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Aquarius 2016 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

Mars moves your 10th house of career and professional activities on January 4 so this should be an extraordinarily active time in your work and also a cycle which provides you plenty of opportunities to improve your professional situation. You guaranteed of a lot of opportunities this year particularly because of the initial conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in your 8th house signifying money that you have to share with others. This can go either of two ways-problems with business partners and those your shared money with or an upswing in this area of your life.

Saturn will continue to move through your 11th house of friendships which means this is where some of your biggest lessons will come from throughout 2016. There’s a Venus Square Neptune transit on January 6. Don’t be too enamored by those you meet especially when it comes to socializing, friendship and love. This combination of Venus and Neptune is prone to both deceit by others and self-deceit as well.

With Neptune in your 2nd house of finances better managing your finances is imperative in January given that Jupiter also goes retrograde on the 8th. The problem with this slow transit is that it can create deception-that of others to you but most importantly self-deception. You may think you have a better bank balance or financial position than you really do and it’s up to you to realistically assess this especially in the early part of the year. That also occurs in a pivotal financial house of your horoscope-the 8th house which indicates banking, finance and money that is loaned or borrowed. Dealing with your bank manager may be on the cards at this time.

Monetary matters may also take on a karmic flavour as the South node and North node which relate to important karmic developments happen to be transiting your 2nd and 8th houses-both key financial sectors of your horoscope. If you’ve been honest and doing business, dealing with people, with integrity then you should see positive results from these transits.

Expect increased profitability when Mars moves your 11th house on 6 March bringing with it an additional thrust of energy socially speaking as well. This should bring benefits from work, finance and friends. The square of Jupiter to Saturn however leading up to 23 March could be dicey aspect to deal with and warns against mixing your business with pleasure. Your energy and drive for friendships could do an about-face around April 17 when Mars goes retrograde on this continues up until June 30. You may have some misgivings about relationships and there could even be some disruptions to your normal social circle with arguments, misunderstandings and perhaps even all-out war if you aren’t careful.

In terms of your lifelong goals and expectations the Square aspect from Saturn to Neptune on June 18, which is a longer term effect, could dampen your enthusiasm for what you’re doing generally in life. You could start to question your spiritual and material ideals and this is good because you will make the necessary adjustments at this time to get your life back on track. This aspect repeats again on September 10.

You need to watch your step both figuratively and literally as Mars moves to the conjunction of Saturn around August 24. This reiterates the earlier advice about friends but can also have a negative impact on you physically. Overexertion, injury and accident under this transit, are likely especially because Saturn is co-ruling your Sun sign of Aquarius.

The most significant transit is that of Jupiter which for the 1st time in 12 years moves to your 9th house of good fortune, past karma, higher education, travels and legal matters. As a first rate benefic you can expect this next 12 months to pick up with your past actions starting to give good results even if for some period of time you felt obstructed by others or challenged by life generally. You may take up a new course of study or travel to expand your mental horizons. You must however be careful course Mars squares Jupiter leading up to October 6 and this could indicate, along with its conjunction of Pluto on the 19th and the Square aspect to Uranus on October 29, an overinflated sense of self and an unrealistic idea that you are capable of doing more than you actually can. Try to measure your actions and have a practical plan in place. As with the earlier Mars conjunction of Saturn in August, the square of Mars to Uranus can also bring with it some mishaps. Reduce your speed, impulsiveness and road rage.

You have immense energy when Mars moves to your Sun sign on November 9 and this activate your physical prowess, sexual passion and adventurous nature. You can complete your tasks easily but others may not be able to accommodate your forceful nature during this cycle so you need to muster your most diplomatic skills in handling people.

Your big thinking will pay off in early December especially because Mars trines Jupiter on the 2nd. Any projects you had in mind can be attempted now with positive results. You are fearless and your courage will give you the momentum you need to achieve great successes. With Mars moving to your 2nd house finance on December 19 your attention will shift the monetary matters and along with the fact that Jupiter continues to influence your Sun sign for the coming 12 months luck should be on your side.

Romance, Social and Domestic

Jupiter continues to affect your sexual and intimate experiences while a transit your 8th house of sexuality up until September. You may be overemphasizing this part of your life is more important in your relationships than previous. You need to find balance between your emotional and sexual needs and this could also apply to your partner if you are in a committed relationship. For those Aquarians who are single the Moon, Jupiter, North node conjunction in your 8th house warns against unsavoury alliances.

Mercury, your romance planet adds a touch of love to your life when it transits your Sun sign on January 2. It does however prove to also be problematic is on the 5th it squares Mars which is in your 10th house of profession indicating likely conflict of interests between work and love. You can also expect some unforeseen twists and turns to your romantic affairs leading up to the 22nd as Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th, re-entering your 12th house of secrets on the 9th, squaring Uranus on the 21st and conjoining Pluto on the 22nd. Your nerves may be frayed and there are could be some intellectual power plays as part of the mix. These unpredictable events can continue into February and it probably won’t be until after the Mercury trine Jupiter on February 7 that things may get back on track for you. Some notable dates where your love life can spike include February 28 when Mercury is conjunct the Sun, April 15 with Mercury trine Jupiter on the 17th when it trines Pluto, again trining 13th with an excellent aspect for love affairs being formed in June 25 with Mercury trine Sun.

Venus and Saturn make an important conjunction in your 11th house of friendships on January 9 and this follows the Square of Venus to Neptune on the 6th all indicating confusion and are backing off from others because you may not be clear on where your relationships are heading. This conjunction of Venus and Saturn will play out several times throughout the year and could have you swinging like a pendulum between warm affection and icy cold distance. On March 26 Venus squares Saturn and on June 4 opposes Saturn, not making a major favourable aspect until July 20 when it moves to the trine. It’s at this time you may smooth things over in your relationships and when Venus moves to your 7th house of marriage on July 12 this can commence a really feel good cycle for you and your spouse or partner.

On the matter of family, the conjunction and square of Venus and Saturn may present some problems bringing with it a vague dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. You may not be comfortable living where you are all the people that you’re with may be cramping your style somewhat. That’s to be careful of this are March 26, June 4, August 14 and October 30. During these cycles Venus will be in a challenging aspect to Saturn which threatens your peace of mind and family harmony.

Being consistent in your communication is one of your key lessons in 2016 as Uranus slowly moves through your 3rd house of communication and agreements. There are a few dates which you need to be aware of especially in August and September and they include the very favourable Venus trine Uranus on August 1, the Sun trine Saturn on August 2 which brings with it a much more responsible attitude in your relationships. But the Venus square Mars aspect of August 7 could present some problems for you and your passion may be out of control as could be the way you thoughts, opinions and needs. You may also be at odds with friends as Mercury squares Saturn on August 6.

Venus once again transits to the earlier conjunction of Saturn on October 30 and this is also surrounded by its conjunction to Pluto in the 12th house leading up to November 25, bringing with it some rather complex emotional issues. Fortunately the transit of Jupiter to the 9th house will be very protective in all areas of your life and may help you win over others even if what you have to say is not exactly what they want to hear.

You could be wasteful in the latter part of the year using gifts as a means of buying peoples affection and attention. Are you sure this is going to actually help you to evaluate honesty how a person feels about you? Using money to win favours or affection is not exactly the best way to handle your relationships at this time.

There could be some rather exciting times for you towards the end of the year and in particular around November 30 when Venus squares Uranus. The trine to Jupiter on December 25 is also a lovely aspect ensuring a happy festive season with loved ones.

Profession and Finances

With the early transit of Mars to your 10th house of profession on January 4 expect an upswing in your professional activities. There will be no shortage of dynamic drive, ambition and physical resources to help you achieve your goals but do be careful as Mars moves into its retrogression around April probably putting the brakes on many of the plans that you have at that time. Nevertheless, the first quarter of 2016 should be buzzing with energy and excitement for all things professional.

Mercury has a great deal to say about how your finances will function throughout 2016 and in particular its transit through your 2nd house commencing on March 5 gives speedy turnover of income, clever ways it creating surplus cash and of course Mercury being a communicative planet, opportunities to negotiate a better deal for yourself a likely both at this time and also when Mercury transit your 3rd house after 22 March. The Mercury trine Mars, trine Saturn, trine Jupiter throughout March and April are all excellent aspect promising better cash flow. With the connection to Saturn, and there will be a few of them, not all of them good, you’ll take on a much more responsible attitude to your work. The opposition of Mercury to Saturn on June 21, could be a difficult one but that’s followed up on July 19 and 20th with a lovely trine aspects from Mercury and Venus to Saturn ensuring a better attitude on your part even if the going seems to be getting a little tougher.

A more favourable cycle commences for you generally with the transit of Jupiter to your 9th house of good fortune on September 9. Your hard work will start to pay off around this period but prior to that a couple of other notable transits and eclipses should be looked at.

The lunar eclipse of September 17, going just after the Jupiter transit to your 9th house is significant in that it happens in your house of finances and income. The Moon for you is the ruler of your 6th house of workplace activities, debts, health and enemies and the eclipse of this planet links your finances to these activities and areas of life. I haven’t carefully well thought out plan to manage finances if life throws a spanner in the works. Don’t spend all your money early in the year as you may need a buffer later.

You can’t beat the 7th house for public relations opportunities which are strongly indicated in July with Venus moving to this area on the 12th, Mercury on the 14th and the Sun on the 22nd. This is the time to schmooze with those who are going to help improve your business. Business partnerships flourish under these aspects as do the acquisition of new customers.

A longer term transit that is also affecting your work and profession is the extremely slow moving Pluto in your 12th house. As the primary ruler of your profession being in this low-key area, some of you may be opting to do work in a quiet area, maybe at home or away from too many people. You certainly do not want distractions interfering with your focused attitude in the coming 12 months. You may need to make this clear to those you work with as they may not understand your new attitude.

The Sun’s transit as the natural ruler of profession is important in defining milestones in your work over the coming year. During the transit of the Sun into your 6th house after June 21 with the trine to Neptune on July 3 and the conjunction of Mercury on July 7 there are some important developments in your workplace. You’ll be working through a whole new schedule to make your efforts more efficient. It’s at this time as well that you need to pay close attention to your health and how work may be adversely affecting you. That may also be attributed to the opposition of the Sun to Pluto on July 8 with the square to Uranus on July 16 which can make you rather intense, if not obsessive about your work with unexpected changes in your routine and a sense that you’re not completely in control.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in your 10th house is one of the highlights of the year when you can feel a distinct improvement in your professional status. You may achieve a new position, a promotion or some accolade at this time.

The Sun produces excellent results in your 11th house and its transit takes place to this area of your horoscope on November 22. Expect better profits, new connections that can help you in your work and also a sharing of information with people you trust. Some Aquarians making a valuable connection between friends and business can take place. November 13 just prior to this solar transit, Mercury also commences its transit in the same place. This ensures a great deal of communication about business and how to enhance your brand.

Your speculative instincts may not be all that on target when on December 3 Mercury moves to the 12th house of loss. Investigate and consult with others who may have a better handle on things. You may feel as if your intuition is correct but may wind up losing a lot of money by investing in get rich quick schemes that don’t return all that much. Think carefully about what you do at this time and remember, it’s better to focus on what you have expertise in rather than spreading yourself too thinly.

Karma and Luck

The exceptional transit of Jupiter to your 9th house on September 9 is something to look forward to in terms of your past good karma coming back, and probably with good interest as well. For you this means you must have done something right in the past few years is life in general can take off in a big way under this transit.

Apart from the material benefits that come from the fortune planet Jupiter transiting the fortunate 9th house, your spiritual insights and interests will be pronounced during this cycle. And this is the first time in 12 years that this particular transit comes around again which is why it is so important. One of the best ways to understand what could be in store for you over the next 12 months is to look carefully at what happened around 2004 to 2005. It was at that time that this specific transit was also taking place and so in a general way you can project what may happen this time around again.

Venus is your karmic planet and your future karma is ruled by Mercury. The contact of these 2 planets and especially with the 5th or the 9th house will yield incredibly good spiritual and karmic results. Excellent karma can therefore be predicted leading up to May 14 when Mercury conjunct Venus takes place in your 4th house of family, mother and domestic circumstances. You may find yourself extremely happy in the company of your family during this important karmic connection. Then again on July 17 when Mercury meets Venus in your 7th house of marriage and love, this area of your life may be karmically blessed. Marriage for those of you who are single is a distinct possibility. And then again the contact on August 29 of these 2 planets in your 8th house of shared resources brings with it the potential to win money, receive inheritances and gifts that are unexpected.

Neptune is also another important spiritual planet, ruling the sign of Pisces in the contact of the above planets with this one will also ensure some favourable opportunities. In your 2nd house on March 21 Venus is conjunct Neptune which can bring with it exciting financial opportunities but be careful because the same 2 planets move to a square on June 3. On June 27 and again on October 2 another trine. Financial matters could be anchored in idealism rather than cold hard practical facts and that could be unfortunate because if you were more pragmatic about the way you are conducting business, you’re likely to see more profits. Nevertheless there should be a good surplus of income and your creativity should be at the heart of these new gains.