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Aries 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

2007 is a year in which you will meet people who share your social and romantic ideals. This will happen on a personal level, and in your work life. Your open and co-operative aura will make people notice you, and will bring you loads of social success. And you’ll make new friends and alliances — it will be a year when your social life will really start expanding.

The coming 12 months marks an important turning point in your love life. Particularly after September — by then, you will have identified and understood many important lessons about your love life and your friendships.

You will have had a few tough issues to deal with in the previous months, but then Saturn exits from your zone of romance, and you will feel as if a breath of fresh air has swept through your life. What seemed confusing before will now be crystal clear.

The commanding placement of Mars in your zone of fulfilment occurs early in the year, which makes this year a time when you can find success and happiness in love. Also, your friends and associates will notice you and offer you roles in their social events. And there’s a good chance your desire to be recognised for who you are won’t go unnoticed. You can expect lots of compliments throughout the year.

Expect plenty of romantic opportunities that will challenge your growing desire to take control of your emotional affairs. Fortunately, the planetary arrangement this year will help you get off the blocks in double quick time. From the early part of February, your ruling planet, Mars, moves into the strongest portion of your horoscope, accentuating your competitive urges.

This is great news, because it means you can get on with the business of enjoying your love life without wasting time and energy worrying about how you or your partner feels, or whether you are good or worthy enough for a long-term committed relationship.

You will feel like a completely new person, ready to launch yourself on the world and meet new friends and lovers. And of course you will be able to apply some of the wisdom you’ve gained during previous tougher planetary transits.

In the early part of the year, until the middle of February, your agenda will be very busy. You’ll need a bigger diary to fit in all the events that are likely to come your way. You’ll find yourself at parties, work functions and unusual gala events.

In terms of friendships, you may find yourself with a whole new circle of friends as early as the end of January, and this will set the trend for the remainder of 2007. Your restless Arian nature will not be satisfied with going through the motions of habitual interactions with friends who offer you little in the way of personal growth. Lots of group activities will attract your attention, and you’ll find yourself mixing with musical or theatrical people who will bring out your creative side.

There’s a good chance that what you’re doing at work will be recognised and acknowledged, too, so you can expect awards and promotions even very early in the year.  



There’s a short lull in your busy social agenda after mid-February, but things hot up again towards the end of March and into April. Mercury will speed up your social and romantic life at this time, and you may get involved in clubs, groups or other associations you would not have dreamed of a year earlier. During this cycle you will meet many unusual people, and you will strike up interesting friendships with very different, even offbeat, individuals. Your social skills will, for the most part, improve during this period — they will continue to improve throughout the year.

Your idealism is at an all-time high at this stage, with Neptune colouring your attitudes to friendship and influencing the type of friends you attract. You’ll learn some important lessons with this planet. Although Mother Teresa’s loving attitude epitomises this type of idealistic energy, you’re certainly no saint. You’re open to helping people, but you’re a ram, not a sacrificial lamb! Don’t let people step all over you during the first half of the year.

Lots of fun times and great opportunities present themselves after February, and it’s about this time that you build up enough momentum to actually feel confident about your new romantic opportunities. Other important romantic highlights of 2007 occur in April, June and July — Venus promises lots of spicy encounters in the middle of the year.

For example, if you work with someone you admire, you could find yourself involved with them on a more intimate level. You’ll definitely be tempted to try something very different this year, especially as the year progresses.

You’ll be interested in trying new techniques of communication, moving in different social scenarios and meeting kinds of people you haven’t met before — you want to see what the possibilities for love are in your life at the moment. You’ll find yourself walking down an unbeaten track, perhaps just for a while, to try out your fantasies.

In the second half of the year you’ll also be tempted to go off the rails and indulge yourself way too much. Remember, there are consequences for this sort of behaviour, and they’re not pretty.

There will be times this year when you need to give up some of your time to help your loved ones. At first you may not be happy about having to do this, but if you go with the flow you’ll find it gives you a useful break from the routine of your day-to-day life. Look at it as a sort of brief vacation. It will also give you the chance to reconnect with your lover or close friend.

This year strongly highlights the most romantic side of your Aries nature. It’s not just a favourable time for socialising and flitting from partner to partner; it’s also a great time for existing relationships to blossom. It’s a year of marriage opportunities, too.

Superb opportunities for love also come your way in the later part of 2007, when Venus moves to the most prominent part of your horoscope. Also, your aura at this time is also strongly tied to love and sexuality.

If you’ve been on the lookout for your ideal partner, keep your eyes open in the last two months of 2007 — your knight in shining armour may just ride over the horizon towards you. This is also an excellent time if you’re in a relationship and want to cement the bonds of love, because Venus will make you more likely to share your feelings in a responsive and sensitive way. This is your marital zone, and the planets will dangle the carrot of long-term commitment in front of you. Around this time you’ll be feeling confident about biting the bullet for the one you love.

If someone asks for your hand in marriage, this could be the perfect time! You’ll be feeling that you’ve outgrown single life and are ready to see how the other half live.

You’ll be pleased at the love you’ll receive and the care and attention your partner will offer you at this time.

Your relationships will be far more loving in the second half of the year. They will go much more smoothly and you will be happier. After 20 November your judgment about people should be based on hard information. If you feel you need to know more about a person, your detective-like mind will kick in and have you ferreting out important information from third parties.

Love could interfere with your work because it will occupy your mind so much. You’ll have to learn to balance your desire for romantic excess with your desire for professional success. Let’s hope you’ll use the warm feelings that are dominating you to your professional advantage.

Your relationships intensify as the year progresses, and your sexuality gets a boost as well. If you are unmarried and looking for security, there’s a danger that you’ll look at what people offer you materially rather than considering their true character.

If you do get involved blindly, as lovers often do, your honeymoon period won’t last long, that’s for sure! And just as well. We sometimes need a wake-up call to save us from disastrous relationships and even worse consequences. Keep your wits about you, Aries.

As the year finishes, more fulfilling relationships present themselves to you. These will be mainly tied in with work, business and money. This could give you the chance to make many new friends and business associates.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to be romantically involved with work colleagues — even employers. You’ll need to take special care here not to mix business with pleasure, even though the heat of the moment tells you otherwise.

Your overall magnetism is strong, and will give you a lot of fun times, and your sex appeal is strong enough to attract virtually anyone you choose. Use this power wisely.

You are sure to be emotionally and romantically fulfilled throughout 2007.


Profession and Finances

You start 2007 with an incredibly strong desire for leadership and recognition. You will be increasing your personal and professional efforts. You’re independent at the best of times, but your craving to determine your own destiny is more powerful than ever this year.

The planets that dominate your professional life are quite serious as 2007 commences, but they also offer you lots of luck and new opportunities, Aries. So far, you’ve made your luck, and you’ve proved yourself, and now the powers that be will definitely take notice of your hard work and your commitment to the tasks you’ve been given.

At the end of January, you’ll notice a dynamic increase in physical energy which will give you a burst of confidence. New challenges will not make you shy away — on the contrary, they will fire you up to even greater successes in the coming months.

Promotions which result in improvements to your finances are likely in January, March, April, July and November 2007. You may want to take stock of things early in the year; you would be wise to take what’s on offer earlier rather than later in the year.

Because your finance planet, Venus, is strong when the year begins, you’ll do well financially throughout 2007. You’ll apply greater practical sense to your monetary habits, and your friends, co-workers and relatives will have a marked influence on the way you alter your financial ways. In other words, you may not want to spend so much in 2007 — you will be looking for ways to prudently increase your nest egg.

Your impulses are going to be strong, but if you make premature or hasty decisions, decisions on which you base important future strategies, those decisions are likely to cause problems. You’ll need to take care with employers and other people who have a hand in dictating the schedules, guidelines and targets of your working life. You’re likely to find your competitive instincts spilling over and creating confrontational ego clashes during this cycle.

You’ll be multi-tasking in your working life in 2007, and spending far more time communicating ideas and new working systems. Mercury has an important part to play in your life, and fine tuning your skills will serve to make you that much better than your competitors.

As the year progresses, your professional circumstances will move ahead in leaps and bounds. This is most definitely a favourable period, and you should feel confident that there will be improvement in your career.

You’ll be very creative and also innovative, and this can be put down to the very intense, electric vibrations of the planet Uranus. This progressive planet ordinarily causes unexpected difficulties, but in your case it will be quite the opposite; it will bring surprising new developments that produce excellent results.

You’ll be asked to lead, and to create new avenues for the company you work for or the business you run. You’ll be able to draw on your inner spiritual resources this year, while Uranus occupies an unusual portion of the zodiac. This means there will be an intuitive element to the decisions you make this year. These powers will affect your professional sphere favourably.

During this planetary phase you’ll successfully negotiate any transfer relating to your work. Some Aries will take the plunge and move offshore, relocating to foreign places. Closer to home, exciting new interstate opportunities await you. If you don’t make a permanent move, your work will at least involve lots of travel, and this will stimulate your mind and take you closer to fulfilling your professional aspirations.

Risk-taking is in full swing in 2007. Another effect of the influence of Uranus is that it is likely to make you a bit of a daredevil. You’re not going to give two hoots about what others say, even when what you do seems wacky to them. You’ll be prepared to try anything new. Not all your harebrained schemes will hit the mark, but you’ll be satisfied when the odd punt or two pays off.

Your study and research will take you into unexplored avenues and faraway places. You will decide to investigate and develop an unusual aspect of your professional life — something that gives you the chance to be a frontrunner. You want to do something unique.

Your knowledge base and skill set will improve dramatically throughout the coming 12 months. Basically, this year is an extraordinarily powerful period, especially the middle period.  



When Venus enters the relaxed and favourable aspect to the Sun, after June, your mental state will be far more relaxed, and you’ll be ready and able to enjoy the benefits of your hard work and of the tough schedule you’ve set yourself. You’ll be less willing to compete then, and will be preoccupied with the overwhelming demands of work itself.

Your relationships and personal life may take more of your attention than your work does during June. Your ambitions give way to romantic feelings, and a more social side of work, when Venus transits your zone of romance. Luckily, your work activities will be full of social and creative interaction; this is perfect as a relief from the work demands placed on you.

July and August are likely to be full of tension, because the Sun and Mars simultaneously challenge your working life. During this period, you’ll want to be able to withdraw your attention and effort from work in order to create a more harmonious state of mind. Unfortunately, you’ll have to postpone this quiet time or break, because other more pressing issues will demand your attention.

August is also a time when some troubles appear in your working arena. Differences of opinion over strategy, marketing or public relations exercises could erupt into full-blown warfare. The real reason behind these difficult situations is the competitive urges of your co-workers: you have a strong rival among them. You have been preoccupied by your own work and your own ambitions, so you might not have noticed any deception or backstabbing.

It’s best to eat humble pie and lie low in September; otherwise these damaging energies could threaten your professional standing and reputation. If you say more than you need to, you will undermine all the good work you’ve done and cause a rift between you and your boss. By staying focused and quiet, you’ll improve your skills, and this will pay dividends when the Sun moves into your zone of daily routine.

This time of the year is usually difficult for Aries, because it is when the Sun moves through the zone of health. It’s always good to look at improving your eating habits and be especially conscious of hygiene at this time. It’s not a bad idea to look at a gym or fitness program. This kind of regular serious exercise will both improve your physical health and release a lot of the tension that builds up in these tough professional cycles.

Your ambitions could mean that you are overlooking the personal needs of your family and friends. Your single-mindedness gives you incredible concentration, and the ability to achieve excellent results in your work, but on a personal level, make sure you don’t forget some of the more down to earth responsibilities awaiting you at home. Family members will complain about your workaholic schedule, and they’re right! Spend some extra time with them.

As well as earning more money through promotions and improved work opportunities, it does appear that you’ll be tightening your belt and cutting back on unwanted expenses. Although your ego is generally quite strong, 2007 is a year in which you’re able to look at yourself separately from what you have, what you earn — you’ll be able to focus more on who you are. Any investments you make in 2007 will be very much colored by a conservative approach, as Saturn takes control of your speculative area. Older, more established investments and businesses will attract you this year. You may not make fast or huge gains, but the returns on these investments will steady and certain.

You may well spend until May reappraising your financial strategies, and you will only be 100 percent confident of your direction after the second quarter of the year. The influence of Neptune still continues to clash with what you want to do and how and when you want to do it. The long-term success of your vision, workwise, depends on your being patient and prudent throughout 2007. Partnerships in any business sense are very lucky for you, and if you’re involved in business with a marriage partner or other family member, you will have extraordinarily good results this year. You should listen to your partners’ advice about property manoeuvres. All in all, 2007 looks set to be a wonderfully challenging but fulfilling year on the financial front. If you’re in the business of hiring anyone, your up-to-the eyeballs workload means you will not look at their credentials seriously. The same thing could happen if you hire help around the home. Your choices are not likely to be good unless you look very carefully at the people you sign up.

There’ll be many ways you can further your career in 2007. Bear in mind that advancing your goals requires support from both co-workers and family members. If you can balance these two aspects of your life, you’ll be a good chance to achieve solid and lasting satisfaction in 2007.

Karma and Luck

Your lucky planets are Mars and Jupiter, and from the word ‘go’ they hint at an outstanding year for karmic returns. Your general optimism will be particularly important in 2007. It will bring you some of your greatest fortune for many years. In particular, your ninth zone — journeys and cultural exchange — is influenced by your lucky planets this year.

Your year is likely to include activities that mean you will learn about ideas from foreign lands, spiritual values and meditation or self-help practices. Your luck is definitely on the up this year.

You need to make sure there’s plenty of time to relax and unwind so that you can explore and make the most of the beneficial energies of Jupiter and the Sun throughout the year. Some of your best spiritual insights will come when you let loose, shut down, take a holiday, or travel.  



The fine influence of Jupiter is most pronounced in the early part of the year. Work pressures will not give you the opportunity to take time out at first, but the whole of the year will offer you chances to seek out people and situations that will improve your luck and bring you positive karma. You deserve it at this time of your life.

The other lucky planet for you, the Sun, is with Mercury and Venus in your career sector as 2007 commences. Therefore, you might expect that a lot of your good luck will be in the area of work.

With good luck comes responsibility, and that is a key fact for you to remember this year. It’s not simply a matter of taking the money and running. Accepting a better position with greater financial remuneration, for instance, comes with consequences — greater accountability is one of them. Don’t let this stop you, though!

For the first time in 12 years, Jupiter spends the whole year in your sector of luck. This has great relevance to your spiritual life as well as to your luck. The lessons you learned in your last life are now paying off — and without too much effort from you. You are likely to get a sense, a feeling, that you’re destined for bigger and better things in 2007.