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Your Current Karma: Living life on your own terms

Fear is the dominant factor when it comes to departing from tried and tested ways, lifestyles that no longer match the person you’ve become, relationships which don’t reciprocate emotional or spiritual needs anymore. What is involved in actually living life on your own terms? You must first come to that boiling point of passion where enough is enough and make a courageous decision by taking a step into the unknown.

If fear is a dominant factor obstructing you from living life on your own terms, trust is the opposite dynamic giving you the strength to believe that all outcomes are ultimately in your own best interest, in terms of your evolution. This doesn’t necessarily mean that financial, emotional and mental or even social needs will be met, that commitment to setting your own standards and believing that rather than overlaying the veneer of dollars in cultural preconditioning, the journey then becomes one of and open self-discovery!

Understand that from within this furnace of cooking passion and ideas that attract new opportunities and conditions which become more or less a reflection of your trust and intense desire to live life freely – as you were meant to. Operative word: intense. Eliminating what is unnecessary is the first step in coming to that point of ripeness; that head space that’s pregnant with anticipation and excitement for the possibilities that lay ahead. That point of ripeness where the succulent peach is ready to drop from its mother tree. That point in your own life where the mother of comfort a nd ease and predictability, is released, as you fall from the binding tree of your past.

The cause of pain and suffering is friction and with the current transit and conjunction of Mars and Saturn, you’ll experience th at friction generated by these planets. This is nothing more than a catalyst to bring you to the boil, to give you an understanding within that the discomfort you feel is a call to action – not a call to anger or resentment or reaction, which is simply the superficial manifestation of that resistance.  Deep intuitive insight is the propulsion forward, through this internal dissatisfaction itself, and an undertaking in that space of living life on your own terms.

dreamstime_l_18876427Is there certainty in this attitude? Absolutely not.  Is there actually ever any security as such? Again, absolutely not; relatively; maybe so. When we talk of security we always conveniently push to the back of our minds the idea that the inevitability of death steals away any notion of security. Life always hangs by a thread and we at times are momentarily shocked into this truth when we occasionally hear of the death of a friend or some tragedy. Saturn is death. It is time, which is the personification of the great Mother, Time Herself, Kali. Once the desire and intensity to live your lif eon your own terms is strong enough, Time itself is kicked to the curb. Death and the fear associated with it are also dismissed.

One of the biggest and most important steps is moving forward does the clear understand that there is no ultimate security. This friction and planetary disturbance is precisely what you need, if only to force you to look at yourself, the circumstance you’re in and make the appropriate change. This change doesn’t necessarily, and in fact is usually very rarely a circumstantial one but rather an attitudinal one. Sure, those reactions will surface and at that point of ripeness when you’re ready to drop off your ‘past’, all those emotional and mental resistances come into play. Yet even as that is happening, dispel all fears and doubts and understand deeply within yourself that this is ultimately a movement towards the most perfect self that you already are.

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