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Libra 2022 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Libra 2021 Yearly Horoscope

The recent entry of Jupiter and Saturn into your fifth house of romance, creativity and love affairs is a big start to 2021. Whatever obstruction you felt in your creative output will now be lessened by the influence of Jupiter you’re starting to feel a greater creative output as the year commences. There’s also a marked influence on your romantic affairs, it could be that both your creative pursuits and romantic activities are somehow linked.

LIBRAThroughout the coming year you continue to be idealistic, with intuitive Neptune still, strongly tenanting your sixth house of workplace activities there may be some problems as Venus makes a right angle to Neptune in the first week or so of the year. You mustn’t exaggerate your perception of people; you are likely to see more redeeming features in someone’s personality than others. This means you are being realistic.

If you are going to get on top of your work needs in 2021, you must look more deeply into the personality types of the people you work with and serve. Employees must also be watched carefully. If you happen to be an employer. There may be some deception or at least inadvertent mistakes that can cost you dearly. This is not a time to be taking your eye off the ball.

Uranus is now transiting your eighth house. This sector of your horoscope is particularly important as it is the principal house of intimacy and shared resources. There is an element of the unexpected connected to this planetary placement. As the year starts, the moon hammers you with a square aspect.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2021You might be caught up in some sort of frenzy or overreaction to friendships this year. This is more pronounced in the first few days of the new year than reactive. This was also represented by Mars still moving through your seventh house of principle relationships.

This shows a forceful partner with whom you must not go negotiate. Mars also receives tough aspects from Saturn and Jupiter as it exits the seventh house shortly after the new year begins on the 7th of January, it starts it’s plus conjunction to Uranus. This can be explosive in the bedroom and excellent if you want to demonstrate your love in a primal fashion that sensual and sexual energy will be easily reciprocated while you are in this planetary phase.

When it comes to finances, however,  this can present some problems for you. There may be unexpected disputes that arise out of misunderstandings over cash, savings, loans and borrowings. You may be at loggerheads with your bank manager as the year starts to unfold. That’s why you should face any financial issues head-on from day one. You don’t want this situation to snowball.

The solar and lunar eclipses are very important milestones throughout the year. And this year, there are a few that will impact your life dramatically. In order, they are the lunar eclipse of May 26 take place in your third house.

This third house is primarily concerned with communications contracts and documentation. That’s why the earlier Mars and Uranus conjunction must be dealt with quickly and decisively. You don’t want to have contractual problems as these eclipses unfold.

The second eclipse is a solar one on June 10 taking place in your ninth house in the sign of Gemini. You may be in two minds over some legal or educational matters. This sector also has to do with your higher mind and spirituality. With your karmic North node firmly entrenched in this area of your horoscope, you realize that you have come to a juncture in your LAF Karma on your path where you have a deeper desire to understand the meaning of things. On the 19th of November, a lunar eclipse is going to bring your career aspirations to ahead.

June is a particularly important year, mainly because Saturn makes its third square aspect to Uranus. This means your traditional values will be challenged by more progressive approaches to the problems you are confronted with. It also means adjusting your perspective on many of life’s important matters, especially those of a financial nature.

In the same month, on the 21st of June, Jupiter moves retrograde with Neptune also moving retrograde. These planets like to spirituality but more importantly, being placed in your sixth house of work reflect the complete re-evaluation of your work ethics. There will be more on that later in your career and finance segment.

The retrograde transit of Jupiter from your sixth house back to the fifth house speaks volumes about your exuberance and overconfidence. You must be careful not to run roughshod over any paperwork or assessment of people. This is a speculative placement and could also reflect losses and debts which accrue as a result of carelessness. On the 20th of August, Uranus moves into its retrograde motion in the sign of Taurus.

This has ramifications for your business partnerships. It has already been mentioned that Mars and Uranus in this area in the earlier part of the year may have played havoc on both your finances and your intimate relationships. The retro retrogression of a planet calls for a deep reassessment of many aspects of life. Later in October, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter on the 7th, 11th and 18th respectively, move into their direct motion you will feel a huge forward surge of energy many of the obstructions of your life will make way for smooth sailing after this juncture.

Neptune makes it forward motion on December 1 and this, in particular, bodes well for any health concerns you may have had on the 29th of December, Jupiter again enters the sixth house, bringing more confidence in your approach to work. This follows closely on the heels of the solar eclipse on December 4 in your third house of contract and short journeys.

Love and Romance for Libra in 2021


What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

It’s no understatement to say that this year will be one of the most important for your romantic life. The reason for this is the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in your fifth house of love, affairs and creativity. These two forces are opposite. Nevertheless, the astrological dictum is that when these two outer planets connect, in any area of your horoscope, there is a good reason to believe that something important will develop for you romantically.

These two planets indicate you want to break free of your traditional approach to love and romance. But that may be difficult because Saturn is such a conservative planet by nature. Jupiter is likely to create an exaggerated need for love, romance, and more fun. If in the previous 12 months, you’d felt as if your wings had been clipped. You feel the urge to break free and do things you’ve never done before.

Saturn and Uranus are your principal planets of romance with miles being the ruler of your seventh house of long term committed relationships and marriage. The Sun is the dominant factor regulating your social activities and friendships. Looking at these three or four planets will give you a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen to you in the coming 12 months.

As far as your friendships are concerned, the 11th house dominates those affairs. There are four very important transit dates including the 11th of June when Mars the ruler of your marital affairs makes its way into this area. This indicates a strengthening of the bonds of love between you and your chosen soulmate.

If you are single, this could be an important transit in that you meet someone who perfectly fits the bill of a soulmate. You’ll be more active in your friendships and may even join new clubs and affiliates to explore your newfound desire for freedom. Venus, the planet of love also heads into the 11th house on June 27, with the Sun and Mercury following in July on the 23rd and 28th respectively. These dates punctuate the year, with activities firmly centred on expanding your circle of influence, romantically and socially.

As mentioned earlier, the fifth house is particularly important for your romantic life on the 8th of January, Mercury the fast-moving in a planet transits through this area of your horoscope. It’s a communicative planet, and so you’ll be making sure that you connect with people of like mind the Sun on the 20th of January, and Venus later on February 2 also join Mercury to stimulate your appetite for fun and romance.

There are collaborative aspects also shown in January with Mercury training the North node but Neptune squaring it. You may want to make new inroads, romantically but may feel a little confused about how to go about that. You might have your eyes set on someone who hasn’t yet made contact with you. Should you or Shouldn’t you be the first to take a step?

The third house of your horoscope is primary for love and romance in the seventh house. The Sun activates your most personal relationships on March 28. And Venus follows suit after March 22. This is one of the peak periods of the year when your love and romance will lift your spirits. There’ll be a lot of talk about love or at least communication via email and the written word.

When Mercury makes its way into the seventh house in April 4, you must be careful not to let disputes dominate your love life in the first week of the year. Hurtful words even though only likely in the first few days of 2021 can carry over and sour an otherwise great relationship. Choose your words carefully. Mars rules your second task, which in some systems of astrology relates to speech and family.

There may be problems associated with these areas of your life during this harsh transit of Mars in the seventh house, and then in the eighth house up until March 4 with the transit of Mars, in the ninth house. on that date, all sorts of adventurous feelings will arise. You could travel with the one you love, or at least with a close friend to distant places. As the ninth house relates to the spiritual matters, there may be a connection between your love life and expanding your awareness and understanding of things with that person.

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Career and Finance for Libra in 2021


Your finances are ruled by Mars, and the Sun your career is dominated by the moon. Because of that, it will be important to check the lunar eclipses throughout 2021 to see exactly how they will play out for you professionally. Let’s start with those eclipses and then move on to the transits of the Sun and Mars.

Most importantly, the lunar eclipse occurs in your third house on May 26. It’s extremely important to pay attention to the effect your words have on other people this year. The third house has to do with your thinking and all manner of communication. Communication must be concise and unambiguous. With the eclipse occurring in this all-important sector, there may be misunderstandings due to the lack of clarity in your conversations.

It’s far better to document everything that is said this year. Even if you feel as if some of your words are the words that others are inconsequential, it’s probably better to document everything in writing through emails or other forms of written correspondence.

You need a record of everything that’s said this year, in case you need to go back over old ground and qualify or verify what’s being said. This is not always necessary because of any sort of deceit, or underhandedness but simply because people forget things. Contracts also fall under the jurisdiction of the third house. You must maintain a key focus and keen eye for detail on the fine print of any contracts and documentation.

Because the solar eclipse of June 10 is in your ninth house, it may mean seeking the advice of legal or financial advisors. The ninth house is the house of legal matters, yes, but also covers such things as education and forays into new topics. Even if you don’t choose to take on a formal course of study, you may decide to deepen and broaden your understanding of the work that you do. The eclipses can be disturbing at times, but you need to be one step ahead to make sure that you have all bases covered.

On November 20, there is a powerful lunar eclipse in your eighth house of shared resources. These shared resources in practical matters related to borrowings especially bank loans, retirement savings, and in some cases, wills and inheritances. You may choose to document what you wish to bequeath your children or other people during this cycle.

The final Eclipse is also important because it again takes place in that critical third house of communication. If you didn’t get it right during the earlier lunar eclipse, the planets again make sure that you learn the lesson by the end of 2021. Speculation is also something one should look out for. Mercury. The Sun and Venus tempt you to speculate on the 8th and 20th of January respectively with Venus, softening your impulse but still causing you to take a gamble after February 2.

Key dates which indicate an elevation of your career will centre around transits of your key finance planets in the 10th house on the 23rd of April, Mars with directional strength, kicks all obstacles out of the way and gives you power and glory. You may have to be more aggressive in the way you approach. Your meetings and employers don’t take anything lying with them. Don’t roll over and accept the status quo. It’s a time to fight for what you want in your professional arena on the 23rd of July with the Sun also making a transit.

On the 21st of June when the Sun makes its transit to your 10th house, this is the most likely time for advancement in your profession. It’s quite likely you will receive notification of an opportunity for promotion or for that matter, a completely new job if you are ready to move on.

On the 12th of July, Mercury, the communications planet, which also relates to documentation and important meetings, transits your 10th house only all of these dates indicate prime opportunities which you should jump back to achieving your desired ends financially, as shown when your favourable planets transiting the 11th house. on June 11, Mars, and then on the 23rd of July, the Sun transit the 11th house of profits. This sector of your horoscope is particularly important if you are an independent business owner. The 11th house has more to say about your profit margins than income derived directly from your self-exertion.

That second pass is transmitted by Venus on the 11th of September. The Sun on 23rd of October, Mars on the 31st of October and Mercury on the 6th of November. Make a note of these dates as they are also important significators of when you are likely to see Increase in your income and better opportunities generally, in your professional arena.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Libra in 2021

The transit of the North node or karmic point through your horoscope is very significant. In your case, Libra it is transiting the ninth house, which is the zodiac sign of Gemini. Consequently, this focuses a lot of your attention on your past actions.

There is a mutual aspect between this North node and Jupiter. Jupiter is in the fifth house of your horoscope along with the other karmic planet Saturn. This mutual aspect shows that this year, you are keen to gain a deeper understanding of how your actions, your thoughts and words are impacting upon your destiny. The North node like Saturn and Jupiter is a slow-moving body. In fact, takes 18 years to transit through the Zodiac back to this position. If you look back 18 years, you will see similar trends that were taking place in your life.

The North node is infused with desire, which is the fuel for future karma. If your desires are noble, positive and uplifting, the results in future will be good. On the contrary, if your intention is not good, this planet will punish you. And the fruits of your karma will be anything but satisfactory. This transit brings your attention to learning higher education, long journeys, and also the seeking out of mentors and teachers who can assist you in your karmic journey.

If you haven’t achieved everything you wish to achieve, this planet will stimulate your desire to do so as Jupiter and Saturn transiting your fifth house, the single easiest way for you throughout the coming year of 2021. To do that is through creative processes. Jupiter expands your understanding through the house that it transits being the fifth house of self-expression. You must find some novel ways to creatively show how you feel and to find satisfaction through those activities. This is the fast track to really, really good Karma.

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