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Aquarius 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

2007 looks like a time of immense change for Aquarius. This is a period of your life when your popularity will grow to an all-time high. Jupiter is activating your friendships and social life to an even greater extent than usual, but this will be a two-edged sword. Why?

Although it’s an excellent time to come out of your shell and develop your social skills, you’ll also start to feel a need to work on your inner self. This will be a tug-of-war: your heart will want to socialise, and your head will be telling you to pull back.

The fact that your aura is much brighter and more attractive in 2007 makes any decision to spend time alone all that much harder. You will sometimes give in, and accept invitations to go out and be with others when you’d really prefer to be all by yourself.

As the year begins, your most significant relationships are going to demand a lot of attention. Make sure you organise some peaceful time for yourself as well, so that you can quietly work through which areas you want to improve on without any pressure.

The only way you’re going to get good results is by spending time away from people whose opinions will be tossing you about, making you feel uncomfortable. This is a year where your decisions have to come from the heart; don’t make your decisions according to what others expect you to say or do.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, the position of Saturn shows that you’re learning important lessons. This year could be the cooling-off period; the passion may be subsiding.

What’s required of you now is an even greater commitment to love. If you’re feeling that your partner isn’t giving you the love or attention you need, you could feel tempted to pull back as well. This leads only to unhappiness. Take the initiative, put in some extra work, and lift your relationship to a level that fulfils both of you.

In January and February, your friends may be making their demands in a far blunter way than usual. Luckily, Jupiter, the jovial planet, will help you smooth over these difficult moments.  



Don’t be afraid of challenges: they are the way to improve your relationships early in the year. If you focus on differences, you’ll only be creating more difficult patterns for your romance. Look instead at the similarities and common interests that will draw you closer to others.

In February your self-esteem will bounce back to high. This is just what you need to get your relationships back on track. You’ll be taking on more responsibility in your role as a support for your partners and friends this month.

If you’re becoming too idealistic, you might feel that your love life is falling way below the standard you’re setting. Be realistic: this is a passing phase.

Use your charm to lift those around you rather than falling into a ditch with them.

If you make sure you don’t let domestic issues dominate you, you can have an exciting time in the early to middle part of February. There are genuine opportunities to improve your relationship now. If you’re not hitched, you may meet people who will sweep you off your feet. There could be unexpected changes, like a bolt out of the blue, but they are positive. Use your independent Aquarian nature to further your romances and get the most out of meetings and social engagements.

You will have opportunities to meet older people in April and May, and your love life will take a more serious turn. This could make life difficult, but it won’t

if you use humour to bring problems that look like mountains back down to their correct molehill size.

Spending some time at home will help with this. Once you create a comfortable haven for yourself in your domestic area, you’ll be able to bypass any emotional storms in your intimate relationships.

In the latter part of April and for the rest of May, the movement of Venus through your zone of love affairs improves your prospects for happiness. This is a time of wild love affairs. Be on guard, and try not to be impulsively passionate.

You will meet several people, and your initial impression of them could cause you to do things you’ll later regret. If you exercise restraint, you won’t rush headlong into passionate affairs which will lead you nowhere.

This is not to say that you won’t meet people who will give you satisfying emotional input, even though the initial attraction is likely to be physical. Mars and Venus, the passionate duo, are in sexual, fiery aspect, and they are notorious for wild flings and affairs.

Investigate the background of the people you meet and avoid workplace relationships: these are people you will be stuck with long after the passion dies. In June and July, Venus enters the zone of marriage. The Moon and Jupiter are also in a perfect combination in the area of friendships. This could be time to fulfil your dreams of a long-term relationship. If you’re asked about your interest in marriage, it’s likely the person asking is someone who has good intentions and your best interests at heart.

The combination of Venus and Saturn in the early part of July points to your emotions being serious and conservative.

Mars dominates the celestial landscape in July and powerfully influences your domestic affairs. Women in particular will have problems that are hard to identify. This will distract you from the social and romantic activities that also seem to be highlighted throughout this month

You’ll have to do some clever juggling if you want to bring these areas of your life under control. Try to get yourself into a position where you can give everyone in your life enough time; this is the best way to counter people’s feelings that you have divided loyalties.

Keep an eye (or an ear!) on your mouth. It will get the better of you if you don’t. You will want to call a spade a shovel, but your honesty could well offend those you love. This is the exact opposite of the effect you wanted. Sometimes, when you try to help someone, it backfires.

In August, Venus enters into a retrograde motion, moving to and fro in the zone of long-term relationships and sexuality. This gives you another chance to show the deeper side of your feelings in your relationship; this will improve things. It also means you’ll have to confront some issues from your past if you want to make headway in your love life. Sex, money and shared resources will also come into a sharp focus this month.

You’ll be very popular, because the Sun is moving in your very public sector. You will be inundated with opportunities to expand your romantic horizons. You’ll also be working on resolving domestic and past relationship issues.

If you’ve had a relationship that has ended, you could still be dealing with the emotional hurt from it. You could get an unexpected opportunity to set the record straight with that person: they might pop up unexpectedly in your social life. You will feel embarrassed, nervous, unable to deal with these unresolved feelings, but it’s a chance to at least try.

September is a good month for celebrating: change your wardrobe and your personal look, and take a punt on being different. It will be interesting to see the reactions of others. Be careful what you wish for, though, because you may attract someone who’s too hot to handle.

Your love affairs and travel will coincide in October and November, when the Sun transits your sector of journeys. Step outside your routine and do some socialising in a far-off place. You’ll be dazzled by a stranger: one of you will be travelling. This person will captivate your heart and trigger greater interest in all things foreign. Your philosophical views will change too.

Communication is a focus in the last two months of the year: you’ll be interested in improving your skills. You will take up new studies or meet someone through an educational activity. This is an excellent note on which to finish the year.

In the early part of October Saturn makes a significant move to your zone of sexuality, and during October, November and December, a whole new cycle could start. This will transform your relationships. This is an exciting new phase in which your relationships will give you immense joy and help you grow.

Profession and Finances

The strength of Mars at the start of 2007 will fire you up to make money. You’ll be confident about going for your dreams this year, and nothing will stop you. There’s a strong focus on expanding your profit base and earning extra income.

But a word of caution: don’t push yourself too hard. If you do, you might undo a lot of the headway that you’ve made. Listen to your body’s signals, and if you need rest, take the time to recharge your batteries.

The new Moon on the 19th January is a cautionary omen to not spend too much. You’ll be feeling cocky with finances and become lax in your monetary habits. In February, your lucky planet, Venus, gives you the chance to earn money from unexpected quarters and to really enjoy the work you’re doing. You’ll also find new ways to save money.

The overriding factor for you throughout the year is the presence of Jupiter in your profit sector. This lucky cycle means that regardless of the occasional difficulty with money, you will be protected from any major losses.

Your professional activities enter an interesting phase this year and connect you with new groups of people.

In the latter part of March, make sure your ambition doesn’t put you offside with the people you work with. Mars will move into a hard relationship with Saturn, and this will create opposition from colleagues. If you get into competitive situations, some of your allies could be noticeably absent. Think before you speak, and if you have to state your case, do so in a quiet and unassuming way.  



Your finances, in particular your bank savings, are a strong focus throughout April, because the Moon will trigger your need for security and long-term planning. You could find some errors in the calculations of your superannuation, tax or savings accounts, so set aside some time to sort out these problems. These planetary cycles are a headache, but they don’t indicate any substantial loss.

Your competitive instincts are good in May, and the Sun will also be casting its glance on your work affairs. Mars brings you an extra dose of energy to work hard and achieve your financial goals.

You’ll feel a slight lack of confidence at the start of this six-month cycle; just work through it.

You’ll need to rise to the occasion if your name is suggested for a coveted role; do some behind the scenes work if someone else is also vying for the position. If you put your best foot forward, you will have a good chance at a promotion or increase in pay.

Lucky investments will increase your cash flow throughout May and June. Just make sure you take enough time to study this side of your financial portfolio. If you have property, now is the time to learn how you can use your equity in that property to make more money.

Big debts in June might leave you feeling a little flat. Karma is the principle that what you do comes back to either bless or haunt you. It’s a reminder that you’ve got no one else to blame for being in the red. You can claw your way back into a stronger financial position by tightening your belt.

Throughout July and August, keep an eye open for opportunities to start a new business partnership. If you’re self-employed, or someone who likes to take the lead, this is a time when others will come forward to support your commercial ideas. You will attract cash and other forms of investment to help get your business idea up and running.

Money which has been inaccessible to you is finally available in September. For younger Aquarians, it could be trust accounts, wills and legacies, or other investments held on your behalf, that will finally be yours. The good news is that this will inject considerable cash into your life.

In October, you should probably get legal advice on how best to handle your financial affairs so that your little nest egg gets bigger over time. The last thing you want to do is spend it frivolously and end up without any security in future.

Securing a job will be easier in early November, when the Sun transits the highest part of your horoscope. The fortunate planets, including the Sun, play an important role in fulfilling your dreams for a promotion: this will bring you a substantial increase in income by December.

In December, with Venus moving through an important part of your horoscope, your charming ways will win the hearts of people you hope will help you professionally. Whether you decide to stay or leave your current employment, the presence of Venus in this area in the closing weeks of 2007 ensures a greater deal of contentment for you.

Whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing it, because it definitely leads to a great deal of success and respect from others for a job well done.

Karma and Luck

Your karma and luck are connected to your social life throughout 2007. Your existing relationships will be strengthened and new ones will be made.

You’ll have tons of great new ideas throughout the year, because spiritual Neptune is very closely aligned to you now. Your creative and spiritual insights give you wonderful opportunities to help others. By sharing your resources in a selfless way, you’ll attract people into your life who are prepared to help you in return.

Your financial resources are strong at the start of the year; this is part of the reason you’re prepared to help others.  



Your luck planet is Venus, and if you observe its movement you can gain an insight into the best periods of the year. You may be lucky in love in May and July.

These are the periods when you’ll feel happiest, because of your past good deeds. It seems your actions are now returning to give you real inner satisfaction.

After August your lucky planets bring you unexpected windfalls and financial gifts. You may have an inkling that something good is going to happen, but you’ll still be pleasantly surprised. You deserve it! Don’t be too astonished. Remember, karma does say that we don’t earn or gain anything without having done something in the past to merit it.

The more deserving you are, the more likely you are to continue attracting positive influences into your life. Keep focused on your friendships throughout the year; this will be the area where you will be offered the greatest growth and the most opportunities.

Working with the social club at work or taking on a greater responsibility for your social group will inspire you and add a new dimension to your career. Within your peer group or at work, your position will be improved as others look to you for guidance. This will give you more authority than you would normally have.