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Why Melania and Donald Trump’s Marriage is Failing Miserably, Based on Astrology

DONALDMELANIAWith all the news surrounding Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage not working, it might be worth taking a look at whether or not their horoscopes indicate the end of the road for their relationship. Or is this just another bump in the road for them?

If, as most of the tabloids are saying, something doesn’t smell right in the marriage department, then things don’t look too rosy for them. But will their romance get back on track again? Or is it destined for the trash can?


Donald and Melania Trump Horoscopes


It’s obvious that Melania doesn’t always feel comfortable in her role as First Lady especially when she turns up looking like a Goth to meet and greet the Pope! Talk about a protest statement.

It’s a well-known fact that tradition dictates the First Lady to wear black when meeting the leader of the Catholic Church, but dragging your wife around looking like that, especially to an afternoon tea with the pontiff looked more like a marriage requiem than a holy blessing of God’s representative on earth. Maybe the real purpose of the visit was for the pontiff to mediate their failing marriage.

Before looking at the current circumstances of Donald being elected as president, let’s look at their horoscopes to see how the planets agree or disagree.

Diagram1: We see the inner wheel showing the positions of the planets at the time Donald Trump was born. He was born on June 14, 1946 at 9:51 AM in Queens, New York. Melania was born on April 26, 1970 at Nova Mesto in Slovenia, and her horoscope is on the outer wheel. Unfortunately, Melania’s, birth time is unavailable, so we use the Sun sign positions to assess their relationship.

The Sun indicates drive, willpower, and personality. The position of Melania’s Sun is in a friendly position to Donald’s Sun. Well, that’s something, at least. The solar positioning of both is seen as an easy aspect indicating a good flow of energies between them.

In this case, a 72° aspect or near enough is generally a good positioning for the planets, and indicates a special connection between them. This tells us that they have, or rather had, a pretty good friendship and social connections which, through their individual and mutual associations, will benefit them.

However, we also see some difficulties, particularly in Melania’s horoscope, where the Sun is associated with Saturn. This is a dead giveaway in the horoscope of women who tend to marry much older men, as well as reflecting a personality, which at times, is somewhat withdrawn. Taurean women are often less extroverted than most. And talk about stubborn! If anyone is going to get up Donald’s nose, it will be Melania, the bull!

We see in Donald’s horoscope, Mars is rising in bombastic Leo. Mars makes him irascible, domineering, pugnacious, and aggressive, to say the least. Is this something we didn’t know? Astrology simply reflects the facts. Being in the royal sign, Mars clearly reveals his sense of divine right or absolute authority which we see in his case.

Cancer-Taurus-FRAGILE-relatOne thing conspicuously absent in this cursory glance of Mars is his generous nature that most don’t give him credit for. He has the courage of his convictions but is also self-centered, which seems to be the case when we see videos of him walking off planes, out of cars, and into meetings completely oblivious to the fact that Melania is trailing behind him with that, you know, moping, forlorn look. Would anyone blame her?

Communication is such an important component of any relationship and to see this element of their marriage, we need to look at how Donald’s Mercury relates to Melania’s. Believe it or not, Donald’s Mercury in the sign of Cancer is quite emotional, although many argue you can’t see that. Why would you? The Shell of the crab is tough on the exterior and soft on the inside, like marshmallow. Aww Donald, why do you hide that soft mushy emotionalism from this? Maybe that would win you more brownie points with the far left!

Melania’s Mercury is grounded and earthy but also probably less flexible in many ways. That’s also shown by the fact that the Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus are all in fixed Taurus. This combo needs material security, and some would even go so far to say that the natives are marrying for let’s say, more pragmatic reasons. Some would read that as ulterior motive. No doubt she’s acquired the lifestyle she desires, but the positioning of both their communicative planets reveals that their manner of communicating, in the privacy of their own home, may be miles apart.

Venus is the planet of love and in Donald’s case is in the sign of Cancer. Melania’s Venus is in the sign of Taurus, an excellent sextile aspect of friendship.

In other words, there would have been an initial and definite physical attraction between the two but there is a difficulty in Donald’s chart and that is Venus is associated with restrictive Saturn. People having the Venus and Saturn together at birth often overcompensate for those early childhood feelings of rejection and will go the extra mile to prove to others that they are worthy and available and more importantly, that others need them when in fact they are the ones who are deeply seeking approval. In this combination,



(for even the world for that matter) notwithstanding the so-called billions that he claims to have in assets and financial means.

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The issue here is as well is that Donald is inhibited or at times, incapable of performing sexually even though Mars is very powerful in the rising sign. Saturn and Venus occupy his 12th house. This part of the horoscope, according to the Vedic system, has a great deal to say about sexuality and the bedroom. This combination may affect his physical performance between the sheets.

satisfaction-not-guaranteedSpeaking of sexual performance, let’s also take a look at their basic drives which also include how well they horizontally danced together. If it’s anything like the famous and awkward ballroom gala dance the world witnessed, we may need to place a rush order of Viagra or Malaysian ginseng pretty quickly to the couple.

Looking at the placement of Mars in both their horoscopes, Melania has Mars in Gemini which gives a strong intellectual learning and a powerful desire for meaningful communication. In other words or to put it bluntly, Melania isn’t averse to a little dirty talk during moments of hanky-panky.

Although not an exact square, the close right angle between both of their Mars positions isn’t a good feature of the horoscope and can show ongoing conflicts between them. In this case, read ‘loud and had on confrontations’ for the word ‘conflict.’ This is also supported by the Saturn and Venus combination in the 12th house showing that their sexual styles are probably very dissimilar.

Donald’s horoscope shows him to be instinctively materialistic. This is great for business but only adds further weight to the Venus and Saturn conjunction which, as mentioned earlier, produces awkwardness in expressing one’s deepest feelings. In Donald’s chart, however, the conjunction of the Moon and the South node in his fifth house indicates considerable creativity and no doubt, an amorous nature that’s so creative. In fact, we can imagine him using a roll of hundred dollar bills to pleasure his wife as opposed to the cigar good old Billy Clinton resorted to with Monica Lewinsky.

This conjunction seems to continue along the thread of a denial of emotional needs as a child with the Moon being close to deceptive body called Ketu or the South Node. This has strong karmic implications and particularly so because this is such an exact conjunction between the two bodies.

love-or-moneyFurthermore, the Moon rules his 12th house of secrets and unfulfilled desires. This lunar position being connected to his karma so strongly indicated challenges he must deal with intimately within himself not just in his marriage, but also with his children. He is close with all his children but by the same token, often feel torn between his sense of duty to family and his passion for work and money. The Moon relates to his emotions and the way he instinctively expresses himself on that level.

It appears that many of the planets seem to occupy what is a 2-12 arrangement. In other words, when looking at Donald’s horoscope, quite a few planets fall on the 12th position of Melania’s horoscope which is very undermining to the health of the relationship.

Jupiter indicates how a person will expand and develop generally. In Donald’s horoscope, Jupiter is regarded as one of his better planets and was apparently completely stationary at the time he was born. This endows him with a larger-than-life attitude and especially because Jupiter rules his fifth house of speculation, we can see why he’s not afraid to take a big gamble in life.

On the other hand, Melania has Jupiter located in the seventh sole house or marriage and relationships, which is also retrograde. At this point, we can see where some of the basic differences between them lay. Jupiter in Melania’s horoscope points to the fact that she expands through her relationships, and needs a very healthy one-on-one intimacy and communication with her significant other. With Saturn and the Sun fully aspecting her marital sector, we see the constrictions you must feel knowing that Donald’s attention and energy is obviously on the next big business deal, which will cause the relationship to erode significantly over time.

Taking a look at the horoscopes of the president and first lady using Vedic astrology, we can also gain a further understanding of what astrology has to say about their relationship. Let’s also look at the transits of the planets to see how these weaknesses and challenges in their relationships might actually be triggered during the current planetary transits.

In this system of prognostication, the lunar position is of tantamount importance, and when we look at the fact that their lunar positions are also juxtaposed in a 2/12 arrangement, we have to say that there are distinct differences in their attitudes and styles.

love-hATE-2Using the 27 Vedic lunar stars and the fact that Donald’s lunar star is the 27th from Melania’s, this is considered one of the best placements for general all-round compatibility. Perhaps this is why, as with many relationships, even if there are a multitude of factors working against the relationship, the odd one or two placements can bind the two together in a sort of love hate scenario.

The transit of Saturn from 2010 to 2017 says a great deal about his relationships and marriage. This is called the 7 1/2 year period of Saturn and occurs through the transits of the 12th, the lunar and second sign from the Moon, and can be one of the most challenging periods of life, which none of us would disagree with.

During his run for presidency, he indeed endured some of the most scathing press and opposition- even from within his own party. Fortunately, he had the Jupiter return which helped, as well as the main Jupiter cycle which commenced smack bang in the same week of the election, bringing with it the great good fortune of being elected to the top post.

Donald still has another two and a half years of this cycle remaining.

While Saturn is transiting the second house from the Moon, his finances, family, and relationships with children will also become very strained. His health may also fail. Interestingly, the second house also relates to speech, so don’t be surprised to see these advisers chastising him for saying too much.
Melania will be cheering on the sidelines supporting his advisers in this respect of course. Who knows, we may even see less tweets heading is all on an hourly basis.

One thing’s for certain, and that is that when Saturn in the next few weeks or so starts to transits his second lunar house, its effects for marriage and family life are not good.

This next two years will be difficult and may bring not only health problems, but also the potential for losses and even legal issues that may bring him down. He is still in the first sub cycle of the Jupiter life interval which commenced on 14 November 2016, and this interval continues until 3 January 2019.

Because this exposition has more to do with his family and marriage, we have to look at how this planet impacts upon his marital affairs. We see that Jupiter is actually about to move into the third house from the ascendant which is the 12th house from the Moon. This is a particularly difficult placement, but being friendly to both his ascendant and Moon favourable aspects the seventh house or his wife. There may be some improvement, but while he is still playing his political game, there may indeed be more problems for him and Melania. Jupiter’s 12th house disposition indicates, along with Saturn transiting the second house of finance, a load of financial pressure on him, his businesses, and marriage.

holding-onIf we look at the horoscope of Melania, we see that she entered into the same 7 1-2 year cycle 2 1/2 years after Donald and is now about to experience the full force of this karmic cycle in her most critical lunar house. That will commence almost immediately and bring with it an incredible burden in her married life.

Saturn is fully aspecting her seventh house of marriage, as well as her 10th house of profession, ego development, self-satisfaction, and karmic destiny. From this point of view, Melania’s horoscope is cycling through a period of desperately trying to handle her marriage and the baggage that goes along with it (i.e. the presidency).

For Melania, Jupiter moves to her favourable 11th house shortly, and this constitutes the Jupiter return which is generally very lucky. The 11th house is better for her personal affairs, especially her social life and interactions with children although there are also problems shown by the position of Mercury, Saturn, and the Sun.

Ordinarily, my prediction is that the combination of Saturn and Mercury for her Moon means that there is some difficult karma related to her children. Their son, Baron, can be seen exhibiting unusual behavior, even to the extent of pushing Melania away when she tries to demonstrate her love to him. I suspect that because the Sun and Saturn are involved, her son Baron may simply be exhibiting some of his paternal traits.

The big thing to watch for is the adverse aspects of Saturn to Venus which we see currently. Saturn has been in its opposition cycle both to Venus and Mars throughout the last couple of years, so it’s not at all surprising that affection has done an exit-stage-left in their marriage. If a picture paints a thousand words, we aren’t being deceived by what we see in the media.

Melania’s disdain for Donald’s attempts to hold her hand are unprecedented in the history of presidential, marital relations.

Who can possibly forget those sad moments which are clearly expressed in her face at those times?


Donald’s horoscope and the marital challenges can be clearly seen in the transits which seem to be lagging behind Melania in terms of dissatisfaction. He is probably reasonably comfortable remaining the businessmen and political figure he has now become. But when Saturn transits the opposition of Venus in a couple years from now, he may well find himself in the reverse role as life’s apprentice with Melania yelling: ‘Donald, you’re fired!’.

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