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Horoscope Content For Your Website!

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Horoscope Content For Your Website!

How To Use Horoscope Content To Boost Your Traffic and Subscribers

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Syndicated Content offers more syndicated content for astrology, psychic and associated media websites than anybody else on the Internet. To brainstorm ways your web site can import and export content with us give us a call at +61 413 124 809 or email [email protected] has over 4,000 pages of high-quality syndicated full-text astrology content provided by Dadhichi. You can integrate complete online tutorials and even the full text of authoritative books directly on your own web site. Just cut and paste a few lines of HTML code.

The Astrology Blog, you can carry several syndicated columnists specializing in end-of-life issues by subscribing to individual blog feeds. Learn more…

Horoscope Content

With your daily star sign horoscopes, learn what’s happening in your Sun sign astrological chart today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Gain an insight into the upcoming trends fairly accurately leading us to develop monthly horoscopes.

Your yearly horoscope speaks about the past and future karmic issues and what sorts of lessons you must learn to deal with in this life.

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Content Syndication FAQ

Are you clueless what we’re talking about? It’s OK! Buzzwords like RSS, XML, and content syndication are new to many people, so don’t stress about it.

What is content syndication?

Content syndication is a general term for the idea that content on the Internet can be shared among multiple web sites. Content producers can make their information available in ways that other web sites can import directly and feature as part of their own offerings. There are many different ways to do content syndication. The content may be shown to readers at many places but it’s always clearly identified as coming from some original source.

Where does your content come from?

We have over 4,000 pages of high-quality full-text education content on astrology provided by Dadhichi. Our content libraries include HTML and XML pages, multimedia content such as streaming audio and video, and lots of downloadable files in PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint formats.

Is content syndication the same as making a link?

No. When you make a link you transfer the user from your web site to some other web site. When you participate in content syndication you pull content from some other web site directly into your own web site, so it looks like the content is located on your web site. Credit is given to the source of the content, but the viewer stays on your web site while they read the content, unless they choose to go directly from you to the content producer site.

What are the benefits of content syndication?

For content producers, syndication enables much larger readership for your content, plus increased traffic to your site from your affiliated content receiving sites. For content receivers, it enables your web site carry a huge amount of great content from respected sources, often at no cost.


What is RSS?

An RSS news feed is designed to provide time-sensitive headlines and summaries of content with links to more detail elsewhere. RSS is an XML specification that web sites can use to distribute and aggregate Web content. This lets web sites work together to share content between sites and directly with end users. RSS is an acronym for Rich Site Summary, but some people call it Really Simple Syndication. RSS news feed files are collections of short items featuring headlines and brief summaries of content that can be read in more detail somewhere else on the Internet if the person wants the details. There are several different versions of the RSS specification and support for some RSS features is not yet fully standardized. We use the RSS 2.0 specification. That is the most current version of the RSS standard, now used by Microsoft, Yahoo, and other major players. RSS is specified as a type of XML service. Because RSS is a flavor of XML, all RSS files also must conform to the XML 1.0 specification, available at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website.

How do I use RSS?

RSS XML files are read by a special type of software that may be called an RSS news reader, news aggregator, or Weblog utility. If you have an RSS news reader or Weblog utility program, to add the Growth House News Feed to your subscriptions you just paste a link into your subscription feed list. When the content of that feed changes, your software will let you know. This use of an RSS feed gives you an alternative to electronic mail to receive updates from information providers you select. We predict that in the near future reading your RSS news feeds will become as much a part of your daily ritual as reading your email. If you operate a web site you can display an RSS feed as HTML content on your own pages, giving you access to co-branded features from many sources.

Can I control how an RSS feed looks when I display it on my own web site?

Yes. Since RSS is based on XML, the way it looks when you use it on your web site is up to you.

Is RSS subject to SPAM the same way email is?

No. So far no one has found a way to send unsolicited spam via RSS. That’s one of the reasons why some people think that RSS is superior to email for things like newsletters. With RSS you never give your email address to the web site you want to receive information from, so the sender has no way to easily identify you. If you decide you don’t want to receive an RSS feed anymore, you just remove it from your news reader, and that’s the end of it. You don’t need to contact a web site or have someone else get you off a list. RSS also solves problems that publishers have with putting out email newsletters. With RSS there are no bounces, no list management headaches, no unsubscribe requests and no delivery failures due to “false positive” spam filters that block legitimate subscriptions by accident.

Terms of Use provides several different content syndication formats designed to meet a wide range of business needs. We encourage you to call us to discuss your specific situation so we can help you select the most appropriate technology for your requirements. Here is a summary of the terms of use for each of our major services.

Leo With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Blessed with vitality, enthusiasm, passion and attraction. Tremendously gratifying Sexually Intuitive and instant connect, marked with a high degree of exhilaration A propensity for overindulgence. Must make provision for rainy days
Taurus Not long term though sexually excitable You could be at your wits end with their rigid ways of attempting things Definitely at odds with each other. Your styles are too divergent
Gemini Obvious attraction and could possibly meet each other in sudden or mysterious circumstances You’re intrigued by the quirky and mentally stimulating air sign of Gemini A promising partnership as your respective skill-set beautifully complements each other. You’re both experts at making money together
Cancer Mutual attraction. High chances of a blossoming romance, albeit some stark personality difference You may exhaust yourself with their fickle minded and moody temperament A strong leaning towards extravagance. Leo augments the earning capacity of Cancer
Leo A passionate affair with an instant connect and high voltage attraction Twins at heart. Your friendship is marked by sensitivity, devotion and encouragement Armed with a commanding will. May work, provided you can subjugate your self-centeredness
Virgo While Virgo loves your imaginative and passionate ways in the bedroom, very unlikely if you feel the same about them Practise vigilance with regards to power and control - Virgo is fairly sensitive You stand to gain hugely from Virgo’s selfless service oriented efforts, which can boost up your chances to succeed professionally
Libra Passionate love affair and sexually astronomically satisfying Splendid amity more so due to your mutual love for people and entertainment You’re most attracted to their out of the box, spontaneous and imaginative ideas, and respect them for their sense of independence
Scorpio Scorpio is sensual, expressive and intense. Sexually fulfilling Not the best match though somewhat unconquerable camaraderie with the possibility to survive setbacks in life A Scorpion may not respond favourably to your over bearing ways
Sagittarius Chances of a long term relationship. You both strive to keep the passion alive Great compatibility that is hard to beat. You love the affection and power they radiate You thrive on each other’s inspiration tocreate and make money together
Capricorn Capricorn’s cautious and security conscious disposition may not appeal to your spontaneous ways Suffocating for you both. While Capricorn feels awkward around your attention seeking nature, you stand frustrated with their reticent demeanour instead If you two can fuse the best of your abilities - Leo’s braininess and Capricorn’s cautiousness, financially this could turn out to be fairly decent
Aquarius They’re good lovers and thus make favourable romantic partners Aquarius could be repulsed by your lime light stricken and loud personality. They are too judicious and rather reserved Possibly at loggerheads professionally. You’re both self centred and obstinate
Pisces You two emit odd emotional and sexual chemistry. Very likely that a romantic association may not work You both possess staunch divergent perspectives which may negate any room for reconciliation Pisces provides ingenious assets much valuable for your professional success


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