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Cancer 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance Social and Domestic

Saturn is your primary relationship and marriage planet. Saturn is in reverse motion from the start of the year up to April and Venus also does its backward dance routine in your marriage sector until February. You will continue to learn important lessons in your relationships during 2006. You must retrospectively analyse the commitments you’ve given in any existing relationships to appraise their viability. Some Cancerians will be torn between staying in a marriage or de facto association and leaving this year.

Deepening your understanding of partners, lovers or spouses will become particularly significant during the months of January, May, July and November when the full and new Moons trigger important interactions between you and your loved ones. This will herald big changes and opportunities to make breakthroughs in your romantic associations.

Your social scene is controlled by Venus. As the year starts with the combination of Moon and Venus, much of your friendship and social activity will revolve around meeting new people and supporting the social demands of your partners. Certain dramatic changes in the behaviour of a friendship could cause you to re-appraise the way you view relationships and friendships, even long standing ones. This could cause you to be unsettled as you work through these rather odd attitudes and determine the best course of action. Perhaps you are being tested as to your own traditional standards and need to ‘get with the program’ if you’re to maintain these friendships any longer. You may simply be happy with yourself as you are and that won’t suit these people – which means a whole new chapter for you, socially speaking this year.

Jupiter is an excellent planet which can inspire you to try new romantic partners and explore the possible pathways for your future. You needn’t feel stuck or unlucky in 2006. Some of your newfound romantic partners will surprise you this year. They will shower you with generosity and other forms of kindness. You must keep a level head though until you feel more trusting of newcomers on the scene. Venus and Uranus could cause you to part ways over financial differences with friends and lovers earlier in the year. You must remain cool and don’t react too strongly, especially if people express different views over things. Don’t superimpose your own financial values or judgements on another individual at this time until you get all the facts right.




You might feel a little unloved or unworthy at different times of the year so self-esteem issues could set the agenda for many of the lessons you’re meant to stumble upon. You may require others to prove their love for you with gifts or tokens of their hard work and self-exertion that you yourself are exhibiting. Remember, people share their love in different ways at different times. Don’t measure others by your own standards and accept whatever affection they have to offer with gratitude.

In March, some parental Cancerians will have to deal with issues surrounding their children. The retrogression of Jupiter is significant, especially for any relationship associated with young people. Even at the outset of the year, Mars could cause rifts or disagreements due to the excesses and immaturity of their youth. Your plans may change as a result and you have to make allowances for these twists and turns in your domestic life. In April and again July there is a better vibe around these issues and you can anticipate things going more smoothly.

Mars’ strong movement this year is focussing your home life and its rugged power eases up after the early part of June. There are additional responsibilities that you must shoulder in the first half of the year and if you can manage to deal with these matters of family fairly and squarely you’ll feel more contented for doing so.

Some tough decisions will be needed around July when Mars and Saturn combine forces in your financial sector. Family and domestic expenses place pressure on you and other family members and one of your relatives may even require your financial assistance at this time. The Sun and Mars activate family matters very powerfully in March, May, June and November. New cycles in family relationships are certain to begin for you in these months.

There are generally auspicious influences from Jupiter to your domestic planet in 2006 even though the first phase is a little tricky for you. You are strongly stimulated to accomplish your domestic goals so construction, renovation and other interior design strategies will also be engaging. Conflicts with councils, government departments and other ‘red tape’ agencies might hold things up but be a step ahead of those in authority or who have some influence on your domestic ambitions this year and you’ll come out a sure winner. Try to control or irritability when dealing with beaurocrats and requesting their assistance as you don’t want things to drag out any longer than necessary.

Profession and Finances

Neptune continues to strongly direct your shared resources and sexual activities sector during 2006. This is a year when idealistic / nebulous Neptune causes confusion in your financial decisions and how you manage your fiscal resources. This affects your personal relationships in an important way as yours and others’ values systems are under scrutiny now. These matters will surely come to a head in July when Neptune retrogrades and intensifies your actions and ideals in these matters. Frustrations throughout the month of July cause you to rethink your financial direction. You’ll come to some clearer understanding by August however, which paves the way for a renewed understanding of money issues.

You commence 2006 with a strong work sense as Mars is visiting your career sector at that time and shows that you mean to achieve quite a bit throughout 2006. You’ll probably expect a lot of yourself just now and must be careful not to take on more than you can handle. You may not have the skills or experience to tackle some of the projects you have planned. Walk before you run. With the adverse aspect from Jupiter, you may also have to delicately balance work and home matters before you get up enough steam to really move forward this year.

An inclination to be compulsive about your work is evident this year with Pluto continuing its trek in your sector of work practices. Don’t drive yourself into the ground or overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion or even physical collapse. Relax and enjoy the work you’ve chosen. Don’t take your Cancerian sense of responsibility to extremes.

Positively, if you dedicate yourself to rebuilding your health, you can experience a complete regeneration. Elimination of debilitating habits, such as smoking, poor diet, and so on is likely to be a part of this process. You may be obsessively self-analytical and self-critical now also, as your entire personality is undergoing a refining process at this time.




Actually, your profession planet is Venus and gains power this year by being in your relationship sector when 2006 starts. In work matters you will be giving special attention to the way you and others work as a team and how you can mutually share the results of your service and hard work together. Some Cancerians may choose to work with their partners or even close friends. Those of you who are more independent feel it’s time to strike out on your own and make an impression on the world. Venus will help you to achieve popularity this year as a result. Focus on public relations and business psychology will yield surprising benefits, especially in mid-January when the Sun conjoins Venus in transit.

As well, Jupiter, your secondary career planet remains in your speculative sector throughout 2006 and as a result you may be quite prepared to try new jobs or work techniques you previously may not have attempted. These innovative attitudes in your work initiative can give you a renewed vigour and confidence if you’re prepared to try something a little different. As the position of Jupiter is also in the arena of children, you could find yourself working with youngsters or those considerably younger. This will trigger a more playful attitude in your professional life as the year unfolds.

If it wasn’t for the slow and serious influence of Saturn on your income sector this year you might feel just a little more financially benefited. Saturn does have the tendency to make you overly economical due to a slower cycle where money is concerned. Getting excited about money may not be all that easy in 2005 especially if you start to harp on the bills and extra payments that you perceive are bogging you down. Take heart, for all these planetary cycles are but challenges of a temporary nature to help you grow. Your frugality will be a blessing in disguise when you realise just how much money you’re capable of saving! For those Cancerians who have an independent line of work and can set their own timetable, this may be a very positive influence as you find it easier to reduce business overheads and wasteful expenditure.

Improvements in all of the above occur around April when money matters become a little less tedious. Saturn, the hard taskmaster opts to go forward and the fiscal lessons it brings may well be imbibed by now. As far as work matters are concerned, your lucky planet Mars joins your Sun and renews your faith and ambition at this time as well. Expect satisfaction on the financial side of things at this time, however moderate.

The quicker moving Sun is your finance planet and is strong throughout the months of February, March, April and July. Throughout much of these months your income is likely to be strong, but the months of January, May and November money could burn a hole in your pocket. These are risky and overly speculative months. If you will fall back on your more practical and resourceful self to get you through this period there should be few real problems to worry about. Sudden gains, lotteries, pay rise and other unexpected profits come your way around mid-February, and again in mid-June. Again in November positive earnings and lucky financial opportunities come along when commercial or business plans take off and give you greater fortune.

The other very lucky month professionally for you Cancer is April when Sun conjoins your best tenth sector of good karma and professional accolades. It seems you have a date with Destiny at that time. Jupiter, the generally lucky planet, favours you in most relationships throughout 2006 as it visits your 5th sector of entertainment, pleasure, children and future karma. Cancerians dealing with will experience a wonderful cycle generally as a result of this auspicious transit. Key months to look out for are April, July and November.

Karma and Luck

Finding time and energy for creative projects is essential for you in 2006. Jupiter magnifies your creative strengths and your inner spiritual self may have been craving a chance to finally show that latent talent of yours. Well, here’s your chance in 2006! Take that hobby, part time creative interest and let it blossom. Make the time. Associations with children are likely to be exceptional as a whole too as you are feeling more free and innocent in many ways yourself.

Earlier inhibitions are discarded more easily and this opens up all kinds of new potential creatively. Expanding your relationships with youngsters will be a source of luck and spiritual rejuvenation. Don’t be afraid to befriend younger individuals who can show you how to laugh and enjoy yourself once again. If you’ve become too serious during the recent past, this is one area which will present new opportunities for you.

Your personal karma planet is Neptune and the whole year in Aquarius in your eighth sector of shared resources, urging you to examine your shared karma with people in your life now and eliminate any obstacles to your overall luck and destiny. The slow pace of Neptune and the hard aspect of Saturn may make you feel as if you’re anything but lucky at the outset of the year. This is because Saturn requires a more concrete manifestation of your dreams. Dream first and then materialise those dreams. Let your loved ones know what you want. They will be prepared to support you now!




It’s quite likely that the start of the year, especially January will be one of the more prominent months for your personal power. The months of April, May, July, September and October are featuring your spiritual power and you will attract many new people into your life during those periods. This is a result of your ruling planet the Moon having strength at full Moon inn those periods. You will find yourself in very powerful karmic exchanges with important people who have the power to assist you in making your dreams a reality at those times.

Your planet of profit and fortune is Mercury. You will generally have to work hard for much of your financial profitability this year. Re-learning your skills or approaching your work and day to day affairs has a beneficial and lucky energy about it this year. People of importance will notice your changed ways and this will provide you with new windows of opportunity which result in extra cash. Utilise the remaining time that the Karma planet North Node has in your work and self-esteem sector. Towards the end of April it will leave for your more spiritual sector and you’ll be entering a new karmic cycle lasting 18 years. The quality of your work and its impact on the world will be important issues for you at this time.