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Aries 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

That you may be prepared to forego some of the more enjoyable and romantic opportunities that 2006 may bring, is clearly seen by the presence of Saturn in your area of love affairs and entertainment. Saturn is shaping a more serious tone in these aspects of your life. This may cause others to assume your normally exuberant temperament has turned more serious than usual. You begin this year in a strong mode of responsibility. Your ruling planet Mars is representative of your personal energy and also begins the year in Taurus, your second sector of money. No wonder you’ll be financially engaged, even from the word go, as the year starts. Family matters and relationships could take a back seat – much to the dismay of those who love you.

There’ll be plenty of hard work initially and February promises to pressure you even more if you try to take on too much and pledge more than is realistic. The last week of January will remind you of your vulnerability physically and mentally. Don’t forget you’re human and should set your limits. Your loved ones will be relieved at an easing up of your self imposed regime.

Jupiter transiting your eighth sector of emotional, romantic and sexual connections is intensified throughout much of 2006. Somehow you may find that love and sex and their deeper meaning are important to you and require clarification. Have you been meeting the needs of your partner if you’re in a committed relationship? By needs I mean emotional as well as material.

The inner level of your being is likely to experience some profound psychological and emotional transformation due to the presence of Jupiter in its current location of Scorpio. This is certainly a time to heal old wounds and use these forces to generate a stronger and lasting love for the person you’ve chosen to spend time with. You’ll be making a greater effort to improve your emotional responses and eliminate any of those past psychological patterns which have been intruding on your relationships at this time. Jupiter finally, does pave the way for you to a brighter emotional state throughout 2006.




Ambiguity about your position in the scheme of social and family life may hassle you this year. A sense or a need to find more profound meaning in your friendships could become another important feature of this year and may well continue to influence this cycle in 2006. You may forgo some professional goals or other important ambitions in lieu of some magical dream you’ve nurtured for some time. Domestically, if you have children or other dependants or any lingering encumbrance associated with them will lift during Saturn’s forward march later in the year. The fifth house presence of Saturn teaches you and these younger family members many lessons about the responsibilities you each have to each other. Working through your differences is a real chance to improve the quality of love you express in 2006.

Uranus points the finger of Fate at your friendships which is powerfully activated during this transit. During the time period of June 19th to November 20th, you’ll need plenty of new found insight to work out the true meaning and real value of friendships as unforeseen and likely disturbing surprises take you aback. You’ll be working through many issues in this area and those values you’ve placed on friendships and what they mean to you will occupy much of your attention throughout the year. Re-evaluation is one of your important keywords this year. Friends may need help and one in particular, will require “rescuing” from certain confusing and circumstances.

Your financial assistance could well be requested and you are advised to tread vigilantly in the area of monetary support. Remember, you can help friends without being a social charity for the welfare of others’ victimhood. Around April you may find that these important issues come to a head as friends or acquaintances make you feel uneasy, if not downright uncomfortable, to be with. Are you misplacing your loyalties or even overemphasising the true value of someone or some ideology? These questions will have to be answered this year and of course the whole idea of astrology is to lead you to a new level of awareness whereby you can grow spiritually and evolve to a point of self-satisfaction. During this period Aries, you must also guard matters of health and mental wellbeing as social issues like this tax you and take up your valuable time during this busy year.

Profession and Finances

2006 can’t possibly be viewed as an ordinary year for you Aries as it begins with some incredibly powerful planetary forces pushing you forwards and upwards throughout the next twelve months. The most noticeable thing about you at this time is the power and drive of your professional arena. The year commences with the Sun at its zenith with your ruling planet Mars moving through your finance sector. These two planets immediately colour the tone of the year and hint at a very strong skew towards achieving greater financial security and professional accolades for the effort you’ve been putting in.

Jupiter bunkers down in the difficult eighth sector of your horoscope until the 24th November where-after many matters of finance clear up. You’ll feel as though the work you had cut out for you during 2006 has been adequately achieved and will give you the rewards deserved. It’s only through hard work and constant re-evaluation that by this time Lady Luck chooses to return from her time out to wave her magic wand in your direction.

During this eighth house transit, the tying up of any legal matters, tax issues and other affairs associated with wills, legacies and business partnerships is quite likely. If there’s been a withholding of money loaned, you may see a repayment now or, the other extreme is – you may choose to borrow heavily. Either way you’ll be focused in money mode throughout much of 2006. Tension surrounding these matters reaches a pinnacle around the first week of July when Saturn, Mars and Jupiter tighten their grip on fiscal matters. Your extravagance and other speculative ventures should be held at bay for a while during this combined influence.

Auspicious developments in your working life and vocational direction as a result of assistance from others are shown to occur throughout the year. This is both emotional and monetary. If you are considering amalgamation of your capital with someone else, this is a year do so. Unanticipated increases or extra expenditure may create some nuisance and stress and too many opportunities for collective, vocational or community involvements can leave you feeling snowed under and overtaxed. This need not be upsetting if you are disposed to turn down some of the offers presented. You can move a little more slowly and achieve the same results down the track. Your desire this year is for something out of your current reach but try to be realistic at the same time.

Collaboration and support in business dealings is strong throughout 2006 and, consequently, significant expansion and advancement in your career is to be expected. Communications and exchanges in trade and professional spheres also open up with windows of opportunities to expand your offerings and commercial connections. Don’t be afraid to grab the bull by the horns this year and take full advantage of these opportunities since they will bear fruit. There is no need to take uncalculated risks so stay away from dicey speculation or gambling.




This new period of growth and progress in your work is very individually satisfying because the work actually means something to you, not just a means of making money. Consequently you feel good about yourself and this spills over into a happy attitude towards your family. Improvements in your domestic life are also likely. Just don’t sit around and watch this influence pass you by; you may become blasé and fail to reap the benefits that life has to offer.

Between May and July your will work will move forward very nicely. This is a great cycle when you feel uplifted about the progress you’re making in your career. You are able to get in tune with who you are and what you’re meant to do and assert your creativity and your originality. If you’ve been feeling subdued by mind-numbing and monotonous tasks you can break free from these limitations. Others will be more amenable to your expression and ideas as well.

In 2006 get ready to take some risk – but it should be calculated – not airy fairy, wishful stabs in the dark. You won’t care as much about others’ opinions and you don’t mind it if they feel you are a bit odd in this phase of your growth. Subsequently, you’ll be prepared to explore new realms and be even bolder than your usual Arian self. Stock market and other speculative ventures will also require your careful attention to detail and a judicious assessment during the period of January to April as Saturn may show his overdue karma in the form of lean earnings. Your mental and creative powers are constrained as a result. But you’re prepared to endure this Aries, at least initially in the first part of the year until you firmly settle your professional and financial matters. A pile up of planets in the ninth and tenth sectors of your horoscope reflects these matters as well.

This is an outstanding year to do something that you have never done before, possibly visit a country you haven’t been to, learn a new subject or gain some fresh knowledge about life itself. Playing a new sport you never thought you could attempt will also give you added confidence as the year pans out. In a nutshell, this is an encouraging period of ingenuity and improved life patterns all round – both in your personal and vocational arenas.

Karma and Luck

You can’t ignore an underlying spiritual urge that’s maturing during 2006. Over the past few months the planet Uranus in your deeply private and spiritual sector has triggered the Piscean influence within you and is also compelling you to question your motives and reason for being. Both Uranus and Neptune which is in your sector of friendship, strongly open up opportunities throughout 2006 to meet people you’re karmically linked to. These individuals can assist and accelerate your spiritual growth and wisdom at this time in your life. Be on the lookout for an intensification of these results during February when the Sun moves through the sign of Aquarius. This could be particularly focused around the 7th or 8th of February. Someone may open professional doors for you at this time as well. In late January however, diligently weigh up the cost of your behaviour and decisions, as you are prone to be arrogant, exaggerated, or thoughtlessly optimistic. Investments, sales, or financial decisions are best postponed for a more favorable time. You can be extravagant or fail to notice critical details that will come as a reality check later on.

Pluto remains in Sagittarius all throughout 2006 in your ninth house. This strongly hints at a total transformation of your views, your religious beliefs and/or cultural and spiritual perspectives. This is triggered very early in the year and will more than likely tie in with some New Year’s resolution that you make. Travels will no doubt transform your outlook as your curiosity for all things foreign will get the better of you this year.




Any fanatical outlook on any of these points however should be avoided at all costs, even if you are enthusiastic about your new found philosophy. Much of this reappraisal of your belief system takes place particularly between March and September when Pluto does a dramatic reversal in motion and it’s at this point that you’ll need to rethink whether or not these philosophical views have any real practical application in your life. In any case, you should work this out by September and be ready to move forward with a practical philosophy that is going to assist you in all other areas of your life.

On an inner level, this is likely to be a time of mental and spiritual renewal and positive upliftment. It is easier for you to get rid of old habits or negative thought forms. Whatever leaves your life now is paving the way for something much better. The more spiritual aspect of your nature will also find expression in your friendships that will also continue to energise your awareness and inspire you to new heights and possibilities this year. Group associations that centre around parapsychology, humanitarian activities and other unusual left of field activities will also interest you, if not mesmerise you, throughout 2006. It appears your greatest luck factor stems from a renewal of your belief systems this year.

Throughout 2006 you will certainly become more empathetic and perceptive than you have been. You are much more willing to listen to others and understand them. Even if you normally quite caring and considerate, at this time you will find that there are still some people you have not been concerned enough about. Thos people have needs as well and interests which you may have been overlooking. Now you gain a better appreciation and rapport with these people. This is a superb time to have a heart-to-heart talk with people that you feel tight or edgy with with.

Resolve emotional issues and make a new start or even a clean break if that’s what’s necessary to move on. This is also a time when you can also receive help from a therapist or mentor on matters regarding a personal relationship. The whole of 2006 is really a period of regulation, enduring practice, and working at giving form to your inspired impulses; it’s a time of both perspiration than inspiration – but in carefully measured doses.