retrospective analysis of your strategies is paying off. This week you’ll feel much clearer about what you want. Now that these planets are moving in forward motion, you should chase down your dreams.

These transits also point to the fact that you will start to increase your educational qualifications. You’ll feel more confident having a broader range of skills at your disposal. In fact, you’ve been feeling a little inadequate in the company of those who possess more impressive credentials. Perhaps you’ve been overlooking some of the great skills you already possess. These have been gained over time, with hard work and common sense. You don’t necessarily need to tertiary degrees to be successful. Also be prepared to act on a legal matter coming to light.

Mercury transits your 7th house of love and relationships. It’s time to reconnect with your loved ones and especially those you are intimately connected with under this cycle. As it transits your 7th house, you’re restless but at the same time want to accommodate the needs of those you love. You must be careful that your wandering ways don’t waste valuable time.

Your ruler, Venus is now transiting your 5th house of Virgo. This is the creative part of your horoscope. If you’ve also been blocked creatively, Venus here allows you to finally express yourself in a way that you haven’t been able to do so for a long time.


On October 4 the Moon enters the opposition to Mercury. Your emotions and thinking are at odds with each other. Sudden infatuations excite but also confuse you. Others don’t necessarily show their hand. There’s nothing worse than playing the guessing game where emotions are involved, right?

Gemini receives the transit of the Moon on October 6. You’re likely to disperse your energies and try to get too much done on too many fronts, thereby really not getting much at all done at the end of the day. Keep focused on one task at a time and slowly but surely your work will get done.

Mercury, your ruler, transits your 6th house of health and well-being this week. Health matters are on your mind but they probably aren’t anything to worry about. It means you’ll be thinking about a new regime to improve your physical looks and health. There’s no harm getting a medical opinion if you’re worried about something. Some urgent financial matter will also tweak your attention while Mercury is in this position.

While transiting your 6th house it gets the electric input of Uranus. Your working life will be anything but dull. You are innovative and want to try new things. This may even mean trying a new line of work, and for some, possibly even a new career. Your nerves could be high strung with this combination. Perhaps that may be contributing to the above-mentioned health concerns. It’s possible.

You’re burying yourself in your work to sidestep some other issue. This is simply repeating old patterns from the past. You’re using this as a distraction from getting down to the job of solving that problem.

The forward motion of Pluto over these coming days and weeks is an excellent astrological omen for your banking and shared money. Pluto is the planet of transformation and so all these areas of finance are due for a radical overhaul.


The Moon starts your week in the company of Uranus in your 11th house. You might be wondering why all the wackos have come out of the woodwork! Seriously, you actually want to connect with people who are different. You are ready for a little bit of a bizarre twist or turn in your social circumstances. The Moon and Uranus will certainly do that for you.

On October 9 welcome the trine aspect between the Moon and Mercury. You’re able to channel your imagination and communicate feelings much more easily. Your words will be sweeter in the coming weeks now that Venus has moved to your 3rd house.

Your social life is on an upward climb at present, with invitations reaching you in the most unusual of ways! Wear your favourite colours for maximum social impact! There are some lucky opportunities around you at present and so there should be at least some sort of increase in income. But you have to make that extra effort.

Financially, save a little for a rainy day. You may need more input from your significant other than you may be receiving. Perhaps it’s time for a heart-to-heart, deep and meaningful discussion.

On October 10 the Moon moves to the opposition to Pluto. You’re obsessed by some feeling, person or situation. You can’t eliminate this unless you fully redirect their energies into more useful activities. Control your temper and don’t allow obsession to dictate your feelings. You may revisit your past or someone from your past may make contact with you during these planetary transits. Your past Karma draws draw you into deep meditative states.

Venus is the planet of friendship and so this transit is also a continuation of what was that about the Moon and Uranus. Communications all sort will dominate they must be creative and wholesome. Venus in Virgo can be shy, but always resting on good taste. This could be a period when you meet new people and find some common ground with them.


Your ruler, the Sun transits through your 3rd house. You may have itchy feet and what to move about now. The reason for that is that the son’s transit through Libra, a movable sign, lends itself to motion, changeability and sociability as well.

These changes which are underway against the backdrop of the challenging square aspect to the triple combination of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn which are now all moving forward. You must be careful not to be wasteful, overconfident or egotistical. There’s an old saying that says that pride precedes a fall. The lesson this week is to maintain humility notwithstanding the successes that you may be experiencing now.

The right angle of the Sun to Jupiter for parents born under the sign of the lion may bring challenges with children. If you are a parent trying to navigate the way forward with unruly teenagers, this week could be a dandy! You may have your work cut out for you.

Your feelings stabilise on October 6 when Moon makes a trine aspect to Saturn. You’re able to see things more clearly. This has a particular impact on your working life. If things in the office have been tumultuous, these aspects bring some stability. This allows you to get your head back into the game without distraction. October 8 Mercury makes an opposition aspect to Uranus. Your thinking is brilliant, however, you need to be aware that others aren’t as fast keeping up with your progressive attitudes right now.

The challenge between the Moon and Venus on October 6 means that your feelings and relationships may be under the microscope. Both personal and work relationships will be reappraised. You may have to make some concessions for one or the other. You realise that you can’t fulfil everyone’s requests. Saying yes to both sides will result in a conflict of interests.


With Venus energy now infusing your Sun sign, you should feel very good about yourself. Venus has a great deal to contribute to your sense of well-being but also your physical attractiveness. This week is about beautifying yourself and your surroundings. It’s about buying clothes and utensils that feel good, not only look good. You want to sense and feel that silk on your skin if you purchased any sort of clothing.

On October 10 the Moon is challenged by Mars. Impulsive and likely to say and do things you might regret. There is also a tendency to waste and extravagance when the Moon moves into the opposite position of Jupiter on October 10. You need to be mindful of the exaggerations of others especially when dealing with money over the next few days. The day may bring you in touch with deceptive people.

You must read between the lines especially if you’re in a contractual scenario. In relationships, don’t blow small things out of proportion. So it’s important to remain even-minded. Don’t react too strongly to the opinions of others. This is especially important if you’re in a committed partnership and your other half is nit-picking. Take what’s said with a grain of salt.

Venus is also artistic and this shows a heightened appreciation for music, art, sculpture or any sort of design. The fine arts in good company with Venus here in your Sun sign now. Don’t be over expectant financially over the coming days.

The Sun in the square to Jupiter promises much but delivers a lot less than expected. You will be working hard but you should under all circumstances make sure you have all of the terms and conditions known about before you give the nod. On October 8 you are confused about your feelings and your relationships. This is due to the square aspect of the Moon and Neptune.


Pluto makes it stationary direct turnaround on October 4. This has an important impact on and influence on your family. Some very important event may be brewing on the home front. This can be transformative. It’s important to be particularly receptive to have anything that is happening is a lesson.

Some of the events shaping up now may take you by surprise. Retrograde Mars in its square to Pluto can whip up a great deal of animosity in an instant. Control your emotions.

The Sun transiting through your sign now, you have the added fire energy already that with retrograde Mars in your 7th house. This adds a more dynamic spirit to your activities and your thinking. Land, it can challenge your relationships. You may not feel as if your needs are being met. You may be more demanding or your partner may be in exactly the same state of mind.

Reconciliation is important especially in matters of finance. Mercury, a friendly planet makes its way through your 2nd house of income. There is growing opposition to Uranus. There are hidden factors associated with the way you earn your money or indeed, your profession itself. The uncertainty of some situation now may rest fairly and squarely on how stable and responsible you are.

The impact of Uranus and Mercury can destabilise your thinking. It may also give you a sense of doing things completely out of the box. That’s okay but you must be mindful that you have to work within the confines of the rules and circumstances that you are in. Your guard concepts need to flourish, but you must also be mindful of context.

This aspect may also affect your financial situation. Don’t let confusion overtake financial discretion. If you allow a problem to escalate out of control may be difficult to contain it later. You do have control over the situation but you are looking at a worst-case scenario rather than the light at the end of the tunnel.

Surround yourself with positive people now who don’t make you feel worse about your current issues.


You’ve been deeply analysing many things over the past few months. In this coming week or so that will intensify as Pluto, your principal ruling planet moves into direct motion. As Mercury transits through your Sun sign, your intellectual energy will also be building to a peak.

The influence of Uranus isn’t a restful or peaceful one. You’re going to be busy. This doesn’t mean you can’t be happy as well. Boredom will be quickly dismissed as you have too much on your plate right now. You must therefore align yourself with people of like thinking who can accommodate your zany ideas and communication style. The 4th and 5th your spouse or partner may move the goalposts. You may feel irritated that an agreement of sorts over some matter has been breached. Your emotions are also unstable with this combination.

There has been some sort of radical transformation in your thinking lately. The retrograde movement of Pluto is done some amazing in a work on you. Right now it is moving into its stationary position in readiness for its direct path. As Pluto is your principal ruling planet, this is doubly significant for you. It is particularly important because it is closed to Jupiter, the planet of philosophy, religion and spiritual understanding.

Jupiter makes its way slowly over the coming weeks to powerful conjunction of Pluto. You are seeing things much more clearly now and your life philosophy will have a greater opportunity to express itself through your work, your communication and if you happen to like writing, the written word.

Words you’ve been feeling a little reclusive over the past few months, the transit of Venus your 11th house ensures a whole new cycle of social activity commencing. Even if you don’t have the opportunity due to the current global lockdown in parts, you will be making contact with many will people online. A new friendship may commence as a result of this transit of Venus.


The financial themes continue because your ruling planet Jupiter is now direct. Pluto, its nearest neighbour right now, is stationary also and ready to move forward. Saturn, along with these two planets has been hammering you with some really important spiritual lessons over money, values and most importantly, security.

You want to be assured in work you are doing. You’re also mindful of the money you’re earning and the labour your work extracts from you. There are some notable benefits in the long-term but for now; you may feel as if you’re doing more giving than taking. Because you’re placing more emphasis a secure future, you understand that that’s necessary.

Mercury transits your 12th house now while Venus is now just moved to your career sector. Mercury ensures that you can think more deeply and to eliminate those thinking patterns from your past that have been obstructive. Venus, on the other hand, is an excellent planet bringing success and also happier times through work contacts in the environment that you are professionally connected to.

There is a greater degree of sociability with the people you work with. You could also find, strangely, that your employer who may have been conspicuously absent from your day-to-day activities, is now more accessible and visible. Overall this is a wonderful aspect and ensures some success. The secret is to work from the philosophical basis of service is best. Venus rules your 6th house of serving others and this seems to be the key to elevating yourself professionally now.

The karmic planets continued to make their way through your relationship issues. The North Node in your 7th house is still under the hammer with Neptune. This simply means you are confused and most certainly shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

The sextile aspect from Mars means you improve things by physically engaging your partner. Why not book into a gym, get into regular walks or do something of an outdoor activity together to bring you closer.


In business or work, Mercury ensures that opportunities are available now. That’s one condition. You mustn’t be lazy in reaching out to others. As Mercury transits your 11th house while receiving the technical aspect of Uranus, you must use every means at your disposal to increase your circle of influence.

There is a definite overlap between your social activities and how you network yourself, and the work that you do. Mercury is a youthful planet by nature. Its transit through your 11th house of friendships clearly focuses you on younger people, ideas that are fresh. You find yourself in situations that offer you new challenges.

On October 5 the Moon makes a trine aspect to Pluto. This is a transformative day or two when you can get into the nitty-gritty of your feelings and past experiences. Resolutions are underway. The Moon also makes a favourable aspect to the transiting Sun on October 7. The trine aspect or 120° connection as well and stimulates your imagination is your male and female qualities together.

This is one of the better cycles of the year as mentioned in your last week’s reading. The reason for this is the powerful transit of the site in your 10th house of profession. This is indeed important and also gains directional strength this part of your horoscope.

The southern direction brings success. If you have opportunities to negotiate a deal, relocate your office or your general day-to-day work into that the southern region, you should be successful now. Overall, you should seek a new position in which your skill sets are acknowledged and you can improve your income as well as your self-esteem.

On the 4th and 5th, you may have to endure some unexpected change to your routine. The catalyst for this is your spouse or partner as the Moon is the ruler of the 7th house and makes contact with unexpected Uranus. Don’t react too strongly as the Moon also has the tinge of Mars after its recent connection with it. Arguments are likely but with a little forethought, you can sidestep these issues.


This week is important in that you should be putting pen to paper. Ask for what you want now. This means writing to your local councillor if you’re not happy with the state of your municipal environment. Email your boss if there are things that need doing and have been conspicuously overlooked. Send a note to your co-workers if they’ve been remiss in following up on work.

Mercury’s transit through your 10th house is important and brings success. That can only happen if you are proactive in removing those abstractions to your success and happiness. It’s an action week for you.

The trine aspect between the Moon and Jupiter on October 5 is an excellent one and promises relationships, good feelings and a dose of good luck. Between October 5 and 6 the Moon makes a sex style to Neptune. Your imagination and selfless spirit are in full swing.

The first part of the week could be a little topsy-turvy with the Moon and Uranus unsettling your domestic affairs. Because Mercury is also involved in this kerfuffle, writing, rather than talking to family members will also yield much better results. Remember, if you memorialise what has been said, there is no ambiguity. No one can accuse you of saying things that you didn’t say especially if it’s in writing.

Venus moves through your 8th house now. You experience a deeper level of intimacy with the person you love. The 8th house is about sexuality as well. Sexuality and matters of intimacy predominate during this period. You have strong physical drives and need a release valve for you given your current work demands. There can be a really wonderful amalgamation of feeling, mind and body in this transit.

Set some time aside especially in the first few days of the week to express how you feel. Those expressions needn’t only be words or gentle touches but real demonstrativeness practically through washing the dishes, copy around the house and doing little odd jobs that lessen the load of your partner.


The financial themes continue because your ruling planet Jupiter is now direct. Pluto, its nearest neighbour right now, is stationary also and ready to move forward. Saturn, along with these two planets has been hammering you with some really important spiritual lessons over money, values and most importantly, security.

You want to be assured in work you are doing. You’re also mindful of the money you’re earning and the labour your work extracts from you. There are some notable benefits in the long-term but for now; you may feel as if you’re doing more giving than taking. Because you’re placing more emphasis a secure future, you understand that that’s necessary.

Mercury transits your 12th house now while Venus is now just moved to your career sector. Mercury ensures that you can think more deeply and to eliminate those thinking patterns from your past that have been obstructive. Venus, on the other hand, is an excellent planet bringing success and also happier times through work contacts in the environment that you are professionally connected to.

There is a greater degree of sociability with the people you work with. You could also find, strangely, that your employer who may have been conspicuously absent from your day-to-day activities, is now more accessible and visible. Overall this is a wonderful aspect and ensures some success. The secret is to work from the philosophical basis of service is best. Venus rules your 6th house of serving others and this seems to be the key to elevating yourself professionally now.

The karmic planets continued to make their way through your relationship issues. The North Node in your 7th house is still under the hammer with Neptune. This simply means you are confused and most certainly shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

The sextile aspect from Mars means you improve things by physically engaging your partner. Why not book into a gym, get into regular walks or do something of an outdoor activity together to bring you closer.

Weekly forecast week ending Oct 17 2020 

This Week: Dominance and control are the keywords. Understanding and controlling those negative emotions is the challenge.

The Sun is moving into a powerful opposition of retrograde Mars. At the same time, both planets square Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, we’re in for a week of particularly intense emotional volatility. The Moon starts the week playing its part in this Astro drama by opposing Pluto and Saturn. At least it’s easing off. Emotions and opinions run high. You may not want to hear the other person’s viewpoint and vice versa.                  

You’re dealing with undercurrents of emotion with those you normally consider friends. Political and ideological differences play a very strong part in your underlying uneasiness.

Respect for other people’s opinion has been waning over the past few years. More recently it’s hit gutter level. These days it’s about being right, rather than affording others an opportunity to speak their mind without being attacked.

You might find that you’ve become less comfortable speaking about your political or religious views. These days you need to be mindful of the group dynamic might. You might prefer to sit out any sort of hot-headed discussions. Respect has given way to shouting at them, denying them the right to their free speech in what is supposed to be a democracy and hanging up on them. These are the powerful repercussions of the current planetary interactions.

It was mentioned last week that retrograde become empowered. They become even more influential and their inherent qualities become magnified. Mars, Neptune and Uranus are the key planets in question at this time. All three are retrograde.

Over the past few weeks, the impact of Mars has been getting stronger. The force, especially with it being coloured by transformational Pluto can be overpowering. Ideologies are being redefined and in the process dividing everyone. The word ‘respect’ doesn’t feature in the equation of political or philosophical discourse any more. You’re either with me or against me, is the philosophy right now.

Uranus has an 84-year cycle around the Sun. It’s a relatively new cover on the astronomical block. One can look back through history, however, and observe the impact that this planet has on society and the world at large. It is connected to revolutions, uprisings, progressive pushes forward and a breaking down of the old system to give way to new concepts and ideologies.

The movement of Uranus reflects the Aquarius temperament perfectly. You see the influence in sociological terms. A more egalitarian and fair distribution of wealth seems to be the catch cry of many, especially younger people. This heralds the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Neptune is also retrograde now. It’s not quite as involved in the Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto conjunction. Still, it has its hand to play in the idealism that’s conspicuously everywhere right now. Unfortunately, everyone’s ideals are different. Not everyone can be right, but to themselves they are.

The reason this cycle is extremely important is not just because the ideals themselves matter so much. What matters more is the ideal of respect, acceptance and accommodation. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes shouldn’t only be the theme not this week, but always.


The Sun continues to shine in your seventh house of relationships this week. With growing opposition to your ruler, Mars, which is retrograde, the theme is a continuation of last week. There are confusing elements to your relationships now. Don’t allow this to turn into anger.

On the 10th a series of aspects affect you quite significantly. The Moon squares the Sun and this references your home life and relationships. You find it difficult integrating some of your ideas into practicality. The opposition to Jupiter also warns you against being excessive in your expression or demands.

The Moon makes a trine aspect to Neptune on the 10th. If you’re projecting idealism on others, they won’t quite get your meaning. There’s a danger of expressing yourself without understanding that people have different needs. It’s important to adjust yourself and express your feelings keeping others feelings in mind. Do it in a way befitting of that person’s temperament.

This week, you have a strong desire to expand your horizons mentally. Try to redirect your energy to your intellectual needs for the time being. The Moon squares Mars, your relationship ruler, on the same date. The universe is telling you to slow down and smell a few roses along the way. Don’t get all hot under the collar! Relationships feature strongly and so it’s a good opportunity for you to make time for that special person in your life.

The Sun squares Pluto on the 15th and this is a very difficult aspect. You may be looking to find some way to purify yourself, physically and mentally. You have strong and powerful creative impulses and this may be an aspect of promoting yourself of feelings and experiences that have been weighing you down.

You will exercise more power and influence during this current cycle. The change will come easily to you if you let it. You might choose to do something constructive about your ideals and aspirations. Make an effort to fulfil more of your leadership potential.

Your capacity for success and your libido are now increasing. Your career path could be in for a topsy-turvy ride due to these same influences with changes in your workplace inevitable. You are not calling the shots and it bothers you.


This week, giving will feel better than receiving, so give others a chance to enjoy your generosity. On the 11th the Moon moves into the regal sign of Leo. This makes you more creative and fun-loving. Your energy will be bright and you want to share that as well. The Moon makes a zany square to Uranus on the 12th. You’re likely to be flighty, edgy and wanting something different, if not crazy in your life.

The Sun squares Jupiter on the 11th as well. You will probably kick discipline to the curb. You want to go all out and do something wild and possibly even reckless. Your personality will be larger-than-life over these few days.

The Moon enters the 6th house of Virgo on the 13th. Your planning and attention to detail allow you to finish work that had been begun but not completed. You’re expecting perfection in your results but you can’t always attain an impossible standard.

On the 14th you’ll be dealing with friends who are a little pushy. Non-verbal communication and quiet assertiveness always work wonders. Being wounded makes you wiser if you’re attuned life’s lessons. Share some of your newfound philosophical insights. Others will enjoy discussing the matter and it will help realign them in their own lives. You have a new vision of yourself.

Your thinking might be a little muddled or communication can be at cross purposes with others on the 14th when the Mercury goes retrograde. Have a plan knowing however that there could be an unexpected twist and one which will require you to think quickly on your feet. Random events or ‘incidents of coincidence’, as you could call them, are the stuff that life is made of.

On October 14 when the Sun makes its full opposition to Mars, you’re ready to fight. Be careful of having to deal with policemen, authority figures and others in uniform. You are excessive during this phase and will regret your overindulgence. Moderate your activities and your desire for pleasure.


Your ruler, Mercury also goes retrograde on the 14th. You certainly will encounter many events and situations that bring old, buried memories to the surface. Issues relating to sexuality, intimacy and other personal matters associated with relationships also come to the fore. This is because Mercury is transiting through the sexual sign of Scorpio.

Dealing with sensitive emotional issues isn’t always easy so both you need to adequately address these issues. Leading up to October 11 the Sun makes a square aspect to Jupiter and this also relates to your intimate relationships. Less is more.

Venus trines Uranus on the 11th and allows you to meet new people who have a slightly different angle on things. If you’ve postponed plans it’s an opportunity to get a completely different perspective.

On the 13th the Moon moves to Virgo. At home, you have to protect or defend someone you love. If you’re out of shape physically, don’t overdo exercise or gym workouts now. Start slowly and build up your stamina. You have to perform a juggling act at present between your work and personal commitments.

The Sun opposes Mars on the 14th so friends may be at loggerheads with each other. You have to mediate between others and bring some sort of peace to a transaction or discussion. The Sun squares Pluto on the 15th and this also smacks of emotional manipulation blackmail. Pick your friends wisely.

Venus trine’s Uranus on the 11th. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, go to new places and explore the emotional and social agenda. Push yourself beyond your limits and expect something fantastic to happen. You may be enamoured by the pursuit of wisdom and unusual spiritual information.

You want to align yourself with people who can help you in your quest for self-understanding. It’s a time to expect the unexpected but the lesson for you now is to avoid complicating your life.


On the 11th the Moon makes an opposition aspect to Saturn. This can weigh heavily on your mind and emotions. You find it difficult to get yourself out of your own way. You must find some sort of distraction to forget your problems and have some fun.

A good dose of creative expression is a perfect antidote for the blues. Things are moving slowly and your energies also may be sluggish. Focus on something that makes you happy and pamper yourself with a brief holiday if necessary.

Try not to get embroiled in political disputes. The Sun opposes Mars leading up to the 14th and your work environment will likely be anything but a bed of roses. Aligning yourself with one side or other may be professional suicide in the long run. While Mars is moving in its retrograde motion, things are not what they appear to be. The strong may appear strong but it could be the week that ends up gaining the upper hand.

Mercury also goes retrograde on the 14th and this means you need to be careful in any sort of contractual arrangement. Mercury rules your third and 12th house. The third house is the house of contracts while the 12th house is a house of loss. It may end up spending a lot more than what you bargained for. Read the fine print.

The home front will be the focus of your attention on the 15th when the Moon moves to your fourth house. This gives you some respite from the professional tensions you may be experiencing. Try to let go of your concerns for the time being and clear your mind.

Balancing your self-interest with that of someone else’s could be tricky. Making sacrifices for a cause is noble but not when it creates increasing problems. Mediation may not be your forte, but you’ll learn quickly when disagreeing friends require your intervention. Who knows, you may even get a taste for it.

Learning something new will fascinate you but you should feel obliged especially if someone else is forcing you. You’ll be busy now but in a domestic sense. For some reason, you want to pay more attention to family and loved ones.


On October 11 the Sun makes a square aspect to Jupiter means that excessive worry over additional responsibilities isn’t going to solve your problems. With pen and paper in handwrite down your concerns, along with the pros and cons. Systematically work through what has to be done to resolve current issues. In some ways, you may be sweeping these problems under the rug and that is why you’re worrying.

The other issue is going to extremes in your relationships. The square from Venus trines Uranus on the 11th reflects your originality in thought. You want to take risks. You also don’t feel as if your desires fit in with your usual peer group expectations. Enjoy these differences of taste and make no apologies for it.

On the 13th when Moon moves to Virgo finances will be predominant in your mind. You may also be very changeable as the Moon reflects its nature in those affairs of your life. You may have a change of heart on some job opportunity for an income-producing plan.

With the Sun opposing Mars on the 14th you must take extra caution physically. There’s a danger to your physical body or a possibility of overexerting yourself somehow. Moderate your desires however as you may find these personal desires or goals come into conflict with the plans of a friend or family member.

Mercury also goes retrograde on the 14th and this further accentuates the financial issues mentioned above. It’s important to address financial issues even if they seem difficult. These are exacerbated by your imagination. Problems are, at the end of the day, not quite as bad as you thought. Stay focused on communal finances along with other banking issues. Look at ways of significantly reducing your debts while Mercury is in its backward motion.

The Sun squares Pluto on the 15th and dealing with emotional manipulation or control by others will be a feature of this transit. Now is the time for you to step up and let everyone know that you’re not going to continue dealing with psychopathic personalities! You have to be very diplomatic in the way you do this. The Sun and Pluto square can be a brutal aspect.


The Moon makes a trine to Virgo on the 13th. ‘A change is as good as a holiday’, as they say. If you’re not getting satisfaction from your existing social group and friendships generally why not seek out new people. You’re looking for those who are more in keeping with your thinking and stage of development now.

On the 14th Mercury goes stationary retrograde. These are important transits for your Sun sign. Mercury is your ruler. This, therefore, starts a new cycle where communication, agreements and workplace activities are in for a tailspin. Someone could throw the spanner in the works. Agreements d you’d expected to go through may be put on hold.

Mercury the ruling planet for Virgo also goes retrograde on the 14th. The best advice under these transits is to take your time and not feel as if opportunities are lost because you don’t jump on them immediately. You will, in fact, discover that holding off was after all a better approach. The terms and conditions of some arrangement may need to be revisited to create more equity.

When the Sun makes a right angle aspect to Jupiter on the 11th you will be having important discussions with your loved ones. There may be ideological differences that need to be ironed out. Rather than quibbling over psychological or ideological differences, get down to the practical solutions for your life now. You’re becoming irritated at the negativity you see around you. Focus on how you can improve things.

Venus trines Uranus on the 11th and this is great for your work and professional opportunities. There may, however, be moments where work matters seem to be out of your control. This can make you angry. You can’t seem to put your finger on the problem. Is this because you haven’t actually given enough attention to recurrent issues?

On the 13th when Moon moves to Virgo be careful of misplaced affections. You may want to see the best in people only to find out later that all that glitters isn’t gold. You need to read between the lines and understand the motivation behind what people say and do.

Moon and Jupiter square off on the 16th. It’s helpful to take greater responsibility in terms of your relationships. You realise that if you slip into any sort of ego clash, you’re going to be the one short-changing yourself and your partner. Check your contracts and agreements. If in your relationships, it’s not a bad idea to set clear boundaries.


Either you or your partner wants to dominate the romantic landscape. Because the Sun makes a square aspect to Jupiter on the 11th, going head-to-head on trivia should be avoided. You won’t see eye to eye on the simplest of things. There’s a competitive element about everything you do this week. Even games or role-playing become overly serious. Try to hang loose and have a little more fun. These influences also recur when the Sun opposes Mars on the 14th.

Your ruler, Venus trines Uranus on the 11th and this starts a new cycle of excitement for you. You don’t want normal run-of-the-mill circumstances or people at this time. You’re geared up to exchange ideas that are both unusual and progressive in nature.

On the 13th when Moon moves to Virgo the hidden and avant-garde side of your nature comes to the surface. There could even some shock value to your actions. You don’t care! You’re starting to realise that life is to be lived and there is no point dilly-dallying. If others want to come along for the ride so be it but wet blankets and sticks in the mud need not apply.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th and this has serious repercussions for students and those studies related to their work. Retrograde planets stifle you. You’ll feel unable to move forward on some plan at the moment. You may even think of changing subjects. That’s not a good idea until the planet moves forward a couple of weeks. You’re not able to break away from what’s specifically holding you back.

There could be something from within yourself holding you back from your dreams. The Sun squares Pluto on the 15th and this is a perfect time to meet the challenge of those aspects of your personality that are undermining you.. It’s probably just as well you’re given some time to rethink your life strategy. To effectively achieve what you want requires a radical change of lifestyle now.


There could be a romantic situation that was brewing but either you or the other person may have had a change of heart. Better sooner than later if that is, in fact, the case. That person may be very different from what you had anticipated and your ideals will be seen to be rather divergent.

On the 11th with the opposition from the Moon to Saturn, you’re destined to shoulder a much heavier workload so try not to resist it. The sooner you get to it, the sooner you finish. You tend to be overly demanding of yourself right now. This stems from dissatisfaction with your own performance. You haven’t been giving yourself enough credit for your own efforts.

On October 11 the Sun makes a square aspect to Jupiter. Stop working so hard. You’re pushing yourself beyond your limits. There could be a professional situation in which you’ve had a change of heart. You’re not necessarily destined to shoulder a much heavier workload unless you make the decision not to. The sooner you get to it, the sooner you’ll move on.

Your emotions could begin to escalate and trip you up when you least expect it when Venus trines Uranus on the 11th. That could result in anxiety which in turn develops into a fear.

On the 13th when Moon moves to Virgo you better opportunity for friendship, especially in your most intimate relationship. Friendship is the cornerstone of any intimacy that must be fostered. Take some time out and enjoy each other’s company.

The Sun opposes Mars on the 14th and this means that your professional and personal desires are in conflict. Some workplace problem will sort itself out without any intervention on your part so relax. Try not to be too critical of others either at home or the work front. The Sun squares Pluto on the 15th and this is when that’s likely.

Coming down heavy on someone will only work against your best interests. Mercury also goes retrograde on the 14th and people aren’t acting under your plans. Some great material benefits come to you at this time but you need to wait and not jump the gun. Be open to receiving.


On October 11 the Sun makes a square aspect to Jupiter. This means you’ll have to attend to an overload of work on your desk now and no amount of ignoring it will make it go away. You feel lucky and are apt to overestimate yourself and be overly optimistic particularly with money.

While Venus trines Uranus on the 11th you’ll need to watch your health. Fortunately, this is a favourable aspect which means you’ll be happy to look at different means of improving your vitality and general well-being.

If you’re spending more than you’re earning then the result is obvious. The Sun opposes Mars on the 14th and this shows you are not being careful enough with your hard-earned cash. Be wary of commitments and promising too much as well. You’re likely to feel overextended or even foolish for promising what you can’t make good on.

Personal finances and career play an important role in your activities on the 13th when Moon moves to Virgo. Virgo is your professional sector. It’s time to be noticed for the good work you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to come forward with ideas. Scientific studies and the latest technologies fascinate you. Rather than seeing science as a dry, academic exercise, you’ll find yourself intrigued by new inventions and ideas.

You may also develop an interest in unusual studies, such as astrology or numerology. Your political and social idealism is also stirred up and you want to do something useful in the world. Mercury also goes retrograde on the 14th and this will increase your interest but may also indicate a need to postpone things for a while.

Moon and Jupiter square off on the 16th. You must be open-minded when listening to others’ viewpoints even if they don’t make sense, at first. You gain information that’s useful to you. Paperwork could be bothering you and this has to do with shared finances and other tax or banking matters. Finances and dealing with shared resources are a key feature of your life right now.


When the Sun makes a square aspect to Jupiter on the 11th, be careful not to overextend yourself with those who aren’t prepared to reciprocate that support. You could be wasteful in trying to buy their affections. There may even be some big-ticket items on the cards that you can’t afford.

Do you really want to keep borrowing your way out of these desires? Mercury also goes retrograde on the 14th and cautions you against taking out loans when you haven’t done sufficient homework on your capacity to repay. Sticking to your budget will be hard but is essential. You’ll be able to start building up your savings but only if you stop spending. Avoid frivolous expenditure.

You’re likely to forget about your own creative needs in favour of settling your financial bills. You’ll be in a situation that repeats the past. Venus trines Uranus on the 11th and so you need to think outside the square. You must use your time efficiently as you have several creative projects that are enticing you now.

On the 13th when Moon moves to Virgo it is a matter of prioritizing your activities and tasks. If you’re looking to educate yourself, passion for what you do rather than financial considerations should be the motive. It’s not always about the money. It’s about how you feel in the process of what you’re doing. Part of the problem is connecting to an activity resonates with you. Your first order of business is finding out what that is.

As the Sun opposes Mars on the 14th remember, there’s nothing worse than confusion or disputes over money. It’s important everyone keep their end of the bargain. Try manifesting what you want in life by writing down the precise details of what it is you’re trying to attract through creative visualization.

The Sun squares Pluto on the 15th and so, you are likely to destroy something if it doesn’t meet your expectations. You may have worked hard to something and it to be disappointed with the outcome. You want to eliminate this from your life to start from scratch.


You want to express your feelings but feel embarrassed that you may be misunderstood. Venus moves to a trine aspect of Uranus on the 11th. If you genuinely feel affection for someone, communicate that fact. Express how you feel, even if you’re love isn’t reciprocated immediately. Perhaps they’re just as self-conscious as you.

With the Moon moving to Virgo on the 13th don’t be afraid to seek constructive criticism from others. If you’re annoyed about something in yourself you’ll at least receive an honest answer. Don’t tell everyone about every detail of life. Don’t feel compelled. You gain deeper insight into the genuineness of their intentions. Virgo’s your eighth house of self-transformation.

The Sun opposes Mars on the 14th and you may start planning a whole new life path for yourself. Your professional achievements can be greater in the coming months because of an application to work with greater self-confidence. Improved work relationships are also assured but don’t expect to be a piece of cake. The square aspect of course presents challenges. No pain, no gain.

With Mercury going retrograde on the 14th your spouse or partner’s behaviour may seem a little erratic. This could be a result of professional pressures that they haven’t divulged. It’s easy to judge others based on our own circumstances, needs and desires. This is a rather selfish and narrow-minded view of things. Try seeing the situation through the eyes of the other person today. This will go a long way to resolving any differences you have.

Moon and Jupiter challenge each other on the 16th. Remind yourself that the healing power of true love can bring spiritual, as well as curative benefits. Remain open to what the universe offers now. This is a time to look at things from a different perspective. This is a spiritual awakening, which if seriously considered, can be put to use in practical terms as well.

The Sun opposes Mars on the 14th and you will be agitated or feel out of control because of insurmountable problems caused by others. Some phone call or email will bother you. This also indicates malicious rumours might be circulating. It’s easier for you to get drawn into useless gossip especially if you’re feeling insecure about yourself.


On October 11th the Sun moves to a square aspect of Jupiter. This means you’ve been wasting an inordinate amount of time on some project or person. If a strategy or relationship doesn’t work, ditch it! That’s like trying to use a blunt knife to cut through a pound of wet leather. It takes immense energy and the results are less than satisfactory.

It’s time sharpen your knife through the improvement of your life skills and professional expertise. Perhaps even buy a new one. Expect your buttons to be pushed and you won’t over-react. Someone could challenge you, resulting in a fight, an argument or, at the least, a very intense discussion.

You may feel be feeling an underlying sense of frustration, particularly regarding your finances. The Sun opposes Mars on the 14th and this is about how you handle money matters predominantly. The way you save and spend and somehow is affecting your relationships. These two things are deeply connected now.

The best remedy is to take a more creative, hands-on approach to the way you earn and the way others are managing, or rather mismanaging it. You’ll need to take on the role of control freak now because someone’s been slack and you are ready for a transformation now. Your changes may unsettle others.

Speculation, both romantically and financially, isn’t advisable on the 14th. Mercury goes retrograde. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” may not be the best dictum to live by right now. You could decide to take an uncalculated risk which might be costly in the long-term. Weigh up your options and seek advice where necessary.

You can also be very attached to your home but maybe it is time to move on and consider relocating. Expand your choice of lifestyle considerations. You can’t complete your work if you haven’t practised certain elements of it. If on the other hand, a problem is already dead, don’t try to revive it. Let it be.

On the 13th the Moon moves to Virgo. The Sun squares Pluto on the 15th and this highlights your working and personal relationships. Both will be on the top of your agenda. Your dynamism provides you with both the focus and support you need from your core group of friends and co-workers. To be effective, remove emotional vagrants from your vicinity.



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