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Aries 2016 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

Jupiter continues to transit through your 6th house and on 8 January moves into its retrograde motion indicating that big changes are taking place in your professional life but in particular in your work environment. Plans you’ve made, big ones at that, may have to be put on hold at this time as you try to process the number of tasks and opportunities presented to you. Perhaps doing too much is taking its toll at it may be just as well that you take some time out to re-evaluate your direction now.

The solar eclipse in your 12th house on the 9th occurring around this same time may affect your health or the health of a loved one and this could cause distractions in your life and in particular to your work. Enemies may also be lurking in the shadows so you need to be a little more astute in terms of figuring out who of those around you are for or against you. Fortunately, leading up to the 16th a trine aspect from Jupiter to Pluto which is in your 10th house heralds a positive period where you may regain your power and be able to clearly see what it is you want to do. Be careful not to abuse this power as it will almost certainly come back to haunt you.

A solar eclipse in your zone of relationships, your 7th house on the 23rd reveals much about your most intimate relationships and this will set the trend for 2016 in many areas of your personal life. Emotions will come to the surface in both you and your partner.

Because Saturn moves into its retrograde motion on 25 March in your 9th house this could have something to do with your long-term values and aspirations and whether or not your partner is on the same page as you. Much discussion will be necessary to figure out whether or not you are moving along the same lines or digressing at this stage of your relationship.

In April, Uranus will affect some of you born under the sign of Aries in a very significant way. It’s moving through your Sun sign and will continue to bring with it some unexpected and at times extreme circumstances into your life. Because this planet fully aspects your marital zone which also regulates your business partnerships, any of these important departments of your life will come under scrutiny. You can expect the unexpected during 2016 but particularly in this early part of the year.

As if Jupiter and Saturn moving into retrogression wasn’t enough, Pluto decides to join the troop on April 18 and does the same reverse dance in your professional 10th house. This is an intense transit and requires revision but perhaps not a revision that is totally in your control. Dealing with employers who are power tripping and playing emotional and/or mental games with you should be dealt with diplomatically. In some cases you may not be able to deal with them at all as they’ll be calling the shots and wanting to take full control of you and the work that you do.

On 9 May Jupiter once again goes forward in your 6th house indicating the green light for those bigger projects that you had been anticipating and had earlier been mothballed. Health issues will also come under scrutiny and it’s at this time you may be able to finally resolve to lose weight, improve your diet and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. You’ll be challenged especially leading up to the 26th when this same planet moves to the square of Saturn. This of course will limit your options and cautions you not to try to do too many things too quickly. Even in terms of this new lifestyle choice, dietary changes etc. etc. you need to be moderate or you could create the opposite effect of what you have in mind.

Your spiritual intent will be strong throughout June with Neptune moving into its retrogression on the 13th. You’ll be much more disciplined and this is also indicated by the transiting Saturn squaring your transiting Neptune and intensifies to its peak on 18 June. On 26 June the trine aspect from Jupiter to Pluto, the two planets dominating your professional arena, move into a perfect aspect and this is positively good for your work, relationships with employers and pushing through some plan that may have been obstructed previously.

Uranus intensifies its action on your Sun sign by moving retrograde on July 29. You have a desire to be different, inventive, if not quirky, but take care not to come across as too outlandish or progressive as others won’t understand your intentions. Be gentle on your friends and family and if you’re trying to take big leaps in life with ideas that others can’t quite get their heads around as you need to ease them into what your plans are.

Studies, investigations, travels and philosophical pursuits may have be curtailed or reviewed as well in 2016 as Saturn transits your 9th house. On 13 August when it moves into forward motion you’ll have a more disciplined approach to your life in these areas of activity. You’ll realize that what seemed to be an impediment in your life was actually for the best and your understanding will be much clearer. A lunar eclipse on the 18th has much to say about your life goals as well and those things which have been unconsciously holding you back from achieving those goals will come to light. This eclipse will especially have a huge impact upon your social life and on one or even several friends in sex 6th your circle. It’s time to set the record straight and get real about your true feelings for others and vice versa.

On September 1 a solar eclipse in your 6th house of health warns that you may be burning the candle at both ends. It’s time to take control of this area of your life. You may be worried about the people you work with or the work itself, and in the end this will be one of the principal causes of any physical discomfort or health problems that arise. If you see this as a problem you should by all means address the issue early rather than allowing it to fester and get worse by manifesting as more severe physical symptoms.

Excellent results should be expected after Jupiter transits your 7th house on 9 September. This brings with it the opportunity to enjoy the relationships you currently have or to indeed find someone more in keeping with your mental and emotional disposition. Jupiter serves to expand and enhance the area of life in which it is transiting and in this case your marriage and business partnerships will fare well. This will last for approximately one year so make the most of it. A lunar eclipse in your 12th house on the 16th will influence your sexual and financial expenditure. You need to curb and consolidate both.

On 20 November Neptune, the planet of spirituality and self-sacrifice moves forward and this is a spiritual energy giving you deeper insights into this aspect of human existence. Your charitable, caring side will come to the surface and you’ll be more apt to help others selflessly.

In the last month of the year Saturn brings with it a stabilizing influence especially around the 23rd and the week or so before this when it trines the Sun. You’ll be constructive and perhaps even conservative in the way you approach your work and life generally. Some of the less serious attitude you exhibit in the earlier part of the year will be brought under control especially around Christmas. One note of caution for you at this time is related to Jupiter in opposition to the Sun and Uranus. You mustn’t overdo things as there’s a tendency to over exaggerate and believe you’re invincible. Plan well, moderate your life and 2016 will end on a beautiful note.

Romance, Social and Domestic

Mercury the powerful communicator transits your 11th house of social activities in January but this may not necessarily produce the peaceful sort of communications you’re after. On 3 January Mars moves to the square of Mercury indicating hotheaded discussions which you may later regret as Mercury moves into its retrogression on the 5th. This will necessitate the need to carefully rethink your strategies with friends and in particular how best to approach your communications in future.

Around the same date Venus in square to Neptune confuses you in matters of love so perhaps it’s important to plant your feet firmly on the ground and not get carried away with ideals but rather look at your relationships with a clear vision and practical attitude. This way you won’t make assumptions that aren’t true.

Although the year starts off with some difficult transits things starts to improve after the 13th with Venus trining exciting Uranus. The Sun also trines Jupiter and although this particular aspect refers more to your work, it does indicate open heartedness coupled with enthusiasm that promises new found romantic opportunities. These positive aspects continue throughout the 13th, up until the 17th.

Romance and career may be intertwined after the 23rd when Venus moves to your 10th house of profession. Social activities in this department of your life should also prove to be productive jobwise with a tinge of romance thrown in for good measure.

In February Venus in its hard aspect to Uranus brings with it some unexpected twists and turns romantically and this may not sit well with you. This occurs in the first week of the month but a more passionate influence of Venus in sextile on the 7th can smooth things over. This particular trine aspect to Jupiter is very lucky especially for those of you looking for love – on or about the 10th. You’re prepared to think bigger and do things you wouldn’t ordinarily have attempted when Mars moves to the sextile of Jupiter on the 13th. That is also underpinned by the transit of your 7th ruler Venus to the 11th house of friendships and personal fulfilment on the 17th.

March 1, 3rd and 4th see some wonderful sextile aspects from Venus to Saturn, Uranus and the Sun. On the 14th when Venus moves to your 12th house of secrets, and more importantly when it conjoins Neptune in this zone of your horoscope, sexual activity may increase and your spiritual ideals may also take an upturn. Relationships may not last particularly if they begin now but it sure will be fun. Between the 25th and the 31st the aspects of Venus can be intense but at the same time confusing as hard aspects to Pluto and Saturn often disrupt your normal romantic flow.

Venus, your feel good planet, transits through your Sun sign with the Sun after April 5. With your ruler of friendships also transiting Aries this is a powerful period of the year when romance, friendship and personal esteem reach a pinnacle. Once again, the unsteady influence of Uranus may create exciting relationship opportunities but some may not be destined to go the full distance.

During May and June you should improve your communication skills as Venus and the Sun transit your 3rd house, making contact with Mars your ruler who is transiting the 9th house of your higher mind. In that position Mars aspects your 3rd house. Study languages, connect with people of different persuasions and cultures and you’ll gain a new perspective on life.

Venus and Sun transit your 4th house during the month of July and this could be more of a low-key period for you romantically and socially however this doesn’t mean you can’t entertain at home and there are some nice aspects around the 6th, 12th and also the 28th. Venus moves to your 5th house after the 12th and ensures some new romantic liaisons particularly during August when it makes a perfect trine aspect on 1 August to Uranus. The square aspect on the 7th to Mars is impulsive but passionate. Don’t give your heart to someone for no good reason seems to be the message of this combination.

The lunar eclipse on the 18th in your 11th house of social activities and friendships is important but with the Sun moving to your 6th house on the 22nd health issues will be spotlighted. This is the case throughout September as the solar eclipse also occurs in this zone of your horoscope. Balance your social affairs with your health needs.

Your self-esteem is at a high after 27 September when Mars, your ruler moves to the 10th house of career and ego development. You may need to be careful that your excessively strong willpower and ego needs don’t conflict with those of the ones you love or work with.

Travels with the one you love or connecting with friends in foreign places are highlighted during October and November. Excellent planetary configurations indicate the potential for travel especially around November 4 or 5 when Uranus and its influence cause you to travel at the drop of a hat. Itchy feet need scratching Aries.

At the close of the year Venus once again transits your 11th house of friends so on the 7th and again on the 25th it’s a wonderful sextile aspect to the Sun and Uranus indicating novel parties, new connections and an enjoyable Christmas, festive season. Your energy levels will be up during this period and thank God for that as you’ll need it with the intense level of partying that will take place.

Profession and Finances

You’re in a fortunate period during 2016 with Jupiter transiting your 6th house of workplace activities. Your career should prosper and expand as this is one of the luckiest periods in 12 years for you professionally speaking. With this benevolent planet’s aspect on your finance and your career sector these parts of your life should develop nicely for you during the coming 12 months.

The early part of the year may throw you some setbacks with Mercury moving into its retrograde motion on 5 January and not moving direct until the 25th. This means your contracts and other important negotiations will be on hold until you clearly establish what needs to be done and this includes reading the fine print of any contractual paperwork. This is only temporary and its transit in your 11th house indicates a speedy turnover of profits with an additional increase of income due to your excellent networking skills. This continues throughout February as well when Venus your finance planet transits this 11th house as well after the 17th.

Business partnerships will be in the spotlight during March when the lunar eclipse on the 23rd influences your 7th house. Mercury also transits your 1st house after the 22nd and fully influences your zone of business associations and public activities. Communication will play a more prominent role in your business activities.

Venus moving to your 2nd house of income is an excellent omen for an increase of cash after 30 April and this is enhanced by Mercury’s entry into this same house on May 13th after having been retrograde since 28 April. You should get the green light financially and can expect better results after this period.

Contracts associated with real estate and other fixed assets will be a high point throughout June and early July with Venus and Mercury transiting these areas of your horoscope. If a vehicle is essential for your line of business there may even be some opportunity to upgrade at this point.

Speculation is on the cards during July with your financial planets in excellent aspect to Saturn and the Sun especially between the 16th and 28th of this month. You may however need to be a little cautious as Venus transits your 6th house of debts and liabilities on August 5. An important transit also occurs on August 13 with Saturn in your 9th house moving into a stationary direct position. This can assist you in focusing your attention on legal matters, study associated with your career and also any journeys that need to be made in this respect. Don’t expect holidays to go smoothly because you may in some ways have to take your work with you. But things do improve dramatically when Jupiter transits your 7th house on September 9. Your fortune should increase after this time and some new business ventures and partnerships will commence and bring luck to you and others involved.

Health concerns are related to your career and the solar eclipse on September 1 indicates that you need to take precautions that you are not putting work before health and physical well-being. If you’re working with heavy machinery or vehicles you should also take extra precautions during these transits.

Business activities, travels and associations with others will increase throughout October and November. After 24 October you’ll need to look at your methods of banking, finance and any sort of loans you’ve committed yourself to and this is more pertinent if you’re an independent business owner.

Long-distance communications throughout November set the pace for increased business activity throughout the period of 26 November till 7 December with the result that the transit of Venus into your 11th house after this date will bring you some fulfilling results both personally and financially.

The excellent transit of Venus to Jupiter occurring on 25 December is the cherry on the icing and is an excellent omen to complete your business life and 2016.

Karma and Luck

Mostly your spiritual work centres on the work you do throughout 2016. If you happen to be in a line of work that gives you great emotional and mental satisfaction then your spiritual evolution will evolve rapidly throughout this period and will become very noticeable after Jupiter transits your 7th house on September 9. The reason for this is that Jupiter is your 9th and 12th ruler and signifies the spiritual evolution this time round. If you’re not particularly happy with your work then it may be difficult for you to make any headway spiritually speaking.

You need a more reclusive time during February and March when the Sun transits your 12th house after 19 February. It’s time to get away from the crowd and seriously look at yourself and how you can improve your life. Any sort of meditation, yoga or psychological self-analysis will work wonders for you.

There are challenges in your spiritual development this year especially when the two primary spiritual planets namely the Sun and Jupiter enter into a square aspect around June 4. You’ll be challenged and this may have something to do with your family activities which are subsequently highlighted by the transit of the Sun into your 4th house on 21 June.

These challenges reach a peak between August 12 and 18th when the Sun moves to your spiritual sector, the 5th house of initiation, and is then followed by the lunar eclipse of the 18th. This is an opportunity for you to deeply understand yourself and your relationship to others.

There is also a lunar eclipse taking place on September 16 in your 12th house of spiritual seclusion. This zone is particularly notable for bringing forth the compassionate side of your nature. You may wish to help others or may find yourself in a situation where out of a sense of responsibility you want to care for someone who is not particularly well or in need.

Between October 23 and December 21 the Sun moves through some important houses of your horoscope including the 8th on the 23rd, the 9th on 21 November and then moves to the trine aspect to your Sun sign on December 12. All of these transits are indicative of accelerated spiritual advancement.