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Cancer 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

To say that 2007 will be an extraordinary year for Cancer would be an understatement. The strong focus of many planets in your area of love, romance and marriage is a powerful hint — these things will take much of your attention this year.

During this 12 months you will work hard to attract the right sort of people into your life. No more settling for less than you know you deserve. Your sensitive Cancer heart is now ready to share with someone of equal sensitivity and devotion. If you’re currently in a relationship, during this period you’ll find your partner far more receptive. For some reason, they’re more likely to listen to your side of the story and to your needs. Even if this involves them changing, it will happen. This is thanks to the great combination of Venus, Mercury and the Sun in your area of marriage as the year begins.

This year is full of friendship, companionship and popularity period. It’s a well-known fact that Cancer is tuned to channel emotional, and works on feeling rather than thinking. But this year, you’ll also be actively searching for answers. You’ll be out looking for opinions, advice and the good counsel of friends or professionals so that you can take your relationships to an all-time high.

In your social life you’ll be examining your own motives, and others’, far more deeply. This will flow through to your sexual and intimate life too. From the first week of January you’ll start to feel a transformative influence as Venus touches upon your most personal affairs.

After the middle of January, Mars will heighten your need to deepen your relationships — this will bring either a renewal or renaissance of love in your life, or the opposite.

You will be carefully assessing the reactions of people who matter to you. Generally, their response to you will be positive; this will be a time for you and your loved ones to share your deepest thoughts and clarify your intentions and plans.

If the person you are involved with doesn’t let down their guard and help you pull down the barriers between you, this could be a difficult time. Perhaps they are possessive, jealous or immature emotionally. If they are, your desire for independence and a much freer or deeper spiritual connection will take them by surprise, and they will retaliate fiercely.  



Remember, not everyone can — or wants to — step outside the square. Moving outside well-worn patterns of behaviour and experience is a challenge. It can be frightening, so ease this person gently into your new vision of a dream relationship.

As Neptune continues its transit in your region of sexuality and mysticism, you will also be touched by a desire for idealism. In fact, you could feel a very strong urge towards a more selfless and compassionate type of love, rather than a purely sexual exchange.

If you are an older Cancerian, a spotlight will be shining on issues in your past relationships, and you will see where you may have gone wrong and can improve.

Some Cancerians will find ideas about life, death and the afterlife flowing during this phase of Neptune. Anything that is mysterious will attract you.

You will be focusing on whether or not your relationships really fulfil you. This could lead to some really unusual discussions; in extreme cases, it could lead to drastic action on your part. You want to live your dream in 2007 and not be held back by convention or by people who can’t see further than their own petty desires.

The high energy of Mars reaches a peak in the first week of February. Issues of control will dominate. You’re ready to act, not talk. You are in danger of letting your emotions run away with you — try not to retaliate too fast or too fiercely.

Also, try not to bottle your feelings up. Any challenge in your closest partnerships is likely to create conflicts and arguments.

While this is a good time to be out there, socially, your ego will be strutting around looking for a fight. If for example, you have a vested interest in some person or circumstance, you will find yourself in a battle. You will thrash it out with anyone vying for the same object of desire.

During this same part of February, your social life will be chock-a-block with pleasure and acceptance. Why jeopardise this? Internally, though, you may not be quite as confident as you look. This tension between how you feel and how you act can drain you and, more importantly, lead to actions you may later regret.

Things move quickly in your romantic life throughout the first quarter of 2007. If you resist your primal instincts in February, you’ll have a chance to express the better side of your nature later, with someone else.

If you feel the urge to enter into a relationship with a newcomer in late February or early March, check them out thoroughly first. Work out who they really are before you give your heart to them fully.

In February and March you also have great professional opportunities because you are mixing with lots of new people. Social events you are obliged to go to will at first seem tedious, but they will let you let the fun-seeker in you out for a run. As a result, you may meet more prospective romantic partners than you expect.

In late April and early May, Mars and Venus swing around. This means a few bumps in the friendship area. The ego issues mentioned earlier could resurface. Your friendship and loyalty will be severely tested and you will have to work hard to balance your own needs with what your friends need — and what you want to give. Your diplomatic skills will need to be front and centre.

Fortunately, after 8 May, Venus enters your Sun sign, and you’ll return to self-confidence, beauty and attractiveness. You’ll be calmer, and much more able to resolve differences with the ones you love.

This is also a cycle in which you will attract the right sort of people — you’re not likely to do things on a whim or to make poor choices.

Saturn is the ruler of your marital sector, and throughout 2007 it will be edging its way through your finance sector. Security will occupy you: not just the financial state of your marriage or partnerships, but also how secure you feel emotionally with the people you share your heart with.

In September, Saturn moves into the third sector — communication, journeys and change. You’ll be ready to really tackle communications issues. People who have been stubborn or difficult to get around will have no chance — your negotiation skills are in top gear for the last three or four months of the year. It’s a good time for deal-making.

Especially after September, your friendships generally will be far more relaxed. Some old friends have been pulling emotional strings to get you to do certain things and be a certain way, just to satisfy their needs. You’re not going to play those games any more.

Friendships will start to change shape and direction, especially towards the end of October. Your judgment is good, and this affects the activities you share with friends. In the last two years, you’ve done more practical, conventional things with your friends.

Now the artist in you is spreading its wings, and you want to spend more time on cultural and artistic activities. Your friends — and there will be new ones now, too — will join with you in this. You will be open to spontaneity and creativity, and the latter part of the year will be great for you.

Your domestic affairs also go through immense changes this year, basically on a parallel track to your friendships. In December, Venus moves into your sphere of children and creativity. You’ll want to express yourself creatively, and with younger people, or those who have a youthful attitude to life.

Profession and Finances

Your ruling planets for finance and money are Venus and the Sun. It’s worth mentioning this as 2007 gets underway, because both these planets are strong. Since Venus also rules your friendships, there’s probably something to be said for combining business and pleasure this year. This is not usually best practice, but for you, the planets may well make an exception.

Because Venus is so social, your personal influence will be very strong this year, and will help you in anything to do with your work. Your friendly and attractive personality, and your self-confidence, will bring people to the negotiating table.

Extra income should be one result. If you’re an entrepreneur or independent business person, good luck will surround you this year. If you are in sales, you will have more customers and bigger commission cheques.

If you’ve been studying, or trying in other ways to increase your knowledge, it will pay off. Your confidence will shoot up as your understanding of things grows. You will be better at articulating what you know. More importantly, you’ll be able to clearly express what you want!

Your career planet is Mars, and it begins the year in the most diligent area of your horoscope. In other words, you’ll spend the first part of 2007 carefully planning your work strategies. This is a time when your personal magnetism and your almost aggressive ambition combine well. There’ll be no stopping you this year!

If you’re employed, your drive will be rewarded. Just remember to pace yourself — the combined influence of Mars and Jupiter with Pluto in your work sector could mean long hours at work. Don’t overlook body signals that tell you to rest.  



Meeting your work deadlines will definitely impress the people who employ you. You’re totally into doing quality work and doing your best. Personal bests at work seem to be a feature of this year. You might make an even greater impression than you had planned.

You are going to get within touching distance of your ambitions after 15 May. If there’s a shootout for a better position at work, or perhaps a new job somewhere else, around this time, you’ll be the lucky one.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the effects of the planets. And sometimes you think your hard work isn’t paying off and that no one appreciates what you’re doing. But that will be different during this period — you can really feel the effects of your efforts.

During May and June, social activities will be a welcome relief from the intense workload of the last three or four months. Journeys in July will also help recharge your weary batteries. Travel with friends or family members is on the cards. The second week of October is also a good time to spread your wings and fly – literally, if you want.

All systems are go until around the last week of July, when you could feel some of your strength draining away. The key word at this time is restraint. You may want to lash out and assert your dominance. Be careful. Don’t destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Saturn enters your zone of contracts and communications in September, which means this is a good time to sign, seal and deliver deals. Till now, people have paid lip service to your achievements. It’s put your money where your mouth is time. Get a formal agreement.

The last couple months of the year could be a little difficult for you: Jupiter brings a hard influence to your work life. Trying to balance your home life, your relationship life and your working life is not easy at the best of times, and these months are not the best of times.

Just keep your head down, keep your energy level up, focus on your goals and do your best. This 12 months is a year of success for you — there will be some huge successes —but it’s not without its share of challenges.

Your financial planet, the Sun, offers extremely good results during April, August and December. Try to stay positive and enjoy the year, because it is likely to be a memorable one in terms of your work.

Karma and Luck

The process of karma involves a mysterious principle which says that what you give out to the universe comes back to you. It seems you’ll be working long and hard to achieve your desired goals in 2007. You will also need to take a little time out from work to help others.

It could be co-workers and family members who need your help — your experience and skills — to give them a leg up. This seems to be the key focus in terms of your luck this year.

In the third week of January, when Mars moves through your relationships and public relations zone, your popularity will shine. And in the third week of May, your ability at work will shine, and promotions are likely.  



You will have good fortune in October, when Mars enters your Sun sign. Just be careful with impulsive actions — they can bring injury or health problems.

After 18 December, Jupiter will enter your marital sector, bringing a renewal of your partnerships and of your general view of the world.

Although 2007 is a lucky year, it foreshadows a cycle of even greater success throughout 2008 and beyond.

Venus is also quite lucky for you: your relationships in 2007 are likely to be a source of great happiness. Make sure you allow time for your relationships to grow this year — if you do, you’ll explore and experience a whole new dimension of yourself and others.

Many people born under Cancer will decide to formalise their de facto or long term relationships this year, by finally agreeing to marry.