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Aquarius 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

The proverbial J curve applies to Aquarius in 2017 inasmuch as learning is concerned. With Uranus in your third house of thinking and communication with Jupiter, the expensive benefic transiting your ninth house of tertiary education, philosophy, and higher mind, you continue on your path of expanding your information base, skill sets and perception of self and life generally. Having passed the square aspect of transformative Pluto in the recent past, some of these leaps of wisdom have come at some, maybe even great cost at times but always accompanied by great challenges. Remember though, that the job of Pluto is to renovate and eliminate those things in your life which are of no longer any use.

Apart from your own personal self-empowerment, your relationships will also be focused in the coming 12 months. On February 11 the lunar eclipse in your seventh house of marriage followed by a little lunar eclipse on August 8 in your Sun sign, both these eclipses strongly focus your attention on your relationships, the level of commitment and trust with the same applying to those you are involved with emotionally. Being an Aquarian your independence is of vital importance and that may be central to the issues you will be dealing with in relationships.

Your sense of self-determination may feel cramped if the demands of the responsibilities you have in your relationship start to outweigh that freedom you so desire. This is not an impossible problem to solve but you have to use your Aquarian mind in clever ways if you are to communicate what you want and give the other person the sense that it’s a win-win and that they are also getting something out of the deal. That’s Uranus in the third house again, pointing the way.

Your secondary ruling planet of Saturn transiting through your 11th house of goal fulfillment, friendships, and social connections, is good in one sense but its slow pace may delay the success you’ve been waiting for after working hard for some time. Position of Saturn will continue in this placement up until December 20. The full effect of its transit is yet to be felt and we will look later of how its impact upon you will be felt in concert with some of the other planets in your horoscope.

Try not to be too sentimental about things even if the advice is that you must balance your highly active in intellectual mind, because the above eclipse, especially the second one falling in your Sun sign on August 8 signifies health issues based upon worry, negative inner emotions and frustrations being the basis for any physical issues or lessening of your well-being. The sixth house, which the Moon rules also relates to enemies and with this important eclipse taking place in your Sun signed references to the fact that you yourself may be your own worst enemy both in terms of your health and in terms of the relationships we are discussing.

Fortunately, Jupiter is in your ninth house and this is considered one of the luckiest placements which can counteract many other challenging planetary aspects. Jupiter has also been involved in the same square to Pluto from the opposite ends of the heavens. This is called a T-square with Pluto being the pivot. You mustn’t fear the influence of this planet because whatever you lose now materially or in terms of your relationships, will be of great benefit to you in ways that you may not understand just now. There is an element of trust needed to move forward with self-confidence knowing that wherever you end up is going to be ultimately the best for you. The 12th house transit of Pluto and the fact that the Sun is in conjunction with it as the year commences, attests to your desire and willpower to understand the deeper side of your relationships, emotional patterns and past memories that may be at the heart of some of your one on one problems. Essentially, this year will be one of great learning on many levels.

Jupiter continues its journey in your ninth house of good fortune, past karma, and expansion of cultural, mental and spiritual skills. It remains there until October 10 when it brings with it all this new information you’ve gathered into your professional sphere. At that time you will feel a distinct upswing in your confidence to boldly pursue the work that truly makes you happy. As Jupiter rules your 11th house of life fulfillment, its transit through the upper part of the horoscope, as I mentioned earlier, is an excellent counteraction to many of the other challenging aspects that will be discussed in your reading.

Mars is the principal planet of a profession for Aquarius along with Pluto. Mars make some important transits firstly in January while it’s transiting your second house of income and it makes an important conjunction to Neptune on the first then a square aspect to Saturn on the 19th indicating some concerns or confusion over finances. Frustrations may occur at this time but that could be because you’re not completely in possession of all the facts that you need, to make clear decisions. Fortunately, Mars’ transit into your third house on the 28th commences a better cycle where you can negotiate a deal in your favour and resolve a lot of your financial concerns.

Further important Mars transits punctuate the year and relate primarily to important cycles in your work. Sixth house transit between June 5 and July 20 and then again between December 9 and the end of the year, are periods when you should push a little harder to achieve your professional objectives. You will have the drive and persuasive power to influence people and to experience some success.

With a solar eclipse occurring on for be 27th in this same finance sector of your horoscope, expect some important developments after this. You’ll also notice that the karmic South node has been transiting this area so much of what will happen is dependent upon your previous actions. Hopefully, you’ve acted with integrity and if that’s the case the results of this eclipse should be rather positive.

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Romance, Social and Domestic

With Mars transiting your fifth house of love affairs on April 21, expect a more adventurous and even competitive spirit when it comes to your romantic affairs. This is going to continue for some time especially with the Sun also transiting your fifth house of love affairs on May 21. This means most of your attention will be on fun, entertainment and possibly even enjoying a new romance.

On June 7 Mercury transits your fifth house of love affairs and creative pursuits and communication seems to be the key word of this planet. But Mercury is considered a child in the fifth house is the house of children so it’s quite likely you will surround yourself with younger people at this time, and may even feel your own inner child freely expressing itself. This is really the energy of attraction at its best.

Venus also enters your fifth house of love affairs on July 5 and this combines your amorous pursuit with some sort of creative or even musical interests. This is a time when you may find yourself in the company of someone who shares similar pursuits and so your creativity will spur on your romance and vice versa. This is an excellent time for feeling great and incidentally may bring you in the company of children for those of you who are married, Venus being one of your fortunate planets could indicate pregnancy or the birth of child.

On July 6 Mercury transits your seventh house of marriage, love and long-term commitment. As Mercury is a communicative planet also relates to contractual arrangements, this can be a time when plans for marriage, engagements for those in your family or even friends occupy much of your attention. Who knows…perhaps even for you if you are single. It’s also an excellent time to express yourself and share your ideas with the one you love.

Mars transits your seventh house on July 20 so you have a definite plan for your intimate relationships. You for want to remind others of your independent nature and this could cause some opposition within your one-to-one relationships. With the Sun also transiting your seventh house on July 23 these differences could reach a fever pitch so you need to maintain some calm.

Venus, planet of love transit your seventh house of long-term relationships and marriage on August 26 and it is at this time you seem to be in a better frame of mind, as is your partner and will be able to share common cultural and artistic views. Your partner may also seem more attractive than usual and this may also be the case from your lover’s perspective. You can therefore enjoy more balance in your one-to-one relationships. You may become the peacemaker in the relationship.

Because you’re focused on probing into the meaning of your relationships, the transit of Mercury into your eighth house on September 10 could be the beginning of a lot more intense discussions with your partner as to how you can find a common meeting point philosophically and sexually. Both of you may develop an interest in learning about sex and death, or any subject which goes beyond the most superficial aspects of life.

Several planets transit your ninth house of journeys in late September and October. This includes the Sun on September 23, Mercury on September 30, Venus on October 14 and Mars in October 23. With such a powerhouse of energy transiting this part of your horoscope, you’re more than likely ready to depart and find some solace in your partner in a foreign place or at least an environment which is not your usual stomping ground. Because some of these planets are more associated with your romance, love and marriage, these journeys may center around repairing relationships, developing a closer bond with your lover and sharing cultural and philosophical common ground.



Your social life and relationship with friends is spotlighted in November with Mercury entering your 11th house on November 6 bringing with it a keen interest in communication with friends, letter writing and perhaps even more social interaction through social media. On the 14th you must be careful that miscommunications don’t create rifts as the square to Neptune offsets trine aspect from Venus to Neptune on the 17th indicating hopeful wishes that may not be grounded in the real nature of the relationship. Friendships could also run aground as a result of the aloof conjunction of Mercury to Saturn on November 28. You’ll be rethinking many things at this time.

Expect improvement in your relationships with Venus transiting your 11th house on December 1. The retrogression of Mercury on December 3 still cautions you to be extremely careful with what you say and who you say to. Mercury will continue to move retrograde until December 23. In your Christmas excitement you may say things you regret so think twice before you open your mouth. December 16 however brings you an awesome conjunction of Mercury and Venus which allows your conversations to flow and interaction with your peers to blossom leading up to Christmas.


Profession and Finances

The Moon’s eclipses have a bearing on your professional activities and in particular the environment in which you work throughout 2017. The eclipse on February 11 takes place in your seventh house showing a greater partnerships and teamwork with co-workers takes place as a result. Unfortunately this is not such a replacement for your marital or business partnerships as they can be greater expenses that you may have to shoulder. Furthermore, the lunar eclipse on August 8 and the solar eclipse on August 22, both taking place in your Sun sign carries through these themes and may indicate some health issues surrounding your work or stress because you can’t quite handle the workload. You will need to take some precautionary measures to help you deal with these issues.

Pluto is the dominant ruler of your professional activities with Mars also having a say in these matters. With Pluto transiting your 12th house and in conjunction with the Sun and shortly afterwards Mercury as the year commences, you will be delving deeply into different aspects of your professional life, studying where you’ve been and where you really want to take your working life in the coming 12 months. Important turning points may be expected when Pluto moves into its retrograde and direct motion on April 20 and then again on September 29. The retrogression of pivotal planets can indicate significant developments so note these dates down in your diary.

Mars is well poised to bring you financial benefits because of the extra effort you make in earning money this year. As a transit your second house however it will make a conjunction to Neptune on January 1, which made undermine your health and well-being. You may also realise that you have been putting your efforts in the wrong direction. This is also underscored by the square aspect of Mars to Saturn on the 19th.

You can expect improvement in your professional activities when Mars transit your third house on January 28 and continues there up until March 10. You have the upper hand in any contractual negotiations and will also be busy travelling to secure deals, make your point known and to improve your professional standing.

Speculation is high on the cards when in April Mars transit your fifth house on the 21st. You could be rather impulsive in the way you approach your investments so do be careful to test the market first especially if you’re thinking of the stock market or other high risk financial activities. Excellent aspects form around this time and include Mars trine Jupiter on May 12, Mars trine Sun on May 21 with a little frustration setting in on the 29th as Mars opposes Saturn.

When Mars transit your sixth house between June 5 and July 20, you will be able to achieve Herculean like result due to your immense willpower and physical drive. You may however have some run-ins with co-workers as Mars and its energy may ultimately contrast your abilities with those who are less capable or simply lazy. This is a case of the tall poppy syndrome and others may simply be trying to cut you down to their size.

With the transit of Mars three your eighth house from September 5 up until October 23, money that you have jointly invested will be of primary importance to you. There may be disputes over how money is spent, dispersed or accounted for and so this is important for you to come to some understanding and perhaps look at getting a mediator or an accountant to double-check your figures as perhaps both of you may be wrong.

Jupiter moves to your 10th house of profession for the first time in 12 years in October 10 and this commences a one year cycle of expansion in your career and the very likely possibility that you will achieve some promotion or take charge of the work situation in which you were previously an underling. Greater responsibilities are likely at this time. October 23 the Sun also moves to your powerful 10th house and brings with it exceptional opportunities, social studies and the support of those in power such as employers.

Mars moves into this same 10th house on December 9 consolidating the above transits and crowning 2017 with some additional professional benefits to close of the year just before Christmas.


Karma and Luck

With a solar eclipse taking place on August 22 in your seventh house of marriage and intimate relationships, much of your spiritual insight and lessons this year will surround this area. This will bring a whole new level of understanding into your love life which can create peace for you and your partner and help you both reciprocate each other spiritual growth.

Jupiter brings with it some amazing professional opportunities an elevation in your work after October 10 when it moves to your 10th house of profession. Jupiter is a spiritual planet and it therefore also indicates that your work or rather your attitude to work may change and start to take on more of a spiritual awareness. You will be acutely aware of how important it is to love what it is you do to produce the best possible work. This in turn results in success and financial benefits as well.

Your past karma is ruled by Venus and the sign of Libra which is your ninth house. When both Mercury and Venus move to this part of your horoscope as this will signal important developments in your spiritual understanding.

During the period of July 26 through till October 14, both Venus and Mercury will be transiting through your eighth house of transformation. Along with the spiritual opportunities that arise, expect a greater understanding of the psychology that makes you work and also impact your relationships. Good fortune in your sexual contacts is likely with the transit of Venus through this sector as well.

There is no doubt that Pluto which is the primary planet of transformation and in a renovation transiting through your 12th house will also bring with it some incredible spiritual opening up for you. Primarily, the 12th house is to do with shedding. This can be done in the form of charity, meditation, and humbling yourself through a greater acceptance of the way things are.

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