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Aquarius 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance and Friendship

2006 looks set to be a very challenging the year for you Aquarius. In fact a better word would be transformative! Friendships for some time now have become increasingly important in terms of your progress and what you are seeking in a social sense. Gone are the days when you were satisfied with mediocrity as Pluto currently causes you to settle for nothing less than mutually beneficial friendships. You will select people who are energetic, stimulate you and are in turn prepared reciprocally to work with your new and dynamic pace of life as well.

As the year commences Mercury also joins the picture and promises a revolutionary type of communication which you desire at present. You’ll have no time for superficiality or meaningless discussion but are very committed to seeing that your social life enriches your mental and spiritual horizons in ways it has not done before. Your popularity is at an all time high because you have struck a chord with like-minded people who recognize just how serious you are about commitment at this time of your life.

With Jupiter now activating your sphere of work and professional interaction, this is an excellent time to make friends with important people, even employers who would have previously acted in an aloof manner. You will notice of their greater degree of respect for you and you will even become a little embarrassed when invited into the inner sanctum of those whom you consider unapproachable. You must not be afraid to lift your ball game to a level which is in keeping with your ever improving character.




Mars will give you the strength to exude an even greater air of confidence during this cycle of your life. Because of this you will be feeling more self-assured but it may not be until the latter part of February or March that you believe in yourself enough to accept that you are indeed deserving of this sort of special treatment. Your personal power will be much stronger during these months and you can take advantage of this as people will naturally find you magnetic and very charming.

If you are currently in a relationship, these ever expanding social circles and preoccupation with forging new bonds in your workplace may cause some problems for you. For the last few months of 2005 Saturn has put the brakes on your relationships and your most intimate friendships and you will now be going through a period of reappraisal. You will have reached a point where some of the gloss has worn off and this will leave you confronted with the stark reality of love and commitment. You mustn’t allow your own social popularity to create a wedge between you and those you love most. It will be easy to avoid confronting those hard questions which may be highlighted in the early part of 2006. The longer you do so the more difficult it will be to reconcile these differences.

It’s essential for you and your partner to work through some of the hidden factors of your romance and to do so before the middle of the year. Saturn and Neptune will enter into a critical phase after July and if you have been honest enough with each other this will actually help you break through the problems and eventually clarify the direction you wish to travel together. On the other hand, if you choose to disregard the signals that are being given to you, this period could cause a significant rift in which you may have to reconsider your personal life path. The fork in the road of your life may be reached in August when the Sun joins Saturn. Important decisions will be thrust upon you at that point. Venus offers you vibrations after April when you become far more assured of what you want in your love life.

Your domestic life can shine between April and June and it is at this time that family may occupy a larger part of your awareness. Take the time to reconnect with relatives, siblings and even your mother and father as this will be an emotional reinforcement just at a time when you need it. This will help you to re-establish your true values and to look at what is significant in terms of your romantic life. Family unions and values and simply enjoying the comfort of your home or the support of those you love will remind you of what you truly long for within yourself.

With Venus occupying your Sun sign as the year commences, you charisma and ability to attract new people into your life will be stronger than usual. You will physically look attractive and take extra time to groom yourself with even better responses than you could imagine. Some Aquarians may even decide to have cosmetic surgery as a way of enhancing their looks and if you feel uncomfortable with certain features of your physical looks, this will be time for change and a significant maker over. You also have a taste for making new friends and developing your social skills and will find yourself signing up for a new hobby, course of study or an activity which will serve to fulfil your growing need to discover bright, new friendships.

Profession and Finances

If ever you are going to apply the principle of ‘think big’, it would have to be in 2006. Jupiter now moves through your most important sector and will give you tremendous gratification in your work and with great ease at that. You feel lucky and privileged to do the work that you currently do and can pretty much achieve a tremendous amount with very little effort on your part. Gaining the support of your peers and employers will be relatively easy under these very lucky influences. It is the year when recognition for your wonderful efforts will be repaid with both promotions and financial remuneration as well. Having the additional boost of energy from ours as the year begins is also a testimony to the great vigour with which you will approach your professional life in the coming twelve months.

With the accolades showering upon you it is no wonder that your financial luck is at an all-time high as well. The electric and for you, fortunate Uranus, is now slowly edging its way through your financial sector. This planet is your ruler and now focuses all of your attention on the material benefits which you can produce through hard work and good luck combined. You are more likely to be emotional about money but have never felt more convinced that an increasing sense of financial security is of primary importance at this juncture in your life. When the Sun and is the same area as Uranus in late February and March, dynamic developments can be expected financially. A financial offer almost too good to be true may fall into your lap. Apart from any excitement associated with an increased income or bank balance, comes the added assurance that this is simply a reflection of your own personal success to date.

You have spent considerable time thinking about what money means to you and have to cleverly and creatively increase your ability to become wealthy or at least comfortable. The added value of Pluto in your profit sector means that you have a relentless drive to not only perfect your work but to be paid well for the services you render. If for some reason you have felt duped and not been paid what you feel you deserve, you will be fighting tooth and nail to remedy this situation. Nothing will stop you achieving what you believe is appropriate and just. Others could be writing your back and taking advantage of your creative power and physical drive and you must be alert to those who would take the easy way out by cutting corners and resting upon your successes.




Strong work and financial benefits come to you in March, July, September, November and December. You have the opportunity to increase your financial benefits and can expect your efforts to pay off during these months. Care should be exercised in July when the sun triggers your health concerns. Excessively long hours and intense mental concentration make tire you and even cause you to become a rundown. Making allowances for appropriate rest should be affected at this time. In the same month, disputes and even a possible major fallout may make it hard for you to work consistently or comfortably.This is due to the problematic combination of Mars, Sun and Saturn in the arena of relationships. This will also have an adverse influence on your general associations with the public and if you do work which requires your contact with the world at large, you may find this time of the year mental a very draining.

After the middle of the year your success may indeed continue to grow but so too will your sense of responsibility. You’ll be less superficial and will be looking into the nitty gritty of paperwork and also the statements of others. You’re not as likely to take what others say at face value and could even feel mistrustful of the very people who had earlier rallied to your cause.

In August and September your personal ethics or the moral code of those you engage in business with will come under the microscope ( or the hammer !). Being honest in your dealings may be harder than usual as others employ their own brand of hard nosed tactics to persuade you against your will. Financial grievances and outstanding debts could get the better of you and cause partnership rifts or even legal squabbles. Your contractual arrangement with others should be monitored and rectified well before this time if you are to safely avoid these time consuming confrontations. Though most of the year is geared to offering you a positive financial bank balance, there is a real danger of losses and spending money in futile pursuits or vain discussions. This could well be a clash of egos and your humility will be sorely tested, being the edifice upon which a successful resolution will rest.

An encouraging cycle begins after October when the planets bring you a moral victory or you simply choose to turn away from time wasting activities. New studies and systems of improving your work will be appealing. So too will your measured interaction with others help conserve time and energy for more important and pressing issues. The real peak of your professional year occurs in November when the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury all party in your professional sphere.

This is a stellar month and should again give you such success that could well border on dizzying. You will also be confronted with several choices as your success may be transmitting your name to areas outside your immediate circle. It would not be unlikely for you to receive offers of work from rival companies and other businesses within your industry to secure your services. You can use this to your advantage if you choose to stay in the work you are doing and will again be in a perfect position to demand an increase in salary.

As the year rounds off, profits will be higher and friendships will again afford you a state of self-satisfaction. You’ll gain a tremendous sense of contentment in 2006 and this will be seen to be one of, if not the most successful year for a long time for Aquarius.

Karma and Luck

Venus is your primary luck planet and offers you immense opportunities personally and romantically during 2006 but not so much in the early part. Being associated with the planet Neptune indicates a need for understanding the cause and affect of your romantic life in particular. But this also has a lot to do with who you are and how you appear to others. By neglecting personal grooming, fashion and other aspects of social etiquette you may undermine your own good luck and fortune. Being aware of your impact on others and how you appear to them will be one of the more important lessons you will learn this year. By doing so is your social life and other personal relationships can flourish under the influence of your friendly planets.

Venus also signifies your home life, property, vehicles and investments which have a more solid and tangible basis. Fortunate influences can be experienced in this arena review or life and bring good financial benefits to you particularly in March, May, August and December. Fulfilment and financial success is likely in these areas during 2006. Whatever efforts you put into your home life and investments of this nature will be karmically very lucky. To receive the support of other relatives however you need to exercise a gentler approach even if you feel that your course of action will be profitable. Explaining yourself and giving family members clear reasons for your decisions will result in far greater support for your causes.

You could hardly wish for a better placement of Jupiter than in your sector of profession, self-esteem and popularity. This one factor can override many other difficulties and create lucky circumstances resulting in increased opportunities. New friends will emerge in your work arena and will be instrumental in helping you to achieve your ambitions. Introductions and other lucky meetings through mutual friends will accelerate this development and will even result in some astonishing job offers and additional income without too much effort on your part. The peak of your professional activities and success occurs in November when the sun gloriously shines on your vocational aspirations. Other months pin which your work and money offer you gain full advantage of March, July, and December. Your influence on others will be quite notable and your negotiation skills the stronger than usual which will again bring you gain with very little pain.




Whatever actions you have performed in your past will now be returning to you and magnified considerably. This is the consequence of your karma and throughout this year is set to bring you extraordinarily positive results. It seems as if you have done something right as the planets now are in a favourable position to hand you wealth, love and other desirable things on a silver plate. How you are dealing with the present however, well yet again have a very significant influence on events to come. You will seek out information and even unique people who will help you understand this facet of your life. This is an eighteen month cycle and may cause you to investigate your past belief systems and to see whether at this stage of your life they are indeed working for you or not. Some people choose to experiment with a new philosophy or religion to see whether that is more appropriate for this stage of growth. But this doesn’t necessarily mean throwing out anything, rather exploring and refining your understanding of life. In October when the sun passes through this period of your horoscope you will find an almost irresistible urge to renew yourself from the inside out and could even travel to meet with like-minded people for the purpose of fulfilling this spiritual yearning. You’ll also take interest in alternative therapies and meditation techniques. Aromatherapy, Reiki, yoga, herbalism and naturopathy will hold a greater fascination for you and may even enticing into beginning up study course or even part time work in this arena.

Mercury is the quick-moving planet but also quite fortunate for Aquarius and can highlight lucky times throughout the year for you. In February your personal communications will attract considerable luck and negotiations will proceed in a confident manner. Lucky times for gambling and games of chance are in April, May and June. Don’t forget to purchase pill lucky lotto tickets or lottery at this time as this is a lucky period of the year.

The spirit of self-expansion and inner knowledge is strong and you are ready for success on a material and spiritual level. 2006 is certainly a time of your life when you can achieve all that your heart desires and more. Your fortune is currently linked to this spirit of personal awareness and professional expansion. With such promising planetary activity for Aquarius over the coming twelve months it seems very likely that 2006 will be a very lucky year for your destiny.