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Taurus 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Taurus

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General overview

Welcome to 2019 Taurus!

In 2019, a lot is going to hinge on how well you communicate your thoughts and ideas. With the North node transiting your third house, the ability to express yourself will have a major impact upon, not only your personal relationships but your business and social interactions as well. This third house transit is particularly important for…

 Bringing you out of your shell and giving you the strength and courage to actively make your dreams come true.

That you will be especially intense about pursuing your goals is shown by the very strong influence of Pluto, Saturn and the Sun in your ninth house of higher ideals, as the year commences. This shows that there is a great deal of energy percolating in your zone of beliefs, religious activities, higher spiritual ideals and even travels and educational pursuits.

Astrologer’s Note:

All these areas of your life are activated in full and, if you are able to use these energies in a constructive way this year may well turn out to be a significant turning point in your life.

One of the more significant transits that occurred in 2018 was that of the planet Uranus moving into your Sun sign and starting its job of shaking things up. Being a fixed sign of the zodiac, your Sun sign of Taurus is one that is not all that easily amenable to change, but Uranus is going to alter that once and for all.

For now, however, Uranus has edged back into the 12th house of your horoscope and this gives you an opportunity to…

Reflect upon your past actions to see whether or not you can indeed get on board, get into the slipstream of change and use this thoroughly to your own advantage.

In conjunction with Uranus, we see your marital and love planet Mars also transiting this specific area of the zodiac. This is good news because it gives you the dynamic initiative to work with these planets and make whatever changes are appropriate happen. Regardless of the star sign in question, change is rarely an easy thing especially if it is foisted upon you. In your case, it is a more difficult transition. This transit continues up until February 14, just after Valentine’s Day so perhaps this is more than just a coincidence. You will be reminiscing over the past and wondering whether there may be other ways in which you can improve your relationships or completely avert any erroneous decisions.

Regardless, accepting what has gone before is part of your lesson now and using this information to move forward in a positive way is the best thing that you can do now.

Throughout these past few years, Neptune has been influencing your social arena and this makes you both idealistic, however, at times also somewhat confused about the nature of your relationships socially.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You must balance your high degree of idealism against the practicality of friendships.

You may be overestimating the importance of some of these connections and so, rather than brushing these important matters to the side, you’re asked to be far more discreet and discriminating in your choices of friendships.

Jupiter and Mercury have an important part to play in your friendships as well, and have a loose connection in your eighth house of shared resources as 2019 starts. These two planets influence your finance sector and so there may be an overlapping of your social activities and the manner in which you earn money. There is a yardstick by which many people live their lives and that is to never mix business with pleasure. Although you may need to be careful with whom you are involved in your moneymaking ventures, this combination may not in fact be all that bad. There could indeed be people you meet this year who help you capitalise on opportunities and support you in your business ventures. Again, discretion is the most important part of this transit.

There are some very positive omens for your marriage and intimate relationships and with the Moon and Venus combining in your seventh house of marriage you can expect a sweet and sensitive connection with that most important person in your life. There may be changes afoot in the way your partner treats you and for that reason, you could be surprised to experience a far more demonstrative aspect to the way you relate to each other. Are you complaining? Not in the least but by the same token, you must set aside your suspicions that there may be some sort of ulterior motive for this.

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With Venus being your ruling planet and transiting this area of the horoscope, it shows that this is also a particularly potent and focused area of your life throughout the next 12 months. Earlier, it was indicated that the North Node triggers your valour or courage and this is no less significant in as much as the Moon, which rules this third sector of courage is in your marital area. So what does this all mean? Essentially, you’re able to take your marriage or most significant relationship to a new plateau but only if you are prepared to do things differently, to break the mould of what you feel is your comfort zone. If it’s possible for you to do that you will start to see a whole new vista of opportunities opening up for you , your love life.

Mercury rules your fifth house of love affairs. Apart from its connection with your planet of friendship, Jupiter and its impact on your finances, its location in your eighth house at the outset of the year shows that you will be seeking new ways to deepen your intimacy with the person you love. You must not exaggerate this part of your life however, and that is shown by Jupiter’s association with this principle planet of love.

Your family relationships may undergo some struggle and there could be some additional responsibility that weighs heavily on your shoulder. This is because of Saturn and the Sun combining in the first month of the year.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try not to avoid what may be a difficult choice but rather, speak to those concerned and say your piece in a respectful manner.

At the end of the day, you may not be able to please everyone but at least you’ll know that you did the best your and thereafter, you should let the chips fall where they may.

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Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Your principal love planets are Mercury, Mars and Pluto. Friendships for Taurus are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. As mentioned earlier, Mercury, your amorous planet, begins its 2019 trek in your eighth house of sexuality and deeper emotional sensitivity. With Jupiter’s association you may be using sex or intimacy as a way of escaping some of the problems that you may be confronted with.

Intimacy is important, but shouldn’t be used as a substitute, otherwise it can become an addictive back door rather than dealing with issues head-on.

As mentioned at the outset of your reading, communication is critical this year and along with the North Node in your third house. The Moon and Mercury are particularly hinting at an upswing in your ability to communicate not only good emotions but any grievances you have in your relationships

Astrologer’s Advice:

Speaking about your feelings may not be easy and therefore,

learning how to express your emotions may be one of the most important things be on your agenda this year.

In terms of its influence on your relationships, Mercury makes some rather important transits and around January 4 and 5 trines Uranus. It then enters your ninth house of higher educational pursuits. It could be that very early in the year you are inspired to do exactly what was suggested above. By extending your mental horizons and researching communication techniques, self-help and other writings you gain a heads up on the best way to handle your love life.

Friendships are indicated when Mercury transits your 11th house after February 10. The right angle to Jupiter on February 22, and then its retrograde motion on March 5, could throw a spanner in the works. The square to Jupiter also repeats again on March 16 and April 12. What this means, is that whatever difficulties you have in communicating your ideas or getting through to your partner may not resolve until you’ve had to go over the same old ground, several times.

You’ll go through a gathering stage, a sabbatical so to speak, when Mercury transits your 12th house of lower key activities on April 17. You’ll be formulating new ideas and thinking of methodologies by which you can increase your power and leverage. It may not, however, fully manifest until June 4 when Mercury transits your third house of courage, triggering one of the most important things for you in 2019.

Family matters take precedence when, after June 27 Mercury transits your domestic sphere. Once again, it will go retrograde shortly on July 8 but at the same time, its conjunction with Mars could precipitate arguments and differences of opinion that may not be easy to resolve.

Try not to push matters because around July 25 when Mercury makes contact with Venus you’ll start to feel an easing of these issues. When Mercury once again moves into its normal course of motion on August 11, a great deal of satisfaction may be gained by revisiting topics which had been taboo previously.  As there is a square aspect to Uranus, along with a trine aspect to Jupiter, you may be surprised at how suddenly family members do an about face by helping you with your desired breakthrough.

Some of the most significant transits occurs on August 18 when Mars, your marital planet transits your fifth house of love affairs on August 29 Mercury moves into this same area which also rules over children and creative pursuits. On September 3, it makes a powerful conjunction of Mars, your marital planet, and this can be an extraordinarily exciting time, constructive as well because on September 5 when it makes a trine aspect to Saturn you’re able to practically determine what it is you want as a long-term objective with your partner. The intensity of these transits continues up until August 4 when Mars transits out of this area. You’ll experience a great deal of passion. You desire to compete with others for the object of your love.

The period of October 3 to December 9 is also highly significant with Mercury transiting through your marital sector. This is a period of your life when you could feel as if what you have to say can make a difference. Others will take notice of you. If you’re single this period also entails a great deal of communication surrounding love, engagements, marriage and other long-term committed relationships.

Mars transits your seventh house of marriage from November 19 through to the end of 2019.

Astrologer’s Tip:

At the closing period of the year must be careful not to allow your passion to get the better of you.

For the most part, you’ll feel as if you’ve made great strides in your relationships and friendships generally, but don’t undo all that by being too dominant or demanding Mars is notorious for this type of influence.


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Is it going to be a successful year for you Aries?

Mercury not only regulates your relationships, but has a powerful influence on your finances as ruler of your second house of income. The Sun shines light during some of the most important intervals of the year. That will impact you financially.

First and foremost, the transit of the Sun through your 10th house of profession after January 20 and your 11th house of profitability on February 19 up until March 20 are significant. You make great headway both professionally and financially throughout this two month cycle.

The early part of the year is great for you, given that the Sun’s transit triggers all sorts of opportunities for professional promotion, self-esteem and acquisition of power. Capitalising on this takes place during the Sun’s transit of your 11th house on February 19. This also results in a whole swag of social opportunities that benefit your work.

As mentioned earlier, the erratic transit of Uranus through your Sun sign and back into your 12th house may have thrown your career plans into some chaos. The good news is that this abrupt and unpredictable planet moves back into your Sun sign on March 6 and is a strong significator of your professional activities. This link indicates doing things a little more differently than you usually would. As your ruling planet Venus makes an excellent trine to this planet on February 3, expect some awesome results in your professional arena at this time.

An important phenomenon takes place on June 21 when Neptune, co-ruler of your profit sector moves into its retrograde motion. It continues to do so up until November 27. This retrogression empowers Neptune and shows that you may opt to take some visionary approach to the way you earn your money. You must keep things real however, because there’s a very fine line between vision and chaos.

Astrologer’s Advice:

It’s during these times you must under all circumstances,  bounce your ideas off those who have experience and can point out the pitfalls in your plan.

Saturn, the most important planet in your horoscope rules your 10th house of professional achievements. It makes three important and positive trine aspects to the Sun in 2019. The first is March 21, the second, June 9 and the third, December 13. These three aspects consolidate your hard work and give you a sense of accomplishment. You may not feel that the work you are doing is exactly the ideal, but you are achieving a great deal and will also have the support of your superiors and co-workers. They recognise the good work you are doing.

Financial opportunities abound after May 21 when finance planet Mercury enters your second house. Be careful on May 30 and 31 when this planet squares Neptune and opposes Jupiter respectively. Your over-optimism may confound and confuse. This is particularly significant because on June 4 when Mercury enters into your third house of contracts.

Astrologer’s Tip:

You’ll need to be absolutely certain that you are clear on every matter pertaining to any deal that’s underway.

You are very focused on your work and the manner in which you conduct your professional activities especially when the Sun transits through your sixth house on September 23. Additional responsibilities make it difficult for you to enjoy what you do as the square to Saturn on October 7 highlights additional demands others may place on your shoulders. There may be an issues of power, control or manipulation in some way, as the Sun also makes a square to Pluto on October 14. Fortunately, after October 23, the Sun moves into a more favourable position, your seventh house of public relations and enters a spectacular but unpredictable opposition to Uranus on the 28th.

Taking care of financial business, banking, taxes and shared resources are showcased when, on November 22 the Sun moves to your eighth house. It’s important to be absolutely clear in your dealings as the square to Neptune on December 8 indicates not only an oversight on your part, but possibly even out and out deception by others. Keep your wits about you at the close of the year.

Hard work is only one wing of the bird of success. Luck is the other. Jupiter, the planet of luck moves in your ninth house on December 2 and on the 15th makes trine aspect to Uranus highlighting the fact that the previous hard work of 2019 will indeed pay off. Perhaps not until the later part of the year but your business and financial connections will also involve some sort of travel as the ninth house relates to long journeys.



Your luck is inhibited throughout 2019 as it has been for some time due to the impact of Saturn, the constrictor, transiting your ninth house of good fortune. Although this at first seems like a complete obstruction to success and good karma in the coming 12 months, that’s not necessarily so.

The tests of Saturn, if worked with, bring enduring and excellent results.

The sources for some of these wonderful breakthroughs can be the eclipses.

The first one is the solar eclipse taking place in your ninth house of good fortune on January 6. This activates tremendous powers. If you are spiritually inclined you can utilise these forces of nature to give you an insight into what it is you should be doing.

Work along the line of least resistance to bring your good karma into focus.

The second one is a lunar eclipse which takes place on July 16. These two dates could very well show turning points in your life and the realignment of your hard work with good karma.

Mars is also one of your spiritual planets and its transit through specific parts of your horoscope also offers a clear insight into when you are likely to make your greatest progress. Creativity is linked to spiritual insight and so on August 18 when Mars enters your fifth house of creativity and self-expression, you may feel an upsurge of deep spiritual energy and conscious vitality.

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Astrologer’s Advice:

It’s an opportunity for you to work through whatever has been holding you back emotionally.

If you are investing a lot of mental energy, attempting to solve internal emotional and spiritual issues, you’re never going to make much progress by banging your head against the wall.

The good news is that Jupiter expands your understanding of things and so this year, we see its impact on your eighth house results in some important internal breakthroughs for you.


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